Wikileaks, Anonymous: “Media Instruments” Supportive of US-NATO Sponsored Regime Change? By Ryan O’Neill

4 December, 2012Global Research

Throughout early 2011, the European liberal left were in a frenzy over the ‘Arab Spring’ uprisings that were sweeping across the region. The Mainstream Media supplied around the clock coverage of the mass demonstrations in Tahrir Square as we were told that the people of the Arab world were standing up to tyranny and demanding the democratic freedoms and human rights that are held in such high esteem in the west.

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Why Carney’s Appointment as Bank of England Governor Should be Challenged By Hugo Radice

5 December 2012 — The Bullet • Socialist Project • E-Bulletin No. 739

The appointment of Mark Carney as next Governor of the Bank of England has been greeted with universal acclaim. In the House of Commons Ed Balls was quick to congratulate Chancellor George Osborne on his choice, and on the evening TV news both former Chancellor Alistair Darling and self-styled monetary maverick David Blanchflower were of the same opinion. Here was a giant of financial regulation, with a PhD in economics, ten years at Goldman Sachs, singlehandedly responsible for guiding Canada to the quickest post-2008 recovery among the G7 countries, and appointed in 2008 to chair the Financial Stability Board set up by the G20. So what’s not to like?

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ICH 4 December 2012: A Window Into The American Soul

4 December 2012 — Information Clearing House

Washington Floats Chemical Weapons Charge as Pretext for Syria Buildup

By Bill Van Auken

The alleged threat from Syrian “weapons of mass destruction” is entirely concocted. Not a single piece of hard evidence is cited by any government official or any media source.


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VTJP Palestine/Israel News & Articles 4 December 2012: UN Votes For Inspecting Israel’s Nuclear Facilities

4 December 2012 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

King Abdullah Of Jordan To Visit Ramallah
IMEMC – Jordanian Al-Ghad Newspaper reported that that King Abdullah of Jordan intends to visit the central West Bank city of Ramallah, on Thursday December 6, to hold an official meeting with Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas. … 

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