Wikileaks Newslinks 21 December 2012

21 December


Julian Assange: WikiLeaks to release 1 million new documents


(CNN) — WikiLeaks is preparing to release more than a million documents next year, the controversial website’s founder said Thursday. Julian Assange did not provide details about their contents but said they “affect every country in the world.” He …


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UN Report on Syria a devastating indictment of Western intervention By Chris Marsden

21 December, 2012 —

UN Admits Syria Wracked By Sectarian Civil War

A United Nations Independent International Commission of Inquiry has finally admitted that a sectarian civil war is raging in Syria. Its findings are based upon extensive investigations and interviews between September 28 to December 16, 2012.

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Mali: West Africa’s Gate to Convenient Chaos, Intervention by Ramzy Baroud

19 December, 2012Dissident Voice

France is insisting on ‘rapid’ military intervention in Mali. Its unmanned drones have reportedly been scouring the desert of the troubled West African nation — although it claims that the drones are seeking the whereabouts of six French hostages believed to be held by Al-Qaeda. The French are likely to get their wish, especially following the recent political fiasco engineered by the country’s strong man and coup leader Capt. Amadou Haya Sanogo. Continue reading

Syria's Mobile Weapons Labs: Where Have We Heard This Before? By Peter Hart

20 December 2012 — FAIR

iraq-030205-powell-un-17300pf-21If you were concerned that the Syria WMD stories didn’t already feel enough like the Iraq WMD reports,Washington Post columnist David Ignatius had one just for you (12/19/12). Ignatius reports that according to a Syrian defector, the Assad government’s chemical weapons are indeed on the move. Ignatius tells readers that, according to his source, Continue reading

VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel: News and Articles 20 December 2012: Cut off from water and electricity grids, Arab Abu Farda stands alone

20 December 2012 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Despite US criticism, Israel continues with plan to construct 6,000 new settlement units
IMEMC – The US State Department issued a statement this week that included a rare criticism of Israeli policy, calling the ongoing construction of settlements on Palestinian land a “pattern of provocative action” that prevented the renewal of peace talks. Despite this critique, the Israeli government announced plans to move ahead with 6,000 new settlement units, mainly in the Jerusalem area. …

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ICH 20 December 2012: UK Government warned on direct Syrian intervention

20 December 2012 — Information Clearing House


Syria: Palestinian Camp Empties Pending Government Counter-Attack

By Franklin Lamb

Souha said she passed about a dozen bodies on the steps and front ground next to the Abdul Qader Al-Hosseini mosque as she left Yarmouk.


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