Strategic Culture Foundation 3 March 2012: Belarus / US / Russia / BRICS / Turkey / Israel/Venezuela / Iran / Serbia / Afghanistan

3 March 2012Strategic Culture Foundation

Syria – Belarus. Parallels

03.03.2012 | 00:00 | Alexander MEZYAEV

By the end of 2011 – beginning of 2012 Belarus sparked a wave of hysteria in the West. In December the President of the USA signed the sanctions imposing Belarus Human Rights and Democracy Act. The EU introduced additional sanctions against this country on February 28… Since a long time the sanctions have become a constantly used tool of aggression…


Mitt Romney on America’s «Enduring Interests and Ideals»

02.03.2012 | 00:00 | Andrey NOVATSKY

Could it be guessed that the discrepancies between the Barack Obama’s foreign policy and the program of a Republican candidate Mitt Romney concerning the ways of implementation – but preserving the unity of goals – is just another pre-election show, performed by the US establishment to make Moscow more «compliant» towards the present Administration? The question is better be left unanswered…


«Privilege to Conduct Independent Foreign Policy»

01.03.2012 | 00:00 | Elena PONOMAREVA

What is the place of Russia in the XXI century world system – is it a raw materials appendage or one of «power centers»? Why many Russian initiatives are not welcomed by international community? Why the system of international relations continues to stick to the «double standards» principle? When will Russia become strong enough to flatly exclude the abuse of power from international practice? How to make the world system balanced? The reality of contemporary world demands clear answers to all these questions – that’s why the Putin’s article «Russia and the changing world» (Moskovskie novosti, 27.02.2012) stands out to attract attention…


BRICS flame continues to shine

29.02.2012 | 10:44 | Melkulangara BHADRAKUMAR

Apropos the crisis in Syria, which is arguably, the “hottest” issue in international politics today, the BRICS showed up worrying signs of an identity crisis of its own. Russia and China vetoed the Arab League resolution on Syria in the United Nations Security Council, while India and Brazil voted for the resolution. The pattern repeated a week later in the UN General Assembly… Therefore, it comes as a pleasant surprise that the rumor regarding the BRICS’ premature death was an exaggeration. The tidings from Mexico City this week show that BRICS is not only up and about but, in a manner of speaking, raring to go as it approaches the annual summit in the Indian capital on March 28-29…


Turkey Will Have Its Own Gaza Strip

29.02.2012 | 00:00 | Wayne MADSEN

The future of Syria and Turkey is clouded as long as NATO, including Turkey, and the Salafist states of Arabia and North Africa continue to interfere in the Syrian tragedy. Hatay province will become a refuge for Syria’s Alawites and other minorities seeking protection from expected retribution from a Salafist-controlled or dominated government in Damascus… Such a scenario spells a potential civil war not only in Syria, but also in Turkey… There is also the question as to what side thousands of Afghan-Uzbeks who were settled in Hatay thirty years ago during the Soviet-mujaheddin war in Afghanistan will take…


Zionists Attack Chavez

28.02.2012 | 00:00 | Nil NIKANDROV

Recently the Venezuelan opposition convened primaries to nominate its presidential hopeful. The contest was convincingly won by Henrique Capriles Radonski, 40, a typical offshoot of a wealthy and privileged Jewish clan… As a youngster, Radonski was an activist of a rightist sect known as Tradición, Familia y Propiedad (Tradition, Family and Property)”, and later took part in building, with the CIA financial support and in concert with his TFP colleagues, the oppositional Primero Justicia party. Radonski’s political extremism became manifest during the April, 2002 anti-Chavez coup… At the moment Radonski, backed by the US and Israel, is bracing for the role of a killer of Chavez’s regime…


US Strike against Iran: Plans and Consequences

28.02.2012 | 00:00 | Andrei AKULOV

A whiff of gunpowder is in the air… The USA is going to attack a Muslim country of about 77 million people, with asymmetric response capability… An attack without adoption of a correspondent UN Security Council resolution is a flagrant violation of international law… The last declassified US National Intelligence Estimate made public on January 31 2012 by General Clapper concluded there is no solid evidence Iran is actively developing a nuclear weapons program…


Russia’s Anthem in Belgrade

27.02.2012 | 00:00 | Alexander MEZYAEV

Nine years have passed on February 25 since the day the leader of Serbian Radical Party Vojislav Seselj, a professor of Belgrade University law faculty, came to the International Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia of his own will to disclaim charges of committing international crimes brought against him. What has happened during this period of time is startling in a lot of ways… The most startling about it is that the West has failed to eliminate the Serbian Radical Party during these years, it still remains one of leading political forces confronting globalism. And not in the Balkans only. The grandiose meeting that took place in Belgrade on February 25 was a clear evidence it’s true…


Liberty, where has it gone?

26.02.2012 | 00:00 | Rafe MAIR

In America, which invades other countries to give them bills of rights, now interprets “peaceful assembly” to mean a special area, enforced by the police, a long way from where the objects of the assembly are slow as not to embarrass visiting dignitaries. Guantanomo Bay holds scores of inmates that have languished in durance vile for more than a decade uncharged with any offence – this in spite of President Obama’ solemn vow to close the prison down. The right to torture people suspected of certain activities was approved by Bush II and Obama has done little to stop it…


Russia and the US Clash Over Approach to Fighting Afghan Drug Trafficking

26.02.2012 | 00:00 | Aleksandr SHUSTOV

This month Washington whose commitment to fighting drug production in the US occupied Afghanistan is widely called into question rolled out a new plan of coordinating the activities of Central Asian republic’s anti-narcotic agencies. The initiative was, however, promptly blocked as potentially counterproductive by Russia, the country hit hardest by the Afghan drug output… The US agenda behind the initiative is to gain stronger political and military positions in Central Asia, while Washington actually lacks the resolve to take practical steps towards suppressing Afghan drug production and trafficking…


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