'Manteca!' – The Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra with Chano Pozo

1 May 2013 — Jazz on the Tube

The song that hooked me forever on Gillespie’s groundbreaking work that combined big band jazz with Cuban rhythms. Fantastic music. Who would guess that it was created nearly seventy years ago!

Co-written by Dizzy Gillespie, Chano Pozo and Gil Fuller in 1947, it is among the most famous of Gillespie’s recordings (along with the earlier “A Night in Tunisia”) and is “one of the most important records ever made in the United States,” according to Gary Giddins of the Village Voice.

“Manteca” is the first tune rhythmically based on the clave to become a jazz standard.

“Manteca” es uno de los temas fundacionales del jazz afrocubano.

Co-escrita por Dizzy Gillespie, Chano Pozo y Gil Fuller en 1947, es uno de los más famosos de las grabaciones de Gillespie (junto con la anterior “A Night in Tunisia”) y “es uno de los discos más importantes de los Estados Unidos”, según Gary Giddins del Village Voice.

“Manteca” es la primera canción rítmica basada en la clave para convertirse en un estándar de jazz.

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