Bradley Manning Newslinks 2 December 2011

2 December 2011 —

Crime and Punishment Bradley Manning’s Leaks Didn’t Actually Hurt Anybody But …
It’s no blood, no foul when it comes to Bradley Manning. This week his lawyers stated that the alleged WikiLeaks culprit and confirmed Queerty reader didn’t actually cause any damage by releasing classified government documents. …

Wikileaks disclosure shines light on Big Brother
CBS News
Earlier this week, an attorney representing Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks’ alleged source for the US government files who is now facing criminal charges, suggested that the megabytes of classified data his client allegedly turned over didn’t truly harm …

From ‘Access to Information’ to ‘Protection of Information’
South African Broadcasting Corporation
Ordinarily, possession and publication of classified information is not criminalised while some laws make leaking an offense, that is why Wikileaks is still publishing but Bradley Manning is awaiting his court marshal hearing in a medium-security …‘Access-to-Information’-to-‘Protection-of-Information’-20111202

Bradley Manning Support Network » Update 12/1/11: 64 MEPs …
By emma
The letter expresses concern about Bradley’s treatment while in custody, and asks that the U.S. cooperate with UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Juan Mendez’s requests to conduct an unmonitored meeting with PFC Manning. Bradley …

#OpHorizon December 17th, 20111 |
Bradley Manning’s alleged transfer of sensitive information to Wikileaks allowed the organization to release diplomatic cables confirming suspected corruption at high levels of the Tunisian government. The outrage over the circumstances …

Live Review and Photos: Cass McCombs Band, November 30, 2011 …
By Philip Cosores
We were also treated to a song written about “Bradley Manning” and the closing “I Cannot Lie,” which got help from additional guitarist Blake
Mills. The sold-out crowd seemed to be McCombs veterans, quickly exiting at shows end rather than …

Bradley Manning treatment in custody concerns MEPs :: www …
Bradley Manning, the US soldier suspected of leaking classified information, is due to make his first court appearance on 16 December.
Photograph: AP …

News concerning Bradley Manning
Scott Horton Interviews Jeff Paterson Scott Horton, December 01, 2011 Jeff Paterson, Project Director of Courage to Resist, discusses whistleblower Bradley.

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