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18 November 2012Ezili Dantò


Recommended HLLN Link: Remembering the Battle of Vertierres – Nov 18, 1803 the final Haiti battle defeating European slavery, forced assimilation, the slave trade and colonialism in Haiti. (The Haitian struggle – the greatest David vs. Goliath battle being played out on this planet – http://bit.ly/2vqDXL )


Wangolo, te vas. Vídeoclip oficial de Daniel Zueras https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COzjY-EX2wc


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Ezili Dantò’s Note: In remembrance of Vertieres, disengagement is not an option, Grenadye alaso


– WHAT CAN YOU DO? (On another Vertieres Day under occupation) Scroll down page – http://bit.ly/bGLivk or http://bit.ly/2vqDXL Sign the Independence Debt petition. Thank you




Ezili Dantò’s Note: In remembrance of Vertieres, disengagement is not an option, Grenadye alaso


It’s another November 18th under occupation and I guess you already know what I hide. I write this piece, each year, mostly to find the strength to carry this name until the end.


But two decades of documenting, witnessing, giving homage to the fallen and struggling for justice and to prevent the continuous deaths, sufferings and crises have taken its toll. The struggle is tough.


I go back to the Cedras/Fraph killings from 1991 to 2004; the Latortue/Bush Regime change slaughters from 2004 to 2006 and the fake foreign-imposed democracy and elections since. What’s real is the constant Haiti suffering, grief, death, racism, white supremacy, interminable NGO fake aid and the foreign invasions.


Many of us are exhausted, tired of our invisibility, so grieved by the disposability of our children in Haiti.


– Sanel Joseph and three unarmed Haitians shot dead by foreign bullets on Haiti’s Flag Day, May 18, 2005 – See photo – http://bit.ly/adpdLT


– Nov. 16, 2012UN kills Haiti youth at peaceful student protest http://bit.ly/TXgkNF


– 2004 – Titus Simpson, 23, was shot by Haitian Special Forces (CIMO) http://bit.ly/becUAs


Like you, I am traumatized, so debilitated with the injustice and impunity of those the world still unquestionably celebrate. (Paul Farmer and World Bank president Jim Yong Kim exposed – http://bit.ly/RQdQTt )


The consistency of US/Euro evil in Haiti is covered behind fake humanitarian aid that makes the unsuspecting feel good; covered up in the former military high-ups re-tooled by the US/Euros as Haiti community police; the fake humanitarians, the fake charity, the fake Caracol jobs…


The struggle is fatal. But we cannot disengage. We must fight back fearlessly, continuously; must continue to pay the senseless price, the endless price. (Haiti: The Rebel by Michel Sanon – http://bitly.com/UcXOI).


Last night Father Gerald Jean Juste died and left the rest to us (http://bit.ly/kHOFvt.) Last night Jonas was shot and died en route to Vertieres for us. (http://bit.ly/TXgkNF )


Recorded last night in 2011, I spoke about how the ruling elites reinforce disengagement; push our tolerance to brutality, greed, violence, corruption and false charity. Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntx07U-YNwQ #Haiti (The entire interview is here http://vimeo.com/27375939 .)


But we cannot disengage, let the vampires win, allow their inhumanity to reign.


For, there is another November 18th Vertieres demonstration against the US and NGO occupation in Haiti going on RIGHT NOW.


It takes courage to engage in this thankless battle. But fortunately, we have Vertieres as our launching point to keep giving us a rallying point. January 1st will be another time for demonstrating, and then August 14, and then October 17th and then November 18th next year, all over again, generation after generation, until Haiti is free and our self-described saviors are gone.






On this November 18, 2012, in remembrance of Vertieres, the greatest battle ever won, I recall the thousands of un-named youths in Haiti today, labeled bandit by the powers-that-be after they were shot dead either by UN bullets, the embolden Haiti paramilitary or foreign-trained-towards-self-hatred Haiti police.


Nothing about the recent unveiling of the Brandt kidnapping and murder ring surprises those of us who have fought for the institutionalization of the rule of law, against the corruption of the Internationals giving contracts to the Clifford Brandt coup d’etat ilks while training and reinstating the former Haitian soldiers-now-turned-police against peaceful demonstrators and dissenters to the US occupation behind UN mercenary guns. Nothing. (Haiti: Brandt Busted as Clintons with Hollywood celebrate sweatshop http://bit.ly/RyxPCN.)


On this November 18, in remembrance of Vertieres, the greatest battle ever won, I recall father Gerard Jean Juste, father Jean Vincent who paid the ultimate price for freedom. I recall the Haiti women abroad like Sonia Pierre who fought back continuously and all the Haiti women without names who endure, struggle, fight 100times harder each day in Haiti with no respite, ever. To all the Ezili Dantò’s out there, chapo ba manman mwen yo, chapo ba. Nou fe yon sel ko.




Last night in 2004 our child, Titus Simpson, laid bleeding on the cold ground.


He was unarmed and listening to music when a foreign bullet tore into his brains.


Last night in 2004 Jean Ristil Jean Baptiste was still alive, reporting for HLLN on the youth killings in 2005, 2004 (Read it here: Ezili Danto Witness Project – http://bit.ly/aDQi8V)


Last night, I still had the fortitude to write: “the Lavalas and mass cleansing of the poor in Haiti, like ethnic cleansing in Bosnia, will only serve as a rallying point for the people to fight on until participatory democracy is institutionalized and the lawful and principled will of the Haitian masses is respected.”


Last night, I still had the life force to listen and document the white settler and Euro tribes’ genocide in Haiti; to define the Ottawa Initiative and document it at “Haiti: A time bomb which must be defused immediately” – http://bit.ly/GTBHao .


Last night, directly from the streets of Haiti, one student protestor’s words helped us to understand.


It was March 2004 and the US Marines were there to show the UN what the US wanted done when the cover-up of the low intensity US war on Haiti’s poor with UN credibility began. The unarmed marcher told HLLN: “It’s unbelievable how the U.S. Marines stood in the background sometimes as the former disbanded soldiers and FRAPH soldiers, now in the police, slaughtered the marchers. If they (the U.S. Marines) weren’t there, the people would take down the hated soldiers and take back their country.”


Last night on Nov. 16, 2012, I could watch this frantic video of Haiti youths running in the streets, desperately trying to get Jonas to a doctor. Jonas was shot by a UN bullet during yet another peaceful student protest (Video of Jonas’ last breathe may be seen here: http://bit.ly/TXgkNF).


The UN authorities denied responsibility for killing Jonas, as they have with UN-imported cholera, as they have with the hundreds of UN rapes, as they did when, during the funeral of Father Jean Juste, UN troops killed a mourner while shooting at the crowd of mourners.


The US occupiers and their local elites in Haiti do not wish to see demonstrations against their inhumanity. Do not want to see Haiti protesting the rise in tourism while UN cholera kills 8000 poor Haitians, infects 600,000 others. Haiti farmers are protesting the high cost of living as Obama with the Clintons “build back better” with sweatshops paying less than 59cents per hour on fertile land, displacing farming families. The Haiti masses are being killed and shot at for protesting the continued destruction of Haiti agriculture with Monsanto dependency; shot at for protesting cholera democracy with a US-selected Haiti president who uses state monies as his families own private ATM, while the teachers at universities and schools are not paid and children school fees, family fuel, food and housing cannot be paid by unemployed parents.


Haitians are the Tainos, the Comanches, the Cherokees and UN-imported cholera is small pox in a blanket and the Euros will commemorate their slaughters in Haiti, like theirs with a thanksgiving in just a few more November days from now.


Jonas died en route. And on this Vertieres day, this November 18th day without Jonas, Titus, Jean Ristil, Father Jean Juste, Father Vincent, we offer this urgent HLLN appeal. This encouragement to not allow the ruling Euro/US tribes to make you into a zombie; to take away your ability to feel the excruciating pain that rises when you face your own impotency or when facing the consistency of their senseless evil and insanity is plain too agonizing.


One thing is certain within all this chaos: our very humanity depends on our intolerance to this brutality, greed, orchestrated violence, corruption and false charity in Haiti.




It hurts unbearably Ayisyen. Many of us, like Jonas, like father Jean Juste may also die en route, but we cannot hide from the pain of that knowledge, must not be anesthetized.


Glimpses of our mothers’ nightmares since 2004 in Haiti shows how the US sent in the UN to preside over 20,000 killings of our families from 2004 to 2006, mostly all in the populous poor areas and with the Canadians, French and US– trained “Haiti police” at the front shooting unarmed protestors -that is, when the UN or the advance U.S. Marine team, wasn’t doing the shooting directly. (Read here http://bit.ly/becUAs and here List-http://bit.ly/968rQG.)


Almost a decade later, the hungry, soul tired and sick Haiti protestor still manages to find the strength to stand up when he/she has no more strength at all left. This defines what it means to be Ayisyen, to fight fearlessly for the equitable division of Haiti’s wealth, for democracy, for justice.


Liberty or death. Kenbe la Ayisyen. Kouraj, pa lage.


Ezili Dantò HLLN November 18, 2012


***************************************************** Forwarded by Ezili’s Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network *****************************************************


*FreeHaiti Nov 18. post – Haiti the Rebel By Michel Sanon #Haiti http://bitly.com/UcXOI


False Caracol jobs, False aid, false charity, false orphanages and housing for #Haiti is the pretext for the FAKE humanitarians to steal #Haiti sovereignty,land & resources http://bit.ly/TwFshH


* Ezili Dantò speaks on US and NGO invasion in Haiti: The oil and gold in #Haiti here is the proof. Caracol near Haiti oil reserve.(The Maroon voice) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRUBEwKMobU


* [ezilidanto] Paul Farmer and World Bank president Jim Yong Kim exposed | Ezili Danto’s Note on ‘Good Growth at the World Bank? Dying for Capitalism’ by Brian McKenna and Hans Baer http://bit.ly/RQdQTt


* Right 2own property does not extend 2coasts,springs,rivers,water courses,mines &quarries.R part of #Haiti public domain http://bit.ly/PWrNw9


* Haiti Riches – reason for US occupation behind UN mercenary troops & the fake humanitarians http://bit.ly/l960t – Please share and circulate


* WE ARE THE HAITIANS and we say no to Euro/US corporate chattel enslavement in Haiti right now behind UN transnational guns. The amalgamated African’s call against the profit-over-people barbarian settlers and nations, remains what every Ayisyen Ginen recall and breathes for putting “human” back into humanity for planet earth – E, e, Mbomba, e, e! Kanga Bafyòti. Kanga Mundele. Kanga Ndòki. Kanga yo!(See, SEREMONI BWA KAYIMAN – Ceremony Bwa Kayiman by Ezili Dantò http://www.margueritelaurent.com/writings/bwakayiman.html ; Ezili’s Bwa Kayiman Links http://bit.ly/9Sjur6 & Haiti Epistemology http://bit.ly/9Vd10f




What is the Ottawa Initiative? (Haiti: A time bomb which must be defused immediately http://bit.ly/GTBHao )


Why is there a UN, Chapter 7 peace enforcement mission in Haiti for 8 years? A country not at war, without a peace agreement to enforce and with less violence than most countries in the Western Hemisphere? (See the UN’s own Global Study on Homicide at page 93 http://bit.ly/pjeWvQ ).


Why is Haiti the only place in the world where the UN has a Chapter 7 peace enforcement mission without a peace agreement amongst warring parties to enforce? Why is the third largest UN peacekeeping mission in the world really in Haiti? (Haiti: A time bomb which must be defused immediately http://bit.ly/GTBHao )

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