Wikileaks Newslinks 24 July 2011

24 July 2011 —

Norway Unprepared for Terror Acts: WikiLeaks
International Business Times
According to diplomatic cables uncovered by WikiLeaks; as recently as 2009, one US official derided Norway’s security apparatus as being “in over its head” and that “it simply cannot keep up.” Other diplomatic documents noted that Oslo officials …

Wikileaks-released document shows Ex-Juárez bishop worked to sway Mexican election
El Paso Times
He responded Friday to the information in the cable released by WikiLeaks with a statement on his campaign website at, and blasted the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and National Action Party (PAN). …

Indian Murdochs beware!
Deccan Herald
Julian Assange, editor-in-chief, Wikileaks, is one of the leading proponents of the need for more transparency in public life and his organisation has published classified documents in order to expose unethical government behaviour. …

NPP Has No Point Here
… and as widely revealed by the infamous Wikileaks episode, President John Evans Atta-Mills was widely reported to have intimated to the United States’ Ambassador to Ghana that the entire security apparatus at the Kotoka International Airport(KIA), …

Good vibes spark PNP nostalgia
Jamaica Observer
Throughout the meeting, the PNP paid careful attention to underlining the
theme of “unity” in the party leadership in the aftermath of the WikiLeaks
publication of alleged unflattering remarks by Phillips about Simpson
Miller and the party. …

IFPI Announces Agreement With PayPal to Cut Off Pirate Sites
If the writing wasn’t on the wall by that alone, there was also the report
last year that PayPal cutoff payments to Wikileaks. So, it could be easily
seen as far back as 2010 that PayPal would stop payments to customers as
others demand it. …

Why South Sudan is Egypt’s new headache over Nile water treaty
Daily Nation
In the cables published by online whistleblower WikiLeaks, a former foreign
ministry official had even asked the US government to help postpone the
January 2011 referendum by four to six years. The official said the
creation of “a non-viable state” …

Shoplifting nurse?
Jamaica Gleaner
Last month, as a part of the WikiLeaks series carried by The Gleaner, it
was reported that several diplomatic cables from the United States Embassy
in Kingston spoke positively about Jamaican students who were granted J-1
visas. …

NUTS: Apple and Google Tackle Legal Matters
UK authorities captured 16 individuals in a raid, one of whom may be a
LulzSec leader and others who allegedly targeted PayPal for blocking
WikiLeaks payments last December. Meanwhile in the US, the FBI arrested
over a dozen hackers. …

Charged under the arms act, Thari teen disappears into Indian prison system
The Express Tribune
According to a 2005 Red Cross report, which became public via WikiLeaks,
detainees at Jammu have undergone electric shocks, extreme stretching,
suspension from the ceiling, crushing, water torture and sexual assault.
Detainees suspected of being …

Economic policies lack vision
Pakistan Observer
Their agenda and level of commitment and loyalty to national cause has been
well exposed by the WikiLeaks. Education emergency must be imposed and real
focus should be on both hard and soft skills for long-term dividends. …

American War Museum and Al-Jazeera
American Thinker
There is no freedom of the press in Qatar and WikiLeaks cables note that
“US officials consider the channel to be a foreign policy instrument of
Qatar.” The Qatarai emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani uses the network
as “an integral tool of the …

Bribery and the art of scapegoat hunting
Express Buzz
WikiLeaks revealed a Congress hand; the then US ambassador David Mulford
said, “Diplomatic cables are generally accurate.” The reporter involved
in the videotaping of the alleged bribes later alleged that it was a BJP
operation to discredit the …

Who is behind the terrorist acts in Oslo?
The Voice of Russia
Meanwhile, straight after the terrorist act, world news agencies started
referring to the publications of the notorious WikiLeaks website. If this
information can be trusted, US diplomats and special services repeatedly
warned Norway about the need to …

Pitfalls in the President’s Alliance with the EPDP
Sri Lanka Guardian
While Devananda with several serious allegations of criminality seemed to
have gained respectability up to last year, Wikileaks revelations through
US embassy cables of his business deals in supplying Tamil girls to the
army, and also the army’s own …

The omnipotence of Al Qaeda and meaninglessness of “Terrorism”
Cables released by WikiLeaks subsequently revealed that the Obama
administration perpetrated that attack, as well as a second air strike that
same month (which targeted Awlaki). In May, 2010, the Obama administration
launched another attack in that …

Killer in Paradise? Really?!? While Norway has a history of supporting suicide …
The US cable at issue leaked by Wikileaks reveals that the then Sri Lanka
Monitoring Mission (SLMM) chief Tryggve Teleffensen admitted in a
conversation with US Ambassador in Colombo at that time that the SLMM had
helped an LTTE terrorist arms ship to …

US timed aid cut announcement for local elections – Bogollagama
The (subscription)
Quoting whistle-blowing website Wikileaks, Bogollagama said that US embassy
in Colombo had made a strong effort to bring the LTTE back to the
negotiating process, which the group quit in April 2003 during
Wickremesinghe’s tenure as the PM. …

Man killed in Iran shooting was student, not nuclear scientist
Los Angeles Times
… which does not possess nuclear weapons nor does it seek to develop such
weapons. WikiLeaks – A fabricated conspiracy of nonstop propaganda lies
to isolate Iran from other Muslim nations for US’s benefits on behalf of
unbreakable bond Israel.,0,5449870.story

How WikiLeaks Books Came to Be Liberated & No Longer Categorized …
By Kevin Gosztola
(photo: mvlslibrary) The Library of Congress (LOC) and the National Library
of Australia (NLA) have, in the past week, reviewed their categorization

Opinio Juris » Blog Archive » Interesting WikiLeaks Tidbits
By Kevin Jon Heller
Interesting WikiLeaks Tidbits. by Kevin Jon Heller. Three stories to
mention. First, Moreno-Ocampo plans to introduce WikiLeaks cables in the
trial of the six Kenyan defendants: This emerged as he prepares to hand
over the last batch of …

The Angry Arab News Service » Elias Murr in Wikileaks
By As’ad
Elias Murr in Wikileaks. “briefly as a potential target of the lifting of
bank secrecy laws. While Murr seems to have no connection with Hariri’s
murder — which took place when Murr was living in Zurich in the aftermath
of the …

Norway unprepared for terror attack: WikiLeaks
Norway unprepared for terror attack: Wik…A US memo written in 2009
describes the country’s …Another memo, of 2007, warns of the potential of
P…One memo described how US authorities had to “…US ambassador Barry
White said that …

Second Monthly WikiLeaks Central Competition | US State Department …
The second monthly WikiLeaks Central Competition 2011 will focus on
soliciting analysis of one or more of the US State Department cables
released by WikiLeaks. Submissions may use one or more of the cables
released on the WikiLeaks Web …

“Anonymous” Hacker Group Member Arrested in Alabama in PayPal …
By mgcalhoun
The person from Alabama allegedly is a member of Anonymous, a computer
hacking group that took responsibility for a 2010 breach of PayPal in
protest of the company’s decision to not deliver funds to WikiLeaks. …

MIL INT: FBI Arrests 14 for Alleged Involvement in ‘Anonymous …
In late November 2010, PayPal suspended the WikiLeaks’ account after the
whistle-blower site leaked confidential State Department cables. The action
froze WikiLeaks’ ability to receive donations, and the site declared PayPal
“tried to …

Norway unprepared for terror attack: WikiLeaks
By admin
London, July 23: Norway is ill-quipped to stop terror attacks, a British
daily said Saturday, quoting secret US cables leaked by WikiLeaks. One memo
warns that.

Assange Held Back Wikileaks About U.S., Israel? – YouTube
People on both sides of the argument have been quick to rush to judgement
on the motivations of Wikileaks’ Julian Assange. Moral crusader or
compromised …

Banker’s WikiLeaks CDs called blank –
GENEVA – Detained Swiss banker Rudolf Elmer claims he gave blank CDs to
WikiLeaks earlier this year, rather than private bank client information as
he had …

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