Information Clearing House Newsletter 27 December 2011: The Man Who Prevented World War III

27 December 2011 —

Justifying War with Iran
By Russ Baker
A growing body of evidence points to a concerted campaign to prepare Americans and the world for war against Iran. This is not idle speculation. It fits a pattern that repeatedly preceded previous hostilities.

Iraq War
Reaffirmation or the End of U.S. Exceptionalism?
By Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez
For most Americans, the end of this illegal and immoral war and occupation hardly registers a ripple. The reason: the continued belief in American exceptionalism.

The Man Who Prevented World War III
By Eric Margolis
The humane, intelligent Gorbachev ordered an immediate end to the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, in which 2 million Afghans had died. In December, 1989, the last Red Army troops left Afghanistan.

The Wall of Hate
When the occupied are portrayed as violent and the occupier as victim, then democracy and justice have to be redefined.

Demonizing Ron Paul?
Ron Paul is not anti-Semitic but is anti-Israel
By Haaretz
Republican presidential hopeful ‘wishes the Israeli state did not exist at all,’ says former senior aide; Paul’s spokesman says former aide has zero credibility, should not be taken seriously.

Better than Obama: Why the Establishment is Terrified of Ron Paul
By Dave Lindorff
Ron Paul says he’d end the wars, end the drug “war” and “war” on terror, and respect the Bill of Rights. Who else would do that?

A Run On The Global Banking System-How Close Are We?
By Gonzalo Lira
The general public still hasn’t quite realized the implications of the MF Global scandal.

Half of America In Poverty? The Facts Say It’s True
By Paul Buchheit
Recent reports suggest that almost 50% of Americans are in poverty or at a “low income” level. The claim is based on a new supplemental measure by the Census Bureau that includes health care, transportation, and other essential living expenses in the poverty calculation.
Gunfire erupts as Syrians plead with Arab monitors in Homs-video: Blasts of gunfire erupted in a video that activists said showed residents in Syria’s protest hotbed city of Homs arguing and pleading with Arab League monitors to come further inside their district of Baba Amr, where fighting has been fierce.

Observers in Syria: Time to separate civilians from insurgents?: Hisham Jaber, the director of the Center for Middle East Studies, told RT that there is no doubt that armed insurgents are operating in Syria. But when the media report violent clashes and deaths in the country, for some reason the word “insurgent” is never used.

Syrian NGOs: A dual-use technology?: Syrian NGOs have often been the sole source of information for the Western media when it comes to reporting alleged atrocities within the country. Why is it then that so many of these NGO are either funded or based entirely in the West?

Two Iraqis killed, one injured in Kirkuk car bomb blast: Two Iraqi civilians were killed as one was injured by a car bomb explosion in southwestern Kirkuk, Iraqi police reported on Tuesday.

Al-Qaeda front group in Iraq claims responsibility for attacks that killed 69 people last week: “The series of special invasions (was) launched … to support the weak Sunnis in the prisons of the apostates and to retaliate for the captives who were executed,” said the statement in the name of the Islamic State of Iraq.

Will a U.S. attack on Iran become Obama’s ‘October Surprise’?: Israelis and many Americans are convinced that President Obama will ultimately back away from attacking Iran. They may be wrong.

Engineering Consent For Attack On Iran:
Op-Ed: An Iran War Scenario- It Could Happen This Way:
Vital, undisputed intelligence have been pointing to the sorry reality that Iran is merely two-months away from having assembled a nuclear bomb.

Engineering Consent For Attack On Iran:
SPECIAL BROADCAST: Is An Attack On Iran Imminent?: Audio: General Uzi Dayan, former Deputy Chief of the IDF General Staff and former head of Military Intelligence discusses the options of how to prevent Iran from continuing her nuclear weapons programme.

Peres: We have real or perceived capabilities of dealing with Iran: President Shimon Peres said Tuesday that while Iran is a very great danger “it is still no reason for us to get hysterical.”,7340,L-4167391,00.html

Sources: Saudi would replace Iran crude in EU oil embargo:
Top oil exporter Saudi Arabia and other Gulf OPEC states are ready to replace Iranian oil if further sanctions halt Iranian crude exports to Europe, industry sources said on Tuesday.

Oil prices climb back above $US101: Crude oil futures returned above $US100 a barrel amid growing Iranian tensions and global supply concerns.

Iran seeks death penalty for alleged US spy: Prosecution says Amir Mirzaei Hekmati was working for CIA and entered Iran’s intelligence department three times.

Big fuel deal for Iran and Afghanistan: According to the contract, Iran will export products including gasoil (diesel fuel), jet fuel and gasoline to Afghanistan, said the report.

‘PLO might revoke recognition of Israel’: Executive Committee Member Hanan Ashrawi says Palestinian leadership may renege on its recognition of Israel if peace process continues to falt,7340,L-4167167,00.html

ElBaradei: U.S., Egypt in secret talks on fate of Israel peace treaty: The United States is engaged in secret talks with Egypt’s ruling military council geared at ensuring that the country’s democratically elected regime will maintain its peace treaty with Israel, top Egyptian opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei said on Tuesday.

Secret paper reveals EU broadside over plight of Israel’s Arabs : A growing gulf between Israel’s Jewish and Arab communities is highlighted in a critical EU paper which breaks new ground by suggesting that the international community has a role in ensuring “genuinely equal treatment” for the country’s Arab minority.

Ultra-Orthodox spit on “immodest” 8-year-old girl in Beit Shemesh: Video – Naama told her story on the most watched news show in the country. Interviewed by Channel 2’s Shai Gal, Naama told how she was afraid to go to school, just a few hundred meters from her house in Bet Shemesh, because Haredim cursed and spit on her for being dressed “immodestly.”

Peres urges Israelis to protest against religious extremism: More than 10,000 people expected at a rally in Beit Shemesh to protest exclusion of women; President says all citizens of Israel must defend the character of the country against ultra-Orthodox fanatics.

“When they rape you don’t object”: Israeli “satire” show incites hatred of Muslims, Europeans

Egypt court bans military ‘virginity tests’: An Egyptian court has ordered the country’s military rulers to stop the use of “virginity tests” on female detainees, a practice that has caused an uproar among activists and rights groups.

Saudi forces injure 4 in Awamiyah raid: Since March, Saudi Arabia, mainly the restive Eastern Province, has witnessed demonstrations that call for political and social reforms, the release of people detained without charge or trial, and the right to peaceful protest on the streets.

Path Is Cleared for Yemeni Leader to Get Care in U.S.: The Obama administration has decided in principle to allow the embattled president of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, to enter the United States for medical treatment, subject to certain assurances, two administration officials said Monday.

Libya’s ex-rebels demand 40% of NTC places: The “thwars” (revolutionaries) demand that 40 percent of the NTC be composed of former rebels “because they are the symbol of this revolution,” said Fraj al-Soueili from Misrata, the port city east of Tripoli that was besieged by Kadhafi’s men.

Demonizing Ron Paul? : Support attracted by Ron Paul sends chills: For agreeing with liberals on the folly of foreign wars and for his advocacy of a return to the gold standard, cessation of aid to Israel and abolishing the Federal Reserve, the Republican establishment has rejected Ron Paul as a serious contender for the nomination.

Canada shipping bomb-grade uranium to U.S.: memo: The Canadian stash gradually being shipped from Chalk River, Ont., contains hundreds of kilograms of highly enriched uranium — large enough to make several Hiroshima-sized nuclear bombs.

No Time Left to Adapt to Melting Glaciers: Water flows from the region’s melting glaciers have already peaked and are in decline, Michel Baraer, a glaciologist at Canada’s McGill University, told Tierramérica. This is happening 20 to 30 years earlier than forecasted.

Surveillance System Tags, Tracks And Follows: Software developed for closed-circuit television systems can identify individuals and track them across entire networks of cameras.

Big Brother Cab: Taxi CCTV to spy on passengers: Human rights activists in Britain fight an increasing number of surveillance cameras – they’re now to be installed in every taxi in the city of Oxford. Authorities in the British city plan to install an audio and video surveillance system in every cab

Cost Of war

Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590”
Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq:

Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 2,839

Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan
Total Cost of Wars Since 2001

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