ICH 13 December 2012: US ‘Tortured and Sodomised’ Suspect – European court rules

13 December 2012 — Information Clearing House


European Court of Human Rights Finds US/CIA Guilty of Torture

By Amrit Singh

The CIA stripped, hooded, shackled, and sodomized el-Masri.



Susan Rice and American Evil

By Margaret Kimberley

It was during the Bush administration that the black face in the high place joined in committing the worst kinds of dirty work to be carried out by the United States around the globe.



Why The U.S. Shouldn’t Let The Syrian Rebels Win

By Glenn E. Robinson

Breathless supporters of Syria‘s revolution need to be careful what they wish for.



Why Western Military Intervention in Syria is Coming Soon: To Protect Israel

By Abdel Bari Atwan

The question is: Will military intervention take place end of this year? Or will it wait for a declaration of war against Iran in the coming spring at the most?



The Cowardice at The Heart of Our Relationship With Israel

By Peter Oborne

The brutal truth is that Benjamin Netanyahu is leading his country down the path to self-destruction.



US Intelligence Analysts: American Power is in Terminal Decline

By Dave Lindorff

The US is on the way out as a hegemonic power.



Spy Agency Conducts Surveillance on All US Citizens


A little-know intelligence agency outside of Washington, DC has been able to circumvent the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution and conduct dragnet surveillance of the entire country.



7 Shocking Ways the Military Wastes Our Money

By Laura Gottesdiener

Hint: none of them have anything to do with national defense.



Matt Taibbi: How Did HSBC Executives Avoid Jail?


“Here we have a bank that laundered $800 million of drug money, and they can’t find a way to put anybody in jail for that?



Rebels kill at least 24 civilians in Syria car bombing: :

At least 24 civilians, including a large number of children, were killed in two separate car bombings southwest of Damascus on Thursday, state media reported.



Rebels kill seven children in Damascus blast:

The explosion occurred in a residential area for soldiers in Qatana, which is near several army bases, according to the head of the pro-opposition Syrian Observatory of Human Rights.



US Training Syrian Rebels In Jordan:

Jordanian authorities, along with their U.S. and British counterparts, have organized training for Syrian rebels on sophisticated anti-aircraft weapons.



Head of new U.S.-backed Syrian coalition endorses al Qaida-linked rebel faction :

Right after the United States formalized its backing of a new Syrian opposition group Wednesday, the mutual unease underpinning the partnership surfaced as the group’s leader openly criticized the United States for declaring the rebel movement’s Nusra Front a terrorist group linked to al Qaida in Iraq.



Syria opposition chief invited to US:

The head of the Syrian National Coalition has been invited for talks in Washington following US recognition of the opposition bloc as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people, a senior US envoy said on Wednesday.



Syria denies using Scud missiles – Foreign Ministry statement:

Syria denied on Thursday that it had used Scud missiles in its fight against “terrorist groups,” a Foreign Ministry statement posted on state news agency SANA said.



2 bombings kill 6 in Iraq:

Police officials said that the bloodiest attack took place when a car bomb went off in a commercial street in western Baghdad, killing four people and wounding eight others.



5 militants killed in Afghanistan:

Five rebels were killed during an operation in the Tagab district of central Kapisa province, an official said on Wednesday.



Two Afghan and One US occupation force soldier killed in Kandahar suicide bombing:

“Insurgents detonated a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device,” said Pentagon Press Secretary George Little, in a statement.



Two killed in Afghan blast:

A suicide car bomber has killed two Afghan civilians and wounded 14 others near the main US military base in southern Afghanistan.



US soldier ignored ‘We are children!’ shouts, Afghan witnesses say:

“He killed my man,” their neighbor’s wife cried as she ran into their home. Sadiqullah, 13, hid behind a curtain. His older brother, Quadratullah, shouted “We are children! We are children!” only to see the soldier shoot his sister.



Israel’s foreign minister (Lieberman) indicted for fraud:

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman will be indicted for fraud and breach of trust, the Justice Ministry said on Thursday. Lieberman has denied all wrongdoing but had said he would resign if indicted. He is expected to speak later on Thursday.



EU says: Lieberman’s Holocaust reference is inappropriate and offensive to Europeans:

Ashton says ‘dismayed’ by FM’s comparison of EU’s policy toward Israel and the behavior of Europe during the Holocaust.



Anti Semitic its a Holocaust trick we always use it :




Israeli forces fire on Gaza Farmers and Internationals: Gaza-

Israeli forces fired live ammunition and tear gas at unarmed farmers and international solidarity activists working in Khuza’a, a small village outside of Khan Younis located near the Israeli border



Israeli “settlers” vandalise church in Jerusalem:

Jewish vandals targeted sites in Jerusalem and near Ramallah overnight Tuesday, spraying extremist graffiti and puncturing car tires.



3 dead, others raped by Guinea army:

Witnesses say three people were killed, dozens wounded and at least three women raped in an army crackdown on protesters in the town of Gueckedou, located 700 kilometers (430 miles) southeast of Guinea’s capital, Conakry.



The trouble with Libya’s revolutionaries:

The unauthorized invasion of Bani Walid and allegations of human rights abuses leveled against these revolutionaries reflect the failure of the transitional government, suggesting that Libya’s future as a successful state may be in question.



Colombian Rebels Kill 1 in Attack on Town:

One person was killed and three others were wounded in an attack by FARC guerrillas on a town in southwestern Colombia, the army said.



India test fires nuclear-capable missile that can reach China:

India test-fired a long range missile capable of reaching deep into China and Europe on Thursday, thrusting the emerging Asian power into an elite club of nations with intercontinental nuclear weapons capabilities.




India condemns N Korea rocket launch, tests own missile:

India condemned North Korea‘s long-range rocket launch on Wednesday even as it tested one of its own ballistic weapons, which were developed when India was a nuclear pariah itself.



China defies US pressure over North Korea:

CHINA has resisted US-led pressure to bring its ally North Korea to heel for launching a long-range rocket, arguing that any response from the United Nations should be “prudent” and measured.



U.S. planned all-out nuclear attack on China and Soviet Union if President was killed:

Classified plan, code-named ‘Futherance,’ allowed U.S. to use nuclear weapons on U.S.S.R. and China, even if they weren’t responsible for attack



About time! Right, left call for defense cuts:

A group of 22 House lawmakers – 11 Democrats and 11 Republicans – sent a letter Monday to President Obama and House and Senate leaders calling for cuts to defense spending to be part of a deal to replace scheduled spending cuts and tax hikes set for January.



It’s time to cut the waste at the Pentagon. Video –

 1 Minute video



Video shows girl, 15, battered in Florida juvenile prison: Video

A guard at a juvenile prison found herself behind bars this week after she was caught on tape battering a teenage detainee.



The US’ school to prison pipeline:

For the first time, a US congressional panel is looking into what the American Civil Liberties Union calls a disturbing trend – one that criminalises rather than educates many US children.



U.S. Projected to Become Majority-Minority Nation in 2043:

The white population will no longer be the majority in the United States by 2043, two years after the general population is forecast to exceed 400 million, according to demographic projections published on Wednesday by the Census Bureau.



US Kidnappinga and Torture Condemned:

The court found that the treatment suffered by Mr. Masri in 2003 “at the hands of the special C.I.A. rendition team,” at an airport in Skopje, the capital of the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia, “amounted to torture.”



UK pays Libyan $3.5m over rendition:

Lawyers say a Libyan military commander and his family have accepted £2.2m from the British government to settle a claim that the UK approved their rendition to face imprisonment by Muammar Gaddafi’s regime.



British Government Admits Agents ‘facilitated the murder’ of Belfast solicitor:

Sir Desmond de Silva’s review confirmed that agents of the state were involved in the 1989 killing and that it should have been prevented.



Pat Finucane report: army handlers ‘helped loyalist gunmen select targets’:

British army agent handlers “deliberately” helped loyalist gunmen select their targets in Northern Ireland in the 1980s, a damning official report has revealed.



Litvinenko worked for ‘MI6 and gave Spain intel on Russian Mafia’ – widow’s lawyer:

Former FSB officer Aleksandr Litvinenko, who died in London of polonium poisoning in 2006, worked for the British foreign intelligence service as well aiding Spain in their fight against the Russian mafia, the UK inquest revealed Thursday.



Cost Of War


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,883


Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,238


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001





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