Occupy Wall Street & the World Newslinks 19-20 October 2011

20 October 2011 — williambowles.info

20 October 2011
I could get used to winning
Recent articles from SocialistWorker.org Today at 21:44
Occupy Wall Street is proving that solidarity is a powerful thing–even Mayor Michael Bloomberg is being forced to face it.

Obama refuses to occupy William Black (or Why I hate Democrats).
The Wild Wild Left – Front PageToday at 11:38
William Black already has a teaching job, but what he really needs is an occupation at Justice where he can kick some fraudulent ass.  Here’s vid from Democracy Now with Amy Goodman that I doubt gets front-paged at any high-traffic liberal blogs:

Todos contra Wall Street: `Foro Social Latinamericano’, GLW’s Spanish-language supplement, October 2011 issue
Links – International journal of socialist renewal Today at 07:56
October 20, 2011 — Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal — For environmentalists, Indigenous rights activists, feminists, socialists and all progressive people, Latin America is a source of hope and inspiration today. The people of Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia and Ecuador, among others, are showing that radical social change is possible and a better, more just society can be imagined and built.

Class action: OWS first salvo in US class war?
Russiatoday.ruToday at 06:33
A class war once seemed impossible in a country where being wealthy is part of the national dream. But as thousands march on Wall Street and in other parts of America, digging in with anti-corporate protests, many ask…

Making a billionaire blink
Recent articles from SocialistWorker.org Today at 06:00
The single most significant factor in our defense of Occupy Wall Street last week is the show of united strength by labor.

Rage Against Wall Street Crooks
Mathaba News Briefing (Alerts) Today at 01:01
Rage Against Wall Street Crooks

Occupy protest critics exploit anti-Semitism
occupation magazine – articles Today at 00:59
MJ Rosenberg – Aljazeera – An ugly old tradition is back: Exploiting anti-Semitism to break the backs of popular movements that threaten the power of the wealthiest one per cent of our population. It is being used to undermine the Occupy Wall Street movement, which has conservatives in a state of near panic.

19 October 2011

Gerald Celente: ‘Revolutions on Wall Street’
Russiatoday.ru Yesterday at 23:13
With Americans displaying anger with the country in alarming numbers — and protests a part of the Occupy Wall Street movement only getting bigger — are corporations really to blame for the country’s current economic…

VIDEO: Journalistic Standards Collapse over Occupy Wall Street
GlobalResearch.ca Yesterday at 20:42
For more details, please click on the link to read the article.

Pepper-spray policeman gets reprimanded by NYPD
Russiatoday.ru Yesterday at 20:12
The New York Police Department has come down on the NYPD officer caught on camera for infamously pepper-spraying peaceful female protesters during the early days of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

O’Reilly as Paul Revere: ‘1 if by Land, 17 if by Sea’
Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting Yesterday at 22:42
The country is on the brink of bankruptcy, Fox host Bill O’Reilly warned warned last night–all because Barack Obama is spending too much money. Drastic cuts are required, but ‘the far-left loons want to spend more.’

Naomi Wolf arrested at Occupy Wall Street
Russiatoday.ruYesterday at 18:19
Author and activist Naomi Wolf has been added to the list now hundreds of names long of protesters arrested during the ongoing Occupy Wall Street demonstrations.

Occupy Wall Street Wednesday 10.19.11
The Wild Wild Left – Front Page Yesterday at 18:08

Funds pour in to keep Wall St occupied
Morning Star Yesterday at 17:06
Support for the Occupy Wall Street movement is growing far beyond expectations, organisers said today.

California to Obama: Cease and Desist
Dissident Voice Yesterday at 15:59
There is an unspoken law in modern electoral politics:  Take care of your adversaries; your friends can take care of themselves.

Former Financial Regulator William Black: Occupy Wall Street A Counter to White-Collar Fraud
Democracy Now!Yesterday at 13:13
Broadcasting on the road from Kansas City, Missouri, we’re joined by William Black, a white-collar criminologist, former financial regulator, and author of ‘The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One.’

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