Wikileaks Newslinks 21-22 July 2011

22 July 2011 —

Hacking groups say they are back after FBI arrests
WikiLeaks supporters wear masks of the ”Anonymous” internet activist group and a mask of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (R) during a demonstration calling for the release of Assange, in Malaga, southern Spain December 11, 2010. …

Library of Congress: We didn’t call WikiLeaks ‘extremist’
by Declan McCullagh The Library of Congress says it was not responsible for
categorizing a WikiLeaks-related book as “extremist” and that it has
decided to removed that label. A spokesman for the library told CNET today
that it adopted that …

U.S. Anxiety Over Rising China Aired in Cambodia WikiLeaks
By Douglas Gillison / Phnom Penh Thursday, July 21, 2011 Like a roving
picaresque novel, the WikiLeaks diplomatic cables have been released since
November in chapters, focusing on specific countries and distinct themes.,8599,2084422,00.html

Prince Andrew, sacked as UK business envoy, victim of WikiLeaks?
Yahoo! News Blogs (blog)
MK1 MOD ZERO 11 hours ago Um… why are they not investigating Wikileaks?
mariz 5 hours ago it is said that when you tell the truth, get your horse
ready. This point in time, people refuse to find and to tell the truth,
people are becoming less …

LulzSec to take WikiLeaks approach to sharing Sun emails
Hacker group LulzSec is understood to have abandoned plans to dump 4GB of
emails from The Sun as well as members of the Royal Family and intends to
follow the same approach as WikiLeaks in partnering with specific media
outlets to make the data public. …

Top official slams ex US ambassador as WikiLeaks scandal explodes
Dominican Today
“I don’t believe there’s not a shred of truth in what it (WikiLeaks)
affirms.” He said the information contained in the leaked cable relates
to the human quality of the ambassador which provides them, merits the
official affirms Hertell lacks. …

How Should the US Deal With Cyber Attacks?
From WikiLeaks to the Chinese attacks on US government information
infrastructures, cyber attacks are becoming more prevalent and threatening
every day. The most lucrative target of these attacks remains America, but
the rest of the international …

Abuse of power, corruption all grist to filmmaker’s mill
Sydney Morning Herald
But there’s another purpose for Gibney’s visit: he’s hard at work on his
next project, a documentary about WikiLeaks, and since arriving he’s been
on the trail of Julian Assange. ”It takes you to some interesting
places,” he says of the WikiLeaks …

FBI confirms computer-hacking raid at Merrick home
A FBI press release stated that the group, which is sympathetic to
WikiLeaks, an international organization that publishes classified
government documents, attacked PayPal as retribution after the site
suspended WikiLeaks’ accounts so that so it could …,34381?content_source=&category_id=5&search_filter=&event_mode=&event_ts_from=&list_type=&order_by=&order_sort=&content_class=&sub_type=&town_id=

Suspected ‘Anonymous’ member appears in court
“If you’re a younger and you’re just out of college, and you really are a
true believer in the Wikileaks way of life, then why not sign up? It’s
probably a more interesting than your day job,” said CNET cyber-security
reporter Declan McCullagh. …

Alleged Cyber-Criminal in Elberta
by Debbie Williams A federal investigation into cyber-crimes involving the
WikiLeaks scandal has leaked into Alabama. FBI agents arrested 14 people
across the country, one of them in Elberta in Baldwin County. ELBERTA,
Alabama – The town of Elberta is …

Vong Sokheng and James O’Toole
Phnom Penh Post
The cable, made public this month and originally obtained by the
anti-secrecy organisation WikiLeaks, dates from December of 2009 and
recounts an incident near the border from that month during which one
Cambodian logger was killed by Thai troops. …

‘Anonymous’ fires back at hacker hunters
The US indictment against the 14 hackers alleges the denial of service
(DDoS) attacks on PayPal were “retribution” because the site terminated a
donation account for the whistle-blowing group WikiLeaks. Anonymous hackers
called the PayPal attacks …

‘Umno clueless about its folly’
Free Malaysia Today
According to a Wikileaks transcript released by Malaysia Today, US
Ambassador to Malaysia James Keith told Washington that Umno leaders could
not see past their actions. “Umno leaders may fail to grasp the
consequences of upping the ante; …

Julian Assange to open Berlin media confab
By Ed Meza BERLIN , Wikileaks founder Julian Assange will hold the keynote
speech at this year’s International Media Congress in Berlin, which runs
Sept. 5-6. Assange, who remains under house arrest in the UK pending a
court decision on whether to …

Latest Arrests Show Hacktivism Is A Cat And Mouse Game
Forbes (blog)
Often the reasons are haphazard: in January they attacked PayPal, Visa and
Mastercard to defend Wikileaks, in February supporters raided digital
security firm HBGary in revenge for trying to identify them, then in May
and June the splinter group …

Bare Bones Software’s BBEdit 10 re-writes the text editor
ZDNet (blog)
I use BBEdit every time there’s some new data release by Wikileaks,
LulzSec, et al. because it’s simply the fastest way to comb through massive
text files. Judging by his book, I’m pretty sure that former Wikileaks
spokesperson Daniel Domscheit-Berg …

Life Inside The New York Times
The Sag Harbor Express
Rossi’s mission began at the end of 2009, about when The Times experienced
its first significant (and well-publicized) round of lay-offs, and it winds
through a smattering of topics from Wikileaks to the demise of leadership
at the troubled Tribune …

Dopplegängers: The Eerily Similar Pro-Rupert Murdoch Newspaper Editorials
New Republic
WSJ: “Especially redolent are lectures about journalistic standards from
publications that give Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.” Washington Times:
“The New York Times is bleeding money. … [It] published secret American
intelligence documents hacked by …

Petraeus Talks Pakistan
The National Interest Online (blog)
General David Petraeus, transitioning from his job as commander of forces
in Afghanistan to the role of CIA director, said yesterday that the
US-Pakistan “relationship is in a difficult stage” thanks to the bin
Laden raid, WikiLeaks and the arrest of …

Phillips preaches unity at bus tour stop in St Mary
Jamaica Observer
Dr Phillips was accused in a WikiLeaks document of bad-mouthing Simpson
Miller, a claim that he has flatly denied and dismissed. Instead, he
shifted focus to the Government which he said ought to demit office, as the
Jamaican people had lost confidence …

Newspapers’ tag-teaming helps bring story to light
The Seattle Times
The two papers’ close working relationship grew later last year, when they
collaborated on the story of thousands of leaked military reports and
diplomatic memos released by the WikiLeaks group. Keller and Rusbridger
stressed that the two news …

China-Based Spies Said to Be Behind Hacking of IMF Computers
According to diplomatic cables posted by the website WikiLeaks, US defense
and intelligence officials have documented the operations of sophisticated
cyber spies operating from China over several years. “As an intelligence
professional, I stand back in …

South Africa: Fighting the Minerals-Petroleum-Coal Complex’s Wealth
WikiLeaks revealed Washington’s bad habits – bullying, bribery and
blackmail – when promoting the non-binding 2009 Copenhagen Accord, a sham
of a climate agreement. Pathetically, SA president Jacob Zuma played into
the hands of the major polluters as …

Duke of York drops trade role after years of criticism
His abilities as an envoy were also questioned after the WikiLeaks website
published a US diplomatic cable written by an ambassador who described the
Duke as “cocky” and “rude”. Whitehall sources said the Duke would
still make some trips abroad to …

Where Buenos Aires Hides its Cash
Wall Street Journal
From last year’s Wikileaks scandal, we know that in the mid-1990s, Nigerian
dictator Sani Abacha used that same legal loophole to store billions of
dollars that he had stolen from his own people at the BIS, thus protecting
it from litigation. …

yochai benkler on wikileaks and the ‘networked fourth estate …
By teppo
Here’s a piece by Yochai Benkler that discusses wikileaks as a Rooseveltian
muckraker and the emergence of the ‘networked fourth estate’ — (pdf) A
Free Irresponsible Press: Wikileaks and the Battle Over the Souls of the
Networked Fourth …

WikiLeaks: Haiti frustrated Washington | HAITIAN-TRUTH.ORG Proud …
By `
MIAMI, July 21 (UPI) — Washington tried and failed to control Haiti after
an armed revolt forced President Jean-Bertrand Aristide into exile, cables

Haiti WikiLeaks Spark Political Furor and Elite Drama « haiti-cuba …
By magbana
Haiti Wikileaks Spark Political Furor and Elite Drama. by Dan Coughlin. The
release of secret U.S. Embassy cables has provoked a maelstrom in Haitian
politics, threatening the approval of a prime minister-designate, damaging
the career …

Dying in Haiti: WikiLeaks and Father Gerry Jean-Juste
By John A. Carroll, M.D.
WikiLeaks and Father Gerry Jean-Juste. Father Gerry Jean-Juste, a Haitian
priest, was a friend of Maria’s and mine. We went to Mass at his church St.
Clare’s in Ti Kazo. He never heard him make a promise that he did not keep.

Internet Security in the Age of Wikileaks – Forward Thinking by …
By Michael J. Miller
A panel at Fortune Brainstorm Tech this morning focused on.

Wikileaks’ Cambodia Angle: New Files Show U.S. Anxiety over a …
By admin
Wikileaks’ Cambodia Angle: New Files Show U.S. Anxiety over a Rising China
– Time, July 21, 2011 …In April that year, the embassy was irked when
Prime Minister Hun Sen praised a $600 million Chinese aid package announced
during a visit …

Wikileaks’ Cambodia Angle: New Files Show U.S. Anxiety over a …
Hun Sen has repeated this view in the years since.) Four months later, the
embassy briefed the State Department’s human trafficking office after
sending a | End Human Trafficking and Slavery.

Bill Bennett Takes a Stab at Comparing Phone Hacking Scandal …
By Kevin Gosztola
Former Secretary of Education and CNN contributor William Bennett joins the
ranks of those seeking to deflect attention away from the News Corp phone.

RealityZone; A New Era ?: WikiLeaks cables show US calling shots …
By RealityZone
WikiLeaks cables show US calling shots in Haiti | … Bernie Sanders:
Congrats to the Gang of Six, the P… Obama’s Expanded Militarism | FPIF ·
Barack Obama is gutting the core principles of the… Democrats,
Republicans vow trillions …

KI Media: U.S. Anxiety Over Rising China Aired in Cambodia WikiLeaks
By Heng Soy
For the world’s small cadre of Cambodia scholars and journalists, the
WikiLeaks disclosures offered rare dish. As they had in other countries,
American diplomats had privately recorded downright catty descriptions of
public figures, …

Khmerization: U.S. Anxiety Over …
By Khmerization
Like a roving picaresque novel, the WikiLeaks diplomatic cables have been
released since November in chapters, focusing on specific countries and
distinct themes. When the anti-secrecy organization turned its focus to
Cambodia last week …

Bradley Manning Support Network » Update 7/21/11: An analysis of …
By emma
An analysis of the Murdoch scandal vs. WikiLeaks. Courage to Resist to
represent BMSN at L.A. Rising. Creative actions to support WikiLeaks and

21 July 2011

WikiLeaks removed from ‘extremist websites’ list
By Athima Chansanchai Responding to concerned inquiries about WikiLeaks
being classified as among “extremist web sites” by the National Library of
Australia, the Library of Congress has removed the whistleblower site from
the same designation. …

Alabama ‘hactivist’ in Wikileaks case from Elberta and goes by ‘Anthrophobic … (blog)
Elberta resident Christopher Wayne Cooper is one of 14 people accused of
tying to avenge PayPal’s decision to suspend the accounts of Asange’s
group, WikiLeaks. MOBILE, Alabama — One of the people rounded up across
the country as part of a national …

Wikileaks about Saakashvili’s troubles concerning Belarus
By at 20 July, 2011, 6:56 pm The next letter which was sent from
the US Embassy in Tbilisi to Washington, was published on July 11. The
letter tells about the conversation between Georgian President Mikhail
Saakashvili and the deputy assistant …

14 arrests for alleged cyberattack on PayPal
Washington Post
Fourteen people were arrested Tuesday for allegedly mounting a cyberattack
on the website of PayPal in retaliation for its suspending the accounts of
WikiLeaks. (July 19) (/The Associated Press) Correction: Clarification:
SuperFan badge holders …

US backs TAPI but avoids mention of IPI
The Hindu
The US has lauded and backed the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India
(TAPI) pipeline but made no mention of the Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI)
‘peace’ pipeline, which, according to WikiLeaks cables, has been stalled
under American pressure though it …

Hacker group Anonymous targets Tennessee over offensive-pictures law
One such attack targeted PayPal in retaliation for the company’s
termination of WikiLeaks’ donation account. — a website that
reports news about Anonymous, its targets and the loose-knit group’s
current operations — released a press …

Second-toe politics
Jamaica Observer
Two weeks ago, information minister Daryl Vaz complained that the Gleaner
targets Prime Minister Bruce Golding and Opposition Leader Portia Simpson
Miller but does not highlight the WikiLeaks exposure of Dr Peter Phillips.
Indeed, the Jamaica Labour …

Media behaving badly
The Detroit News
By Bret Stephens How does this year’s phone hacking scandal at the
now-defunct British tabloid News of the World compare with last year’s
contretemps over the release of classified information by Julian Assange’s
WikiLeaks and his partners at the New …

ImperiumWatch: Corporate’s Foreign Service
Valley Advocate
By Stephanie Kraft A US diplomatic cable from December 14, 2007, released
by Wikileaks, opens a window on the way our State Department personnel
abroad quarterback for corporate interests, in this case biotech companies.
The classified cable was sent …

Tech and the law: Anonymous, Net activist nabbed; plus Google Books and Street …
Good Morning Silicon Valley (blog)
The attacks, for which hacker group Anonymous claimed responsibility, were
in response to the San Jose company’s decision to dump the account of
whistleblower website WikiLeaks and founder Julian Assange. (WikiLeaks has,
among other things, …

A tumultuous week for the media
Jamaica Observer
At the local level, further Wikileaks disclosures by the Jamaica Observer
alleging unflattering utterances by Dr Peter Phillips of the Opposition
party, placed The Gleaner in an unenviable light and forced it into an
unusually defensive position about …

How Two LulzSec Hackers Slipped Up
The Atlantic Wire
Of them, 14 were indicted for participating in distributed denial of
service attacks as part of Anonymous’s Operation Payback, which took down
the Mastercard and Paypal sites because they stopped processing donations
to Wikileaks. …

The US And Chemical Weapons Convention: Height Of Duplicity – OpEd
Eurasia Review
This has been proved by Wikileaks also that US has violated Chemical Weapon
Convention (CWC) in Iraq invasion in 2003.1 The United States has been
caught with at least 2386 chemical weapons deployed in Iraq. The items
which were used appear in a …

MURDOCH WATCH: Blogging RupertGate for Thursday
The Nation. (blog)
A new blog with frequent updates, with the latest at the top, much like my
long-running WikiLeaks News & Views blog. My Nation associate Kevin Donohoe
is helping out mightily with links, as is Barbara Bedway. Speaking of
scandal, see my new book Atomic …

Numbers Don’t Look Good for Bank of America
This year, Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) has endured the threat of Wikileaks,
been ranked as one of the “most hated” companies in a customer
satisfaction survey and is the worst performing stock on the Dow Jones
Industrial Average. …

Media hypocrisy on Murdoch
Take two examples — and we could fill pages and pages with others — the
WikiLeaks scandal, where another Australian-born journalist, Julian
Assange, has released troves of classified material that have the potential
to “put the lives of Americans and …

Cable Dump Reveals Vetting of Cambodians for San Diego Military Ops
San Diego Reader (blog)
By Matt Potter | Posted July 20, 2011, 11:45 am Wikileaks, continuing to
release its trove of purloined US diplomatic cable traffic, has posted an
unclassified message dated February 23 of last year to the US State
Department from the American embassy …

News Corp must now face greater scrutiny in the US
The Guardian (blog)
Assange, the founder of the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks, was humbly
dismissing my introduction of him, to a crowd of 1800 at East London’s
Troxy theatre, in which I suggested he had published perhaps more than
anyone in the world. …

High-tech security issues meet riveting suspense in Frederick author’s ‘The …
Gazette.Net: Maryland Community News Online
“The Unsanctioned” explores the clash between national security and freedom
of speech on the Internet, similar to the current WikiLeaks scandal, Lamke
says. In describing high technology systems and gadgets, Lamke also draws
upon his former education …

Editorial cartoons gallery: Rupert Murdoch and News Corp. (and Wikileaks)
The Jersey Journal –
By AP LOS ANGELES — Rupert Murdoch said he was the best person to clean
up News Corp. Investors agreed. The company’s stock had its best day since
the phone-hacking scandal broke, rising more than 5 percent Tuesday while
Murdoch and his son and deputy …

Prince Andrew: Ambassador party over for Duke of York
Daily Mail
His decision follows the storm that broke earlier this year over his
friendship with American billionaire and convicted sex offender Jeffrey
Epstein, as well as WikiLeaks revelations that questioned his abilities as
a global ambassador. …

Internet ‘hacktivist’ group Anonymous seeing a presence in Prince Rupert
“ That all changed when Anonymous put motion “Operation Payback,”
which targeted Master Card and Visa with denial of service attacks late
last year after the credit card companies decided to stop processing
donations to Wikileaks during the controversy …

VOICES: Statehouse Inc.
Facing South
Thanks to a WikiLeaks-like initiative by the Center for Media and Democracy
(CMD), we now know a lot more about the way that ALEC operates. CMD
obtained and has just made public for the first time the full texts of more
than 800 model bills and …

Harvard internet hero arrested on hacking charges
Sydney Morning Herald
Fourteen people have been arrested in the US for allegedly mounting a cyber
attack on PayPal, in retaliation for its suspension of the WikiLeaks
accounts. The attacks on PayPal’s website, by the group called Anonymous,
followed the release by WikiLeaks …

Dutch give details on 4 ‘Anonymous’ hacker arrests
Sydney Morning Herald
The cyberattacks on PayPal’s website followed the release by WikiLeaks in
November of thousands of classified State Department cables. Anonymous
members said they targeted PayPal, Visa and MasterCard after the companies
stopped processing donations to …

Page One: Inside the New York Times review
Weekly Alibi
Shortly after his arrival, the WikiLeaks scandal breaks worldwide. It’s
notable not merely for its wealth of controversial scandals, secrets, lies
and government cover-ups, but for the fact that WikiLeaks whistle-blower
Julian Assange set out to bypass …

India police widen probe into cash-for-votes scandal
A US diplomatic cable made public by WikiLeaks quoted a political aide as
saying Congress leaders had paid lawmakers from a small party $2.2 million
each to back Singh. Singh has denied that any member of his party or
government was involved in the …

BOOK REVIEW: Unworkable in Afghanistan
Washington Times
The text stands compellingly on its own, but for maximum insight it must be
read alongside the WikiLeaks cables covering the same period. Just like the
cables, it offers tantalizing private glimpses into the power relationships
between the men (and …

Privacy commissioner backs call for better protection
ABC Online
ELEANOR HALL: Even if you had a statutory right on the law books though, is
privacy a right that is really possible to properly protect in the age of
mass hacking, Twitter, WikiLeaks, YouTube? TIMOTHY PILGRIM: I think it is
possible to regulate it in …

Tech Today: Apple’s Explosive Third Quarter
Wall Street Journal (blog)
… 16 in Crackdown of Anonymous Hacker Group: The Journal reports that 14
of those arrested had participated in “Operation Avenge Assange,” a
series of attacks aimed at PayPal, after the online payment site suspended
the account owned by WikiLeaks. …

Petraeus Says US, Pakistan Need to Work it Out
The Epoch Times
“This relationship is in a difficult stage,” Petreaus said in Paris,
reported AFP, citing the killing of former al-Qaeda head Osama bin Laden,
the arrest of CIA agent Raymond Davis, and CIA cables leaked via WikiLeaks.
He added that the Pakistani …

Hacktivist Group Anonymous Launches Social Networking Site
Social Barrel
The hacker group, which became infamous after siding with whistle-blowing
site WikiLeaks by launching a series of cyber-attacks, posted Google’s
suspension notice on its Tumblr blog. Perpetrators of various online
security breaches, Anonymous allegedly …

Nation’s fight against cyber intruders goes local
Atlanta Journal Constitution
They say the group dubbed the assault “Operation Avenge Assange,” a
reference to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Other recent high-profile
victims of cyberattacks include the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
Sony, Citigroup, the International …

Hamid Karzai’s grip has slipped
The Guardian
In other cables, revealed by WikiLeaks, Eikenberry described the Afghan
president as “paranoid” and “weak”, with “an inability to grasp the most
rudimentary principles of state-building”. Several leading diplomats share
the former US ambassador’s …

Sunday, July 24
Advocate Weekly
Weston Playhouse, David Sanger, chief Washington correspondent for The New
York Times, will give a talk titled “From Wikileaks to the Toppling of
Mideast Dictators: Obama in a Year of Turmoil,” 7:30 pm $35; reservations
required. 703 Main St., Weston, …

Taliban Vows Revenge Against US Carriers for Alleged Phone Hacks
PC Magazine
The Taliban, along with WikiLeaks, is on NATO’s list of enemies of the
state. Why the Afghan Taliban would target carriers, however, is beyond
PCMag, and is especially surprising given the apparent tech savviness of
the militant Afghan group. …,2817,2388788,00.asp

African democratic renaissance spreads to Malawi
The Daily Maverick
This was a punitive measure after Malawi expelled British ambassador Fergus
Cochrane-Dyet for labelling Mutharika as “autocratic and intolerant of
criticism” in a diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks. But Mutharika
can’t expel the thousands of …

GWAR Frontman ‘Canned’ From FOX NEWS’ ‘Red Eye’ Show – July 20, 2011
Because between Wikileaks and the attention this idiot gets, that is
exactly what you are… Besides, we don’t even kill her, just rip her in
half, and honestly she seems to love it! Anything for attention, I

Prison » Wall Street Journal: WikiLeaks worse than News …
By admin
The News Corporation-owned Wall Street Journal blasted “self-appointed
media paragons” who were quick to attack the British tabloid News of the
World but not the release of classified information by Julian Assange’s
WikiLeaks. …

News of the World vs. WikiLeaks – Patriot Update
By Jennie Jones
Was it in the higher public interest to know, as we learned from WikiLeaks,
that Zimbabwe’s prime minister and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai was
privately urging U.S. diplomats to hold firm on sanctions even as he was
saying the …

The 4th Media » Wikileaks Is A Rothschild Operation: Rothschilds …
By Kiyul Chung
The recent imprisonment of Wikileaks’ Julian Assange strains credulity. His
arrest by Interpol, his incarceration under draconian conditions for
breaking a condom are in themselves highly unlikely events, but the timing
of his …

Another #NewsCorp-owned paper: #Wikileaks just as bad as #NotW …
By Anonymous News Network
Another #NewsCorp-owned paper: #Wikileaks just as bad as #NotW Was there a memo or something? #PhoneHacking syndicated
by Anonymous News Canada is licensed under a Creative Commons
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike …

Wikilinks Again « Larval Subjects .
By larvalsubjects
[ADDENDUM: Levi has an interesting post HERE supporting ?i?ek’s take on
Wikileaks. I think his account of ?i?ek’s view is accurate, I simply
disagree with that view. Yes, “we knew the system was corrupt” in
approximate terms, …

Authorities Nab 20 Suspects in Anonymous-LulzSec Hacker Raids
By JubileeX
These attacks bombarded PayPal servers in support of Wikileaks and
initiated hackings against the website of InfraGard, an affiliated FBI
information security organization. Out of the total of 20 suspects
apprehended, 16 of them where …

Infidel Bloggers Alliance: Naked Hypocrisy
By midnight rider
WikiLeaks: Murdoch’s the Only Variable by Jimmie Bise 07/21/2011. What is
the real difference between the WikiLeaks and News of the World stories
aside from the presence of The Evil Rupert Murdoch ? Here’s what we know
thus far: …

Police arrest 14 members of Anonymous: No banksters arrested today …
By Joe McEvoy
By DANIEL BATES,dailymail – Fourteen people were arrested for allegedly
mounting a cyber attack on the PayPal website after it suspended the
accounts of WikiLeaks. The cyber attacks on online payment service PayPal’s
website by the …

Capital News » FBI arrests 16 in ‘Anonymous’ hacker crackdown
The US indictment against the 14 hackers alleges the denial of service
(DDoS) attacks on PayPal were “retribution” because the site terminated
a donation account for the whistle-blowing group WikiLeaks. Anonymous
hackers called the …

Anonymous: 16 hackers suspects arrested in the United States, five …
By Sandeep
This was according to the authorities of “retaliation” after PayPal had
closed the account to make donations to the Wikileaks site, which
specializes in the dissemination of information classified as secret or
confidential. …

14 arrests for alleged cyberattack on PayPal – Norwalk, Stamford …
WASHINGTON — Fourteen people were arrested Tuesday for allegedly mounting
a cyberattack on the website of PayPal in retaliation for its suspending
the accounts of WikiLeaks. Separately, FBI agents executed more than 35
search warrants …

WikiLeaks, Wimbledon and War | Common Dreams
Julian Assange, the founder of the whistle-blower website,
was making his way by train from house arrest in Norfolk, three hours away,

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