VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 20 July, 2011: The Method in Netanyahu’s Madness

20 July , 2011 — VTJP


Ma’an News

Israel airstrikes hit targets south of Gaza City
7/21/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli jet fighters launched air strikes on two sites in the northern Gaza Strip on Wednesday morning. The Az-Zaitoun and Ash-Shujaiyeh neighborhoods south of Gaza City were targeted causing massive structural damage. No injuries were reported. An army spokesman said the raid was in response to rocket fire.” In response….

Israel demolishes farm structure in the Jordan Valley
7/21/2011 – JERICHO (Ma’an) — Israeli forces demolished a farm structure on Wednesday in the Az-Zbeidat village in the central Jordan Valley. An Agricultural committee reported that an animal barn belonging to farmer Fayez Ahmad Ali was destroyed by soldiers. The barn had been built along with ten others as part of a project implemented by….

Second flotilla ends as Israel seizes boat
7/21/2011 – SARASOTA, Florida (Ma’an) — Early Tuesday morning, the Israeli navy overtook the Dignite Al Karame. A French-flagged boat, it was the only vessel of the flotilla that managed to reach international waters. The Dignite Al Karame’s attempt to challenge Israel’s illegal blockade of the Gaza Strip came a month after…. Related: Israel to deport flotilla activists

Israeli forces arrest 2 in village raids near Nablus
7/20/2011 – Local residents accuse the army of stealing gold and other valuables from homes – NABLUS (Ma’an) — Israeli forces raided the village of Talluza near Nablus on Wednesday morning and arrested two Palestinians. The Israeli army carried out an air drop into the town at dawn on Wednesday, locals told Ma’an, and raided….

Israel to deport flotilla activists
7/20/2011 – JERUSALEM (AFP) —Fifteen activists held after Israeli forces intercepted their boat as they attempted to sail to Gaza will be deported on Wednesday, an Israeli official told AFP. Sabine Hadad, spokeswoman for Israel’s immigration service, confirmed that the 15 passengers, including 11 French citizens and others from Sweden, Canada and Greece, would be…. Related: Second flotilla ends as Israel seizes boat

Protesters blockade UNRWA headquarters in Gaza
7/20/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — The UNRWA headquarters in the Gaza Strip was blockaded by protesters for two hours on Wednesday. A number of Palestinians were protesting against what they described as UNRWA “minimizing its services.” “The UNRWA building was closed for two hours, during which time UNRWA vehicles were barred from moving,”an official….

MPs to vote on bill probing ‘anti-Israeli’ NGOs
7/20/2011 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — Israeli MPs were on Wednesday to vote on a controversial law that would see parliament set up committees to investigate human rights groups accused of anti-Israel activity. The bill, sponsored by hardline Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s Yisrael Beitenu party, was expected to fail after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he would….

Mossad agents among NZ quake victims?
7/20/2011 – TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma’an) — Relatives of an Israeli man who died in New Zealand’s Christchurch earthquake earlier this year are dismissing allegations he had anything to do with Israel’s Mossad spy service. Dafi Levy, older sister of Ofer Levy, who died with friend Gabi Ingel in the February earthquake….

Refugee children rally to save Bethlehem playground
7/21/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — “I have a right to play”, “I have a right to live in a clean environment”, “I have a right to express myself”. Those were some of the signs and slogans carried by children at a recent protest at Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem. Some of these young protesters were barely….

Jailed Fatah leader Barghouti urges mass protests
7/20/2011 – RAMALLAH (AFP) — Jailed Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti has called for large-scale peaceful protests in support of a Palestinian bid for United Nations membership in September. In a statement released from his cell in Israel’s Hadarim prison, Barghouti, who is widely considered as the architect of the second Palestinian intifada, said winning the “battle….

UN official criticizes move to shut down Gaza NGO
7/21/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The United Nations humanitarian envoy in the Palestinian territories has urged the government in the Gaza Strip to reconsider a decision to dissolve an NGO. Authorities in Gaza decided to shut down the Sharek Youth Forum on July 12. Maxwell Gaylard says the decision was taken while judicial proceedings were ongoing…. Related: Sharek Youth Forum

PA reduces price of bread to counter economy crisis
7/20/2011 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) – The Palestinian Authority ministry of national economy decided to lower bread prices from 4 to 3. 5 shekels per kilo (10 slices). The decision goes into effect Saturday. Economy minister Hasan Abu Libdah announced the decision Wednesday at a news conference in Ramallah. He said the ministry would introduce a series….

Israel ready to talk in Jerusalem, Ramallah
7/20/2011 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — Israel is willing to hold peace talks with the Palestinians immediately, in Jerusalem or even Ramallah, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in excerpts of an interview released Wednesday. Speaking to Arabic-language television station Al-Arabiya, Netanyahu also denied that Israel wanted to see Syrian President Bashar al-Assad remain in power, and acknowledged that he….

Security academy in female recruitment drive
7/21/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) – The Palestinian Academy for Security Sciences is trying to increase the number of female staff members in line with its goal to enhance participation. The academy’s vice-president Kamal Salamah said Wednesday that about 90 of the academy’s current 300 students are female. Salamah said the academy offers….

Palestinian, Israeli firefighters control fire near Bethlehem
7/20/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) – More than 70,000 square meters of olive fields belonging to Cremisan Monastery in Beit Jala burned Wednesday before Palestinian and Israeli firefighters managed to put out the blaze. Palestinian civil defense officials in Bethlehem said 20 dunums were completely burnt, while the other 50 sustained partial damage. Part of the area…. Related: Blaze near Bethlehem monastery extinguished

Financial crisis threatens Bethlehem garbage collection
7/21/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) – Even if emergency aid from the Palestinian Authority arrives, it won’t resolve the crisis facing Bethlehem garbage collection unless local city councils pay up. That is according to minister of local governance Khalid Qawasmi, who says the PA is working to end the joint municipality’s financial crisis….

Blaze near Bethlehem monastery extinguished
7/20/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Firefighters on Wednesday managed to put out a blaze that burned 70 dunums of land belonging to the Cremisan Monastery near Beit Jala in the occupied West Bank, officials said…. Related: Palestinian, Israeli firefighters control fire near Bethlehem

Gaza-US photo exchange breaks down stereotypes
7/21/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Jessica Campbell and Emmet Whittaker of the US-Gaza Cultural Exchange entered Gaza three weeks ago with a set of digital cameras, 130 art sets and artwork created by children in the US. The artwork they brought with them is part of a cultural exchange initiative based on the theme “View from…. Related: US-Gaza Cultural Exchange

Record donor aid, record costs
7/21/2011 – DAKAR, Senegal (IRIN) — Institutional donor aid in 2010 was at its highest-ever level — US$16. 7 billion — but so were aid costs, says aid watchdog Development Initiatives in its annual Global Humanitarian Assistance report, released today. The report, which looks at aid year-on-year over the past decade, also shows that disaster preparedness is consistently sidelined….

Exhausted Egypt PM set to resume cabinet talks
7/20/2011 – CAIRO (AFP) — Egypt’s embattled Prime Minister Essam Sharaf was putting final touches to his new cabinet on Tuesday after being hospitalized overnight suffering from exhaustion. The cabinet, aimed at appeasing protesters who want a purge of old regime figures and quicker reforms, was meant to take office on Monday but a swearing in….

Egypt gives desk jobs to officers charged with murder
7/20/2011 – CAIRO (AFP) — Egypt’s interior minister ordered on Tuesday that 54 police officers on trial for killing protesters be transferred to desk jobs in the ministry, security sources said, rather than suspending them. Although on trial, the officers are free on bail and working in between hearings. Others, including former interior minister Habib Al-Adli….

Youth unemployment driving Iraq emigration
7/20/2011 – BAGHDAD (IRIN) — A just released national youth survey in Iraq says youth unemployment is running at over 20 percent and many young people are thinking of emigrating. Up to 23 percent of males and 21 percent of females aged 15-24 are unemployed, according to a 2009 National Youth Survey by the government and the….

ElBaradei tops Egypt president Facbook poll
7/20/2011 – CAIRO (AFP) — Former UN nuclear watchdog chief Mohamed ElBaradei is the most popular choice for next Egyptian president, according to an army survey conducted on Facebook, state media reported on Wednesday. The survey, which was launched a month ago on Facebook, asked members to rate their favourite for the country’s top job, in….

The Arab Spring and its immigrants in Europe
7/20/2011 – MARSEILLE (IRIN) — Ali Ghanai arrived in France from Tunisia in March, keen to escape poverty, see a bit of the world and provide for his family in a village in the impoverished south, but the 24-year-old stone mason now wants to return home, heavily disillusioned after weeks of harassment by the French authorities, sleeping….

Palestine Note

No choice but the UN for Palestinians
Palestine Note 20 Jul 2011 – Foreign Policy – The Palestinian leadership seems determined to bring its case for statehood to the U.N. in September. The details remain unknown, but that hasn’t stopped pundits and groups from staking out hard-line positions opposing the effort. These reactions…

Play about journalists who risk all to tell the truth
Palestine Note 20 Jul 2011 – The Guardian- The true stories of journalists who faced intimidation and hardship to do their jobs are to get an airing on stage from tomorrow. A play called On The Record tells the stories of six independent journalists who tried…

Gaza NGOs in standoff over govt audit demand
Palestine Note 20 Jul 2011 – Ma’an- Various international NGOs working in the occupied Palestinian territory have questioned a demand by the government in the Gaza Strip to audit their books, saying the move could jeorpardize vital operations. “We have nothing to hide but obviously there…

Turkish Leader Proposes Gaza Visit, Setting Up Possible Clash With Israel
Palestine Note 20 Jul 2011 – Wall Street Journal- Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday he was trying to arrange a visit to Gaza, a move that highlights diplomatic challenges Israel faces amid the Arab Spring and could undermine efforts to fix relations with…


Egypt ‘to swear in new cabinet on Thursday’
AlJazeera 20 Jul 2011 – Military official’s statement comes as protests continue over choice of ministers and concerns about the armed forces.

Syrian forces ‘surround Damascus suburb’
AlJazeera 20 Jul 2011 – Residents of Harasta say entrances blocked by elite forces as foreign minister gives warning to US and French diplomats.

Gaza fishermen defy naval blockade
AlJazeera 20 Jul 2011 – Israel responds with water cannons and live fire when Gazans try to fish beyond Israeli-imposed limit.

Palestine News Network

Barghouti calls for a Million-Man March
PNN – Ramallah- PNN- Marwan Barghouti has called for a massive demonstration to be held by Palestinians in support of the UN bid for statehood. Barghouti, remains in jail serving five life terms for…

Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid Issues Press Release Condemning New ?¢‚Ǩ?ìBoycott Law?¢‚Ǩ¬ù
PNN – Bethlehem — PNN — The Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid has issued a press release explaining the consequences of the new boycott law passed in the Israeli Knesset last week. “The law defines…

‘Know your heritage’ participants visit Aida Refugee Camp near Bethlehem
PNN – PNN Exclusive/By: Zineb Mokrani and Angela Cartagena – The young Palestinian Americans who arrived on Monday in Bethlehem were welcomed in Aida Refugee Camp on Tuesday by a performance of the Boy…

Activists from Dignité-Al karama deported by the Israeli Government

PNN – Tel Aviv – PNN -Israeli Ministry of Internal Affairs confirms that all 15 international passengers from the French aid-boat Dignité-Al Karama will be back home by the end of the day. One…

Erakat: Israeli FM Youtube Video Shows Israel Not Interested in Peace
PNN – Ramallah – PNN – Palestine’s chief peace negotiator Saeb Erakat spoke out Wednesday in a press release saying a recently-released Youtube video by Israel’s Foreign Ministry shows Israel is not interested in…

American folk ‘legend’ performs in Beit Jala
PNN – Beit Jala- PNN- The U.S. Consulate General sponsored performance by American folk/rock legend, Jonathan Edwards and his band of three, was a spectacular hit on Tuesday night. Over 400 were in attendance…

Palestinian Center for Human Rights

PCHR Denounces Kidnapping the French “Dignity” Ship and Holds IOF Responsible for the Safety of International Solidarity Activists
Palestinian Center for Human Rights Wednesday, 20 July 2011

International Solidarity Movement

Beit Hanoun, 63 years and 300 meters later
7/20/2011 – International Solidarity Movement – 19 July 2011, International Solidarity Movement, Gaza – The Nakba, the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, happened sixty three years ago. The theft of Palestinian land continues even today. Every Tuesday, for the last three years, the people of Beit Hanoun have protested both the occupation and Israel’s three hundred meter “buffer zone” which Israel….

Gaza fishermen defy naval blockade
7/20/2011 – International Solidarity Movement – Al Jazeera – Emboldened by the ‚ÄòFreedom Flotilla’s’ attempt to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza by sea, some Gazan fishermen have been trying to sail beyond the three nautical mile limit imposed by Israel. The Oslo Accords allowed fishermen to work within 20 nautical miles of the coast, but Israel later reduced…. Related: Al Jazeera.com

Human rights workers continues to face Israeli aggression in Gazan waters
7/20/2011 – International Solidarity Movement – Civil Peace Service Gaza – The Israeli navy attacked Civil Peace Service Gaza volunteers along with international press and Palestinian fishermen today. One of the Israeli ships targeted the boats with high pressure water cannons. Meanwhile, a small naval boat approached the Oliva and hit it from behind, stopping the boat and causing serious damage to…. Related: Civil Peace Service Gaza

Personal Testimony—Arrested and Beaten yet Palestinians Remain in Prison
7/20/2011 – International Solidarity Movement – 20 July 2011, International Solidarity Movement, West Bank – Today, Friday 15 of July, the Israeli army violently repressed the weekly non-violent demonstration of the Palestinian city of Nabi Saleh. During the repeated attacks on thepeaceful demonstrators four activists were arrested: two Palestinians, one Italian and one Israeli. The following is the testimony of the Italian….

Relief Web

For Refugees, a Frustrating Feeling of Permanence
Relief Web 20 Jul 2011 – Source: New York Times Country: Jordan , Iraq , Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (the) , occupied Palestinian territory , Syrian Arab Republic (the) , Tunisia By RANA F. SWEIS AMMAN— When Iraqi militias threatened Ghasswan Al Taee, 36, in 2006, he fled to Jordan. Five…

UNRWA and UNICEF inaugurate water infrastructure construction in Lebanon camps
Relief Web 20 Jul 2011 – Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Country: Lebanon , occupied Palestinian territory 20 July 2011 Beirut UNRWA and UNICEF today inaugurated a newly constructed stand-by water well in Mieh Mieh camp, in the presence…

UN urges authorities in Gaza to reconsider dissolution of youth group
Relief Web 20 Jul 2011 – Source: UN News Service Country: occupied Palestinian territory 20 July 2011 — A senior United Nations official today encouraged the de facto authorities in Gaza to reconsider the decision to dissolve the non-governmental organization (NGO) Sharek Youth Forum. Maxwell Gaylard,…

OIC Secretary General condemns strongly the construction of new settlement units in the West Bank
Relief Web 20 Jul 2011 – Source: Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Country: occupied Palestinian territory Date: 20/07/2011 The Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, condemned in the strongest terms the decision of the Israeli Government to build 336 housing units…

Palestinian Reconciliation: Plus ça Change …

Relief Web 20 Jul 2011 – Source: International Crisis Group Country: occupied Palestinian territory , Israel Ramallah/Gaza/Jerusalem/Washington/Brussels The reconciliation agreement between Fatah and Hamas is frozen, but implementation is necessary to minimise the risk of Israeli-Palestinian violence and bring about a Palestinian leadership able to reach and…

Statement by Maxwell Gaylard, United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in the occupied Palestinian Territory On the Dissolution of Sharek Youth Forum in the Gaza Strip
Relief Web 20 Jul 2011 – Source: UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for the oPt Country: occupied Palestinian territory Gaza, 20 July 2011 The United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for the occupied Palestinian Territory, Mr. Maxwell Gaylard, has encouraged the de facto authorities in Gaza…

Turkey donates flour for poor refugees in Gaza
Relief Web 20 Jul 2011 – Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Country: occupied Palestinian territory , Turkey 20 July 2011 Amman UNRWA has received a consignment of more than 6,000 tons of flour from the Republic of Turkey for…

Prison 101
Relief Web 20 Jul 2011 – Source: MIFTAH Country: occupied Palestinian territory By: Meg Walsh for MIFTAH During the first Intifada which erupted during the late 1980s, countless numbers of Palestinians found themselves behind bars. Conditions were torturous, sometimes deadly; the cost of resisting the occupation…

Palestine Telegraph

Israel to deport Gaza ship activists
20 Jul 2011 – Gaza Strip, (Pal Telegraph)-Israeli authorities decided to deport all peace activists who were on the board of the French ship “dignity” that was fully seized by Israeli navy yesterday.

Israeli army conducts military training in northern WB
20 Jul 2011 – West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-Israeli forces conducted Wednesday military trainings at the main entrances of Tubas city and invaded several areas in the northern West Bank.

Israeli municipality hands demolition order to Silwan family
20 Jul 2011 – Jerusalem, (Pal Telegraph)-Israeli municipality’s court of local affairs in Jerusalem issued Wednesday a demolition order to a Palestinian house in Silwan town, southern al-Aqsa mosque, under the pretext of illegal construction.

Jewish Settlers beat up Palestinian in Hebron
20 Jul 2011 – West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-A group of settlers attacked Wednesday a Palestinian citizens in Hebron after raiding residential areas without reasons mentioned.

Israeli airstrikes hit Gaza city
20 Jul 2011 – Gaza Strip, (Pal Telegraph)-Israeli warplanes type “F16” bombarded yesterday night two sites in al-Ziatoun and al-Shojayia neighborhoods, eastern Gaza city. No injuries were reported.

The National

ElBaradei comes top in Facebook Egyptian president vote
The National 20 Jul 2011 – Former UN nuclear watchdog chief wins 25% of the votes cast by the 267,000 participants in survey conducted by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

Briton killed in South Yemen car bombing, say police
The National 19 Jul 2011 – Intelligence officer says murderous bombing attack on shipping company employee in Aden carries the fingerprints of Al Qaeda.


Turkey set on fully mending ties with Israel, says Prime Minister Erdogan’s adviser
Ha’aretz – “We greatly value our relations with Israel and are not thrilled with their deterioration,” said Dr. Ibrahim Kalin, “but Israel must understand what is happening in Turkey. Friends apologize for mistakes. We are sorry about what happened, we didn’t intend to sever relations with Israel, which were excellent, and Turkey sought to advance the peace process between Israel and Syria.”

Knesset votes against proposal to probe Israeli NGOs
Ha’aretz – Vote comes after Netanyahu urges Likud MKs to vote against the bill, put forth by Yisrael Beiteinu; Opposition leader Livni says bill is anti-democratic, damages Israeli interests.

Yossi Sarid / The Israeli left is dead and kicking
Ha’aretz – The right wing has been in power for 35 years, with short intervals, but the left keeps running our lives from its fortified strongholds – the justice system, the media, academia.

Video shows IDF officer pointing loaded gun at unarmed Palestinian
Ha’aretz – YouTube video uploaded by B’Tselem shows an IDF officer cocking his gun and pointing it at a Palestinian man during an IDF operation in the West Bank; IDF says will open investigation into the matter.

Syria warns U.S., French ambassadors not to leave Damascus
Ha’aretz – Move comes after the envoys angered Assad regime by visiting Hama, the center of the country’s four-month-old uprising.

Carlo Strenger / The glue holding Netanyahu’s coalition: hatred for liberal values
Ha’aretz – Commentators both in Israel and around the world have pointed out that the movement toward the right is endangering Israel’s liberal democracy. But maybe it’s time to see what stands behind this flood of anti-liberal legislation.

Jailed Palestinian leader Barghouti calls for mass rallies to back UN statehood bid
Ha’aretz – Marwan Barghouti, imprisoned for the murder of Israelis during the Second Intifada, says UN move part of a new strategy that will open door to ‘peaceful, popular resistance’.

Knesset approves first reading of bill to extend Israeli law over West Bank museums
Ha’aretz – Bill aims to strengthen Israeli sovereignty over West Bank, bring end to ‚Äòdiscrimination’ against settlers.

Israeli documentary ‘Google Baby’ nominated for Emmy
Ha’aretz – Film tells the story of the baby-making industry in a time of globalization; won first prize at DocAviv Festival in 2008.

Report: Turkey PM delays Gaza visit due to possible Israeli apology for 2010 flotilla raid
Ha’aretz – It is believed that Erdogan is using Gaza visit as bargaining chip to pressure Israel into apologizing for the killing of nine Turkish activists on the Mavi Marmara.

Netanyahu to Arab media: People of Syria deserve a better future
Ha’aretz – In interview broadcast on al-Arabiya, PM Netanyahu says Israel concerned about events taking place in Syria.

All foreigners aboard seized Gaza flotilla yacht to leave Israel by end of day
Ha’aretz – Interior Ministry spokeswoman says five foreign activists have already flown out; Dignite Al Karame was intercepted by IDF on Tuesday.

Lieberman on bill to probe NGOs: Netanyahu changed his stance due to media pressure
Ha’aretz – Stormy debate continues in Knesset on bill to investigate Israeli human rights organizations; Netanyahu applies pressure on Likud MKs to vote against the bill.

Livni: Bill to probe NGOs is anti-democratic, hurts Israel
Ha’aretz – Contentious bill on probe of human rights groups sparks stormy debate in Knesset; Netanyahu believes majority will vote down measure proposed by Yisrael Beiteinu following pressure on Likud MKs.

Medical strike leaves half of Israeli hospitals without residents
Ha’aretz – Starting Wednesday morning, medical residents in hospitals throughout Israel walked off the job to protest deal being drafted between IMA, Finance Ministry.

Hapoalim buys 5% of Gazit Globe parent company Norstar
Ha’aretz – Bank Hapoalim buys stake in Norstar Holdings for NIS 95.4 million; Movement for Quality Government in Israel objects to the deal, saying it worsens Israel cross-holdings.

Agrexco workers barricade selves inside Tel Aviv office
Ha’aretz – 300 workers barricade themselves in protest against decision that 200 workers must go on unpaid leave or be fired; head of Agrexco Union says decision would be heard in court today, protests to continue.

Aerospace Industries lawyer forgot to say his NIS 700,000 in bonuses may not be legal
Ha’aretz – The fat cats guard their own cream.

New Zealand PM: No indication that Israeli killed in earthquake was a Mossad spy
Ha’aretz – New Zealand PM John Key says investigation uncovered no evidence linking group of four Israelis to the Mossad.

Jerusalem Post

Man convicted of raping a woman he met on dating site
Jerusalem Post 20 Jul 2011 – Amitai Ashtamker lied about his name, age and job to appear more attractive to victim; beat her with bottle, rock.

Labor Court issues injunction against medical residents
Jerusalem Post 20 Jul 2011 – Late-night injunction follows walk-out strikes by residents over pending labor deal; Peres calls for quick solution to “intolerable situation.”

Protest leaders call for all tent cities to mass in TA
Jerusalem Post 20 Jul 2011 – Demonstrators to Mitzna: “You politicians are all liars, thieves and corrupt”; TA organizer: Time has come to return [country] to its people.

Supporters worry about muting of pro-Israel media voice
Jerusalem Post 20 Jul 2011 – Backers of Israel worried that a diminished Rupert Murdoch presence may mute the strongly pro-Israel voice of many of the publications he owns.

Conspiracy in the rubble
Jerusalem Post 20 Jul 2011 – No reasonable gestures or concessions on Israel’s part are likely to offset blatant prejudice.

There’s a word for it — greed
Jerusalem Post 20 Jul 2011 – Even if more land is made available, will we see construction of Strauss or the Tnuva Buildings providing affordable homes for ordinary people?

As the revolution marches on
Jerusalem Post 20 Jul 2011 – Although MKs appear concerned over rising costs, it was they who allowed this injustice to occur in the first place.

Time to honor America’s first Jewish home-run king
Jerusalem Post 20 Jul 2011 – Fundamentally Freund: As an icon of Jewish athleticism,‚ÄòThe Iron Batter’ deserves a spot in Baseball’s Hall of Fame.

Knesset nixes parliamentary inquiry into NGOs by landslide
Jerusalem Post 20 Jul 2011 – Two bills proposing to probe activities and funding of left-wing NGOs turned down; Lieberman calls PM’s behavior “grotesque,” but still views campaign as a “success,” despite voting defeat.

Iranian doublespeak on the anniversary of the AMIA bombing
Jerusalem Post 20 Jul 2011 – Those indicted for the 1994 bombing in Argentina should be brought to stand trial.

Will Knesset put rights groups, foreign gov’ts in the dock?
Jerusalem Post 20 Jul 2011 – Israel Beiteinu and some in the Likud are ushering in a new era of McCarthyism.

Ya’alon says Israel won’t apologize for ‘Marmara’ incident
Jerusalem Post 20 Jul 2011 – Minister says “Turkish stubbornness preventing us from bridging gaps”; reported “threat” by Erdogan to visit Gaza leaves Jerusalem unmoved.

Rattling The Cage: Israel’s lost generation
Jerusalem Post 20 Jul 2011 – Longing for a Tahrir Sq. revolt of their own but lacking any large moral purpose, the country’s young people protest over relative trivialities.

Washington Watch: Threatening Israeli democracy
Jerusalem Post 20 Jul 2011 – Netanyahu was wrong to support a law that undermines the country’s democratic nature.

Film shows IDF officer cocking M16 rifle at Palestinian
Jerusalem Post 20 Jul 2011 – Movie shot by B’Tselem activist; Palestinian in film tells ‘Post’ he has not returned to work out of fear he will be killed by officer.

Talk tough with Turkey
Jerusalem Post 20 Jul 2011 – As Ankara slides towards Islamic authoritarianism, Israel must take measures to remove its former ally’s masks.

Wife battering, sexual abuse get attention in Gaza
Jerusalem Post 20 Jul 2011 – First safe-house for Gaza women has Hamas protection; “Keep it in the family” code keeps many victims silent.

Coalition thwarts affordable housing bill
Jerusalem Post 20 Jul 2011 – As tent protests escalate, gov’t blocks housing clause in planning and building bill; Yishai: Kadima going after headlines, ignoring public.

Right wing group pulls out of Tel Aviv tent protest
Jerusalem Post 20 Jul 2011 – Im Tirtzu says protest organizers have refused repeated requests to negotiate with the government to resolve the crisis.

In new Egypt, old conspiracies live on
Jerusalem Post 20 Jul 2011 – Ministers, media can’t shake off habit of blaming Israel, US for country’s woes; conspiratorial thinking “deeply ingrained”.

Egypt army moves to secure key role in country’s future
Jerusalem Post 20 Jul 2011 – General’s call for military to protect Egypt from “whims” of future president prompts outcry by critics over Islamist influence in gov’t.

Syrian opposition says Assad fomenting sectarian strife
Jerusalem Post 20 Jul 2011 – Activist says Syrians won’t repeat mistakes made in neighboring Iraq, where fighting between Sunnis, Shi’ites broke out after the fall of Hussein.

Reggae band ‚Äògetting goosebumps’ before 1st J’lem gig
Jerusalem Post 20 Jul 2011 – Music has always been a part of the spiritual context of Israel, bassist from Easy Star All-Stars tells ‚ÄòPost.’

Patriot games: Is Captain America too American?
Jerusalem Post 20 Jul 2011 – Created by 2nd-generation Jews who made no secret of their source of inspiration, the character “was a way of lashing out at the Nazi menace.”

Pope Benedict to meet Jews, Muslims on visit to Germany
Jerusalem Post 20 Jul 2011 – Vatican program for September trip shows Pope will meet members of the Jewish community first, then Muslims on the second day.

CITYbites: There’s no place like Mike’s Place
Jerusalem Post 20 Jul 2011 – If you’re up until later-than-usual-hours then stop on by this Jerusalem institution for Happy Hour; who knows you might meet some friendly new faces.

Barghouti urges Palestinian march to back UN bid
Jerusalem Post 20 Jul 2011 – Jailed terrorist leader calls on Palestinians “to go out in a peaceful, million-man march during week of voting in September.”

Police block protesting doctors from entering IMA offices
Jerusalem Post 20 Jul 2011 – Staff leave departments at half of country’s hospitals, block traffic, demand solution to ongoing negotiations between doctors’ union, Treasury.

Saudi Arabia’s ‘Anti-Witchcraft Unit’ breaks another spell
Jerusalem Post 20 Jul 2011 – The unit, established in 2009, is charged with apprehending sorcerers and reversing the detrimental effects of their spells in the Gulf country.

Hundreds of doctors walk-out of hospitals across country
Jerusalem Post 20 Jul 2011 – At half of country’s medical centers, staff protest potential agreement to end work dispute between IMA, Treasury; Litzman: IMA scared to reach deal.

The Guardian

In tweets: an encounter between Gaza fishermen and Israeli patrol boats
The Guardian 20 Jul 2011 – Harriet Sherwood went out with Gaza fishing boats to check claims they were coming under attack from the Israeli military She used Twitter to report what happened next ‚Ä¢ Harriet Sherwood is the Guardian’s Jerusalem correspondent…

Israeli spy claims over Christchurch earthquake
The Guardian 20 Jul 2011 – New Zealand prime minister confirms, but then plays down, investigation over Israeli victim said to have held five passports New Zealand intelligence services launched an investigation into a possible Israeli spy operation in Christchurch after suspicious…

Inter Press Service

Bitter Divides Persist Below Bahrain’s Relatively Calm Surface
IPS When Bahraini ambassador Houda Ezra Nonoo arrived in Washington three years ago, she was greeted as the representative of a close U.S. ally with a reputation for more openness and tolerance than most Gulf nations.

EGYPT: Parliamentary Polls to Precede New Constitution
IPS In a blow to those calling for a new constitution to be drawn up before elections are held, Egypt’s ruling military council last week reiterated its intention to hold parliamentary polls later this year.


Beit Hanoun, 63 years and 300 meters later
Uruknet July 20, 2011 – The Nakba, the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, happened sixty three years ago. The theft of Palestinian land continues even today. Every Tuesday, for the last three years, the people of Beit Hanoun have protested both the occupation and Israel’s three hundred meter “buffer zone” which Israel has declared on Palestinian land near the border…

‘Progress’ in Iraq
Uruknet July 20, 2011 – …Iraqis who can’t find their loved ones wouldn’t argue ‘progress’ in Iraq. At the heart of the protests in Iraq has been the wives, mothers and daughers whose husbands, sons and fathers have disappeared into the Iraqi ‘justice’ system. Today NPR’s Isra’ al Rubei’i and Kelly McEvers (Morning Edition) report on the women who…

PCHR Condemns Israeli Navy’s Attack on Oliva Boat in Gaza Waters
Uruknet July 20, 2011 – On Wednesday morning, 20 July 2011, the Israeli Navy attacked Palestinian fishing boats and the Oliva Boat, which monitors the situation at Gaza seashore. According to investigations conducted by the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) and testimony of Hussein al-‘Amoudi, 20, who was accompanying the Oliva crew, Olivastarted sailingat 7:45 in the morning…

Libya, Obama and the “Other Wars”
Uruknet July 20, 2011 – President Obama’s insistence that the U.S. is not at war with Libya, even as Washington and its allies methodically assault the country’s military and infrastructure, reveals that the many “Other Wars” around the globe have become, collectively, “the main arenas of conflict” with the Empire. Yet, “many whites who consider themselves anti-war activists also…

A False Rebel Victory In Libya
Uruknet July 20, 2011 – Since last Thursday and with very active support from NATO air forces the eastern rebels in Libya have tried to conquer the oil city Brega. At one point they even claimed victory and that they were in “full control” of the city. But that does not seem to have been true at all. Instead…

The Torture of My Father by the Syrian Regime
Uruknet July 20, 2011 – My father was arrested and tortured by the Syrian regime in the eighties. Many of my friends and acquaintances don’t know this little fact, and it is something I have not talked about except to those who are very close to me. Even as a family we’ve never really sat down and discussed it,…

What did he know and when did he know it? Cameron, Coulson and those pesky emails
Uruknet July 20, 2011 – The political/corporate class must be rueing the day email arrived, it is proving to be the undoing of many a powerful individual and perhaps even the downfall of the government? But only if the media do the job they claim to be doing, investigating malfeasance at every level. For anybody with enough patience to…

Jailed Fatah leader Barghouti urges mass protests
Uruknet July 20, 2011 – — Jailed Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti has called for large-scale peaceful protests in support of a Palestinian bid for United Nations membership in September. In a statement released from his cell in Israel’s Hadarim prison, Barghouti, who is widely considered as the architect of the second Palestinian intifada, said winning the “battle of next…

Iran, US to run joint economic trade forum soon
Uruknet July 20, 2011 – Iran and the US are to run joint economic trade forum in near future in a bid to make economic cooperation closer, said Director of the Iranian World Trade Center Mohammad Reza Sabzalipour. “The measure came for further cooperation between Iran and the US private sectors,” he said adding an Iranian trade delegation visited…

Drones: The fallout
Uruknet July 20, 2011 – …In essence, what the United States is trying to achieve through its “efforts” to catch high value targets has an “inaccuracy” rate of 86.22%. Similarly the innocent civilian killed and labeled conveniently as collateral damage number 483 as per US own doubtable Statistics. These are not simply 483 individuals vanishing from the screen but…

No place for Muslims to pray in Beer Sheva
Uruknet July 20, 2011 – Encircled by a grey, metal fence, the Big Mosque in Beer Sheva is an impressive Ottoman-era structure with a towering minaret, white dome and intricate metal detailing on its many windows. Closed off by the Israeli authorities since 1991, it is suffering from neglect. And after the Israeli high court ruled last month that…

Uncle Sam’s and John Bull’s Crimes Dwarf Murdoch’s Eavesdropping
Uruknet July 20, 2011 – As eavesdroppers go, next to Uncle Sam and John Bull, Rupert Murdoch, the moral force behind Fox News, is an amateur. That’s because a global eavesdropping scheme being run today by the United States and Great Britain dwarfs anything that Rupert Murdoch’s editors at The News of The World (TNTW) ever dared attempt. British…

Denying Palestinian Children Education
Uruknet July 20, 2011 – In July 2011, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) issued a new report titled, “Education Denied: Israel’s Systematic Violation of Palestinian Children’s Right to Education,” even though it’s a fundamental human right. It involves progressively developing children as individuals and responsible citizens. It’s key in helping them “raise their standard of living, and (…

The headless corpse, the mass grave and worrying questions about Libya’s rebel army
Uruknet July 20, 2011 – The streaks of blood, smeared along the sides of this impromptu mass grave suggested a rushed operation, a hurried attempt to dispose of the victims. Who the men were and what happened to them, close to the Libyan rebels’ western front line town of Al-Qawalish in the Nafusa Mountains, remains unknown. But the evidence…

VIDEO: Omar Barghouti on the moral imperative to boycott Israel
Uruknet July 20, 2011 – Omar Barghouti spoke at Socialism 2011 in Chicago on 3 July 2011, to explain why boycotting Israel is the right approach and a moral imperative for people who support justice and universal rights. Omar Barghouti is one of the founders of the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI), and…

US fleet may quit troubled Bahrain
Uruknet July 20, 2011 – THE US Navy is looking at plans to move its Fifth Fleet away from Bahrain amid fears over violence and continued instability in the Gulf kingdom. Sources in Washington and the Gulf have confirmed a growing consensus around the idea of relocating the fleet after the recent crackdown on anti-government protests that left at…

Bad news for Murdoch can only be good news for Palestinians
Uruknet July 20, 2011 – The phone hacking scandal which has hit Rupert Murdoch’s publishing company News International is getting bigger every day and shows no signs of dying down. The effect on British politics has been compared to a revolution, albeit a very quiet one, and the term “British Spring” has been used. British governments, both Labour and…

Libya rebels suffer heavy casualties at Brega
Uruknet July 20, 2011 – – Eighteen rebel fighters were killed and up to 150 wounded in clashes with forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi for control of the eastern oil hub of Brega on Tuesday, a doctor in a rebel-controlled town said. “Yesterday it was a disaster,” Dr Sarahat Atta-Alah told Reuters at Ajdabiya hospital in eastern Libya on…

The US recognises Libya’s Transitional National Council
Uruknet July 20, 2011 – The Obama administration’s decision to formally recognise the so-called Transitional National Council as Libya’s “legitimate governing authority” is an unlawful act of political banditry, further exposing the imperialist character of the US-NATO war against Libya. Announced by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton last Friday, it gives pseudo-legal cover for the US to steal…

Israel to deport flotilla activists
Uruknet July 20, 2011 – – Fifteen activists held after Israeli forces intercepted their boat as they attempted to sail to Gaza will be deported on Wednesday, an Israeli official told AFP. Sabine Hadad, spokeswoman for Israel’s immigration service, confirmed that the 15 passengers, including 11 French citizens and others from Sweden, Canada and Greece, would be sent home. “…

To Gaza with Dignity
Uruknet July 20, 2011 – The tiny Dignite’/Karama, sailing under a French flag, left Corsica on 25 June, and has been chugging along for the past weeks mostly in Greek waters. Its last stop was the Greek island Kastellorizo on Saturday, after which it headed south. The 16 passengers on board view themselves as representatives of the entire Freedom…

WATCH: IDF officer pulls loaded gun on Palestinian civilian
Uruknet July 20, 2011 – This week has seen a flurry of information about the Israeli army’s conduct in the West Bank. Many of my reports on this site concern this upsetting topic. Just when you think that you can’t be surprised again by the violent impunity of Israeli soldiers, a new video emerges from the field, leaving you…

CIA ‘hacked Taliban websites’ to post notices claiming leader Mullah Omar was dead
Uruknet July 20, 2011 – The Taliban claimed today that their mobile phones, email accounts and website had been hacked to send out false messages suggesting their leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar, had died. The one-eyed, reclusive spiritual and political head of the insurgent movement is among the most wanted men in the world, with a $10 million U.S. bounty…

“The Arts Of Life They Changed Into The Arts Of Death:” Bachmann, Palin and Robertson and the limits of logic
Uruknet July 19, 2011 – As of late, Pat Robertson has been waxing apocalyptic regarding mankind’s imminent reckoning with wrathful divinity, while liberals have been sharing scary bedtime stories by the ghostly light of computer screens…telling sleep-banishing tales of Michele (“Crazy Eyes”) Bachmann, now stalking primary states, assailing common sense and chewing the scenery of sanity during appearances on…

Justice Department Gives Torturers a Pass
Uruknet July 19, 2011 – The Romans had an expression for it: Nulla poena sine lege, no punishment without a law. But people sometimes forget that the opposite is also true: Without punishment for offenders, a law itself can die. The Justice Department recently announced that, of the 101 cases involving alleged illegal treatment of post-9/11 detainees by the…

U.S. “Recognition” Can’t Rehabilitate Benghazi’s Terrorism
Uruknet July 19, 2011 – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s announcement that the U.S. recognized Benghazi as the “legitimate governing authority” can’t change the fact that Benghazi isn’t ready for primetime and it could actually embolden Muammar al-Quathafi’s regime supporters in Libya. To begin with, it’s unpleasant for the U.S. to endorse a clearly unpopular “rebel” movement as the “…

Iraq snapshot – July 19, 2011
Uruknet July 19, 2011 – Chaos and violence continue, Amnesty International calls for executions in Iraq to be put on hold, Nouri al-Maliki is wanted before a Spanish court, Iran boast of their invasion of Iraq, Senator Patty Murray takes to the Senate floor to note the needs of veterans and argue that the country has a debt to…

In support of the Syrian uprising
Uruknet July 19, 2011 – ….The people of Syria have suffered from the neoliberal policies started by Bashar al Assad and his father Hafez al Assad in the 1990s, creating increasing inequality between people. The process of privatising public companies has been made for the benefit of a few individuals close to the regime and to the detriment of…

Daily Star

Libya rebels battle for Brega as Ramadan looms
Daily Star 20 Jul 2011 Libya’s rebels ramped up a pre-Ramadan offensive Wednesday, pushing Moammar Gadhafi’s troops into retreat in the east while preparing a fresh attack from the south of Tripoli.

Damascus warns U.S., French envoys, apologizes to Qatar
Daily Star 20 Jul 2011 Syria launched a diplomatic offensive Wednesday, warning French and U.S. ambassadors they risked expulsion if they breached a travel ban on leaving Damascus…

Fight over young woman leaves man hospitalized
Daily Star 20 Jul 2011 A man was sent to the hospital with fractures Tuesday night after a personal dispute turned violent in Beirut’s southern suburbs, a security source said.

Kahwagi discusses military relations with France
Daily Star 20 Jul 2011 Lebanon’s Army commander, Gen. Jean Kahwagi, met with French Chief of Defense Staff Adm.

WHO report shows increase in Lebanon cancer cases
Daily Star 20 Jul 2011 The number of new cancer cases in Lebanon increased an average 5 percent annually between 2002 and 2007, data has suggested.

Old Tripoli residents relocated as restoration process moves along
Daily Star 20 Jul 2011 The second group of families inhabiting the city’s historic Khan al-Askar were handed keys to their new homes Wednesday, in preparation for the restoration of the market.

Palestinian summer program a hit in Mieh Mieh
Daily Star 20 Jul 2011 UNRWA’s summer recreation program for children, Play and Learn, is under way in the Mieh Mieh Palestinian refugee camp, despite the program’s cancelation at the at Ain al-Hilweh camp.

Syrian refugee woes in Wadi Khaled
Daily Star 20 Jul 2011 Two months ago, Farhan Kurdi was shot in the foot while fleeing the Syrian frontier town of Tal Kalakh to Lebanon following a government crackdown on anti-government demonstrators.

Hezbollah praises second Gaza flotilla activists
Daily Star 20 Jul 2011 Hezbollah Wednesday praised activists who tried to breach the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip, condemning Israel’s interception of their yacht as an act of Zionist piracy.

Electoral reform group warns of slow progress
Daily Star 20 Jul 2011 The government’s policy statement is too vague on the issue of the voting law and could lead to vital legal amendments not being implemented before the 2013 parliamentary elections…

Diaspora discusses ties, weapons and votes in next election
Daily Star 20 Jul 2011 Representatives of the Lebanese Diaspora urged the government Wednesday to press ahead with allowing Lebanese abroad to vote in the next elections…

Sleiman condemns assault on LU professor
Daily Star 20 Jul 2011 President Michel Sleiman urged punishment Wednesday for assaults on public sector employees, a day after a Lebanese University professor was severely beaten by students.

Cabinet seeks Iran’s oil know-how
Daily Star 20 Jul 2011 The Cabinet approved Wednesday a key Memorandum of Understanding between Lebanon’s Energy and Water Resources Ministry…

Egypt’s new Cabinet to be sworn in 3 days behind original schedule
Daily Star 20 Jul 2011 The new Egyptian Cabinet is due to be sworn in Thursday, a military official said, three days behind schedule after last-minute negotiations and the prime minister’s admission to hospital.

Netanyahu says ready for talks, admits to Damascus meetings
Daily Star 20 Jul 2011 Israel is willing to hold peace talks with the Palestinians immediately, in Jerusalem or even Ramallah, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in excerpts of an interview released Wednesday.

Iran claims U.S. drone shot down over nuclear site in Qom
Daily Star 20 Jul 2011 Iran has shot down an unmanned U.S. spy plane that flew over its Fordu nuclear site, a state-run website reported Wednesday…

Hamas-guarded women’s shelter tackles Gaza’s domestic violence taboos
Daily Star 20 Jul 2011 Most safe houses in the Gaza Strip are meant to provide protection for armed militants on Israel’s target list.

Explosion could cost Cyprus precarious peace
Daily Star 20 Jul 2011 When sirens sounded at dawn Wednesday they not only reminded Greek Cypriots of the Turkish invasion but also served as a wake-up call that Cyprus is on the brink of political and economic meltdown.

Barghouti calls for mass Palestinian rallies in September
Daily Star 20 Jul 2011 Jailed leader Marwan Barghouti has called on Palestinians to stage mass rallies in September in support of a diplomatic bid to gain U.N. membership for a state of Palestine.

Tunisian billbans foreign funding of political parties
Daily Star 20 Jul 2011 Tunisia’s main reform committee Wednesday banned foreign funding of political parties but Islamist reservations over the move fueled growing fears over the post-revolution era.

U.N. declares famine in 2 Somali regions
Daily Star 20 Jul 2011 The United Nations said Wednesday two regions of southern Somalia had been hit by the worst famine in the area for 20 years and that 3.7 million people in the anarchic Horn of Africa nation risked…

Saddam officials death sentences suspended
Daily Star 20 Jul 2011 Iraq has stayed the execution of two of Saddam Hussein’s top military officials in a sensitive decision for the country’s multi-sectarian government.

Sudan split inspires Kurdish nationalism
Daily Star 20 Jul 2011 On the day the newest African nation, South Sudan, was born, Iraqi Kurdish leader Barham Salih tweeted his feelings to the world on his iPad…

Briton killed in south Yemen bomb attack
Daily Star 20 Jul 2011 A blast in a booby-trapped car killed a Briton living in Yemen’s southern port city of Aden Wednesday, officials said, and the British government urged its citizens to leave the country.

Hezbollah slams “Zionist piracy” on Gaza-bound vessel
Daily Star 20 Jul 2011 Hezbollah praises the activists who tried to breach the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip this week, condemning Israel’s interception of their yacht as an act of Zionist piracy.

Jumblatt: Hezbollah’s position on STL should be considered
Daily Star 20 Jul 2011 Stance of the party, as a participant in the government, should be taken into consideration, Progressive Socialist Party leader says.

Implement all of 1701, March 14 tells Mikati
Daily Star 20 Jul 2011 March 14 coalition calls on Prime Minister Najib Mikati to fully implement U.N. Resolution 1701, especially those clauses related to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

New General Security head vows to work for all parties
Daily Star 20 Jul 2011 Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim vows that he will work for Lebanon’s various political factions and areas without discrimination.

Berri sets legislative meetings for Aug. 3, 4
Daily Star 20 Jul 2011 Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri Wednesday set August 3 and August 4 for general legislative sessions for the approval of a series of bills.

Hezbollah official calls for rotation in public posts
Daily Star 20 Jul 2011 Mohammad Fneish calls for sectarian rotation to avoid concentration of power, adding that he has submitted an administrative reform plan to the Cabinet.

Fight over young woman leaves man hospitalised
Daily Star 20 Jul 2011 Fight which developed overnight in Beirut’s southern suburbs, following an original dispute regarding a young woman, leaves man with fractures and bruising.

Hezbollah open to unconditional dialogue
Daily Star 19 Jul 2011 Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah declared Tuesday that his party will defeat the conspiracy of a U.N.-backed court’s indictment that implicated it in the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri…

YNet News

Knesset says ‘no’ to probe of Left
YNet News, 20 Jul 2011 – The Knesset rejected by a large margin Wednesday evening a proposal to launch a probe into the funding of leftist organizations in Israel. Receive Ynetnews updates … ….

Tent protest organizers announce mass rally in Tel Aviv
YNet News, 20 Jul 2011 – A mass rally against escalating housing prices is set to take place on Saturday night at Tel Aviv’s Habima Square, the organizers of the quickly growing tent protest … ….

Lieberman: Our way won
YNet News, 20 Jul 2011 – As the Knesset was embroiled in emotional debate Wednesday on probing leftist groups, Yisrael Beiteinu Chairman Avigdor Lieberman convened his faction, declaring that his … ….

Video: IDF officer aims rifle at Palestinian civilian’s head
YNet News, 20 Jul 2011 – A video posted on YouTube Wednesday shows an IDF officer cocking his weapon and aiming it at the head of a Palestinian civilian during military operations in a West Bank … ….

Knesset debates probing Leftist NGOs
YNet News, 20 Jul 2011 – The Knesset convened Wednesday to debate and vote on yet another controversial bill — one calling to form a parliamentary inquiry committee that will focus on the … ….

Bill: Fund settlement museums
YNet News, 20 Jul 2011 – The Knesset on Wednesday approved in its preliminary reading an amendment to the Museums Act, which will enable museums in Judea and Samaria to receive funds from the … ….

‘Some people think army is yeshiva’
YNet News, 20 Jul 2011 – As IDF officials continue to grapple over the subject of religious coercion in the army, the former head of Personnel Directorate said Wednesday that “there is indeed a … ….

Iran says shot down US drone
YNet News, 20 Jul 2011 – Tehran lawmaker claims Revolutionary Guard successfully shoots down ‘unmanned….

Doctors stage mass walkout
YNet News, 20 Jul 2011 – Wage negotiations between doctors, Treasury deadlock once more prompting….

Serbia arrests last UN war crimes fugitive
YNet News, 20 Jul 2011 – Serbian gov’t official confirms arrest of Goran Hadzic, former leader of….

Report: Only 8% of Ethiopians seek academic studies
YNet News, 20 Jul 2011 – New study says less than 1% of Ethiopians have academic degrees; sector avoids….

NZ PM keeps mum on espionage allegations
YNet News, 20 Jul 2011 – John Key confirms Israeli victims of Christchurch quake sparked SIS interest,….

Palestinian Information Center

Israeli raid causes big damage in Gaza city
PIC – 20/07/2011 – 07:08 AM

IOF arrests teen after Silwan clashes
PIC – 20/07/2011 – 08:02 AM

IOF soldiers arrest 3 Egyptian children
PIC – 20/07/2011 – 08:50 AM

Government to grant million dollars to Gaza’s poor ahead of Ramadan
PIC – 20/07/2011 – 09:09 AM

Cairo plans to invite Palestinian factions for talks on reconciliation
PIC – 20/07/2011 – 10:32 AM

Bardawil: Al-Ahmed statement on Abbas endorses Hamas view
PIC – Dr. Salah Al-Bardawil, a Hamas leader, said that recent statements by Azzam Al-Ahmed proved Hamas’s viewpoint that Mahmoud Abbas’s insistence on Salam Fayyad was foiling the reconciliation.

Israeli navy attacks “Oliva” boat
PIC – Israeli navy forces attacked the international boat, Oliva, run by human rights activists to monitor Israeli violations against Palestinian fishermen, on Wednesday inflicting damage to it.

Palestinian man assaulted, others arrested during attacks in the West Bank
PIC – A Palestinian man was hospitalized Wednesday morning after Jewish settlers assaulted him during riots in Al-Khalil city in the southern West Bank.

Mother seeks care as Israeli prison neglects mystery ailment
PIC – A concerned mother says she does not seek condemning statements but only that her son, a Palestinian prisoner in the Israeli Gilboa prison, is given the proper treatment.

Hague disappointed over building of new Israeli housing units in West Bank
PIC – British foreign secretary William Hague has expressed “disappointment” at news of tenders being issued for over 300 housing units in Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Israeli authorities demolish Palestinian home, threaten to raze another
PIC – The Israeli authorities sent bulldozers to raze a two-storey Palestinian house in Majd Al-Kurum in north of Palestine occupied in 1948 without prior notice.

Egyptian foreign minister condemns Karama takeover
PIC – Egyptian foreign minister Mohammed al-Orabi has condemned Israel’s “illegal” military takeover of the Dignite — Al-Karama aid ship to Gaza.

Abu Zuhri: Erdogan’s visit to Gaza a daring step
PIC – Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, on Wednesday welcomed the planned visit to Gaza by Turkish premier Recep Erdogan, describing it as a daring and an advanced step.

OIC condemns new Israeli settlement plan, Dignite attack
PIC – Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, the secretary-general of the OIC, strongly condemned Israel’s recent decision approving 336 housing units in the West Bank.


Adalah-NY: New Yorkers Demand Retirement-Fund Giant TIAA-CREF Divest from Israeli Occupation

Netanyahu’s Readiness to Meet Abbas Not Sufficient, Says Abu Rdeineh

Israeli Navy Attacks Olivia Crew, Damages Boat

UN Official Asks Hamas to Reconsider Closure of NGO

Youth Movements, NGOs Decry Failure to Reconcile

PCBS: Palestinian Wholesale Price Index Rises by 0.6% in Second Quarter of 2011

Israeli Court Fines, Hands Demolition Order to Jerusalemite Palestinian

Erekat Criticizes Israeli Foreign Ministry Youtube Video

Two Israeli Air Strikes on Gaza

Newspaper Review: Israeli Navy Takes Over Dignity Ship, Abbas’ Visit to Spain

Intifada Palestine

Murdoch is not the only Maggot in the Rotten Apple
Intifada-Palestine: 20 Jul 2011 – Public enemy Number One is the pro-Israel lobby “Britain is now one of the most hated nations on earth thanks to our cosy association with US-Israeli ambitions in the Middle East.” by Stuart Littlewood Having disposed of the Murdoch menace —… more

Los Angeles Times

Syrian security forces accused of killing 16 in Homs
LA Times 19 Jul 2011 – Shootings take place at a funeral procession amid allegations that President Bashar Assad’s embattled regime is trying to heighten sectarian tensions in a bid to bolster its rule. Syrian security forces reportedly killed at least 16 people in Syria’s third-largest city Tuesday amid allegations that…

New York Times

Military Is Left Out of Draft for Egyptian Rule
New York Times 20 Jul 2011 – A committee’s decision to draft constitutional guidelines came amid a heated debate over the military’s current and future place in the Egyptian government.

Middle East: For Refugees, a Frustrating Feeling of Permanence
New York Times 20 Jul 2011 – A state of ambivalence and uncertainty is becoming more common among refugees across the Middle East as displacements end up stretching into months or years.

Middle East: Dubai Exchange Faces Steep Climb on Crude Oil Deals
New York Times 20 Jul 2011 – The Dubai Mercantile Exchange, set up in 2007, hopes to establish its Oman crude oil futures contract as a leading benchmark for pricing oil deals.

Magazine Preview: Yemen on the Brink of Hell
New York Times 20 Jul 2011 – If Ali Abdullah Saleh and his generals believe they can defeat protesters, they are taking an enormous risk.


The US recognises Libya’s Transitional National Council
WSWS – The Obama administration’s decision to recognise the so-called Transitional National Council as Libya’s “legitimate governing authority” is an unlawful act of political banditry.

I have no doubt that Palestinians will be victorious, sooner than later
Mondoweiss – Officer points loaded weapon into face of Palestinian, Palestinian does not back down. More from Haaretz : According to B’Tselem, a human rights organization that uploaded the video, on June 18 IDF forces came to arrest a youth from the village for allegedly throwing stones when his…

Normalizing Israeli apartheid through international sporting events
Mondoweiss – The use of sport to unite children divided by street violence and traumatized by war is a compelling idea. ‘ Serious Play: The Goal is Peace ‘ is the title of a 7 July Huffington Post article by Alison Craiglow Hockenberry. It opens with the anecdote of a…

Message to Marty
Mondoweiss – Marty Peretz is back on his soapbox again positing hostility towards Israel is ” fashionable” for “chic progressives” . Hey Marty, it’s the apartheid. I learned something new about Marty from this article, his hero is George Washington. I wonder if he read Washington’s Farewell Address to the…

Would the South be free if Freedom Riders had experienced a media blackout in the north?
Mondoweiss – Why isn’t the New York Times doing this cutting-edge journalism? Harriet Sherwood of the Guardian goes out with Gaza fishing boats to see what they are up against, and as Israeli gunboats close in on them inside Gazan waters she files a bunch of frightening tweets….

Pro-Israel myopia on Murdoch
Mondoweiss – Is Murdoch’s reversal good for the Jews/Israel? is the only question for the JTA . And no it isn’t! Murdoch who has made philo-semitism a great principle of action, who said that the world can’t survive without Israel… “‘Is this curtains for pro-Israel Murdoch?’ the London Jewish…

Israeli Judge to Israeli Media: You May Tell Israel Yoav Even Was Arrested for Sodomizing P., But You Still Can’t Name Him
Tikun Olam – (graphic: Michael Levin) Few other ostensibly democratic countries have as strange a judicial system as Israel when it comes to gag orders and the veil of secrecy they cast on matters of public interest. Witness yesterday’s decision by Tel Aviv Judge Benny Sagi to partially lift…

Misc 2

Update: PSP Activist Released from Immigration Detention After 1 Week
Palestine Solidarity Project 19 Jul 2011 – A PSP activist who was arrested during a demonstration organized by the July 8th Welcome to Palestine initiative was released on bail Tuesday, after spending a week in immigrant detention refusing to be deported. While his deportation case may be re-opened, for now Chuck has been…

Shaath: No retreat on Palestinians going to the United Nations
Middle East Monitor 20 Jul 2011 – Member of Fatah’s Central Committee and its Commissioner of international relations, Dr Nabil Shaath, has confirmed Palestinian intentions to go to the United Nations to gain recognition of a Palestinian state saying, “We are serious about going to the UN, and in light of the stalemate…

Israel rejects rights group probe
BBC 20 Jul 2011 – The Israeli parliament rejects a bill that would have set up committees to investigate human rights groups accused of anti-Israeli activity.

NZ rejects Israeli spying rumours
BBC 20 Jul 2011 – New Zealand leader John Key denies reports that a group of Israeli spies was caught up in February’s devastating earthquake in Christchurch.

(en) Turkish Kaos GL* letter to organization of IGLYO on boycotting the next IGLYO conference in Israel
A-infos 20 Jul 2011 – Dear Board of IGLYO, —— As Kaos GL, a member organization of IGLYO, we are writing this letter in response to the statement issued by the IGLYO Board upon the understandable reaction given by the 3 different Palestinian LGBT organizations and their call for a change…


It sure looks and smells like apartheid
Rami G. Khouri, Daily Star7/20/2011
The Israeli parliament’s vote last week making it a crime to support any boycott of Israel, including products from Israeli settlements in occupied Arab lands, has rightly generated considerable debate about what this means for Israel, Zionism and Israelis.
The complex and larger-than-life tale of the modern state of Israel has always been seen by its two very different faces around the world. For Jews and many others, Israel has been about a vibrant nationalism miraculously reborn from the horrors of the European Holocaust and centuries of discrimination and subjugation of Jews by white Christian Europeans and Russians. For most Palestinians and Arabs, Israel has been about a predatory and malicious combination of colonialism and racism, the creation of an exclusionary ethnic state on land that was taken from others, with Jews having a higher quality of personal and national rights that the indigenous Arabs.
These two competing narratives have played out for the past century. The miracle of vibrant Jewish nationalism and impressive statehood, on the one hand, and the criminality of Zionist colonialism and racism, on the other, are impossible to reconcile. Yet reconcile them we must — or at least Zionists and their supporters must — if we are ever to approach any possibility of a negotiated peace that allows Israelis, Palestinians and other Arabs to live a normal and peaceful life in the Middle East. The anti-boycott law that has been approved in Israel will provide new ammunition for those who see Israel and Zionism as intemperate racists, or even, as some Israeli critics have said, fascists.
The basic issue is not whether it is good or bad, right or wrong, to criticize Israeli policies and to support a boycott of Israel. It is not about whether the Arabs should formally recognize Israel as “a Jewish state,” or whether Israel is a vibrant democracy that can teach some lessons to the surrounding Arabs. The issue is simply whether Israel and Zionism are above the law of humankind…. more.. e-mail

The Method in Netanyahu’s Madness
Jonathan Cook, Nazareth, CounterPunch7/19/2011
It was an Arab legislator who made the most telling comment to the Israeli parliament last week as it passed the boycott law, which outlaws calls to boycott Israel or its settlements in the occupied territories. Ahmed Tibi asked: “What is a peace activist or Palestinian allowed to do to oppose the occupation? Is there anything you agree to?”
The boycott law is the latest in a series of ever-more draconian laws being introduced by the far-right. The legislation’s goal is to intimidate those Israeli citizens, Jews and Palestinians, who have yet to bow down before the majority-rule mob.
Look out in the coming days and weeks for a bill to block the work of Israeli human rights organisations trying to protect Palestinians in the occupied territories from abuses by the Israeli army and settlers; and a draft law investing a parliamentary committee, headed by the far-right, with the power to veto appointments to the supreme court. The court is the only, and already enfeebled, bulwark against the right’s absolute ascendancy.
The boycott law, backed by Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, marks a watershed in this legislative assault in two respects.
First, it knocks out the keystone of any democratic system: the right to free speech. The new law makes it illegal for Israelis and Palestinians to advocate a non-violent political programme — boycott — to counter the ever-growing power of the half a million Jewish settlers living on stolen Palestinian land.
As the Israeli commentator Gideon Levy observed, the floodgates are now open: “Tomorrow it will be forbidden to call for an end to the occupation [or for] brotherhood between Jews and Arabs. more.. e-mail

Destination? Gaza!
Steve Fake, CounterPunch7/20/2011
The Freedom Flotilla 2: Stay Human Meets the Shayetet 13
The French-flagged ship, Dignité — al Karama, was halted by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) en route to the shores of Gaza this morning. The small vessel was boarded and reportedly towed to the Israeli port of Ashdod. There were 16 people on the boat, with French, Greek, Tunisian, Canadian, and Swedish passengers among them. As coalition organizers stated, “It is now the representative of the entire Freedom Flotilla II.”
The ten passengers, three crew, and three journalists, including the respected Israeli journalist, Amira Hass, Greek coalition representative Vangelis Pissias, al-Jazeera television, and a French member of parliament, were in frequent contact with land teams until being cut off by Israeli forces.
The boat was stopped while still in international waters and before entering Gazan waters (let alone Israeli waters, which the flotilla has never planned to enter).
It became the sole representative of the flotilla to escape the clutches of the Greek coast guard when it was able to depart from the island of Kastelorizo late Saturday and head towards Port Said, Egypt on Monday.
The ship did not dock in Egypt (for fear of being trapped by yet another government bowing to U.S.-Israeli pressure), but rather anchored in international waters off the Egyptian coast overnight — precluding the threat of another predawn raid like the IDF pulled last year — to set sail in the morning for Gaza. more.. e-mail

Despite opposition, Finland proceeds with Israel arms deal
Electronic Intifada: 20 Jul 2011 – Bruno J?§ntti The Electronic Intifada Despite an unprecendented public outcry, Finland’s Ministry of Defense is set to go ahead with a controversial collaboration with Israeli arms companies deeply involved in Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land.more

No place for Muslims to pray in Beer Sheva
Electronic Intifada: 20 Jul 2011 – Jillian Kestler-D’Amours The Electronic Intifada Beer Sheva The Big Mosque in Beer Sheva is once again at the heart of a battle between the area’s Muslim residents and the municipality.more

‘Israel-firsters’: Murdoch and Other Villains
Palestine Chronicle: 20 Jul 2011 – By Stuart Littlewood Having disposed of the Murdoch menace – for the moment anyway – it’s time for the British public to turn the spotlight on the other villains our craven politicians pay homage to. Public enemy Number One is the pro-Israel lobby. An organization called the Conservative Friends of Israel states it has “twin aims of supporting Israel and promoting Conservatism. With close to 2000 activists as members — alongside 80% of Conservative MPs — CFI is active at every level of the Party”. And the rot goes all the way to the top, with Conservative prime minister David Cameron endorsing it enthusiastically: “I am proud not just to be a Conservative, but a Conservative Friend of Israel; and I am proud of the key role CFI plays within our Party.” Back in 2006 The Jewish Chronicle ran a report on the backers bankrolling Cameron’s bid for the party…more

‘Audacity of Hate’: Palestinian Writer Loses Plot
Palestine Chronicle: 20 Jul 2011 – By Richard Lightbown Checking the coverage of the assault on the ‘Dignité al Karama’ in the Jerusalem Post yesterday I was attracted to another article entitled ‘Another Flotilla Stand-off. The Audacity of Hate’. The link led me to a piece that was thin on factual content but rich on malicious abuse of the flotilla organizers. There was nothing unsurprising that such a rant should appear in this particular newspaper, except that the author this time was the Palestinian award-winning columnist and activist Ray Hanania. May God protect me from my friends? Hanania must have had better days when he wrote his award-winning pieces because in this article he has clearly lost the plot. He writes repeatedly of Palestinian activists when all the Free Gaza voyages have been international initiatives organized by people of many nations. He claims the intervention of the Greek government is proof that there is no increasing…more

To Gaza with Dignity
Dissident Voice: 20 Jul 2011 – The tiny Dignité/Karama, sailing under a French flag, left Corsica on 25 June, and has been chugging along for the past weeks mostly in Greek waters. Its last stop was the Greek island Kastellorizo on Saturday, after which it headed south. The 16 passengers on board view themselves as representatives of the entire Freedom Flotilla II: Stay Human. The rest of the Flotilla’s ships have all been detained in Greek ports, some sabotaged, others on technicalities, and when that failed — the withdrawal of their flags. According to Greta Berlin of the Free Gaza Movement (FGM), the Dignité was only allowed to leave Kastellorizo when it told Greek coastguard officials it was heading for Alexandria, Egypt, not Gaza. By Sunday night, it was nearing the Egyptian city of Port Said but came to a stop and then changed course, heading for Gaza after all. The captain, Zacharia Stylianakis, decided that…more

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