VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 17 July, 2011: Congress Blesses Israel’s Matrix of Control

17 July , 2011 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Israeli military links settlement school to ‘Jewish terrorist’ organizing efforts
IMEMC – Monday July 18, 2011 – 01:32, The Od Yosef Chai yeshiva religious school in the settlement of Yitzhar, near Nablus, faces a possible closure, after the Israeli military commander found it to harbor a number of ‘Jewish terrorists’ and promote ideas that are not ‘consistent with democracy’.

Army Bombards Beit Hanoun; Seven Family Members, Including Four Children, Injured
IMEMC – Sunday July 17, 2011 – 21:14, Palestinian medical sources reported, on Sunday at dawn, that Israeli soldiers bombarded a home Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, injuring seven family members, including four children.

Undeterred, two Freedom Flotilla ships head to Egypt
IMEMC – Sunday July 17, 2011 – 06:15, After weeks of threats by the Israeli and US governments, sabotage by unknown parties, and a public relations campaign by the Israeli government aimed at discrediting the Freedom Flotilla in the international media, the peace activists with the Freedom Flotilla to break the siege on the Gaza Strip say they remain steadfast in their aims, and one of the original ten ships on the flotilla is now on its way to Egypt, with a second prepared to depart shortly.

Ma’an News

Medics: Airstrike ‘injures 7’ in northern Gaza
7/18/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) – Seven people were wounded in Gaza on Sunday by what medical sources said was an Israeli airstrike, but Israel denied it had carried out any such raid. Emergency and ambulance services official Adham Abu Salmiya said all of the victims were members of the Zaanin family. They were evacuated to….

Greek coastguard: French Gaza boat sails to Egypt
7/18/2011 – ATHENS (AFP) — A French yacht carrying activists hoping to run the Israeli blockade on Gaza has sailed to Egypt after a troubled stay in Greece, the Greek coastguard said late on Saturday. The Dignite/Al-Karama sailed to the Egyptian port of Alexandria from the tiny Greek island of Kastellorizo, where it had berthed for the….

West Bank blaze after soldiers ‘ignite explosive’
7/17/2011 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — A fire broke out in the northern West Bank on Sunday after Israeli soldiers detonated explosive charges in the area, a Palestinian Authority official said. Ghasan Doughlas, who monitors settlements in the area, said the fire burned fields near the Zawata village west of Nablus “after soldiers ignited an explosive charge….

Jerusalem fire under control
7/17/2011 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — Israeli firefighters brought a forest fire in Jerusalem under control on Sunday after the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum was evacuated as a precaution, a police spokesman said.” The fire has been brought totally under control but the fire service is continuing to work on the ground to make sure it doesn’t….

Reports: 3 projectiles hit western Negev
7/17/2011 – TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma’an) — Three so-called Qassam rockets fired from the Gaza Strip on Saturday night hit open areas in the western Negev, Israeli media reported Sunday morning. There were no reports of injuries or damage. The first projectile exploded at around 1 a. m. within the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council, the Israeli….

Hezbollah warns Israel over Med gas
7/17/2011 – BEIRUT (AFP) — Lebanon’s Shiite group Hezbollah on Sunday warned Israel against developing “a single meter” of disputed waters in the eastern Mediterranean to search for offshore gas deposits. The Lebanese government, which is dominated by Hezbollah, will restore the sovereignty of our waters in their entirety,” said Mohammed Raad, head of the Hezbollah….

Israel’s Lieberman calls NGOs ‘terrorists’
7/17/2011 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — An Israeli rights group on Sunday accused Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman of “incitement and hate” after he referred to a number of leftist NGOs as “terror organisations.” Lieberman spoke to reporters as [he] arrived for a cabinet meeting ahead of a vote in parliament this week on his campaign for a probe into….

Gaza official: No plan to receive Turkey PM
7/17/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Authorities in the Gaza Strip say they have received no information about a visit by the Turkish prime minister, reported Sunday in the Israeli press. The Hebrew-language daily Maariv said political sources confirmed Recep Tayyip Erdogan sought and received approval from Egypt’s ruling military council to visit the…. Related: Report: Erdogan to visit Gaza

Report: Erdogan to visit Gaza
7/17/2011 – TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma’an) — Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is planning to visit the Gaza Strip in late July, the Hebrew-language daily Maariv reported Sunday, quoting sources. Maariv said political sources confirmed that Erdogan told Egypt’s ruling military council that he intended to visit the coastal enclave on July 25…. Related: Gaza official: No plan to receive Turkey PM

Haniyeh urges Egypt to ease Rafah crossing backlog
7/17/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Prime Minister in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh called Sunday for his Egyptian counterpart Essam Sharaf to ease restrictions on travel through the country’s sole crossing with the Gaza Strip. Haniyeh also thanked the Egyptian leadership for its role in supporting the Palestinian cause, particularly its sponsorship of a reconciliation….

Official: PA refusing to transfer Gaza power funds
7/18/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — The sole operating power plant in the Gaza Strip is having a difficult time collecting revenue as the finance ministry in Ramallah is refusing to transfer funds, an official in Gaza said Sunday. Head of the energy authority Kanan Ubeid said “we have a deficit of 50 percent from the….

Hamas officials in Turkey to discuss reconciliation deal
7/17/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — A parliamentary delegation headed by Hamas lawmaker Ismail Al-Ashqar arrived to Istanbul on Sunday to attend a workshop on strengthening Palestinian reconciliation. The workshop focused on mediation and dialogue and comes as a follow-up for a workshop in Turkey in May organized by a Finnish institution specializing in managing international….

Union chief warns of possible strike over salaries
7/18/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The head of the civil servants union warned Sunday that government employees could go on strike if the Palestinian Authority fails to clarify the status of their salaries and other issues. Bassam Zakarna said the union gave the government one month to resolve the issue after President Mahmoud Abbas intervened. Employees….

Egypt FM resigns in midst of cabinet shuffle
7/17/2011 – CAIRO (AFP) — Egypt’s foreign minister Mohammed al-Orabi resigned as Prime Minister Essam Sharaf appointed two deputies in the first steps towards a sweeping cabinet shuffle aimed at appeasing protesters. Sharaf, who heads the caretaker government after a revolt toppled president Hosni Mubarak in February, is expected to unveil a new cabinet by Monday….

Jordan press union to sue police department
7/17/2011 – AMMAN (AFP) — The Jordan Press Association said on Sunday it plans to sue the police department after several journalists were beaten up as they covered a demonstration in Amman.” The union will file individual and collective lawsuits against the public security department,” JPA president Tareq Momani said at a sit-in outside the association. At least….

Egypt billionaire revives Swiss alpine village
7/17/2011 – ANDERMATT, Switzerland (AFP) — In a country where rolling meadows and snow-capped peaks are a common sight, Andermatt, with its massive concrete military compound, is hardly a popular tourist destination. But with the army significantly downsizing its presence, Egyptian billionaire Samih Sawiris has jumped in with an offer to buy up the facility and to transform….

Egypt state TV: Mubarak in a coma
7/17/2011 – CAIRO, Egypt (AFP) — Egypt’s former president Hosni Mubarak, in custody in a hospital of a Red Sea resort, is in a coma, state television reported on Sunday, quoting his lawyer.” The former president is in a full coma after his health suddenly deteriorated,” the channel reported. Mubarak, 83, has been in a Sharm…. Related: Hospital chief denies Mubarak coma reports

Hospital chief denies Mubarak coma reports
7/17/2011 – CAIRO (AFP) — A Red Sea hospital on Sunday denied a report that Egypt’s ailing former president Hosni Mubarak had fallen into a “full coma,” two weeks before he is due to go on trial for murder and corruption.” The former president is in a full coma after his health suddenly deteriorated,” state television…. Related: Egypt state TV: Mubarak in a coma

Mohammed Kamel Amr named Egypt foreign minister
7/17/2011 – CAIRO (AFP) — Egypt on Sunday appointed Mohammed Kamel Amr as the new foreign minister, replacing Mohammed al-Orabi, Prime Minister Essam Sharaf said on his Facebook page. The appointment comes as part of a sweeping cabinet shuffle aimed at appeasing protesters angry at the slow pace of reform….


Thousands rally in Morocco over reform plan
AlJazeera 17 Jul 2011 – Both backers and critics of reforms have held protests across the Kingdom after its recent referendum.

Rebekah Brooks released on bail
AlJazeera 17 Jul 2011 – Former News International CEO Rebekah Brooks released on bail as probe continues into hacking scandal.

Egypt’s new cabinet to be sworn in
AlJazeera 17 Jul 2011 – At least half the cabinet is being replaced after renewed protests.

Iran attacks Kurdish fighters’ camp
AlJazeera 17 Jul 2011 – Border clash turns deadly amid deepening tensions between Iran and Iraq’s autonomous Kurdistan region.

Jordan journalists to sue police department
AlJazeera 17 Jul 2011 – Press association will pursue legal action against officers who beat up reporters covering an Amman demonstration.

Senior aide to Karzai assassinated
AlJazeera 17 Jul 2011 – Jan Mohammad Khan, along with Mohammad Hashim Watanwal, an MP, was attacked by assailants at his home in Kabul.

Conflicting reports about Mubarak’s health
AlJazeera 17 Jul 2011 – Lawyer says former Egyptian president is in a coma, but the report is denied by the head of Sharm el-Sheikh hospital.

Bahrain’s Wefaq opposition party quits talks
AlJazeera 17 Jul 2011 – Shia group says national dialogue was occurring “without success” and that pro-government representatives dominated.

Syrian troops storm border town
AlJazeera 17 Jul 2011 – Troops enter Zabadani, near Lebanon border, rounding up protesters amid more deaths in clashes in Homs, activists say.

Yemeni army attacks fighters around Zinjibar
AlJazeera 17 Jul 2011 – Troops backed by armed tribesman seek to take back control of capital of Abyan province, following months of violence.

Alternative Information Center

18.7: Invitation to Concluding Press Conference of the “Welcome to Palestine” Campaign
Alternative Information Center – The organizers of “Welcome to Palestine” invite you to a press conference to review our accomplishments, despite the massive Israeli government obstructions, and to discuss future directions for international solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Hamas Perspectives on September, Unity Government: Interview with PLC Member Totah
Alternative Information Center – Negotiations for a Palestinian unity government are seemingly at an impasse and new questions rise daily concerning the “September initiative” to request full United Nations membership for Palestine. What are the perspectives of Hamas leadership concerning…

Palestine Telegraph

Breaking News: Israeli Air Force bombs Gaza, 2 injured
17 Jul 2011 – Gaza, (Pal Telegraph) – Israeli air force launched 4 air raids on Gaza Strip City, early Monday morning of Khan Yonis. The bombardments took place eastern Khoza village in the city.

Israel to expand 2 settlements in Jordan Valley
17 Jul 2011 – West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-Israeli authorities announced Sunday plans to expand two Israeli settlements in the Jordan Valley in order to increase settlers’ population in the area.

French ship to Gaza heads to Egypt
17 Jul 2011 – Gaza Strip, (Pal Telegraph)-The Greek authorities announced that the French ship “dignity”, part of the Freedom Flotilla 2, left yesterday the Greek island of Kastellorizo heading to Egypt.

French boat Dignit?© of the Freedom Flotilla II leaves Greece
17 Jul 2011 – Athens, (Pal Telegraph) – The French boat “Dignit?©/Karama” (Dignity) left the Greek island Kastellorizo around 8:30PM local time on Saturday July 16, 2011, heading south. The ten passengers onboard view themselves as representatives of the whole Freedom Flotilla II – Stay Human. The rest of the Flotilla’s ships have been detained in different Greek ports, through bureaucratic obstruction, sabotage, sudden…

Gaza tunnel worker dies from electric shock
17 Jul 2011 – Gaza Strip, (Pal Telegraph)-A Palestinian youth was killed yesterday by an electric shock during his work in a smuggling tunnel beneath Gaza-Egypt borders.

The National

20 ministers out as Egyptian PM reshuffles cabinet
The National 17 Jul 2011 – Essam Sharaf did not disclose all his cabinet changes, but Mohammed Kamel Amr replaces Mohammed Al Orabi as foreign minister and Ali Al Selmy becomes minister of political development, with the full cabinet list expected today.

Omani women detained for driving in Saudi Arabia
The National 17 Jul 2011 – ‘A citizen tipped off Saudi police patrols that two women were driving cars with Omani licences’, newspaper reports.

Lone West Bank pair charged with stopping settler-Palestinian clashes
The National 17 Jul 2011 – For more than five years, Ghassan Doughlas and his assistant Khader Oweis have toiled to devise ways to support Palestinian villages around Nablus that bear the brunt of violence from neighbouring Jewish settlements.

Yemen to supply more unsubsidised fuel in bid to cut black market
The National 17 Jul 2011 – Move will more than double the price of petrol and diesel, but is only a temporary measure to stop the black market, smuggling and hunger for fuel, says Yemen’s minister of trade and industry.

Hospital denies lawyer’s ‘Mubarak in a coma’ claim
The National 17 Jul 2011 – Former Egyptian president is ‘in a coma’ after a stroke, his lawyer tells reporters, a claim that has been denied by Sharm el Sheikh hospital.

Syrian tanks target border towns as hundreds are arrested
The National 17 Jul 2011 – Protests mount despite government-sponsored National Dialogue consultations as Damascus regime continues to insist it is facing an armed revolt.

Thousands of Syrians turn out at funeral of protesters
The National 16 Jul 2011 – Demonstrations were the largest since the Syrian uprising began.


With boycott law passed, rightist MK fires first salvo at Meretz
Ha’aretz – MK Eldad complains to police over Meretz’s campaign to label products made in the territories in stores throughout the country.

Rights groups highlights overwhelming conviction rate for Palestinian children throwing rocks
Ha’aretz – B’Tselem says nearly 100% of Palestinian children charged with rock-throwing are convicted, because of overwhelming pressure to plea bargain.

Incarcerated former minister asked to help Katzav acclimate to prison life
Ha’aretz – Prisons Service wants Benizri to watch out for Katsav all day, at least in the initial period of his incarceration, so that he will not be able to attempt to take his own life.

A night with the squatting protesters in Tel-Aviv’s boulevards
Ha’aretz – Roy Arad reports on a close nocturnal encounter with a youth movement in its infancy.

Study shows steady decline in use of animals for lab testing in Israel
Ha’aretz – Number of animals used for lab tests down nine percent in past year; been steadily dropping since 2007, stats show.

Thousands of pages from Dr. Mengele’s journals to be auctioned in U.S.
Ha’aretz – Nazi doctor’s autobiographical details, stories, poetry, philosophical musings, transcriptions of conversations he had, and political and historical remarks are expected to be sold for between $300,000 to $400,000.

Mubarak’s lawyer: Ousted Egyptian leader Mubarak in coma after stroke
Ha’aretz – Mubarak’s lawyer says the former leader suffered a stroke, while director of Red Sea hospital denies claim; 83-year old is due to appear in Cairo court for questioning.

Firefighters gain control over Jerusalem fire, police suspect arson
Ha’aretz – Fire broke out in three different places; Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial evacuated and nearby residents told to shut their windows.

Lieberman slams Netanyahu for rejecting probe of leftist groups
Ha’aretz – Passage of boycott law prompts Yisrael Beiteinu to revive inititiative to advance bill to investigate funding sources of human rights groups; PM’s Likud party says won’t support bill.

IDF officer: Yeshiva in West Bank settlement harbors ‘Jewish terror’ and must be shut down
Ha’aretz – GOC Central Command Avi Mizrahi says Yitzhar yeshiva leaders’ views not consistent with democracy.

Three Qassam rockets fired from Gaza into Israel overnight
Ha’aretz – Palestinian sources say seven wounded in IAF retaliatory strike; IDF denies attack.

Fire rages in Jerusalem Forest, spreading toward oil refinery
Ha’aretz – Firefighters struggle to put out a growing fire in west Jerusalem; Rescue teams evacuate Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial.

Katsav’s trial testimony: The rape never was and never existed
Ha’aretz – In defense testimony released Sunday by Tel Aviv court, former Israeli president denies all sexual assault allegations against him, says complainants were conspiring against him.

Netanyahu to ‘tent city’ protesters: Come to Jerusalem and help me pass real estate reforms
Ha’aretz – PM acknowledges Israel’s housing problem, says demand for apartments does not meet supply due to ‘outrageous bureaucracy.’

Jerusalem Post

$360,000 pledged to bring more students to ‘mechinot’
Jerusalem Post 18 Jul 2011 – Kibbutz Be’erot Yitzhak ceremony marks grant of what is hoped to bring more youth from peripheral communities to premilitary preparatory colleges

New green laws cuts red tape for settlement projects
Jerusalem Post 18 Jul 2011 – Although the regulations raise the quota of renewable energy for the whole country, their affect will be felt most keenly in Judea, Samaria.

Cabinet okays $5.048b. in future renewable installations
Jerusalem Post 18 Jul 2011 – Ten percent or $660.8m. of systems slated for W. Bank; green organizations praise decision, but say much more must be done.

‘Germany, Israel finalize sale of sixth Dolphin submarine’
Jerusalem Post 17 Jul 2011 – ‘Der Spiegel’: Berlin will subsidize deal over nuclear sub with 135 m. euros; deal reached after German defense minister meets PM, Barak.

IDF doesn’t view rocket attacks as real escalation
Jerusalem Post 17 Jul 2011 – Analysis: Intelligence estimates that Hamas, Islamic Jihad have more than 10,000 rockets, missiles and a large stockpile that can reach Tel Aviv.

Can cottage cheese, tents snowball into early elections?
Jerusalem Post 17 Jul 2011 – Analysis: Protests have a habit of transforming into wider political developments, even if it wasn’t the protesters’ initial goal.

Jordanian businesses feel the pinch of Syria’s revolution
Jerusalem Post 17 Jul 2011 – Since pro-democracy protests in Deraa began in March, business from across the border into Jordan has dropped by more than 80%.

From Tempe, Arizona to IDF checkpoints
Jerusalem Post 17 Jul 2011 – US immigrant-turned soldier serves as liaison between the army and NGOs.

Reality Check: Thank God for the summer break
Jerusalem Post 17 Jul 2011 – With MKs out for their seasonal recess, we’ll finally get a break from undemocratic legislation.

‘Despite Hamas opposition, PA to go to UN September’
Jerusalem Post 17 Jul 2011 – Erekat: Abbas to ask Norway, Spain to recognize Palestinian state on ’67 lines; Israel continues efforts to muster “moral minority” of key European countries to lessen vote’s impact

Does the new anti-boycott law harm free speech?
Jerusalem Post 17 Jul 2011 – Today’s champions of free speech are yesterday’s censors.

Why do US Jews still vote for Obama?
Jerusalem Post 17 Jul 2011 – Despite the president’s poor record on Israel, “knee-jerk” liberals continue to view him with rose-tinted glasses.

Imaginary vampires, imagined Jews
Jerusalem Post 17 Jul 2011 – The practice of depicting Jews as drinkers of blood has been common for centuries.

Why remember AMIA?
Jerusalem Post 17 Jul 2011 – The perpetrators of the Buenos Aires bombing, which took place 17 years ago today, need to be brought to justice.

Tunisia’s draft constitution may ban ties with Israel
Jerusalem Post 17 Jul 2011 – Some officials reportedly want clause removed, but face stiff opposition from Islamist parties, Arab nationalists, extreme leftist factions.

Rothschild Boulevard as an example
Jerusalem Post 17 Jul 2011 – Like the cottage cheese uprising, the housing market protest is a symptom of a much larger ailment – the inability of a growing number of Israelis to make ends meet.

Attorney suspected of ordering killings rearrested
Jerusalem Post 17 Jul 2011 – Gor Finkelstein faces new charges of ordering the killing of a state witness to prevent him from testifying.

Lawyer: Mubarak in coma; hospital director denies report
Jerusalem Post 17 Jul 2011 – Conflicting reports about health of former Egyptian president, 83, due to stand trial for the killing of protesters and abuse of power.

Syrians clamp down on restive eastern area
Jerusalem Post 17 Jul 2011 – Opposition forms ‘National Salvation Council’ of Islamists, liberals and independents; prominent secular writer arrested.

MKs visit tent city, declare emergency meeting
Jerusalem Post 17 Jul 2011 – Shama-Hacohen: Either prices will fall or the government will fall; Kadima, Likud blame each other for high rental rates.

Orthodox groups to Obama: Keep religious hiring exemption
Jerusalem Post 17 Jul 2011 – ADL, Reform movement had appealed to US president to reinstate the ban on discriminatory hiring for religious groups.

Verdict expected for alleged Hungarian war criminal
Jerusalem Post 17 Jul 2011 – Dr. Sandor Kepiro, 97, is on charge for war crimes relating to role in massacre of hundreds near Serbian city of Novi Sad in January 1942.

Cabinet okays memorial for 1.5m. Jewish WWII veterans
Jerusalem Post 17 Jul 2011 – Jewish soldiers who fought with Allied forces to be honored with Latrun memorial; “It’s due to their sacrifice that we’re here,” Netanyahu says.

J’lem: Arson may be cause of forest fire near Yad Vashem
Jerusalem Post 17 Jul 2011 – Fire started from 4 different spots at once; Five firefighters, three others treated for smoke inhalation; roads around Mt. Herzl, Yafe Nof closed.

Tel Aviv court releases Katsav rape-trial transcripts
Jerusalem Post 17 Jul 2011 – Transcripts, which run to hundreds of pages, were confidential until now: Katsav says of central witness: “She knows she was compelled to lie.”

Jerusalem Post launches new interactive talkback system
Jerusalem Post 17 Jul 2011 – In a world where the debate at the end of an article is often just as stimulating as the piece itself, the Jpost has redesigned talkbacks.

Mubarak: Egypt forced Israel to pay triple for gas
Jerusalem Post 17 Jul 2011 – Former Egyptian president reportedly told investigators that Israel pays more for Egyptian natural gas than any other country.

A Museum with Edge
Jerusalem Post 17 Jul 2011 – The Museum on the Seam, nestled in a historic building between East and West Jerusalem, is attracting major Jewish and Arab artists with a message in mind.

Gallery: Hundreds of haredim riot in Jerusalem
Jerusalem Post 17 Jul 2011 – Demonstration marks 100 weeks since municipality opened parking lot on Shabbat; one arrested; police disperse demonstration.

The Numbers Crunch: Israelis ‘Like’ settlement boycotts
Jerusalem Post 17 Jul 2011 – Also, Twitter meets Google+, Jpost readers back controversial bill, and Malaysia riots, Casey Anthony verdict sweep YouTube.

The Guardian

Tel Aviv tent city erected in protest against high house prices
The Guardian 17 Jul 2011 – Israelis complain they are being forced to move to the suburbs as the prime minister promises to look into the rent crisis Dozens of protest tents have been erected in Tel Aviv, with plans for further…

Inter Press Service

Hidden Bombs Hit Libyans
IPS The conflict in Libya between pro- and anti-Gaddafi forces will continue to take its toll on communities long after the war has ended as long as hidden bombs remain scattered across public areas.

MIDEAST: Marching in Step for Peace
IPS For the first time in over 20 years, thousands of Israeli and Palestinian peace activists marched peacefully together on Friday to support the Palestinian drive for statehood expected to be endorsed at the UN General Assembly in September.


Gaza: A Family Under Attack
Uruknet July 17, 2011 – Imagine being violently awakened by a missile strike in your backyard at 3 am. This is exactly what happened to the Zaanin family of Beit Hanoun last night as their water wheel and well were hit by a missile fired from an Israeli F16 with absolutely no warning and for no apparent reason. The…

Let’s just suppose…
Uruknet July 16, 2011 – Let’s just suppose…Let’s just suppose that it was a Palestinian state holding 1.5 million Israeli Jews under siege to the point that their health sector was on the verge of collapsing, the economy was in tatters and almost 50% of adults were unemployed. Let’s just suppose that Palestinians were occupying Israel and subjecting Israeli…

What was happening in Qatana during the past two days
Uruknet July 17, 2011 – AlHikma hospital, the only hospital in the city, was closed, nurses were detained and it is not allowed to treat wounded people in the hospital, wounded people were moved to houses and they are out of medical supplies and unable to obtain appropriate medical care Security forces and shabiha enforced a curfew for just…

‘Turkey, Israel willing to mend fences despite divergences’
Uruknet July 17, 2011 – ?ñzdem Sanberk, Turkey’s representative on a United Nations inquiry panel looking into the May 31, 2010, Gaza flotilla incident, spoke to Monday Talk, saying that both Turkey and Israel are ready to “leave the unpleasant events behind” if Israel agrees to apologize and pay compensation for its bloody raid on a Turkish ship bound…

French boat Dignite’ of Freedom Flotilla II leaves Greece
Uruknet July 17, 2011 – The French boat “Dignite’/Karama” (Dignity) left the Greek island Kastellorizo around 8:30PM local time on Saturday July 16, 2011, heading south. The ten passengers onboard view themselves as representatives of the whole Freedom Flotilla II – Stay Human. The rest of the Flotilla’s ships have been detained in different Greek ports, through bureaucratic obstruction,…

Medics: Airstrike ‘injures 7’ in northern Gaza
Uruknet July 17, 2011 – Seven people were wounded in Gaza on Sunday by what medical sources said was an Israeli airstrike, but Israel denied it had carried out any such raid. Emergency and ambulance services official Adham Abu Salmiya said all of the victims were members of the Zaanin family. They were evacuated to Beit Hanoun Hospital. Abu…

Video: SHOULD PEOPLE BOYCOTT ISRAEL? Omar Barghouti explains the aims of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement

Bahrain Shiite opposition pulls out of talks
Uruknet July 17, 2011 – Bahrain’s main Shiite opposition bloc, Al-Wefaq, said on Sunday it was pulling out of a “national dialogue” with the government on political reform because the talks were not aimed at achieving serious results. Khalil al-Marzuk, who led the bloc’s delegation to the talks, told AFP that Al-Wefaq had decided to pull out and the…

Yemeni protesters announce to form transitional ruling council
Uruknet July 16, 2011 — Yemeni protesters announced Saturday the establishment of a transitional ruling council with 17 members to run the country during what they claimed “the period after the regime of President Ali Abdullah Saleh collapsed”. The council, which was declared at a press conference in the Yemeni capital Sanaa, included former Prime Minister Abu Bakr Haidar…

Tears of Gaza’ – Lest Our Tears Dry up
Uruknet July 16, 2011 – ‘Tears of Gaza’ by Vibeke Lokkerberg is a documentary film that should be watched by every American, to see how Israel spends our taxes. Every European should watch it, to see the true face of Israel. It should be viewed by every Arab, to renew our resolve not to allow a racist nation to…

Palestinian Detainee On Hunger Strike, Moved To Prison Hospital
Uruknet July 16, 2011 – The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) reported Friday that detainee Yousef Skafi, who has been on hunger strike since 34 days, was moved to Al Ramla prison hospital; he is currently in a serious condition. He went on strike after the death of his daughter who suffered nervous breakdown after being prevented from visiting him….

Bradley Manning, Political Imprisonment and the Myopia of the Left
Uruknet July 16, 2011 – As long as we continue to allow the United States to function as an empire, it will. And as long as it treats many of its own “citizens” as “subjects” it is likely to impose that same status on those abroad. And to the extent that domestic struggles and the punished survivors of those…

Watch: IDF terrorizes a Palestinian village
Uruknet July 16, 2011 – I try not to use loaded words like “terrorizes” in my writing, but there is simply no other way to describe this video, showing four army vehicles enter the small village of Nabi Saleh (West Bank) in the middle of the night, throw stun grenades and shoot tear gas at the homes of the…

Ending Gaza’s Isolation: Siege Must Be Broken
Uruknet July 16, 2011 – The Israeli closure imposed upon the Gaza Strip is approaching its fifth year, ‘choking off any real possibility of economic development,’ in the words of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Contrary to attempts to whitewash the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip, the blockade has created rampant unemployment, poverty, and unparalleled…

Israel Project Puts Another High-Powered Far-Right Republican Consultant on Payroll
Uruknet July 16, 2011 – I reported here a few years ago about The Israel Project’s “Hasbara Handbook,” created for it by Republican master strategist, Frank Luntz. He was paid handsomely for his work, earning over $200,000 from the group in 2009. Apparently, TIP is strengthening its ties to the Republican far-right even farther. Think Progress reports that Ralph…

9 killed , including 2 teenagers and a baby of 6 months, by Syrian security forces (videos)
Uruknet July 16, 2011 – At least 9 civilians, including 2 teenagers and a baby of 6 months, were killed on Saturday by Syrian security forces. Homs: 2 people were killed today one of them is from Syofi family after dozens of shabiha (regime’s armed thugs) protected by many security cars and buses burned and vandalized more than 15…

Enemy-sponsored organisations threaten nation
Uruknet July 16, 2011 – Pan African thinkers may wish to ask themselves this question: “If South Africa were at war with Canada and in the process of bombing Canadian cities back to the Stone Age, would US President Barack Obama allow Mrs Zuma (the wife of the South African President) to come and have tea and talk charity…

Israel gets final permit to build “Museum of Tolerance” atop of Muslim cemetery
Uruknet July 16, 2011 – Despite widespread opposition, the Ministry of Interior has provided Jerusalem with the final go ahead to build the “Museum of Tolerance” on top of Mamilla Cemetery. On the night of 26 June, Mamilla Cemetery-Jerusalem’s oldest, most revered, Muslim resting place-was cleared by bulldozers, demolishing nearly 100 grave markers. On Tuesday, 12 July, 16 days…

Woman’s death sparks new tension in Bahrain
Uruknet July 16, 2011 – The death of 46-year-old woman inside her home during clashes in her Shiite village between protesters and police sparked a renewed wave of unrest Saturday in Bahrain. Thousands of mourners who marched in the woman’s funeral in her village of Sitra turned their anger at the government – and the moderate opposition for participating…

Video: Activists: Huge defection in the Syrian army in Albukamal
Uruknet July 16, 2011 – Activists: Huge defection in the Syrian army in Albukamal. They are speaking about 100 soldiers plus tanks…

Daily Star

‘Coma’ offers Mubarak a lifeline
Daily Star 17 Jul 2011 Egypt picked a new finance minister Sunday as part of a Cabinet reshuffle demanded by protesters camped out in central Cairo…

Street battles rage in oil capital Brega
Daily Star 17 Jul 2011 Libyan rebel forces entered Sunday the oil town of Brega and fought intense street battles there with forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi…

Syria crackdown targets border towns
Daily Star 17 Jul 2011 The Syrian Army Sunday set its sights on the town of Zabadani near the Lebanon border as it pressed ahead in its campaign to overcome anti-government revolts…

Citizens rally against separatists as Clinton praises Turkish democracy
Daily Star 17 Jul 2011 Thousands of people demonstrated in Istanbul and Ankara to rail against Kurdish separatist rebels who killed 13 soldiers in an ambush last week, media reported as U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wound up her Turkey…

Police use tear gas as Tunis protests continue
Daily Star 17 Jul 2011 Tunisian police fired in the air and used tear gas again early Sunday to disperse a crowd of about 200 people who had set fire to a police station in a suburb of the capital.

Play time over for Misrata’s rebel youngsters
Daily Star 17 Jul 2011 When the war in Libya started, many young men now on the rebel front line at Misrata were so interested in computer games and mobile phones that older residents never thought they would turn into fighters.

Flotilla nears Gaza, Israel nears apology
Daily Star 17 Jul 2011 A pro-Palestinian activist says a ship trying to break Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip has set sail from Greece and should reach the territory by Monday.

‘Israeli airstrike’ wounds 7 more in Gaza Strip
Daily Star 17 Jul 2011 Palestinian medical sources said 7 more Palestinians were wounded in continued Israeli air raids Sunday in what has become the deadliest series of strikes since violence flared in the strip in 2008-09.

In Sudan border state, fighters ready for long war
Daily Star 17 Jul 2011 High up in Sudan’s Nuba mountains, hundreds of men train to join fighters aligned to the ex-rebel army of the South, the Sudan People’s Liberation Army.

U.N. makes first Somalia aid airdrop after pope calls for help
Daily Star 17 Jul 2011 The first U.N. aid delivery has been made to a rebel-held Somalia region after the rebels who hold the area lifted a ban on the operations of foreign aid agencies, according to a spokeswoman who spoke…

Human rights groups urge UAE to end trial of 5 activists
Daily Star 17 Jul 2011 Four human rights watchdogs jointly called on the United Arab Emirates Sunday to drop all charges against five activists on trial for insulting top officials after they urged democratic reforms.

Iran offers help in Argentina bombing probe
Daily Star 17 Jul 2011 An Argentine prosecutor Saturday criticized a statement from Iran expressing willingness to help solve Argentina’s worst terrorist attack.

Iraqi doctor freed by militants after family pays $500,000 ransom
Daily Star 17 Jul 2011 An Iraqi pediatrician was released by militants after his family paid a half-million dollar ransom, a senior police officer in the ethnically divided northern city of Kirkuk said Sunday.

Protests intensify on anniversary of Saleh’s rule
Daily Star 17 Jul 2011 Tens of thousands of Yemenis marched through the country’s second city Taiz Sunday in what they called a day of rage against President Ali Abdallah Saleh on the anniversary of his rise to power in 1978.

Bahrain’s national dialogue falters over walkout by Al-Wefaq
Daily Star 17 Jul 2011 Bahrain’s largest Shiite opposition group Al-Wefaq said Sunday it planned to pull out of a national dialogue, which was aimed at reforms after mass pro-democracy protests rocked the Gulf island kingdom earlier this year.

Jordanian journalists to sue police over attacks on press during protest
Daily Star 17 Jul 2011 The Jordan Press Association said Sunday it plans to sue the police department after several journalists were beaten up as they covered a demonstration in Amman.

At least 3 killed as clashes escalate on the Iran-Iraq border
Daily Star 17 Jul 2011 At least two Iranian Kurdish rebels and one member of Tehran’s elite Revolutionary Guards were killed during clashes along the Islamic Republic’s border with Iraq, the two sides said Sunday.

Raad: Cabinet is standing up to Israeli aggression
Daily Star 17 Jul 2011 Hezbollah MP Mohammad Raad has said that the government is standing up to Israel’s theft of Lebanon’s natural resources, and will use any means to combat Israeli aggression.

Stop The Wall

Violence at the Bakkah mosque in Hebron
Stop The Wall – Jul 12, 2011— Five demonstrators suffered various injuries today and dozens suffered from gas asphyxiation as result of the suppression by occupation forces towards the mass demonstration. [

Israeli Occupation Forces Invade Wadi Qana
Stop The Wall – Jul 11, 2011— Israeli occupation forces invaded on Monday Wadi Qana in the south of Nablus after being declared a “military closed zone” and held a number of citizens from the nearby town of Deir Esta while bulldozing around 450 olive trees and destroying 3 donoms ready to be planted. [

YNet News

Bereaved parents: Halutz can’t attend ceremony
YNet News, 17 Jul 2011 – Families of soldiers killed in the Second Lebanon War warned Sunday that they would boycott Monday’s memorial ceremony in honor of their loved ones if the then IDF Chief … ….

100 tents crowd Tel Aviv boulevard
YNet News, 17 Jul 2011 – Hundreds more joined a Tel Aviv “tent city” Sunday in a growing protest against rising apartment prices in the city. By late evening around 100 tents and hundreds of … ….

Jerusalem blaze under control
YNet News, 17 Jul 2011 – Firefighters have succeeded in gaining control over a blaze that broke out in Jerusalem Forest and spread rapidly towards Yad Vashem, endangering the Holocaust museum’s … ….

Report: Mubarak suffered stroke
YNet News, 17 Jul 2011 – Egypt’s former President Hosni Mubarak, who was ousted in February and who has been detained in a hospital in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, has suffered a stroke … ….

Spokeswoman: Protest ship to reach Gaza soon
YNet News, 17 Jul 2011 – A pro-Palestinian activist says a ship trying to break Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip has set sail and should reach the territory by Monday. Nahla Chahal says … ….

Morality police hit Tehran streets
YNet News, 17 Jul 2011 – VIDEO – Iran’s morality police unit commenced its annual campaign last month to uphold the Islamic dress code and raise “moral security” in the streets of Tehran, leading … ….

Lebanese women travel to Syria to support Assad
YNet News, 17 Jul 2011 – Some 400 Lebanese women arrived in Syria Sunday to show solidarity with the protesters – the pro-government protesters, that is. They women did not come to to side with … ….

Katsav protocols: There was no flirting
YNet News, 17 Jul 2011 – Tel Aviv District Court releases defense testimonies in former president’s rape….

Likud MK: Either prices fall or government
YNet News, 17 Jul 2011 – Delegation of lawmakers visits activists protesting housing prices at tent city….

Shalit activists: Minister tried to run us over
YNet News, 17 Jul 2011 – Protestors calling for kidanpped soldier’s release say minister’s driver tried….

Netanyahu: I’m aware of housing crisis
YNet News, 17 Jul 2011 – Tel Aviv tent protest reaches Jerusalem as PM addresses issue, seeks activists’….

Lieberman: PM backed Tibi but not us
YNet News, 17 Jul 2011 – Conflict between foreign minister, prime minister escalates after Netanyahu….

3 rockets hit western Negev overnight
YNet News, 17 Jul 2011 – Qassams fired from Gaza explode within Ashkelon Coast, Shaar Hanegev regional….

Tent protest spreads to north, south
YNet News, 17 Jul 2011 – Tel Aviv protest against housing prices gains momentum as Student Union….

Palestinian Information Center

Seven Palestinians injured in Israeli air strike on Gaza Strip
PIC – Seven Palestinians including four children were injured Sunday in an Israeli air strike targeting Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza Strip.

Resheq: Abbas’s UN step unilateral
PIC – Political bureau member of Hamas Ezzet Al-Resheq has said that Mahmoud Abbas step of asking recognition of a Palestine state at the UN was a unilateral step taken away from national consensus.

Fatah takes heavy loss in Nablus elections
PIC – The Fatah party lost heavily in the Nablus Chamber of Commerce and Industry elections, with independents winning most of the seats.

Khatib: UK involved in Israeli conspiracy against Sheikh Salah
PIC – Kamal Al-Khatib, the deputy leader of the Islamic movement in 1948 occupied Palestine, has said that the UK was involved in an Israeli conspiracy to silence Sheikh Raed Salah.

Jewish settlers resume expanding settlements in Jordan Valley
PIC – Jewish settlers resumed Sunday expanding buildings in Maskiot and Mekhola settlements in Jordan Valley area, witnesses reported.

IOF troops bulldoze land in central Gaza
PIC – Israeli occupation forces (IOF) in armored vehicles advanced hundreds of meters to the east of Breij refugee camp in central Gaza on Sunday.

Haneyya calls on Egypt PM to ease border restrictions
PIC – Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haneyya has called on his Egyptian counterpart Essam Sharaf to ease travel procedures on the Rafah border crossing.

IOF detonation of explosives starts fire in Palestinian groves
PIC – Israeli occupation forces (IOF) detonated a number of explosive devices near the city of Nablus on Sunday which started fire in tens of dunums of Palestinian cultivated land lots.

IOF arrests Palestinian woman during visit to her detained husband
PIC – Israeli occupation forces arrested the wife of Palestinian prisoner Munir Attoun on Sunday during a visit to her husband, Palestinian sources said.

Gaza flotilla ship heads for Egypt
PIC – A French ship on the Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla II has left for Egypt on Saturday after being stopped for several days in Greece, Greek authorities have announced.

Palestinian worker electrocuted in tunnel
PIC – 17/07/2011 – 09:55 AM

PFB: Salah release a victory for Palestinians
PIC – 17/07/2011 – 10:23 AM

Hebrew press: Erdogan to visit Gaza in two weeks
PIC – 17/07/2011 – 10:42 AM

Mother of prisoner appeals for his life
PIC – 17/07/2011 – 10:44 AM

Barghouthi: Pro-Palestinian activists have fulfilled purpose
PIC – 17/07/2011 – 10:49 AM


Israeli Settlers Expand Settlements in Jordan Valley

Renewal of Palestinian Prisoner Administrative Detention for 8th Time

Newspaper Review: PA May Not Pay Half Salaries Next Month

Palestinian Killed by Electric Shock in Rafah Tunnel

Seven Palestinians Injured in Israeli Shelling in Gaza

Weather Forecast: Hot, Summer Weather

Intifada Palestine

Congress Blesses Israel’s Matrix of Control
Intifada-Palestine: 17 Jul 2011 – Both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party are still trapped in an early 20th century colonialist mindset by James M. Wall We are all occupied by Israel’s army because we are, as Zunes notes, “trapped in an early 20th century… more

Israeli Leaders Understand the Futility of Military Adventure Against Iran
Intifada-Palestine: 17 Jul 2011 – Exclusive Interview with Abolghasem Bayyenat by Kourosh Ziabari Abolghasem Bayyenat is an independent political analyst writing mainly on Iran’s foreign policy developments. Over the past decade, his political commentaries and articles have appeared in numerous popular media and online journals, including… more

Syria: Zionist Mobilization Kicks Into High Gear
Intifada-Palestine: 17 Jul 2011 – by Jonathan Azaziah / Mask of Zion Editor’s Note: WARNING – Photos and hyperlinksin the’conclusion’ section of this essayare of extremely graphic nature. They have been included in this piece due to their unequivocal importance to the overall view of what is… more

Los Angeles Times

Palestinian factions settle comfortably into limbo
LA Times 16 Jul 2011 – Two months after announcing a proposed unity government, talks are stalled between rivals Hamas and Fatah. Neither side pushes to resume, but neither is quite ready to call the deal off. A proposed Palestinian unity government that was touted two months ago as a potential…

Fierce fighting in western and eastern Libya
LA Times 16 Jul 2011 – Libyan rebels try to gain ground in the western mountains while opening a front in the east, in a bid to capture the strategic oil hub of Port Brega. Fighting broke out on two fronts Saturday in Libya, as rebels tried to gain ground against…

New York Times

Yemenis Organize Shadow Government
New York Times 17 Jul 2011 – Leaders of the antigovernment demonstrations named a transitional council as crowds returned to the streets in a “day of rage.”

Lawyer Says Mubarak Is in a Coma, but the Report Is Quickly Contradicted
New York Times 17 Jul 2011 – Former President Hosni Mubarak’s lawyer said that he had suffered a stroke and fallen into a coma, but the report was countered by at least one doctor at the hospital where Mr. Mubarak has been kept.

Syrian Forces Mass Near Town Where Many Soldiers Have Defected
New York Times 17 Jul 2011 – At least 1,000 troops, some backed by tanks and others flown in on helicopters, descended on Albokamal, which is near the border with Iraq and that nation’s Sunni Muslim heartland.

Shiite Party in Bahrain Leaves Talks With Rulers
New York Times 17 Jul 2011 – Bahrain’s largest Shiite party on Sunday withdrew from talks with the kingdom’s Sunni rulers, asserting that the government was not serious about addressing Shiite demands for greater rights and political freedoms.

Where Families Are Prized, Help Is Free
New York Times 17 Jul 2011 – Israel provides unlimited in vitro fertilization procedures for up to two “take-home babies” until a woman is 45.

Egypt Military Aims to Cement Muscular Role in Government
New York Times 17 Jul 2011 – The military council governing Egypt is moving to lay down ground rules for a new constitution that would potentially expand its authority indefinitely.


Archbishop Desmond Tutu endorses TIAA-CREF campaign
Jewish Voice for Peace –

I shouldn’t have admitted, I’m pulling for the Japanese
Mondoweiss – My in-laws rented a place in the mountains and this morning I went out to breakfast with some and got in a fight with One of Them about a fact I probably never should have admitted, I am pulling for the Japanese against the American women…

Misc 2

Meanwhile in gender: Israel hosts men only economic conference
The Only Democracy? JVP 17 Jul 2011 – While our attention is rightly on the new anti-boycott law , this development reminds us of the other inequalities in Israeli society. While not the keystone oppression like that of Palestinians, conditions for women seem to be worsening, as they often do in both situations of conquest…

UNESCO denies recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel
Middle East Monitor 17 Jul 2011 – UNESCO has denied reports that it has recognised the occupied city of Jerusalem as the “capital of Israel” and announcing such formal recognition on its website. The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation said in a statement: “We would like to stress once again, contrary to…

Algerian initiative to support Jerusalem during Ramadan
Middle East Monitor 17 Jul 2011 – An organisation in Algeria which offers support for the Palestinian people has announced a series of projects and charity events to support the Holy City of Jerusalem and its Palestinian citizens during the holy month of Ramadan. The Algerian Coalition for Palestine said that its Ramadan…

Police held over Jordan clashes
BBC 17 Jul 2011 – The Jordanian authorities detain four police officers on suspicion of using excessive force against pro-democracy protesters and journalists.

Embattled Egypt PM changes team
BBC 17 Jul 2011 – Egypt’s caretaker Prime Minister Essam Sharaf begins a cabinet reshuffle, as protests continue against the government over the slow pace of reform.

Congress Blesses Israel’s Matrix of Control
Sabbah report 17 Jul 2011 – We are all occupied by Israel’s army because we are. The Congress demanded that Obama/US will veto any resolution on Palestinian statehood.

Enough Jihad by Email – When Will We March for Palestine
Sabbah report 17 Jul 2011 – No just cause for the freedom of a subjugated people has been the blind spot of humanity for so long than the cause of Palestine.

Israeli thugs – organized criminals
Sabbah report 17 Jul 2011 – Paul J. Balles compares Israel to a thug who knows he has protection and asks: “How long can Israel’s thugs keep getting away with the travesty of justice that’s no better than organized crime in America?”


An Open Letter to Church Leaders
The Rev. David W. Good, Americans for Middle East Understanding – AMEU6/1/2011
June – July 2011
After the tragedy of September 11, 2001 our church’s Board of Deacons met, and we asked ourselves how we should respond. One of the things we resolved was that we needed to redouble our efforts to strengthen our interfaith community. Little did we know then that discussions with our Jewish and Muslim neighbors would lead us right into the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, taking us on nine annual “Tree of Life Journeys” to Israel and the occupied territories in which over 200 have participated. These journeys, in turn, have led to five annual interfaith conferences in which we have tried to amplify the voices of conscience of Israelis and Palestinians— Jews, Christians and Muslims—who have been working for a just and peaceful resolution to what they often refer to as “the American-Israeli occupation.”
That phrasing is important—the American-Israeli occupation—for we as Christians and we as Americans need to acknowledge our complicity in this injustice. If we have learned anything, we have learned that the fulcrum of change is here in this country, with the enormous financial support the United States provides the State of Israel—$10 to $12 million per day—and that our financial support of this injustice is detrimental to all: Israelis, those who live under the occupation, and citizens of this country as well. For this unresolved issue has proven to be a flashpoint for other conflicts in the Middle East that have drawn our country into too many wars.
Tree of Life
Like so many of the biblical journeys, “we set off not knowing where we were to go,” and little did we know back in 2001 what an amazing, sometimes tumultuous, but oftentimes inspiring road this would be. To be sure, there has been opposition—both from inside and outside our church—but I would invite all of our churches to become more actively engaged on this, one of the most critically important human rights challenges of our day…. — See also: PDF Version more.. e-mail

Sheikh Raed Salah and the rise of the Islamic Movement in Israel
Ali Badwan, Middle East Monitor (MEMO)7/16/2011
If we want to know why the British government decided to arrest Sheikh Raed Salah, we need to look at his pivotal role in the Islamic Movement inside Israel (“the 1948-occupied Palestinian territories”), which is a cause for great concern for the Israeli authorities and security services in the Zionist state. This stems from the rise and growing effectiveness of the Palestinian Islamic Movement inside Israel and the exceptional respect for Sheikh Raed Salah amongst the people.
From this angle, it becomes clear that the arrest of Sheikh Salah in London did not come out of thin air. It was part of the well-known incitement against him by Israel whose propagandists present the Sheikh as an “Islamist extremist” who threatens the national security of each country he visits.
The Islamic movement inside the part of Palestine occupied in 1948 has evolved under Israeli surveillance, monitoring its activities and interfering to undermine its operations amongst Palestinians (the so-called “Arab-Israelis”). As a result, Sheikh Raed Salah has been arrested on a number of occasions. The Islamic Movement is viewed with great suspicion by Israel’s security services, who regard it “on the lines of the Hamas movement” throughout the territories occupied in 1967.
Israel’s panic at the growth of the Islamic Movement and the emergence of leaders such as Sheikh Raed Salah, springs from a political and security vision which thought that the official “Israelisation” policy had succeeded in erasing the national and Islamic identity of the Palestinians who make up 20% of Israel’s population.
Organised political Islam, in the shape of the Islamic Movement, developed in Israel in the early 1970s. This followed the Six-Day War of 1967 when the Israelis occupied Gaza and the West Bank, which allowed Palestinians from Israel to travel for study in Islamic colleges in cities such as Hebron and Nablus…. more.. e-mail

U.S. Trade Union Statement in Support of Palestinian Call for Full and Immediate Arms Embargo Against Apartheid Israel
Labor for Palestine (U.S.)7/17/2011
Please sign, post and forward widely!
Whereas, on May 4, 2011, the Palestinian Trade Union Coalition for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (PTUC-BDS) specifically called “on trade unions around the world to actively show solidarity with the Palestinian people by. . . . divesting from Israel Bonds and all Israeli and international companies and institutions complicit in Israel’s occupation, colonization and apartheid”; and
Whereas, on July 8, 2011, the Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC) urgently called for “immediate international action towards a mandatory comprehensive military embargo against Israel similar to that imposed against apartheid South Africa in the past”; and
Whereas, since the Nakba (Catastrophe) of 1947-1948, Israel has used at least $108 billion from the U.S. government to carry out ongoing war, ethnic cleansing, racism and apartheid against the Palestinians and many other Arab nations; and
Whereas, in the past ten years alone, the U.S. government — with overwhelming bipartisan support — has given Israel $17 billion in military aid; over the next decade, it will give another $30 billion; and
Whereas, as a result, Palestinian workers continue to be killed and maimed by U.S.-supplied naval vessels, jet fighters, Apache helicopters, white phosphorous and other weapons; and
Whereas, in 2008/2009 alone, Israel used these weapons to enforce the brutal and illegal siege by killing 1400 people in Gaza, most of them civilians — a massacre condemned by the UN, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other human rights organizations, including those that are Israeli…. — See also: Palestinian Trade Union Coalition for BDS (PTUC-BDS) formed at historic conference more.. e-mail

Ending Gaza’s Isolation: Siege Must Be Broken
Palestine Chronicle: 16 Jul 2011 – By Steve Fake The Israeli closure imposed upon the Gaza Strip is approaching its fifth year, ‘choking off any real possibility of economic development,’ in the words of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Contrary to attempts to whitewash the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip, the blockade has created rampant unemployment, poverty, and unparalleled degradation of the medical system. The stated rationale for the Israeli siege is to prevent the importation of goods that would provide support for the ruling Hamas party. The reality has prompted the ICRC, not known for overstatement, to call it “collective punishment” – a war crime under the Fourth Geneva Convention. The recent halting and partial opening of the Rafah Crossing, while welcome, only applies to the (still restricted) movement of people, rather than supplies, and will not ease the humanitarian situation. Of the many regions in the world facing acute suffering,…more

More material available from Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel – www.vtjp.org
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