Washington “tests” new strategy on Syria By Ilya Kharlamov

2 November, 2012Voice of Russia

The US is making new attempts to intervene the domestic crisis in Syria. Washington has made up a list of individuals and organizations it wants to see in the renewed leadership of the Syrian opposition and the new Syrian government after the victory over the “regime”.

According to Russia’s Foreign Ministry this runs counter to the Geneva agreements on Syria, signed in summer this year.

The US sees the creation of a new line-up of the Syrian oppositional leadership as a top priority task, US State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell said. He added however that “it’s absolutely up to the Syrians to choose a leadership structure and their representatives”. He said that it was necessary for Bashar Assad opponents to unite to overthrow his regime. Earlier US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is the most avid advocate of a change of power in Damascus, made it clear that the current oppositional Syrian National Council could no longer be regarded as the leader of the protest movement.

Those who are familiar with US activities on the organization of revolutions in South America, Africa or Asia are not surprised with the new American attempts to interfere Syria’s domestic affairs, Azhdar Kurtov, an expert at the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies told the “Voice of Russia”.

“The US has been cynically interfering in the affairs of other countries for a long time, helping rebels to hold riots and supplying weapons to them. Speaking in terms of international law this is called “aggression” and “undermining activities”. The US manages to come out dry. Only force can withstand force. Unfortunately, not all the countries understand this and not all of them are able to put up a resistance. Everything which is going on around Syria shows that Washington is delighted with its own power and mindless of others.”

According to the US plan, the new leaders of the Syrian opposition will be in charge of governing the country, when Assad falls. By the way, at their recent meeting in Turkey the representatives of the Syrian groups agreed to form a “government in exile”. Several countries including France have already expressed their readiness to officially recognize the alternative cabinet of ministers once it is formed. However, the situation is not as bright as the Western opponents of the Syrian leader would like to see it. Despite their actions and threats the regime in Damascus has not been overthrown yet, political analysts Alexei Zudin notes.

“The military success of the rebels is not always so obvious. Now we are witnessing a change in strategy. First, the West seems to understand that military intervention is not reasonable. Second, the current opposition is not so reliable and its leaders will be changed. Third, the US is not going to give up on its goals – after the failure in Afghanistan, Washington does not want to create one more precedent of defeat.”

Russia’s Foreign Ministry stresses that under the Geneva communiqué on Syria, the transitional governing body in that country must be formed on the basis of mutual agreement between the government and the opposition. But as usually, the US has its own view on agreements. It is not ruled out that already on November 7, right after the presidential elections in the US, the creation if a new initiative council will be announced.

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