Most Popular Books at Housmans in 2011

17 November 2011 — Housmans

The following have been the bestselling titles at Housmans this year. Sales aren’t everything though, so look out for a list of Housmans staff’s favourite books from 2011, coming very soon. All the following books are available to buy online or in-store. For online purchases just click on the link below each book.
1. ‘Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class’ by Owen Jones
£14.99 (Verso Books, 2011) 304 pages
Owen Jones’s damning indictment of the media and political establishment provides a disturbing portrait of inequality and class hatred in modern Britain.
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2. ‘From Dictatorship to Democracy’ by Gene Sharp, with a new foreword by Michael Randle
£5.95 (Housmans, 2011) 94 pages
Gene Sharp offers a guide to toppling dictatorships through nonviolent means. This influential book has helped overturn regimes in Serbia, Ukraine, and most recently, in Egypt.
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3. ‘The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone’ by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett
£10.99 (Penguin Books, 2010) 400 pages
Wilkinson and Pickett make the statistical case that relative equality is the essential ingredient for social cohesion. A highly influential book across the political spectrum.
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4. The Rastamouse books by Michael De Souza
£5.99 (Little Roots)
The hugely popular Jamaican mouse, alongside his friends Scratchy and Zoomer, solve crimes with their message of “makin’ a bad ting good”. Mickey Mouse move over.
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5. ‘The Plot Against the NHS’ by Colin Lays and Stewart Player
£12.95 (Merlin, 2011) 128 pages
Leys and Player examine the coalition government’s attempts to ‘reform’ the NHS, and demonstrate that the real agenda is to introduce the American market model to British healthcare.
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6. ‘Live Working or Die Fighting’ by Paul Mason
£8.99 (Vintage, 2008) 320 pages
By comparing and contrasting workers’ struggles in the present day with those of the Industrial Revolution, Paul Mason has written an accessible and inspiring history of the fight for workers’ rights, making us reflect on how much has been won, and how much further there is to go.
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7. ‘Government is Violence’ by Leo Tolstoy
£7.95 (Phoenix Press, 1990) 183 pages  
Tolstoy’s essays on Anarchism and Pacifism are still insightful and thought provoking, some hundred years since being written.
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8. ‘The Beach Beneath the Street: The Everyday Life and Glorious Times of the Situationist International’ by McKenzie Wark
£14.99 Hardback (Verso Books, 2011) 224 pages
McKenzie Wark’s book explores anew the history of the Situationist International, and connects their work to new practices in communication, built form, and everyday life.
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9. ‘Fight Back! A Reader on the Winter of Protest’ edited by Dan Hancox et al
£9.99 (Open Democracy, 2011) 340 pages
‘Fight Back!’ is a collage of instant reportage, online polemics, ‘how to occupy’ guides and several thinkpieces covering the rise of the student protest movement, together with the political and media reaction to it, and the development of the direct action organisation UK Uncut.
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10. ‘Beating the Fascists’ by Sean Birchall
£15 (Freedom Press, 2010) 413 pages
This new book from Freedom Press tells the story of the widely unreported Anti Fascist Action’s long-term street war against the far right.
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11. ‘Restless Cities’ edited by Matthew Beaumont and Gregory Dart
£12.99 (Verso Books, 2010) 288 pages
Beaumont traces the idiosyncratic character of the modern city from the nineteenth to the twenty-first-century megalopolis, with explorations of phenomena including nightwalking, urbicide, property, commuting and recycling, and traces the patterns that have defined everyday life in the modern city and its effect on us as individuals.
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12. ‘Hackney, That Rose-Red Empire’ by Iain Sinclair
£10.99 (Penguin Books, 2010) 592 pages
In his inimitable style Iain Sinclair travels through Hackney’s streets and draws out the borough’s hidden tales and literary connections.
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13. ‘London’s Lost Rivers’ by Paul Talling
£9.99 (Cornerstone, 2011) 192 pages
From the sources of the Fleet in Hampstead’s ponds to the mouth of the Effra in Vauxhall, ‘London’s Lost Rivers’ unearths the hidden waterways that flow beneath the streets of the capital, in this nicely photographed, glossy, full-colour compendium.
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14. ‘Guide to the New Ruins of Great Britain’ by Owen Hatherley
£9.99  (Verso Books, 2011) 408 pages
Owen Hatherley journeys through the architectural wreckage of Britain and gives a scathing commentary on the aspirational politics that resulted in a now-blighted urban landscape.
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15. ‘A Brief History of Neoliberalism’ by David Harvey
£10.00 (Oxford University Press, 2007) 256 pages
True to its title, Harvey’s book presents a concise, but extremely well-documented, economic history of the last three decades, in which neo-liberalism has come to dominate.
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16. ‘The Meaning of David Cameron’ by Richard Seymour
£6.99 (Zero Books, 2010) 114 pages
Richard Seymour (of the influential ‘Lenin’s Tomb’ blog) investigates Cameron’s attempts to represent so-called ‘Red Tory’ politics, and finds beneath the mask a much more traditional conservative animal.
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17. ‘Black by Design’ by Pauline Black
12.99 (Profile Books, 2011) 320 pages
Pauline Black’s autobiography is as much about her life at the top of the 2-Tone scene (as the lead singer of The Selecter), as it is about growing up in a multicultural London.
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18. ‘The Shock Doctrine’ by Naomi Klein
£12.99 (Penguin Books, 2008) 576 pages
Klein tells the story of how America’s ‘free market’ policies have come to dominate the world through the exploitation of disaster-shocked people and countries – as applicable to post-war situations as it is to the current financial crisis.
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19. ‘Scamp’ by Roland Cambeton and Iain Sinclair
£9.99 (Five Leaves Publications, 2010) 360 pages
‘Scamp’, first published in 1950, is Roland Camberton’s first novel. Set in the rented rooms, pubs, and all-night cafés of Soho, Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia, it tells the story of Ivan Ginsberg, who occupies a rat-infested bathroom-kitchen, while trying to scam the funds for a stillborn literary magazine. A long-awaited reprint.
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20. ‘The Society of the Spectacle’ by Guy Debord with a new foreword by Martin Jenkins
£13.95 (Zone Books, 1995) 154 pages
Originally published in France in 1967, ‘The Society of the Spectacle’ is a brilliantly lucid analysis of the forms of social control and domination under modern capitalism. A new foreword by Martin Jenkins recontextualises the book for the present day.
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21. ‘Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns’ by War Resisters’ International
£5.00 (WRI 2009) 152 pages
Published by War Resisters’ International (WRI) the handbook draws on the experiences of groups in a variety of countries, with different generations of activists offering  an invaluable guide to nonviolent campaigning.
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22. ‘Homage to Catalonia’ by George Orwell
£9.99 (Penguin Books, 2000) 272 pages
‘Homage to Catalonia’ is George Orwell’s account of his time spent as soldier in the Spanish Civil War, fighting Franco. Its journalistic style, born of personal experience, still gives great insight into the realities of the civil war, as well as to Orwell’s reaction to the politics of the conflict.
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And lastly, although not strictly a book we do sell hundred of them every year:
Housmans Peace Diary 2012 with World Peace Directory – £8.95
This 59th edition includes a World Peace Directory listing more than 1500 national and international peace, environment and human rights organisations from around the world. It also has special features looking at societal and political control of the uses of technology, sparked by the 200th anniversary of the Luddites.
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