Video: Is Tripoli Obama’s Bay of Pigs?

23 August 2011 — Youtube

Interview with New York journalist Don DeBar, on, 23 Aug 2011.

“Gaddafi opened up the armories to the people of Libya, more than a million rifles and other arms have been handed out to the people of Tripoli. The claim that has been made, wall-to-wall, from the so-called ‘progressive’ media of the United States to such a Fox is that Gaddafi is a hated dictator and that this is an indigenous rebellion. The dictator does not hand people guns and say: ‘Please, defend me!’

“This has more the appearance of a large-scale Bay of Pigs, where the invaders are being enticed to come in and engage the people on the ground, than it does some sort of a ‘people’s rebellion’ backed by the United States which, by itself, would be a remarkable event if it were true.”

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