Stop NATO news: March 2, 2012: US Strongest Military In The World: After Iraqi, Afghan, Libyan “Successes,” Pentagon To Maintain Might, Expand Global

2 March 2012 — Stop NATO News

  • Strongest Military In The World: After Iraqi, Afghan, Libyan “Successes,” Pentagon To Maintain Might, Expand Global Partnerships
  • Libyan War And Beyond: NATO Praises Qatar As Key Ally
  • NATO Shelling Critically Wounds Six In Pakistan
  • Armenia: NATO Delegation Oversees Further Integration
  • NATO Summit To Continue”Open-Door Policy” With Georgia

Strongest Military In The World: After Iraqi, Afghan, Libyan “Successes,” Pentagon To Maintain Might, Expand Global Partnerships

U.S. Department of Defense American Forces Press Service March 1, 2012

U.S. Must Maintain Military Might, Secretary Says By Jim Garamone

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Success in Iraq and the drawdown in Afghanistan does not mean the U.S. military should be dismantled, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said here today.

Panetta spoke to more than 1,200 people at the McConnell Center on the campus of the University of Louisville…

Panetta addressed the recent spate of killings of International Security Assistance Force troops by Afghans. “Let me be very clear,” he said. “The brutal attacks that we have seen on our troops in the last few days will not change or alter our determination to see this through.”

The United States remains indispensible to a stable and secure world, the secretary stressed. The NATO operations in support of government opposition forces in Libya last year are an example, he said.

Panetta said foreign leaders – from old allies to new partners – consistently tell him they want to increase their partnerships with U.S. military forces.

The United States must maintain the strongest military in the world, must maintain effective diplomacy and must build a strong economy, he said.

“We are still a nation at war in Afghanistan; we still face the threat from terrorism – terrorists are still in Somalia, still in Yemen, still in North Africa and they still continue to plot attacks on this country,” he said.

There still is a dangerous proliferation of lethal weapons and materials, the secretary said. Iran and North Korea still threaten global stability. There still is continuing turmoil and unrest in the Middle East. Rising powers in Asia continue to test international relationships, and there are increasing cyber intrusions and attacks, he said.

The force will be smaller, but will be more agile and ready to deploy anywhere in the world and win, all while building partnerships around the globe, Panetta said. “We are going to maintain and even enhance our presence in vital regions of the world like the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region,” he said.

“We must continue to invest in new capabilities like cyber, and unmanned systems, space and the continued growth of special operations forces,” Panetta said. He added that those capabilities will be crucial for a strong defense in the future, as will maintaining a strong reserve component and industrial base.


Libyan War And Beyond: NATO Praises Qatar As Key Ally

North Atlantic Treaty Organization March 1, 2012

Secretary General and Qatari Prime Minister discuss Partnership

The NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen welcomed the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim Al-Thani at NATO Headquarters on 1 March 2012 and thanked him for the key role played by Qatar in NATO’s mission to protect the Libyan people in 2011. The Secretary General also thanked Qatar for the good practical cooperation with the Alliance and praised the active political dialogue between NATO and Qatar.

Qatar is an important country and an important partner for NATO, ever since you joined our Istanbul Cooperation Initiative”, the Secretary General said. “And we look forward to an even stronger partnership in the future”.

Looking at the Chicago Summit planned for May of this year, the Secretary General said that Allies are keen to hear the views of partners in the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative on how to enhance the partnership with NATO.

“In this time of great changes, it’s important to know you can count on your friends and partners”, the Secretary General said.  “And we are determined to strengthen our partnership further. Because NATO has a vital interest in stability and regional security in the Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf region”.

The Secretary General highlighted that the Alliance will work to make partnerships even more effective and even more productive and that Allies will pursue discussions with partners on how best to do it.


NATO Shelling Critically Wounds Six In Pakistan

Daily Times March 2, 2012

NATO shelling in NWA leaves six injured

MIRANSHAH: Six tribesmen were critically injured when six mortar shells fired by NATO forces in Afghanistan landed in the Zairai village of tehsil Dattakhel in North Waziristan Agency on Thursday.

Official sources said that NATO forces stationed in Afghanistan fired six mortar shells into the Dattakhel area of North Waziristan…seriously injuring six tribesmen. The injured were shifted to hospital.

The incident sparked panic among the locals, who complained that US was trying to crush the tribesmen through such attacks. It is pertinent to mention here that on Wednesday US jets violated Pakistan’s airspace. The government of Pakistan has repeatedly asked NATO forces to abstain from violations of its border.


Armenia: NATO Delegation Oversees Further Integration

Public Radio of Armenia March 1, 2012

Joint ArmeniaNATO meeting in Yerevan

A NATO delegation is visiting Armenia from February 27 to March 2 to participate in the assessment of the documents of the ArmeniaNATO Individual Partnership Action Plan (IPAP) and the Planning and Review Process.

Within the framework of the visit the interdepartmental commission coordinating the implementation of the ArmeniaNATO IPAP and the NATO delegation held a joint sitting today. The preliminary results of assessment of the documents were presented at the sitting.

The parties noted the progress towards meeting the objectives included in the documents. Members of the interdepartmental commission presented the work done by their respective agencies, the existing problems and the main priorities.

The ArmeniaNATO partnership is developing through political dialogue on security issues and defense reforms, as well as Armenia’s contribution to international peacekeeping activities. The two cooperate also in the field of disaster management and planning of emergency situations. Cooperation on border and cyber security has also been launched.


NATO Summit To Continue”Open-Door Policy” With Georgia

The Messenger March 1, 2012

Upcoming NATO summit discussed in Washington

The issue of Georgia’s cooperation with NATO will be addressed at the organization’s upcoming summit in Chicago, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen told Rustavi2 Tuesday, at a meeting held in Washington. The meeting was dedicated to the arrangement of the summit agenda.

Rasmussen said that the summit will not address the invitation of non-member states into the alliance, however, Georgia’s participation in international peacekeeping missions and the country’s progress will be considered.

“No new invitations will be extended at the NATO Chicago summit, but obviously we will reaffirm that our open-door policy will continue…As far as it concerns Georgia, I think Georgia has made substantial progress. We appreciate very much our cooperation with Georgia, in particular, its commitment to the ISAF mission,” he said.

The Secretary General held a press conference in Washington, hailing the work of NATO forces in Afghanistan. He said that, despite the number of casualties sustained by coalition forces, the mission to bring stability to Afghanistan must be completed.

Rasmussen also spoke about relations with Russia, adding that NATO and Russia failed to agree on anti-missile defense, therefore, a NATO-Russia council session would not occur at the Chicago summit.


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