Wikileaks Newslinks 28 July 2011

28 July 2011 —

WikiLeaks angry that PayPal supports anti-Muslim organization
Washington Post (blog)
By Elizabeth Flock WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange speaks during a news conference in London in 2010. (Lennart Preiss – AP) Updated 8:09 pm The man behind the attacks on Norway last Friday has boasted of being a part of several anti-Muslim …

‘Hacktivists’ Launch PayPal Boycott
The Bay Citizen
By Hadley Robinson By Shoshana Walter By Elizabeth Lesly Stevens By Zusha Elinson By Gerry Shih By Shoshana Walter By Bay City News Service By Hadley Robinson on July 27, 2011 – 6:03 pm PDT In a memo calling WikiLeaks “a beacon of truth in these dark …

Twice Shredded Smartphones
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
Who would blame them when Wikileaks and identity theft stories dominate the
news headlines? From corporate espionage to bored hackers, it seems someone
is always after someone else’s data! How does one keep private, corporate
or government information …

The hidden angles of those big stories
The Australian
Picture: Aaron Francis Source: The Australian ALEX Gibney is one of many
documentary filmmakers assembling movies about WikiLeaks and its founder,
Julian Assange. “I have to smile about the WikiLeaks thing,” he says.
“There are more people doing …

Julian Assange: Phone-hacking advocate
Washington Post (blog)
By Erik Wemple Via Politico comes some archival phone-hacking commentary by
Wikileaks leader Julian Assange. We’ll give the plot away early: Assange
favors the practice. The comments below date to 2009, a time when the
Guardian newspaper was trying to …

Local feds target list of “Anonymous” hackers in Wikileaks case
Dallas Morning News (subscription) (blog)
It turns out that PayPal gave federal investigators a list of 1000 IP
addresses of associates of the “Anonymous” hacking group, which is thought
to be behind the distributed denial of service attacks on PayPal and
others. One of those addresses tracked …

Data journalism at the Guardian: what is it and how do we do it?
The Guardian (blog)
But once you’ve had MPs expenses and Wikileaks, the startling thing is that
no-one asks those questions anymore. Instead, they want to know, “how do we
do it?” Meanwhile every day brings newer and more innovative journalists
into the field, …

Scots teenager is arrested in international hacking probe
Herald Scotland
Anonymous targeted PayPal’s website in retaliation for it withdrawing
services from WikiLeaks after the group released thousands of classified US
State Department cables last November. Hackers bombarded PayPal with
traffic in an attempt to overwhelm …

Keeping Corporate Data Off Mobile Devices With VDI
By Kurt Marko InformationWeek As a vehicle for enterprise data loss,
smartphones and tablets are thumb drives on steroids, providing relatively
unlimited capacity — you do realize that the entire Wikileaks State
Department cable dump was copied via …

ANC widens definition of national security
Raising the spectre of WikiLeaks, ruling party MP Luwellyn Landers called
for secrecy to apply to protect South Africa not only from attack, but also
from information-peddling and the exposure of economic dossiers and state
security matters. …

Peace talks key to Irish priest’s release
Another cable released by WikiLeaks said MILF leader Murad Ebrahim had
tagged the United States as the “only country” that could help the
rebel group solve its decades-long conflict with the Philippine government.
In an Oct. 19, 2009, memo, …

Got news to leak? Get lost.
Wikileaks will accept your donation to Julian Assange’s legal defense fund,
but it won’t accept your info leak. The site is currently not taking new
submissions “due to re-engineering improvements“. OpenLeaks, a spinoff
project by former members of …

Book review: Barefoot Into Cyberspace
ZDNet UK (blog)
In between, while charting the disruptive emergence of Wikileaks, she
interviews many sources, including Wikileaker-in-chief Julian Assange and
Global Voices founder Ethan Zuckerman. Her four most important guides
through this landscape are: Stewart …

Norwegian peace evaluation delayed
Lanka Newspapers
Sources told The Island that in view of a spate of revelations made by
WikiLeaks with regard to the Norwegian-led peace process since February
2002 the interested parties would not be able to manipulate the Norwegian
evaluation. …

Biz Break: Anonymous vs. PayPal, Juniper Networks’ bad day and Mac rumors
San Jose Mercury News
Jose-based online payment service PayPal, which is owned by eBay, for
freezing donations to Wikileaks’ account last year and for assisting law
enforcement in tracking down hackers, and called for a consumer boycott of
the e-commerce giant. …

US had tried to prevent Pak getting nukes
Hindustan Times
These documents are said to be many times more confidential than those
leaked to Wikileaks. They can be accessed only by a select few strictly on
a need-to-know basis. They were obtained by the National Security Archive
of the George Washington …

PayPal Gives Anonymous Data to FBI, Anonymous Calls for Boycott
IBTimes Canada
The eBay subsidiary originally earned the ire of Anonymous at the end of
last year when PayPal (along with major credit card companies such as Visa
and MasterCard) stopped processing transactions for WikiLeaks, the
whistleblower document database. …

Bitcoin developer halted at US Customs for lack of real cash
For example, donating to WikiLeaks Bitcoin wallet address could be linked
back to your account because WikiLeaks has publicized its donation
information. Bitcoin is undeniably a revolution for e-commerce, and an
upheaval of this size and scope is bound …

Crime and punishment in the Internet Age
The warrants were issued specifically for the group’s alleged execution of
a distributed denial-of-service attack on PayPal following PayPal’s
decision to not facilitate donations to Wikileaks. This week we learned
that one of them, a Christopher Wayne …

Poll: Sharp drop in Iran’s popularity in Arab world
The US diplomatic cables exposed by WikiLeaks have shown last year that
Iran is a first-priority issue for the Arab leaders – but this new poll
shows it is an issue that troubles the Arab public as well. When asked
whether Iran plays a positive, …

Cool stuff from around the web
9 to 5 Mac
… want to know the latest in technology?). ArsTechnica made $15000
selling their Lion review on the Kindle in just the first 24 hours. Go
Siracusa! Anonymous/Lulzsec/Wikileaks/etc have Paypal in their sights. Uh
oh. At least Wikileaks uses Apple.

Putin Weighing Return To The Russian Presidency
Business Insider
In embassy cables leaked by WikiLeaks last year, US ambassador John Beylre
called Medvedev the “Robin to Putin’s Batman”, showing that it was Putin
who called the shots. Medvedev and Putin have stated that they will not run
against each other, …

eBay share price drops
ZDNet UK (blog)
The arrests were in connection to a distributed denial of service attack on
PayPal, which was launched after PayPal declined to process further
donations for the Wikileaks whistleblower site in 2010. PayPal on Wednesday
declined to give any numbers of …

Norway PM Launches Independent Review
Sky News
He has asked for special food, access to his manifesto and also permission
to view the website Wikileaks. During his time in solitary confinement,
Breivik is not allowed access to television or newspapers or anything from
the outside world. …

Zimbabwe: Greece to Help in Sanctions Fight
Greece is among some of the progressive EU nations that are said to be
against the illegal sanctions according to diplomatic cables released by
WikiLeaks. The others include Spain, Italy, Portugal and Germany.
Ambassador Salamanis said he also …

Intel Agency Director Cites Value of Shared Knowledge
Department of Defense
Although sharing opportunities may have pitfalls, such as the events
leading to the WikiLeaks publication of classified material, Burgess said,
the value of sharing information transcends the temporary damage it may
cause. “You can’t let an event like …

Russia Tied to Attack Near US Embassy in Georgia
FrontPage Magazine
Other Wikileaks files support Georgia’s account that the offensive was
retaliation for artillery attacks by separatists. The Russian government
then declared that South Ossetia would belong to “one, unified Russian
state.” A Russian lieutenant that was …

Jax Man 1 Of 14 Arrested In Cyber Attack
WJXT Jacksonville
His arrest is one of more than a dozen from Florida to Long Island. Federal
agents said they believe the group made attacks on MasterCard, Visa and
PayPal after the service providers refused to process donations for

PayPal exec: It won’t be easy to compete with us
PayPal had been previously criticized by Anonymous for cutting off the
ability of the whistle-blowing site WikiLeaks to receive funds through the
service. Shrauger declined to comment on the development. A spokeswoman
said the company hasn’t seen any …

Breivik: Bad man from Scandinavian crime fiction?
Times of India
Larsson himself was part of a very vocal campaign against neo-Nazis and led
a life that many believe bore a close resemblance to Julian Assange and his
Wikileaks. The more recent noir works by the Roslund-Helstrom duo centre
around the brutalizing of …

Khouth Sophak Chakrya and Daniel Sherrell
Phnom Penh Post
He was dubbed “Hun Sen’s Money Man” in a cable from the US embassy in
Phnom Penh published online by WikiLeaks earlier this month. The cable,
written in 2007, claimed that his concession in Stung Treng province
exceeded the legal size limit by 10 times …

Family mourn loss of ‘big-hearted girl’ in Norway
3News NZ
He wants special food, he wants access to his manifesto and access to
WikiLeaks. Police have also just revealed they nearly short Breivik but
didn’t, fearing he was strapped with explosives. As his country tries to
take steps towards recovery, …

A lost nation
The News International
Wikileaks has exposed that it is not just the government that seeks their
patronage, but many in opposition too scurry around to win their favour for
future consideration. It is, therefore, child’s play for the foreign
overlords to pull strings and …

War to Free Information Continues: Thousands of Academic JSTOR Documents …
Singularity Hub
Julian Assange’s Wikileaks, which released thousands of classified
government documents, is certainly the most famous of this young generation
of hacktivists’ ventures, but it’s only part of a movement that’s rapidly
gathering bandwidth. …

Former HBGary Federal CEO bows out of DEFCON talk
SC Magazine US
The leaked emails exposed that HBGary Federal and two other security firms
were in negotiations with a major law firm, believed to represent Bank of
America, to launch an offensive against the whistleblower site WikiLeaks
and its supporters.

Storify wins Knight-Batten Award for innovation
… innovative use of Google spreadsheets and Google Fusion Tables paved
the way for sharing data through social media and crowdsourcing, including
such high-profile stories as tracking Members’ of Parliament expenses and
WikiLeaks disclosures. …

One year ago, Wikileaks documents showed us why we must leave …
By Erich Vieth
But we’re still in Afghanistan, for no good reason at all. Greg Mitchell of
The Nation tells us what we should have learned and discussed about
Afghanistan one year ago, in light of the Wikileaks release of classified
U.S. documents …

WikiLeaks cables: Cambodian rich send drug-addicted kids to …
By Crikey
Rich Cambodian parents are secretly sending their drug-addicted children
for detox in Australia and China to avoid the social stigma of drug use,
WikiLeaks says.

WikiLeaks Cables Show Haiti as Pawn in U.S. Foreign Policy …
By ivetteromero
The Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA) reports on WikiLeaks’ impact on
U.S./Latin America relations. The article states that information released
by WikiLeaks points to a continuation of U.S. interference and the
application of …

#OpPayPal to End WikiLeaks Blockade | Saskboy’s Abandoned Stuff
By saskboy
WikiLeaks is an organization of journalists who publish whistleblower leaks
of documents from corrupt governments and corporations. PayPal is an eBay
company who quickly caved to US State Department threats, and cut off a
source of …

Wikileaks, Anonymous and Sony up for awards at the 2011 Black Hat …
By 100gf
And as part of the show, the tech industry’s equivalent of the Oscars –
dubbed the Pwnies – will be handed out to winners expected to include
Wikileaks, Anonymous and Sony. Both Anonymous and LulzSec are nominated for
‘Epic Ownage’ for …

KI Media: Wikileaks: Kith Meng or Mr. Rough Stuff, a young and …
By (KI Media) Kith Meng: “Mr.
Rough Stuff” —————————————— ¶2. (SBU) A dual
Cambodian-Australian citizen with a BA from. Australian National
University, Kith Meng was born on …

2011-07-27 OpPayPal: Hacktivists Launch New, Legal Attack on …
By Jaraparilla
A second wave of online protests has been launched againt PayPal, the
Internet payment company whose December 2010 blocking of WikiLeaks
donations provoked angry Denial Of Service (DDOS) attacks on their site.

Wikileaks – Rational Review News Digest — the freedom movement’s …
By Steve Trinward
“Following the announcement of a boycott by hacktivist groups ‘Anonymous’
and ‘LulzSec,’ shares in PayPal parent company eBay plunged by over $1

Anonymous’ PayPal Campaign Tempered by Arrests
“PayPal has permanently restricted the account used by WikiLeaks due to a
violation of the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy, which states that our
payment service cannot be used for any activities that encourage, promote,
facilitate or …

Simon Descarpentries (siltaar)’s status on Wednesday, 27-Jul-11 21 …
By siltaar
Simon Descarpentries (siltaar)’s status on Wednesday, 27-Jul-11 21:39:52
UTC. Simon Descarpentries siltaar. Cher @paypal vous avez arbitrairement
stoppé votre service envers !WikiLeaks sans décision de justice. …

EBay stock value plunges over $1 billion amid ‘Anonymous’ boycott …
By Stephen C. Webster
PayPal suspended all transactions headed toward WikiLeaks last year, in the
weeks following their groundbreaking publication of secret U.S. diplomatic
cables. MasterCard, Visa and Bank of America followed suit shortly
thereafter, …

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