ICH 30 November 2012: Treated Like ‘a Caged Animal’ Bradley Manning Breaks Silence

30 November 2012 Information Clearing House


Reining in Obama and His Drones

By Ralph Nader

Obama’s drones roam over multiple nations of Asia and Africa and target suspects, both known and unknown, whom the president, in his unbridled discretion, wants to evaporate for the cause of national security.



UN General Assembly Votes Overwhelmingly to Recognize State of Palestine; US, Israel Object


Voting “no” Thursday were Israel, the United States and Canada, joined by the Czech Republic, Panama and several Pacific island nations: Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru and Palau.



With UN Vote, Bipartisan Senate Group Threatens Cutoff of US Aid, Closing of PLO Office

By Donna Cassata

Senators called the move provocative and introduced legislation threatening to cutoff U.S. assistance.



The Personification of Self-righteousness

By Alan Hart

Peace, he asserted, “is a central value of Israeli society.” He went on: “The bible calls on us, ‘seek peace and pursue it’. Peace fills our art and poetry. It is a taught in our schools. It has been the goal of the Israeli people and every Israeli leader since Israel was re-established 64 years ago.”



Palestinian Status Upgraded At The UN, What Difference Will It Make?


Norman Finkelstein, Raanan Gissin and Rami Almenghari. – Will we see an end to the illegal occupation of Palestinian lands any time soon?



Palestine Now What?

By Nahida the exiled Palestinian

FULL LIBERATION of Historic Palestine. The Holy Land must be free from atrocities committing racists. A way must be found, to bring reason to the Holy Land, and there is no other way than to evict foreign criminals.



Treated Like ‘a Caged Animal’

Manning Breaks Silence in WikiLeaks Hearing


Manning said that the conditions in the small, dark cell were like a “cage” and that during his incarceration there he began “to fall apart.”



CNN Losing Bradley Manning Story:

Manning Was Reporting a War Crime

By Ralph LopezFollow

Bradley Manning is where he is in the first place because he was reporting a war crime.



Julian Assange : The Mass Surveillance State


This is a sea change in politics and we are going to have to do something about it. If we don’t do something about it, we run the risk of losing the democracy we have treasured for so long.”



Ninth Circuit Gives the A-OK For Warrantless Home Video Surveillance

By Hanni Fakhoury

Can law enforcement enter your house and use a secret video camera to record the intimate details inside? On Tuesday, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals unfortunately answered that question with “yes.”



We Used to Make the Rich Poorer and the Poor Richer

By David Swanson

Trying to enrich the poor while allowing the rich to grow richer is an uphill if not impossible struggle, as the super-rich rewrite the rules to their own advantage.



Leonard Cohen: Democracy Is Coming to the U.S.A.

Video & Lyrics

Sail on, sail on O mighty Ship of State!

To the Shores of Need, Past the Reefs of Greed

Through the Squalls of Hate, Sail on, sail on, sail on, sail on.



Climate Change Is Happening Now

By James Hansen

The extreme weather events of 2012 are what we have been warning of for 25 years, but the answer is plain to see.



What We Are Told About Ancient America Is Wrong!


A racist paradigm has been created to push native Americans off the land.



At Least 12 People Killed by Bombs in Afghanistan:

A minivan struck a roadside bomb, killing at least 10 people and wounding eight others, said Nayamatullah Khaliqi, the top government official in the Dehra Wood district. He said most of the dead were women and children.



Senate backs quicker withdrawal from Afghanistan:

The Senate voted overwhelmingly Thursday for an accelerated withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan after more than a decade of fighting. Although the vote was on a nonbinding amendment to a defense policy bill, its significance could not be discounted amid the current discussions.



Panetta says U.S. to have “enduring presence” in Afghanistan; –

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Thursday the United States will have an “enduring presence” in Afghanistan even after the 2014 drawdown of combat forces, and troops will stay in that country to conduct counterterrorism missions.



US Attack Kills 3 People In Pakistan: :

Three persons were killed and four others sustained injuries when a US drone hit a vehicle in Barmal tehsil in South Waziristan Agency, local sources said on Thursday.



US drone appears to miss target in South Waziristan: officials:

A US drone fired two missiles into open fields in Pakistan’s northwestern tribal belt on Thursday, causing no apparent damage or casualties, local security officials said.



Syria: 17 Lebanese Sunni fighters killed:

 Seventeen young Sunni men from the Lebanese city of Tripoli were killed on Friday in the Syrian border town of Tal Kalakh, a Lebanese security source and an Islamist leader said.



Syrian rebel films himself shooting 10 prisoners:

New footage posted on the Internet appears to have been filmed by a Syrian rebel who points the camera along the barrel of his gun as he shoots 10 unarmed prisoners.



Militant leader in Syria seeks Islamic state:

A leader of an al-Qaida-inspired militant group fighting the regime in Syria said his men do not fear death and they are determined to form an Islamic state.



Syria protesters criticize rebel Free Syrian Army:

Civilians, particularly in northern Syria, have made accusations that some rebels take part in intimidation, extortion and vandalism in “liberated” areas of the country.



Egypt’s draft constitution approved by Islamist-dominated assembly:

Rushed vote to pass document inflames row between Mohamed Morsi and opposition



Disputed Articles in Egypt’s Draft Constitution:

The draft largely reflects the conservative vision of the Islamists, with articles that rights activists, liberals and Christians fear will lead to restrictions on the rights of women and minorities and civil liberties in general. – Here are some of the disputed articles:



In pictures: Friday protests return to Tahrir:

Tahrir square fills up as marches arrive from various neighbourhoods in Cairo.The focus of the protesters anger is on President Morsy’s recent constitutional declaration and the draft constitution voted on yesterday by the constitutional assembly.



Protesters, police clash in flashpoint Tunisia town:

Protesters clashed with police in Tunisia’s flashpoint town of Siliana, where violence has left hundreds wounded this week, as political instability mounts two years after the revolution.



Tunisia’s Jebali refuses to go:

Tunisia’s Islamist prime minister rejected calls for his resignation on Thursday after two days of violent protests against economic hardship, and he accused opposition parties of sowing disorder.



Qatar, Arab Spring sponsor, jails poet for life:

A court in Qatar, which has supported Arab uprisings abroad, jailed a local poet for life on Thursday for criticizing the emir and inciting revolt – a sentence that drew outrage and cries of hypocrisy from human rights groups.



Brace yourselves: Arab Winter is coming (Op-Ed):

Egypt is erupting once again. Syria is in flames. Libya is broken and leaderless and Tunisia’s ‘new’ government is struggling to reinvent its country. Protests are once again the order of the day. Is this proof the Arab Spring has failed?



Netanyahu: Abbas Speech Venomous, Israel Will Respond:

“The world watched a defamatory and venomous speech that was full of mendacious propaganda against the IDF and the citizens of Israel. Someone who wants peace does not talk in such a manner,” said the statement about Abbas‘s speech.



Watch: Full Speech: Mahmoud Abbas addresses the UN :

Video –



READ: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Addresses the United Nations:

Here is the transcript of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas‘ address to the U.N. General Assembly:



Israel to build 3,000 (illegal) “settler” homes after UN vote:

Israel has authorised the construction of 3,000 more housing units in the occupied Palestinian territories, Israeli media reports say. It is thought the homes are to be built in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.



White House brands new Israeli settlement expansion as ‘counterproductive’:

THE White House said today a new Israeli settlement expansion plan was “counterproductive” and could make it harder to bring Israel and the Palestinians back to the negotiating table.



Canada recalling diplomats from Israel, West Bank and UN:

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, says they will be brought home to assess the implications of Thursday’s UN General Assembly vote, which recognized the Palestinians as a non-membe. Canada strongly opposed the decision.



Gilad Atzmon: The End of Jewish Power: OP-Ed :

For months, Israel gave the impression that it was ready and willing to attack Iran nuclear facilities, only to have to admit, even to itself, that it lacked both the means and guts to do so. Israel then launched a lethal attack on the people of Gaza. It called up 75.000 IDF reservists, only to find out that it didn’t have the stomach to face Palestinian resistance.



US to build $100 million nuclear bunker near Tel Aviv:

According to the Washington Post, the ultra-secretive, five-story underground facility will be named “Site 911” and will have classrooms, an auditorium, a laboratory, shock-resistant doors and protection from non-ionizing radiation.



U.S. Senate votes 94-0 to expand sanctions on Iran energy, shipping:

The U.S. Senate resoundingly approved new sanctions on trade with Iran‘s energy, port, shipping and ship-building sectors on Friday, its latest effort to ratchet up economic pressure on Tehran over its nuclear program.



Iran may quit anti-nuclear arms pact if attacked: Soltanieh:

Ali Asghar Soltanieh, Iran‘s ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency, also suggested Iran in such a case could kick out IAEA inspectors and install its uranium enrichment centrifuges in “more secure” places.



UK withholds aid to Rwanda in light of Congo DRC allegations:

Justine Greening stops release of £21m in budget support to Kigali after Democratic Republic of Congo conflict escalates



Mau Mau massacre cover-up detailed in newly-opened secret files:

Documents reveal how British officials concocted cover story to explain death of men killed by prison guards in Kenya



Autonomous US stealth drone completes 1st test launch:

The US Navy has executed the first launch of a stealth drone set to be the first robot aircraft piloted by artificial intelligence. The “killer robot” might be the next step in the development of machines with the power to decide who lives or dies.



Accused WikiLeaks Whistleblower Bradley Manning Testifies He Thought He Would “Die in Custody”:

Speaking Thursday at a pretrial proceeding, Manning revealed the emotional tumult he experienced while imprisoned in Kuwait after his arrest in 2010, saying, “I remember thinking, ‘I’m going to die.’



Report from the US Gulag: Jose Padilla resentencing put off eight weeks:

A U.S. judge has delayed sentencing for Jose Padilla, allowing visits from his family for the first time in years. A federal appeals court has ordered a new sentencing hearing that could lengthen his term.



More On Jose Padilla –



Tutu protests Nobel Peace Prize for EU:

Archbishop Desmond Tutu and two other Nobel Peace laureates have written to the foundation in protest at the decision to award the 2012 prize to the European Union.



Strauss-Kahn, NY maid settle assault case for ‘$6 million’:

Former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Nafissitou Diallo, the New York hotel maid who accused him of sexually assaulting her last year, will settle out of court for $6 million, French media reports said on Friday.



Brazilian megaproject in Mozambique set to displace millions of peasants:

The Brazilian government and private sector are collaborating with Japan to push a large-scale agribusiness project in Northern Mozambique. The project, will make 14 million hectares of land available to Brazilian agribusiness companies for the production of soybeans, maize and other commodity crops that will be exported by Japanese multinationals.



High Food Costs Boost Supply Risk as World Hunger Grows:

High and volatile global food prices have become the “new norm,” creating increased risk for supplies at a time when 12 percent of the population remains chronically undernourished, the World Bank said.



Switzerland is the best place to be born in the world (and USA is 16th!)

In 1988 America came top of a rank of 50 countries according to where it would be best to be born in the world.



Italy Unemployment Rose to Highest in 13 Years in October:

Italy’s unemployment rate rose more than expected in October to the highest level in 13 years as businesses refrain from hiring after the recession entered its second year.



Only 3 U.S. Cities Fully Recovered from 2007 Recession:

Dallas and Pittsburgh are two of only three U.S. cities that have staged a full economic recovery from the 2007-09 recession and experiencing growth, according to a report.



One-day strike by fast-food workers at McDonald’s, Burger King and other restaurants is just the beginning:

The hope is to unionize low-paid service workers, with the goal of a $15-an-hour living wage, coalition members say.



Fracking Our Food Supply : Op-Ed:

Farmers need clean water, clean air and clean soil to produce healthful food. But as the largest private landholders in shale areas across the nation, farmers are disproportionately being approached by energy companies eager to extract oil and gas from beneath their properties. Already, some are regretting it.



Cost Of War


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,883


Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,233


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001




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