ICH 24 December 2012: The Greatest Gift For All

24 December 2012 — Information Clearing House


The Rape of Syria

By Pepe Escobar

That is disaster capitalism in action, phase I; the terrain is already prepared for a profitable “reconstruction” of Syria once a pliable, pro-Western turbo-capitalism government is installed.



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Institutionalizing Indefinite Detention By Stephen Lendman

012 — Boiling Frogs

Heading America for Full-Blown Tyranny

 Since taking office, Obama authorized numerous police state measures. They follow earlier ones under George Bush. They’re heading America for full-blown tyranny. It’s already a hair’s breadth away. It could arrive any time full force. It’s been wrapped in the American flag all along. Continue reading

Ruppert Murdoch’s Bid to Persuade Gen. David Petraeus to Run as Republican Candidate in the 2012 Presidential Election By Jonathan Cook

21 December, 2012Global Research

Carl Bernstein, of All the President’s Men fame, has a revealing commentary in the Guardian today, though revealing not entirely in a way he appears to understand. Bernstein highlights a story first disclosed earlier this month in the Washington Post by his former journalistic partner Bob Woodward that media mogul Rupert Murdoch tried to “buy the US presidency”.

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What’s new on Reading From the Left

24 December 2012 — Readings From the Left

If you’ve not found RFL before this, here are a few of the latest, free offerings on the site.

Online Now:

This important feminist critique of populationist theory and practice, long been out of print, is now available on Reading from the Left with the author’s assistance and permission.

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Video: Woody Shaw – 'But not for me'

24 December 2012Jazz on the Tube


Often referred to as the “last innovator” in the jazz trumpet lineage, Shaw is credited with revolutionizing the technical and harmonic vocabulary of the instrument and is considered one of the great jazz composers and band leaders of the twentieth century. Born with a photographic memory and perfect pitch, Woody Shaw is looked upon as one of the major conceptualists and important musical geniuses in the history of jazz.


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VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel: News and Articles 23 December 2012: Firing Zone 918 – Khirbet Al-Fakhit

23 December 2012 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Palestinian Cab Driver Shot In Jerusalem
IMEMC – Israeli sources reported, Sunday morning, that a Palestinian Taxi driver was shot by Israeli soldiers near a military base in Jabal Al-Mokabbir area in occupied East Jerusalem. …

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ICH 23 December 2012: The Ultimate Logic of a Society Built on Mass Murder

23 December 2012 — Information Clearing House


Resisting Genocide: Syria, North Korea, and Cuba

By Gearóid Ó Colmáin

As NATO and Gulf Co-operation Council terrorists persist in their attempt to destroy the Syrian Arab Republic with car bombs, torture, beheadings and mayhem, the Syrian state has still shown no evidence of imminent collapse.



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