Video: My Interview with Top TV Journalist Abby Martin @ RT By Sibel Edmonds

15 December 2012 — Boiling Frogs  

In the Midst of Intense Pessimism – Causes for Optimistic Pauses 

A great example is Abby Martin at RT. Not only is she brilliant, informed, articulate, and very outspoken (and beautiful), but that she is one of us: a tireless member of our irate minority circle. Whether it is the accelerating police state practices, or ever-expanding perpetual wars, or still-unanswered and unaccountable 9/11-the needed trigger for bringing about the perpetual wars and the current police state status, she has been pounding-tirelessly. Not only that: she is becoming more and more visible and audible. Now that gives me a moment of deserved optimistic pause.

In the midst of all the pessimism-inducing realities on the ground, let’s pause and enjoy a moment (however brief) of optimism. Here is my latest interview session with Abby Martin @ RT: Continue reading

Western backed Free Syrian Army has crossed the line By John Robles

15 December 2012Voice of Russia

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© Collage “The Voice of Russia”

The Free Syrian Army has committed an affront to all humanity by kidnapping and threatening to execute a female Ukrainian journalist and announcing that they will kill all Russians and Ukrainians they find in Syria. This could be taken to be akin to a declaration of war, obviously the armed insurgents in Syria have been emboldened to a point that they have stepped into an area where they are beyond the law.

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Egypt erupts in anger. Democracy is not the final word (II) By Melkulangara BHADRAKUMAR

14 December 2012Strategic Culture Foundation

Part I

The main criticism being voiced about the government led by President Mohamed Morsi within Egypt and by some foreign observers is that it lacks the majority support of the people of Egypt. In substantiation of this argument it is often mentioned that Morsi obtained less than 25 percent of the votes polled in the first round of the Egyptian president election (May 2012) and barely scraped through in the runoff with just about fifty percent plus of the popular votes.

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New at SCF 9-15 December 2012: Palestine / Egypt / USA / NATO / Gold / Iran

15 December 2012Strategic Culture Foundation

The Winner`s Parade in the Gaza Strip, or When «a Pillar of Cloud» Cleared

15.12.2012 | 00:00 | Dmitry MININ

No matter how hard Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, along with the Israeli propaganda machine claim that the outcome of operation «a Pillar of Cloud» against the Gaza Strip was a victory and a harsh lesson to the ruling Hamas movement there, it is now clear that in spite of the sustained sacrifices, Hamas was able to earn the greatest benefits from these events. Continue reading

FAIR TV: ABC's Disney "Exclusive," Syria WMDs, Robin Hood Tax By Peter Hart

14 December 2012FAIR

Syria‘s chemical weapons threat– is it Iraq all over again? With all the talk about the budget, why won’t media talk about taxing Wall Street? And ABC breaks big “news“… about a Disney theme park.  

All of that on FAIR TV this week. Take a look– and spread the word on Twitter and Facebook. Continue reading

ICH 14 December 2012: 159 Killed in Syria: 27 Killed in Connecticut

14 December 2012 — Information Clearing House


US-Backed Syrian Opposition Demands Support for Al Qaeda

By Tony Cartalucci

US-handpicked opposition leader, Moaz al-Khatib wants US to reconsider terror listing for Al Qaeda’s al-Nusra front. 


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VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel: News and Articles 14 December 2012: Israel Starts Removing Mines Close To Border With Jordan- To Build Settlements

14 December 2012 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Colonizing Christmas: Facts on Israeli Occupation and Bethlehem
IMEMC – PLO Negotiations Affairs Department Issued Their Latest Fact Sheet entitled “Colonizing Christmas: Facts on Israeli Occupation and Bethlehem”. …

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America’s Power Game: Iranian People Victims of US Economic Sanctions By Kourosh Ziabari

13 December, 2012Global Research

Iran’s nuclear program seems to have reached a dead end. Iranian officials have politically invested a lot on the country’s nuclear program, which was initially set in motion 6 decades ago when President Dwight D. Eisenhower decided to help his close friend Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi construct the first nuclear reactors in Iran, Continue reading