ICH 9 December 2012: Prison Labor Booms in US – Chinese-style inmate labor

9 December 2012 — Information Clearing House

NATO Intervention in Syria Imminent

By Stephen Lendman

Possible regional or global war looms. Disastrous consequences could follow. Obama may head humanity into the abyss. Perhaps there’s no way to stop him.



We Are Complicit

There’s No Country That Would Tolerate Missiles

By Johnny Barber

We supply the planes, we supply the bombs, we supply the vetoes at the UN Security Council that gives cover to these crimes.



The American Worship of Empire

By Phillip Faruggio

Amazing, how we are living in a time when, as with the Inquisition, God is placed on a pedestal of violence and terror…. all in the name of Peace!



Jewish Anti Zionism is a Myth

Not The Wisest Phil Around

By Gilad Atzmon

Jewish opposition to Zionism is just another form of Zionism-lite that, just like it’s right-wing counterpart, locates Jewish self-interest firmly at its core.



Doha Climate Talks Produce More Hot Air

By Eric J. Lyman

The latest round of UN climate change talks will probably be remembered as the final resting place of the Kyoto protocol on climate change, done in by longstanding financial woes and a lack of engagement by the United States.



More Phony Employment Numbers

By Paul Craig Roberts

A government that wants to cut the social safety net doesn’t want you to know that the unemployment rate is 22.9%.



Prison Labor Booms in US as Low-cost Inmates Bring Billions


US breeds a Chinese-style inmate labor scheme on its own soil. Both state and some of the biggest private companies are now enjoying the fruits of a cheap and readily available work force.



Bradley Manning Blackout

Tax Hike Spin, Covering Poverty- and $450 Starbucks Gift Cards

Video By Fair TV

The stories that came out due to the information Bradley Manning allegedly leaked have been explosive, front page news. But his trial? Not so much.



Black Box Data Recorders to Be Installed in All US Cars

By Susanne Posel

The NHTSA says that by September 2014 all car and light trucks will be equipped with EDRs that will silently “record the actions of drivers and the responses of their vehicles in a continuous information loop.”



8 “militants” killed in Afghanistan within 24 hours:

“The Afghan National Police in partnership with the army and the NATO-led coalition forces launched eight cleanup operations in Kunar, Kandahar, Logar, Helmand and Nimroz provinces, killing eight Taliban insurgents and detaining five others over the past 24 hours,” the country’s Interior Ministry said in a statement.



US-led airstrike kills 6 in Afghanistan:

According to Helmand police spokesman Farid Ahmad Farhang, the airstrike was carried out in Godar area of Nahr-e Seraj district on Saturday night.



2 civilians killed, 2 wounded in Kandahar mine blast:

At least two passengers were killed and two others wounded as their vehicle hit by a landmine allegedly planted by the government armed oppositions in southern Province of Kandahar, an official said Sunday.



US occupation force service member killed in Afghanistan:

The U.S. force says in a statement that the service member was killed Sunday but does not provide any further details.



One raid, two stories: Were insurgents killed? Or just a man’s family?:

Abdulrashid’s wife, Jamila, was hit. The child at her breast, Naquibullah, was struck in the neck and the abdomen and killed instantly. Jamila had a wound in her arm that gushed blood, and she was taken on a helicopter to a medical facility. Today, Jamila cannot use her arm.



Outrageous : US troops can have immunity – Karzai:

Afghan President Hamid Karzai says he is willing to consider giving immunity to US troops in a security deal to be signed next year if his demands concerning ‘Afghanistan‘s sovereignty’ are respected.



US kills 4 people in Pakistan: :

An alledged, “senior al-Qaeda” leader and three others were killed on Sunday in a US drone strike in Pakistan’s restive North Waziristan tribal region. Some reports said the three others killed in the attack were members of Almansoor’s family. Local residents said they had seen several drones hovering over the area after the attack.



2 killed, 200 injured as Bangladesh protest turn violent :

At least two people were killed and 200 injured when police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at protesters in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Violence has erupted amid a call for the restoration of a caretaker administration to oversee national elections.



10 killed in S Sudan army shooting:

At least 10 people have been killed after South Sudanese troops opened fire on demonstrators angry at officials moving the seat of local authority outside a state capital, according to United Nations sources. “The SPLA [army] opened fire” on protesters “demonstrating the excessive use of force,” Liam McDowall, UN peacekeeping mission spokesman, said on Sunday.



Sudan police teargas protesters after student deaths:

Police in Sudan used teargas and batons to repel rock-throwing students on Sunday as tension simmered over the deaths of four students following a protest against tuition fees.



Pentagon prepares military operation in Mali:

It’s only December, but it looks like the Pentagon has all planned out how they’ll spend a good part of 2013. US officials now claim that the Defense Department is busy preparing a military operation in the nation of Mali.



Egypt’s Morsi backs off decree, but fails to assuage protesters:

President Mohamed Morsi held firm in rejecting what had been a key demand of the opposition: delaying a referendum scheduled for Saturday on a new constitution.



Egypt opposition demands Morsi delay vote:

Major opposition bloc says President Morsi’s decision to rescind controversial decree “falls short of expectations”.



Eight soldiers killed in militant ambush in eastern Yemen:

The Saturday attack took place as troops were visiting a main oil pipeline that had been destroyed in another attack on December 6, The Associated Press reported.



Yemeni general killed in militant ambush:

Attack blamed on Al Qaida men, who stole six military vehicles



4 Lebanese killed in Syria-linked fighting as bodies returned:

Lebanon’s official news agency says four people have been killed in fighting in the Lebanese city of Tripoli between gunmen loyal to opposite sides in Syria‘s civil war.



Clashes rage in Lebanon’s Tripoli : Video –

Sectarian clashes rage for a sixth day in Lebanon’s port city Tripoli as Syria returns the bodies of gunmen killed in Syria last week. Travis Brecher reports



Engineering Consent For Attack On Syria?

Syrian rebels claim new video shows victims of chemical attack:

 Syrian rebels on Saturday uploaded to YouTube a clip purportedly depicting victims of a chemical weapons attack perpetrated by the regime. The video shows Syrian civilians, some apparently dead and others injured, whose faces were disfigured in a manner that could be caused by a chemical agent.



Experts skeptical Syria is preparing to use its chemical arsenal:

Iternational experts are cautioning against alarmism, saying there’s no confirmation that the Syrians are mixing weapons components or loading them into delivery systems, as some U.S. news organizations have reported.



Syrian rebels elect Islamist-dominated unified command:

The 30 included many with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists, and excluded the most senior officers who had defected from President Bashar al-Assad’s military, they said.



Russia rules out Libyan scenario in Syria:

“We’ll not allow the Libyan experience to be reproduced in Syria. Unfortunately our Western partners have departed from the Geneva accords and are seeking the departure of [Syrian President] Bashar al-Assad,” Lavrov said, adding Russia was not clinging to any individual leaders in Syria.



Israeli Special Forces in Syria:

IDF Special Forces are operating inside Syria to track chemical weapons, the London Sunday Times reported. The Israeli government has not commented on the report.



Damascus remains loyal to Assad:

Much of the Syrian capital remains firmly behind President Bashar al-Assad’s regime – if only for fear of what might replace it.



Syria envoy meets US and Russian diplomats:

Sergei Lavrov said on Sunday that the US was wrong to see Russia as softening its position, but that Russia had agreed to take part in the talks on condition there would be no demand for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down.



Al Qaeda-linked radicals help Syrian rebels capture army base:

Group linked to Al Qaeda in Iraq, Syrian rebels capture northern outpost, capture 5 soldiers.



Iraq officials say bombing kills 3 from family of anti-al-Qaida militiaman:

Iraqi authorities say a bomb exploded near the house of an anti-al-Qaida militiaman south of Baghdad, killing him, his 8-year-old son and another family member.



Former IDF chief says Israel should withdraw from West Bank unilaterally:

Israel should define its borders, even if this means doing so unilaterally, and separate from the Palestinians, former IDF chief of General Staff Gabi Ashkenazi said Sunday.



Arab League approves $100-million monthly aid package for Palestinian Authority

 Arab League foreign ministers have agreed during a meeting to send hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to the Palestinian Authority to make up for punitive measures imposed by the Israeli government after a successful bid for recognition at the United Nations.



Islamic Jihad to end ceasefire if leader banned from Gaza:

Islamic Jihad will not adhere to a Nov. 21 ceasefire deal to end recent violence in Gaza if the group’s secretary-general is banned from entering the coastal enclave by Israel, a senior group official said Sunday.



Hamas celebrates 25th anniversary, despite Israeli threats:

Hamas celebrated the 25th anniversary of its creation Saturday, as hundreds of thousands gathered in Gaza City for festivities, despite Israeli threats to end a ceasefire.



Azeri Drones on ‘Spy Missions’ along Iran Border:

 Iranian military experts said Azerbaijan has been using Orbiter ultra-light drones assembled with Israeli help, as well as Hermes-450 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) “for control and surveillance missions.”



012′ :

Each year the Guardian’s editors and readers nominate and vote for the person they consider to be most important and a headline-maker for the year. This year the winners were Bradley Manning, followed by Malala Yousafzai.



Venezuela’s president Chavez says cancer back, plans surgery:

Chavez, who won re-election on Oct. 7, also said for the first time that if his health were to worsen, his successor would be Vice President Nicolas Maduro.



Honduran president fears repeat of ’09 coup:

Honduras’ president on Friday accused a group led by a powerful publishing magnate of plotting to repeat “the crisis of 2009,” when his predecessor, Manuel Zelaya, was whisked out of the country at gunpoint in a civilian coup.



Puerto Rico governor to push for statehood:

Gov. Luis Fortuno, who backs seeing statehood, said Saturday that Puerto Rican voters embraced statehood and rejected the current U.S. commonwealth status in the Nov. 6 ballot. He said Congress and Obama pledged to respect the results.



Mexico’s new boss no threat to drug cartels:

Let me put it this way: under this leader of the infamous PRI, crime and corruption will not only continue, they’ll thrive.



At Least 5 More State Expected To Vote On Marijuana Legalization Soon:

Video report



Police Maced Crowd Signing Up For Housing List :

Columbus Police sprayed Mace on several people in a crowd that had gathered to sign up for a list to get subsidized housing at a northwest Columbus apartment complex.



Homeland Security Department spent money on hog catcher, latrine on wheels:

The Homeland Security Department paid for an underwater robot in a Midwest city with no major rivers or lakes nearby, a hog catcher in rural Texas and a fish tank in a small Texas town, according to a new congressional report



Lagarde: ‘Zero’ U.S. growth without a deal:

The head of the International Monetary Fund warned that the American economy won’t grow next year without a deal on the fiscal cliff.



Cost Of War


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,883


Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,237


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001




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