Books: Transitional Demands from 1695 By Carl Rowlands

20 November 2012 — New Left Project

John Bellers, 1654 to 1725, ed. George ClarkeSessions Book Trust, 1993.

Despite being described by Karl Marx as a ‘phenomenon of political economy’ and regarded by Robert Owen as the forefather of his own co-operative socialist experiments, John Bellers has often been disregarded as a social reformer and theorist. I would argue, however, that contemporary readers may draw value from his work, which had to wait hundreds of years to be properly and sympathetically collated, albeit only through a fairly limited print run in 1993. 

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Blowing Up the Past, Destroying the Future By by Sarah Glynn

21 November 2012New Left Project

In July 2011 I joined thousands of other Dundee residents gathered at key viewpoints to watch the grand demolition of four multis – or multi-storey housing blocks – that had dominated the city skyline for four decades. Turn away at the wrong moment, and you missed it. 440 homes were reduced to rubble in seconds. Dundee – an ex-industrial city rebranded as ‘City of Discovery’ – has, as one of its most successful companies, an award-winning demolition firm and the City Council has provided that firm with plenty of business. Continue reading

Building a New World and Tearing it Down: British Working Class Housing Since 1900 By Andrew McCormack

 29 November 2012 — New Left Project

The right to an adequate home is well recognised as essential for participation in any human society[1] and the requirements of adequacy in contemporary industrialized societies are fairly uncontroversial. Yet, whilst thousands of new luxury houses are built for the rich every year, many in Britain remain trapped in conditions reminiscent of the Depression era. 48,000 households became homeless during 2011, with 655,000 families (and rising) battling cramped and overcrowded homes. Continue reading

Legal Imperialism” and International Law: Legal Foundations for War Crimes, Debt Collection and Colonization By Prof. James Petras

3 December, 2012 — Global Research


By now we are familiar with imperial states using their military power to attack, destroy and occupy independent countries.  Boatloads of important studies have documented how imperial countries have seized and pillaged the resources of mineral-rich and agriculturally productive countries, in consort with multi-national corporations.  Financial critics have provided abundant data on the ways in which imperial creditors have extracted onerous rents, royalties and debt payments from indebted countries and their taxpayers, workers, employees and productive sectors.

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CIA-Sponsored Trolls Monitor Internet & Interact With Users to Discredit Factual Information by Susanne Posel

3 December 2012 — Occupy CorporatismVeterans Today

In July of this year it became apparent through a flood of mainstream media reports that the National Security Agency (NSA) was “desperate to hire new hacking talent to protect the nation’s critical infrastructure” yet the NSA is notorious for its surveillance programs on American digital activity. Continue reading

Iran: Fake AP Graph Exposes Israeli Fraud And IAEA Credulity By Gareth Porter

2 December, 2012Global Research – lobelog 30 November 2012

That Associated Press story displaying a graph alleged to be part of an Iranian computer simulation of a nuclear explosion — likely leaked by Israel with the intention of reinforcing the media narrative of covert Iranian work on nuclear weapons – raises serious questions about the International Atomic Energy Association’s (IAEA) claim that it has credible evidence of such modeling work by Iran.

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Gaza Friends: Israel Is Dangerously Breaking the Ceasefire

3 December 2012Gaza Friends

Written by Maria del mar Fernandez | 03 December 2012


The report below is from Maria del mar Ferndandez, one of the board members of Free Gaza. She will remain in Gaza until the end of the year and will make periodic reports to us. Contact her for interviews at 00 972 (0) 595 157 194


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VTJP Palestine/Israel News & Articles 2 December 2012: Israel seizes $120m PA revenues in response to UN vote

2 December 2012 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Israeli Security Services Oppose Government Decision To Build More Settlements
IMEMC – The Israeli Security Services expressed rejection of the new Israeli government decision to build additional 3000 units for Jewish settlers in occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank, and said that “the move is un-calculated”. …

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ICH 2 December 2012: Bradley Manning: A Tale Of Liberty Lost In America

2 December 2012 Information Clearing House


The Mother Of All Worst-case Assumptions About Iran

By Stephen M. Walt

The U.S. national security community forgets that similarly dire warnings were uttered before many of these others states got the bomb, yet none of these fearsome forecasts took place.


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Map Reading By Harry Feldman

28 November 2012 — Bureau of Counterpropaganda

Versions of this graphic have been circulating for years, but now it seems to have gone viral on Facebook. Does that make it a ‘meme’? Whatever it is, it turns up on my newsfeed every day or two as if it were some astonishing new revelation, and largely from people who ought to know better.