Occupy Wall Street then the World Newslinks 16-17 November 2011

17 November 2011 — williambowles.info

17 November 2011
Mayors conspired to close Occupy Wall Street encampments

World Socialist Web Site Today at 18:14
As cities throughout the United States step up the police crackdown on the Occupy Wall Street movement, evidence has emerged of a conspiracy between city officials—possibly coordinated with federal intelligence agencies—to shut down the occupy encampments on the basis trumped-up charges of sanitation an

The shutdown of Occupy Wall Street
World Socialist Web Site Today at 18:14
The move by New York’s multi-billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg to forcefully shut down the occupation of Zuccotti Park in Manhattan early Tuesday is a gross violation of basic democratic rights.

Thousands protest education fee hikes in California
World Socialist Web Site Today at 18:14
Demonstrations against increases in tuition at state universities in California have merged with Occupy protests against inequality.

St Paul’s camp defies eviction deadline
Morning Star Today at 17:18
Occupy London demonstrators headed for a court showdown today after defying a 6pm deadline to leave their St Paul’s camp imposed by City of London bosses.

VIDEO: Occupy protests ‘still supported’
BBC News Today at 16:59
As police arrest dozens of Occupy Wall Street protesters, a spokesman says the movement remains strong and continues to receive support from across the US.

Marchers target Wall Street comeback
Morning Star Today at 16:55
Occupy Wall Street demonstrators marched through New York’s financial district today and promised a national day of action

Bloomberg Personifies What the Occupation Opposes
The Greanville Post Today at 16:32
A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford, Executive Editor
It was never in the cards for a plutocrat mayor to long tolerate a movement whose essential logic is the dissolution of his class. ‘If the Occupy Wall Street movement has been about anything, it is the absolute necessity to rid the nation – and the world – of the collective tyranny of the Bloombergs, the dictatorship of the moneyed classes.’ The next phase of the movement must more self-consciously ‘have, at least, the goal of shutting down the infernal machines of capital.’

NYPD blast LRAD sound cannons at OWS
Russiatoday.ru Today at 16:20
RT’s New York crew has witnessed NYPD using LRADs, or sound cannons on Occupy Wall Street protesters. Eyewitnesses at the site have tweeted police fired as protesters sang the US national anthem

National Day of Action!
The Wild Wild Left – Front Page Today at 15:34
OWS is calling upon you to participate in a national day of direct action on November 17 in celebration of the the two month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Police start brutal arrests at OWS protest (VIDEO)
Russiatoday.ru Today at 14:14
The peaceful Occupy Wall Street protest has turned violent yet again. RT correspondents on the ground report that police have begun to arrest people brutally in Manhattan.

Paramilitary Policing of Occupy Wall Street: Excessive Use of Force amidst the New Military Urbanism
Democracy Now! Today at 13:27
We host a discussion on policing and the Occupy Wall Street movement with Chuck Wexler, director of the Police Executive Research Forum, which helped organize calls among police chiefs on how to respond to the Occupy protests, and with Norm Stamper, the former police chief of Seattle, who recently wrote an article for The Nation magazine titled ‘Paramilitary Policing from Seattle to Occupy Wall Street.’

84-Year-Old Dorli Rainey, Pepper-Sprayed at Occupy Seattle, Denounces “Worsening” Police Crackdowns
Democracy Now! Today at 13:21
Police departments across the country are coming under criticism for using excessive force against Occupy Wall Street protesters during the past two months. In Seattle, Mayor Mike McGinn apologized Wednesday, hours after an 84-year-old retired Seattle school teacher named Dorli Rainey was pepper-sprayed in the face during a protest.

Ex-New York Times Freelancer Natasha Lennard on Quitting the Corporate Media in an Occupy Era
Democracy Now! Today at 13:14
We speak with former freelancer at the New York Times, Natasha Lennard, who helped the newspaper cover the initial Occupy protests. She was arrested during the Brooklyn Bridge demonstration while reporting on the event. She no longer freelances for the Times and recently wrote a piece for Salon.com titled ‘Why I Quit the Mainstream Media.’ [includes rush transcript]

Occupy Wall Street’s National Day of Action Launches with Protest at NY Stock Exchange
Democracy Now! Today at 13:10
Today is a national day of action to mark the start of the third month of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Here in New York, organizers have been distributing posters reading ‘Shut Down Wall Street! Occupy the Subways! Take the Square!’

Occupy Wall Street
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 11:31
We are now entering the third month of Occupy Wall Street (OWS). What began as an isolated attempt to picket the New York Stock Exchange by a score of students and activists on September 17th has spread like wildfire throughout the United States. By early October, more than 800 ‘Occupy’ actions existed in towns and cities across the nation. It has also crossed borders… The most important concern is increasing social inequality in American society… OWS is not an isolated action in US history… OWS is posing some basic questions about the legitimacy of the existing political and economic system…

Here’s the Risk: “Occupy” ends up doing the bidding of the global elite
GlobalResearch.ca Tomorrow at 00:31
For more details, please click on the link to read the article.

Mass rallies and muzzled media: 2 months of OWS
Russiatoday.ru Today at 06:37
Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York have returned to the epicenter of the movement, Zuccotti Park, but without their tents and sleeping bags. Massive rallies are expected to resume throughout the United States.

The strange logic of Jean Quan
Recent articles from SocialistWorker.org Today at 06:00
Listening to Oakland officials claim they support the Occupy movement might be funny if they weren’t inflicting so much violence.

Solidarity on the streets
Recent articles from SocialistWorker.org Today at 06:00
Tens of thousands will raise their voices against the 1 percent as part of an Occupy Wall Street day of action in New York City and around the U.S.

Occupy plan big anniversary march
BBC News Today at 04:23
Occupy Wall Street protesters hope to show there is life left in their movement with a mass rally later in New York and other US cities.

Cenk Uygur: Why Bloomberg Had to Attack OccupyWS (VIDEO)
The Greanville Post Today at 04:16
Mike Bloomberg, flattening the First Amendment. A Mayor for the rich, but not for the ordinary citizen. Michael Rubens Bloomberg (born February 14, 1942) is an American businessman and the current Mayor of New York City. He was listed as the eighth-richest American, with a net worth of US $16 Billion, in the Forbes 400 on Sept. 17, 2008, making him the richest resident of New York…

16 November 2011
OpEds: What Occupy Wall Street Has Taught Me

The Greanville Post Yesterday at 23:42
Have you seen Hard Times: Lost on Long Island? The film won the Audience Award/Best Documentary at the Hamptons International Film Festival in October. The documentary follows a group of unemployed men and women, ranging in age from their late thirties into their sixties, who are looking for work while living in certain middle class suburbs on Long Island. I had not seen the film during the festival itself, but when I screened it the other day, I realized the true meaning, for me, of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

OpEds: This is What Revolution Looks Like
The Greanville Post Yesterday at 23:19
By Chris Hedges
‘Once the foot soldiers who are ordered to carry out acts of repression, such as the clearing of parks or arresting or even shooting demonstrators, no longer obey orders, the old regime swiftly crumbles.’

Kuwaitis storm parliament chamber
BBC News Yesterday at 23:11
Dozens of Kuwaiti protesters briefly occupy parliament, as hundreds more demonstrate outside, demanding the prime minister step down.

Movement Moves On After Police Occupy the OWS Park
The Greanville Post Yesterday at 23:06
Danny Schechter dissects—What now after the Police Trash the OWS Camp?
The Police May Have Seized The Park But The Movement Moves On

OWS ‘Day of Action’ to crush NY Stock Exchange
Russiatoday.ru Yesterday at 22:47
First it was Zuccotti, then the Brooklyn Bridge. Times Square followed, as did Washington Square and spaces — public and private — across the US. Now the Occupy Wall Street movement is calling for a day of action — and…

Crackdown on Journalists at Occupy Wall Street
Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting Yesterday at 22:29
One more thing about free speech hero Michael Bloomberg’s shutdown of Occupy Wall Street.
During the early morning raid on the Occupy Wall Street camp journalists were blocked from covering much of what was happening. Josh Stearns from Free Press has a rundown–as he points out, ‘By dawn, 10 journalists, including reporters from NPR, the Associated Press and the New York Daily News, had been arrested.’

WaPo and Occupy ‘Infestation’
Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting Yesterday at 19:37
All right, which newspaper posed this question about the Occupy protests today:

VIDEO: Police State Crackdown: Second Raid on Occupy Oakland
GlobalResearch.ca Yesterday at 19:13
For more details, please click on the link to read the article.

What Can Labor Learn?
In These Times Yesterday at 19:00
‘I feel like Wisconsin was the prologue, but this could be the first chapter. With Occupy Wall Street we are finally seeing the beginning of how to rebuild the labor movement,’ says 97-year-old labor journalist Harry Kelber, who covered the labor movement in the 1930s. Many

Police Hit Seattle Pastor with Pepper-Spray
Consortiumnews.com Yesterday at 18:58
U.S. authorities and major news media are quick to condemn leaders of foreign nations when they unleash police to rough up and intimidate protesting citizens, but a different standard applies inside the United States, as Rev. Rich Lang discovered when he walked with an Occupy protest in Seattle.  By the Rev. Rich Lang  You could feel the tension and raw energy crinkling throughout the air as the marchers once again began their journey into downtown Seattle.  The Occupy Movement is the prophetic…

Michael Bloomberg, Free Speech Hero?
Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting Yesterday at 18:34
The New York Times, writing about Bloomberg’s crackdown on Occupy Wall Street, said this:
For the mayor, a champion of the First Amendment….
I am not sure what is required to deserve the title of ‘champion,’ but was it a different Michael Bloomberg who was mayor during the 2004 Republican convention, which saw mass arrests, preventive detention and surveillance/infiltration of protest groups?
What’s next–Bloomberg the Fourth Amendment champion?

Jason Del Gandio, “Occupy Your Education: A Note to Students about Changing the World”
MRZine.org Yesterday at 18:18
But there is no doubt that many — but surely not all — Occupy participants attend, will attend, or have attended college. This raises an interesting question: What role does higher education play in the formation of the Occupy Movement and/or social movements in general?

VIDEO: Occupy protesters get eviction notices
BBC News Yesterday at 18:14
Eviction notices have been served to the protesters camping outside St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

Elderly and pregnant attacked at OWS
Russiatoday.ru Yesterday at 17:06
While eyes and ears across the globe were watching Occupy Wall Street protesters reclaim New York’s Zuccotti Park Tuesday night, on the other side of the US police brutally cracked-down on other OWS encampments in San…

US police target reporters
Morning Star Yesterday at 17:05
US police appeared today to be targeting journalists in their thinly disguised efforts to kill the anti-capitalist Occupy movement stone dead.

How neoliberalism created an age of activism
The Greanville Post Yesterday at 17:00
Decades of neoliberal economic policies have concentrated wealth and are now spurring a global backlash. 

Fred Magdoff, “Lessons from a Long History of Dissent: From the Early Twentieth Century to Occupy Wall Street”
MRZine.org Yesterday at 17:00
If the ‘vanguard’ (or bureaucracy or leadership) can’t be brought under the control of the people, a truly democratic society — essential to the success of a complete economic/social transformation — is not possible. So both the vanguard-revolutionary and the electoral roads have proven to have huge problems in bringing about a new socio-economic-political system. And, of course, this is certainly true about the ‘identity’ politics and ‘act local’ tendencies. In light of the failure of electoral politics to produce systemic changes in the 20th century — with some the gains made by the people actually reversed — what can we make of the changes in such countries as Venezuela, Ecuador, and Bolivia?

New York City police raid Occupy Wall Street camp
World Socialist Web Site Yesterday at 16:14
In a predawn raid Tuesday, hundreds of riot-equipped police descended on Zuccotti Park, the birthplace of the Occupy Wall Street movement, forcibly expelling protesters.

Protesters speak on Occupy Wall Street eviction
World Socialist Web Site Yesterday at 16:14
Reporters from the World Socialist Web Site spoke to occupiers and other protesters in Foley Square, Duarte Park and outside Zuccotti Park.

Boston protesters denounce raid on Occupy Wall Street
World Socialist Web Site Yesterday at 16:14
Protesters at the Occupy Boston camp expressed their outrage over Tuesday’s early morning police raid on the Occupy Wall Street encampment.

Libricide and the Gilded Gorillas
Dissident Voice Yesterday at 16:01
5,000 books at Occupy Wall Street were unceremoniously placed in a dumpster (now the NYPD claim it was simply a ‘sanitation truck’) during the inevitable night time raid. I say ‘inevitable’ due to the moral decay of those in power in NYC. These books were all donated, many one at a time, by generous lovers of the written word — the free expression of it, that is. In response to widespread anger, the NYPD is saying that the books were not really destroyed and can be picked up later this week. Regardless, eyewitnesses say they were put in a dumpster.

Germany Gambles on the Old Dream of European Hegemony
Dissident Voice Yesterday at 15:59
German industrial and financial power is the key to understanding the complex and often confusing international manoeuvres around the Crisis of the Euro. Germany is Europe’s industrial powerhouse, the only country that has survived the Great Recession with a healthy economy, low unemployment, social stability, and a favorable balance of trade.

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”
The Wild Wild Left – Front Page Yesterday at 15:58
KO bitchslaped the hell outta Bloomberg on his show last night. Mario Savio was Mayor Mikey’s polar opposite. Below is Part of his most famous speech entitled: Bodies upon the Gears which you can listen in it’s entirety at the link in this line:

Down but not out: OWS reclaims Zuccotti (VIDEO)
Russiatoday.ru Yesterday at 15:52
Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protestors were back in New York City’s Zuccotti Park Tuesday evening after police evicted them in a pre-dawn raid the very same day. RT was on the scene to film events as they unfolded.

Night thins Occupy protest crowd
BBC News Yesterday at 15:21
After a judge’s ruling banned tents and sleeping bags, some Occupy Wall Street protesters attempt to stay awake overnight in Zuccotti Park.

Police Crackdowns on Occupy Protests From Oakland to New York Herald “The New Military Urbanism”
Democracy Now! Yesterday at 13:45
After a wave of raids across the country in which police in riot gear broke up Occupy Wall Street encampments and arrested protesters, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan acknowledged in an interview with the BBC that she participated in a conference call with officials from 18 cities about how to deal with the Occupy movement.

As Occupy Enters Third Month, A Look at How Protesters Are Building a Global Movement
Democracy Now! Yesterday at 13:20
As the Occupy movement approaches its two-month anniversary, we’re joined by two guests who are studying its strategies and successes. Author Jeff Sharlet helped found the group, Occupy Writers, and is assisting efforts to reestablish the evicted library at Occupy Wall Street.

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Return to Zuccotti Park After 200 Arrested, Camping Barred
Democracy Now! Yesterday at 13:12
Thousands of defiant Occupy Wall Street protesters streamed into Zuccotti Park late Tuesday, less than 24 hours after police forcibly removed them from their camp. Police arrested more than 200 people, including about a dozen who had chained themselves to each other and to trees.

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