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International Middle East Media Center

To Break Their Strike; Israel Denies Jordanian Detainees Access To Liquids
IMEMC – The Israeli Prison Authority decided, Friday, to deprive the hunger striking Jordanian detainees in its prisoners access to liquids in an attempt to force them end their strike that entered its second day. …

Google Recognizes Palestine
IMEMC – Google, the internet giant, has officially recognized the name Palestine in its search engine, thus showing the name Palestine instead of “The Palestinian Territories”. …

15 Palestinians Injured In Hebron
IMEMC – Friday evening May 4 2013, Palestinian medical sources reported that 15 Palestinians, and four Israeli soldiers, have been injured during clashes that took place between local residents and invading Israeli forces in Beit Ummar town, north of the southern West Bank city of Hebron. …

Soldiers Invade Kufur Qaddoum, Clash With Local Youths
IMEMC – Friday, May 3 2013, Israeli soldiers, supported by an armored military bulldozer and armored vehicles, invaded the village of Kufur Qaddoum, near the northern West Bank city of Qilqilia, after violently dispersing the weekly protest, and clashed with dozens of local youth; several injuries have been reported. …

Ahrar: “1227 Palestinians Kidnapped, 16 Killed, This Year”
IMEMC – The Ahrar Center for Detainee’s Studies and Human Rights reported that Israeli soldiers kidnapped 1227 Palestinians, including children, women, elderly, intellectuals and legislators, since the beginning of this year, shot and killed 16 more Palestinians. …

Ma’an News

Israel blocks Palestinians from Easter celebrations
5/4/2013 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli authorities on Friday prevented dozens of Christians from crossing to the West Bank through Gaza’s Beit Hanoun crossing, a Palestinian liaison official said. The Israeli side allowed only 25 Christians out of 100 to enter to the West Bank to celebrate Easter. They banned dozens who gathered…. Related: Official: Israeli forces deploy in Jerusalem on Holy Saturday and Orthodox Christians celebrate Holy Saturday

Tear gas sparks fire in West Bank village
5/4/2013 – QALQILIYA (Ma’an) — Israeli forces on Friday fired tear gas canisters and stun grenades in Kafr Qaddum, sparking a fire that torched over 40 olive trees, the PA civil defense said. Firefighters extinguished the fires, which had spread over two acres of land in the northern West Bank village. [END]

Clashes across West Bank
5/4/2013 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Dozens of protesters sustained injured on Friday in clashes with Israeli forces all over the occupied West Bank. In a weekly protest in the Nabi Saleh village, Israeli forces fired tear gas, rubber-coated steel bullets, and stun grenades at protestors and farmers who tried to reach their confiscated lands. Meanwhile, dozens….

Palestinian security forces off press watchdog’s enemy list
5/4/2013 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — A leading media freedom watchdog announced Friday it was removing the Palestinian security forcesfrom its annual list of predators of freedom of information. Reporters Without Borders said the security forces of the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority in the occupied West Bank and those of the Hamas government in the Gaza Strip “have…. Related: Abbas aide: Media is free in Palestine

Official: Israeli forces deploy in Jerusalem on Holy Saturday
5/4/2013 – JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Israeli forces deployed at the the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem’s Old City on Saturday as Orthodox Christians celebrated Easter, a Christian official said. Israeli police set up check points and deployed heavily in the Old City, said Dimitri Diliani, head of the National Christian Coalition in…. Related: Israel blocks Palestinians from Easter celebrations andOrthodox Christians celebrate Holy Saturday

Settlers attack man near Bethlehem
5/4/2013 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Settlers attacked a man west of Bethlehem on Saturday, causing moderate injuries, locals said. A group of settlers threw stones at Ahmad al-Zaglool at a road junction near Betar Illit settlement, witnesses told Ma’an. Al-Zaglool, who is from the nearby village of Husan, was moderately wounded and taken to….

Female detainee says denied medicine in Israeli jail
5/3/2013 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — A 27-year-old woman from Bethlehem says she is being mistreated and denied medicine in Israeli custody, her lawyer said Friday. Israeli forces detained Hiba Bahjat on April 2 from her home in Doha, south of Bethlehem, and confiscated her cell phone, computer and wedding albumShirin Iraqi, a lawyer from the….

Settler car hits 60-year-old near Qalqiliya
5/4/2013 – QALQILIYA (Ma’an) — An Israeli settler on Friday ran over a man near Nabi Ilyas village in Qalqiliya, witnesses said. Faroq Abu Haniyeh, 60, was moderately injured after he was hit by a car while returning from his farm on a donkey-drawn cart east of Qalqiliya. Israeli forces closed the Nabi Ilyas village after….

US media: Israel bombed Syria
5/4/2013 – DAMASCUS (AFP) — Israeli warplanes have targeted a Syrian weapons shipment headed for Hezbollah in Lebanon, media quoted US officials as saying Saturday, as Sunnis were fleeing a city for fear of a massacre. The news came as US President Barack Obama, under mounting criticism that he has allowed Bashar Assad’s regime to cross…. Related: Israeli warplanes ‘target weapons shipment’ in Syria and Israel silent on reports it bombed Syria

Israeli warplanes ‘target weapons shipment’ in Syria
5/4/2013 – DAMASCUS (AFP) — Israeli warplanes targeted a Syrian weapons shipment headed for Lebanon’s Hezbollah, media quoted US officials as saying, with a diplomatic source reporting Saturday strikes were launched to destroy arms stored at Damascus airport. The news came as US President Barack Obama appeared to all but rule out deploying US troops to…. Related: US media: Israel bombed Syria and Israel silent on reports it bombed Syria

Google recognizes Palestine on homepage
5/4/2013 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — Israel on Friday questioned Internet giant Google’s decision to replace the term “Palestinian Territories” with “Palestine” on the Palestinian www. google. ps page, after last year’s UN decision to award Palestine observer status.” This change raises questions about the reasons behind this surprising involvement of what is basically a….

Fayyad: Palestinian leadership a failure
5/4/2013 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — The Palestinian Authority is broke, the Palestinian leadership is a failure and Fatah will “break down,” resigned premier Salam Fayyad said in an interview published Friday in The New York Times.” Our story is a story of failed leadership, from way early on,” the former prime minister said.” It is incredible…. Related: Fayyad denies criticizing Palestinian leadership and NYT: Fayyad Steps Down, Not Out

Orthodox Christians celebrate Holy Saturday
5/4/2013 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Thousands of people celebrated the start of Orthodox Easter in Jerusalem and Bethlehem on Saturday. Tens of thousands of worshipers visited the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem’s Old City to witness the Holy Fire ceremony, where a lamp is placed on the tomb of Jesus and mysteriously…. Related: Israel blocks Palestinians from Easter celebrations and Official: Israeli forces deploy in Jerusalem on Holy Saturday

Israeli intelligence summons 2 Palestinians from al-Khader
5/3/2013 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli forces on Friday handed summons for interrogation to two Palestinians in al-Khader south of Bethlehem, the local committee said. Soldiers raided al-Khader early Friday morning and handed Mohammad Adieb and Ahmad Doaud Sabih summons to report to Gush Etzion interrogation center, said committee spokesman Ahmad Salah. [END]

Al-Taj given permit to be treated in Jerusalem hospital
5/3/2013 – TUBAS (Ma’an) — Israel has given Muhammad al-Taj a permitto be treated in a Jerusalem hospital, after releasing him from prison on health grounds. Israel pardoned al-Taj, who had carried out two long-term hunger strikes, in April after a serious deterioration in his health. He suffers from pulmonary fibrosis and heart hypertrophy. Israel had….

Livni: Arab move gives hope for peace talks
5/4/2013 – UNITED NATIONS (AFP) — Israel’s top peace negotiator Tzipi Livni said Thursday that the Arab League’s modification of its plan to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict could bring new talks closer. But a Palestinian envoy said Israel had responded to the new overtures with “colonization and confrontation.” Livni, who is also Israel’….

Zahhar: Land swap ‘an attempt to alter history’
5/4/2013 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — The Arab Peace Initiative seeking a swap of land between Palestine and Israel is “an attempt to alter history”, a senior Hamas leader said Friday. Mahmoud Zahhar said that no one can take the rights of Palestinians to return to their lands. He added that Palestinians have four immutable rights….

Family: Egypt detains 3 Palestinians at el-Arish airport
5/4/2013 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Egyptian authorities detained three Palestinians at El-Arish International Airport in Sinai on Thursday, relatives said Friday. Hussein Adwan says Egyptian security detained his brothers Mahmud, 37, and Abed, 34, as well as Wael al-Shaer, 28, on Thursday. The men werereturning to Gaza from a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, Adwan said….

Denmark, Finland to upgrade Palestinian diplomatic status
5/4/2013 – COPENHAGEN (AFP) — Denmark and Finland plan to upgrade the status of their respective Palestinian representative offices in Copenhagen and Helsinki to that of an embassy, the Danish foreign ministry said Saturday.” It is with satisfaction that we announce our joint intention to work with the Palestinians to be able to upgrade the status of the….

PA liaison officials secure release of Jenin teenager
5/3/2013 – JENIN (Ma’an) — Palestinian Authority liaison officials on Thursday secured the release of a teenager from Israeli custody. Israeli forces detained Omar Abu Shamla, a 15-year-old from Yabad village near Jenin, on Wednesday evening and accused him of throwing stones. PA liaison officers pressured their Israeli counterparts and secured the boy’s….

Gaza government stops chicken imports from Egypt
5/4/2013 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — The Ministry of Agriculture in Gaza on Friday stopped the import of chicken from Egypt as local shortages have eased. The ministry began importing chicken from Egypt in April for the first time in 10 years due to critical shortages in the Gaza Strip. The head of the ministry’….

Plan to reroute Wadi al-Nar road reactivated
5/4/2013 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The Palestinian Authority’s higher planning council has reactivated a project to amend a section of the main highway connecting the southern and northern West Bank. Original plans to build a new section of the Wadi al-Nar road were submitted more than a year ago to the ministry of local….

Leader-less Jerusalemites look to Fayyad
5/4/2013 – By Daoud Kuttab – Palestinian residents of Jerusalem have been frustrated for years as they are caught between Israel’s unilateral decision to annex East Jerusalem and the inability of the Ramallah-based Palestinian leadership to help them. Positive homegrown leadership in Jerusalem has not found a way forward due in part to the absence of….

PA security forces arrest 4 Hizb al-Tahrir members at Jenin rally
5/4/2013 – JENIN (Ma’an) — Palestinian Authority security forces arrested four members of the Hizb al-Tahrir party on Saturday during a rally in Jenin. The Islamist group held a rally in the northern West Bank city to protest the Arab League’s recent public backing for land swaps with Israel as part of a peace….

Fayyad denies criticizing Palestinian leadership
5/4/2013 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Caretaker prime minister Salam Fayyad on Saturday denied criticizing the Palestinian Authority, a day after an interview published in The New York Times quoted him calling the Palestinian leadership a failure, official news agency Wafa reported.” The statements in the article are just journalist Roger Cohen’s personal impressions, and…. Related: Fayyad: Palestinian leadership a failure and NYT: Fayyad Steps Down, Not Out

Abbas aide: Media is free in Palestine
5/3/2013 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) – Palestinians enjoy freedom of the press on social networks, news websites, and TV and radio stations, apresidential advisor said Thursday. Sabri Saidam, President Mahmoud Abbas’ advisor on telecommunications and information technology, added that press freedom isn’t “steered by any external parties” but rather self-motivated and responsible. Saidam’…. Related: Palestinian security forces off press watchdog’s enemy list

Renewing our commitment to freedom of expression
5/4/2013 – By Ban Ki-moon and Irina Bokova – Freedom of expression, enshrined in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is essential for empowering individuals and building free and democratic societies. A fundamental right on its own, freedom of expression also provides the conditions for protecting and promoting all other human rights. But its exercise….

Israel silent on reports it bombed Syria
5/4/2013 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — Israel was silent on Saturday on US media reports that it launched new air strikes on Syria targeting a weapons shipment to the Lebanese group Hezbollah. The Israeli military and spokesmen for the defense ministry and prime minister’s office declined to comment on the reports. Israel and Hezbollah, a faithful ally…. Related: US media: Israel bombed Syriaand Israeli warplanes ‘target weapons shipment’ in Syria

‘Internal party dispute’ behind attacks on Fatah leaders in Gaza
5/4/2013 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — The Hamas-run Interior Ministry said Friday that disputes within the Fatah movement sparked a string of attacks on Fatah leaders in the Gaza Strip. On Wednesday, masked men damaged the car of Fatah leader Khaled Musa, two days after assailants planted a bomb under the car of Fatah official Monther….

Police seize antique coins in Bethlehem
5/4/2013 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Palestinian Authority police on Saturday arrested a man for illegally possessing hundreds of artifacts, mostly old coins. Following a tip-off, police found the man in possession of 467 coins dating back to the Byzantine, Roman and Islamic eras, as well as a bust from the Cannanite era. The artifacts will be….

In photos: Orthodox Christians celebrate Holy Fire ceremony
5/5/2013 – MaanImages / Ahmed Mezhir – Throngs of Orthodox Christians filled Jerusalem’s ancient Church of the Holy Sepulchre and surrounding streets on Saturday for the “Holy Fire” ceremony on the eve of Orthodox Easter. Believers hold that a divine fire from heaven ignites candles held by the Greek Orthodox patriarch, in an annual rite dating back….

4 injured in Jerusalem car crash
5/4/2013 – JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Four people were injured in a road accident east of Jerusalem on Saturday, medics said. Two cars collided in the town of al-Eizariya, severely injuring a woman and moderately wounding three other people. [END]

4 injured in Jericho car accident
5/3/2013 – JERICHO (Ma’an) — Four people were injured on Thursday in a road accident near the southern entrance to Jericho, rescue workers said. The car veered off the road and hit an electricity pole, the civil defense in a statement. Four people were injured and taken to hospital by Red Crescent ambulances. [END]

23-year-old man dies in Gaza accident
5/3/2013 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — A man died Friday in Jabaliya refugee camp after falling from his third-story apartment, medics said. A doctor at Shifa hospital said Mohammed Daadour, 23, died after the fall. [END]

Syria opposition denounces Banias ‘massacre’
5/4/2013 – BEIRUT (AFP) — The Syrian opposition on Friday denounced a “large-scale massacre” by troops and militiamen in a Sunni village in the northwest after a watchdog said at least 50 people, mostly civilians, were killed. The Syrian National Coalition called for international action, citing witness reports of civilians being stabbed to death in Bayda, a Sunni….

‘Massacre’ feared as Syria war comes to port city
5/4/2013 – DAMASCUS (AFP) — Syrian troops Friday bombarded Sunni areas of the Mediterranean city of Banias, a monitoring group said, warning of a new “massacre,” as Washington said for the first time it was looking at arming rebels. The opposition National Coalition earlier denounced a “large-scale massacre” by troops and militiamen on Thursday in a Sunni village….

Syria rebels training for long, drawn-out conflict
5/4/2013 – LATAKIA PROVINCE, Syria (AFP) — Crouching, belly-crawling into sniper nests in their rugged mountain redoubt, Syrian rebels have started training for a prolonged guerrilla war against stubbornly resilient regime forces. With Western reluctance to intervene militarily in Syria’s civil war, the rebel Free Syrian Army hopes to topple President Bashar Assad by creating a….

State TV: Assad makes appearance in Syrian capital
5/4/2013 – DAMASCUS (AFP) — President Bashar Assad made a public appearance Saturday at Damascus University for the unveiling of a monument dedicated to students killed across Syria since an uprising erupted against his rule, state media said.” President Bashar Assad joined thousands of students and the families of martyred students at the unveiling of a statue to….

Watchdog: At least 62 bodies found in Syria’s Banias
5/4/2013 – BEIRUT (AFP) — The bodies of at least 62 murdered residents have been found in a Sunni neighborhood of the Syrian city of Banias, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Saturday.” The bodies of dozens of citizens killed on Friday during an assault by the army and Alawite members of the National Defense Forces….

Egypt mob lynches teenage son of an Islamist leader
5/4/2013 – CAIRO (AFP) — An angry Egyptian mob has lynched the teenage son of a Muslim Brotherhood leader, accusing him of killing a man over Facebook comments critical of the Islamist movement, security sources said Saturday. The violence that took place on Thursday in the Nile Delta was the latest in a spate of vigilante killings in….


Syria: ‘Israeli strike’ hits army centre
AlJazeera 4 May 2013 – State television says Israel targeted military base on the outskirts of Damascus; no comment from Israeli army.

Palestinian Center for Human Rights

Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (25 April- 01 May 2013)
Palestinian Center for Human Rights

International Solidarity Movement

Swedish activist falsely accused of violence by Israeli media ‘Ynetnews’
5/4/2013 – International Solidarity Movement – 4th May 2013, International Solidarity Movement, Hebron, Occupied Palestine, By Team Khalil – On the 28th of April the Israeli digital newspaper Ynetnews published a two paragraph article written by Itamar Fleishman about the arrest of a Swedish activist in Hebron. The article is full of inaccuracies and false information. The “Palestinian youth” mentioned in  Ynet…. Related: YouTube: See what actually happened

Settlers and Israeli forces suppress second joint Friday protest in Silwad and Deir Jarir villages
5/3/2013 – International Solidarity Movement – 3th May 2013, International Solidarity Movement, Ramallah, Occupied Palestine, By Team Nablus – Around four hundred Palestinians, joined by a handful of international activists, participated in today’s weekly demonstration organised by Silwad and Deir Jarir villages on their lands, upon which settlers from Ofra set up an illegal outpost more than four weeks ago….

Relief Web

Syrian Arab Republic: Regional Humanitarian Funding Update (as of 30 April 2013)
Relief Web 3 May 2013 – Source: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Country: Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey, Yemen Situation Overview Consolidated and Flash appeals in the MENA region received US$ 674 million. The largest recipient…

Pakistan: Middle East and North Africa: Humanitarian Bulletin Issue 07 | March – April 2013 (EN/AR)
Relief Web 3 May 2013 – Source: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Country: Afghanistan, Iran (Islamic Republic of), Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, occupied Palestinian territory, Pakistan, Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia, Turkey, Yemen HIGHLIGHTS A 7.8 earthquake hit South-Eastern Iran on 16 April, close…

occupied Palestinian territory: Detention Bulletin – Issue 39 – March 2013
Relief Web 3 May 2013 – Source: Defence for Children International/Palestine Section Country: occupied Palestinian territory March registered the highest number of Palestinian children imprisoned and prosecuted in the Israeli military court system since October 2010, reaching a total of 238, an increase of two children…

occupied Palestinian territory: Hamas ‘Talibanising’ Gaza
Relief Web 3 May 2013 – Source: Inter Press Service Country: occupied Palestinian territory By Mel Frykberg RAMALLAH, Occupied West Bank, May 3 2013 (IPS) – The Islamist resistance group Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, is being accused by its Palestinian Authority (PA) rivals in…

The National

Bieber thrills fans at first of two Dubai gigs
The National 4 May 2013 – Singer two hours late but no complaints from thousands of excited youths who packed Dubai Sevens Stadium for last night’s show.

Labour-camp residents discover art of recycling
The National 4 May 2013 – Charity organises art workshops for cleaners to enjoy in their off time.

No room at high-performing schools in Dubai for special needs pupils
The National 4 May 2013 – Principal tells of choice between special-needs children or a fast climb up the rankings ladder.

Nightly noise from Abu Dhabi building site blasted
The National 4 May 2013 – Residents using ear plugs to block out ‘incessant banging and clanging’ as late 3am.

Bullying on the rise among Emirati children
The National 4 May 2013 – A recent workshop helped parents identify when their child was being bullied and how to deal with it.

Concerns over empty buildings in Abu Dhabi
The National 4 May 2013 – Residents complain about the spread of insects from run-down properties

Israeli strike on Syria ‘targets missiles bound for Hizbollah’
The National 4 May 2013 – If confirmed, such an Israeli military move against Syria could increase tensions between the countries that consider each other enemies. Vita Bekker reports from Tel Aviv 

Hitting the road to learn about Abu Dhabi’s local heroes
The National 4 May 2013 – A fleet of cars will act as mobile nomination stations to increase participation in the Abu Dhabi Awards.


Netanyahu heads for Beijing; expected to urge Chinese to up pressure on Iran
Ha’aretz – 4 May 2013

Syrian State TV: Israel strikes for second time in as many days
Ha’aretz – 4 May 2013

Lapid’s plan to charge foreign tourists VAT slammed by Tourism Ministry
Ha’aretz – 4 May 2013

Atmosphere of terror reigned under Lieberman, says ex-deputy FM
Ha’aretz – 4 May 2013

U.S. officials say alleged strike on Syria targeted missiles from Iran, NYT reports
Ha’aretz – 4 May 2013

Syrian opposition claims IAF strike targeted Damascus airport
Ha’aretz – 4 May 2013

Two Israeli men drown in southern kibbutz pool
Ha’aretz – 4 May 2013

Red Cross: Israeli who crossed Lebanon border illegally set to return to Israel
Ha’aretz – 4 May 2013

IAF didn’t have to enter Syria to attack it
Ha’aretz – 4 May 2013

Israeli officials confirm IAF strike targeting missiles headed for Hezbollah
Ha’aretz – 4 May 2013

Lebanon’s president condemns reported Israel Air Force flyovers, urges world to intervene
Ha’aretz – 4 May 2013

United States believes Israel conducted airstrike in Syria, CNN reports
Ha’aretz – 4 May 2013

Some 250 Palestinian tourists conned into illegal trip to Eilat, sent back to West Bank
Ha’aretz – 3 May 2013

Google de facto recognizes the state of Palestine
Ha’aretz – 3 May 2013

Amid endless chatter on Syria’s chemical weapons, Israel’s defense minister emerges as the responsible adult
Ha’aretz – 3 May 2013

Hamas rejects Arab League initiative for Israeli-Palestinian peace
Ha’aretz – 3 May 2013

The woman who tucked Israel in at night
Ha’aretz – 3 May 2013

China offers to host Netanyahu and Abbas at Beijing meeting
Ha’aretz – 3 May 2013

Jerusalem Post

Yishai to stay in Knesset, ‘give Deri headaches’
Jerusalem Post 5 May 2013 – Former Shas chairman Eli Yishai reacts after being fired last week by mentor Rabbi Ovadia Yosef. 

Hundreds protest J’lem Cinema City Shabbat closure
Jerusalem Post 4 May 2013 – Haredi demonstrator: 30% of ultra-Orthodox community supports religious freedom. 

EU: Considering putting Hezbollah on terror list
Jerusalem Post 4 May 2013 – Hezbollah’s involvement in Syria is pushing European officials to seriously consider adding Hezbollah to it’s terrorism list. 

‘Israel may be behind Syrian chemical weapons use’
Jerusalem Post 4 May 2013 – Former Bush administration official says Syrian chemical weapons use might’ve been “false flag operation” of Israel. 

Reviving Wisconsin
Jerusalem Post 4 May 2013 – Breaking poverty’s insidious cycle was the primary aim of Israel’s version of the Wisconsin plan and is the reason the plan must be reinstated, albeit in an amended form. 

The ‘start-up nation’ and the Chinese dream
Jerusalem Post 4 May 2013 – As a “start-up nation,” Israel has much to share and cooperate with China. If we work hand-in-hand, and combine our respective advantages, we will enjoy common development and win-win results. 

He came, he saw, he posted now he’s branded racist
Jerusalem Post 4 May 2013 – Avri Gilad, in his post, called on the government “to stop the Begin plan immediately,” and said, “We have to re-conquer the Negev.” 

Cracks in the wall
Jerusalem Post 4 May 2013 – ROGER WATERS is known as a vocal supporter of BDS. His support has provided this movement with legitimization and the iconic status he enjoys in the world of the arts. 

Jerusalem Day 2113
Jerusalem Post 4 May 2013 – Today Jerusalem has become a pluralistic place. Many cultures live here and flourish, many streams of Judaism also flourish side by side, as envisioned in the Bible. 

Report: IAF strike in Syria targeted arms coming from Iran
Jerusalem Post 4 May 2013 – ‘New York Times’ reports surface-to-surface Fateh-110 missiles came from Iran and were likely meant for Hezbollah militia in Lebanon; Defense Ministry official denies Israeli confirmation of attack. 

‘Liberman created atmosphere of terror in FM’
Jerusalem Post 4 May 2013 – Former deputy FM Ayalon tells Channel 2 witness testimony in Liberman trial marred by fear boss will return to work. 

Hungary: Right decries ‘Israel plot’ before WJC meet
Jerusalem Post 4 May 2013 – Leaders of third-biggest Jobbik party berate Israelis at rally; World Jewish Congress to open on Sunday in Budapest. 

Denmark, Finland upgrade PA embassy status
Jerusalem Post 4 May 2013 – Nordic countries state upgrade is not recognition of sovereign Palestinian state, meant to encourage negotiated peace. 

Fayyad denies Fatah criticism in NYT interview
Jerusalem Post 4 May 2013 – PA PM denies granting interview in which he reportedly calls Fatah a “failed leadership,” saying it would break down. 

Hezbollah: We will defend Syria against Israel, US
Jerusalem Post 4 May 2013 – Ibrahim Amin Sayyed says Hezbollah would not intervene in Syrian conflict, but would act to stop intervention from Israel, US. 

Israeli who slipped into Lebanon to be returned
Jerusalem Post 4 May 2013 – 34-year-old man who jumped over the border fence handed over to the Red Cross, set to return to Israel next week. 

Lapid recants deficit target, setting it to 4.65%
Jerusalem Post 4 May 2013 – Finance minister yields stance to raise 2013 deficit target following discussions with Netanyahu, Fischer.

Thousands flock to J’lem for ‘Holy Fire’ ceremony
Jerusalem Post 4 May 2013 – Christian pilgrims visit Jerusalem’s Old City for ceremony marking Orthodox Easter; police close streets to traffic. 

Dutch royals to discuss event overlapping Yom Kippur
Jerusalem Post 4 May 2013 – Farewell party for recently abdicated queen falls on Jewish Day of Atonement; Dutch Jewish community “pained”. 

Israel: Hezbollah not seeking Syrian chemical arms
Jerusalem Post 4 May 2013 – Defense Ministry strategist Amos Gilad says Assad maintains control of suspected Syrian chemical weapons. 

Iranian foreign minister backs arrested diplomat
Jerusalem Post 4 May 2013 – Salehi defends record of senior diplomat arrested due to alleged “misunderstanding”; reformists sidelined since 2005 election. 

‘Lebanese president blasts Israeli flyovers’
Jerusalem Post 4 May 2013 – Michel Sleiman says reported flyovers violate Lebanese sovereignty, attempt to derail stability, Lebanese newspaper reports. 

Eurovision Baku 2012 terror plotters jailed
Jerusalem Post 4 May 2013 – BBC reports 3 Azerbaijanis were sentenced for plotting to blow up Israeli embassy in Baku on eve of song contest. 

Obama says does not foresee US troops in Syria
Jerusalem Post 4 May 2013 – US President has not ruled out options as it investigates chem. weapons use but does not foresee sending troops to Syria. 

Report: US believes Israel conducts Syria air strike
Jerusalem Post 3 May 2013 – CNN reports that Israel conducted airstrike into Syria, but Israeli planes did not enter Syrian airspace; CBS, NBC also report airstrike. 

Google grants Palestinian statehood
Jerusalem Post 3 May 2013 – Internet search engine giant changes tagline on Palestinian edition from “Palestinian territories” to “Palestine.” 

IDF source: Hamas working to stop Gaza rockets
Jerusalem Post 3 May 2013 – Speaking at an IDF event in Sderot, Edelstein confirms that Hamas is acting to thwart rocket attacks from Gaza. 

Hamas slams Arabs’ Israeli-Palestinian peace plan
Jerusalem Post 3 May 2013 – “The so-called new Arab initiative is rejected by our people, by our nation and no one can accept it,” Haniyeh tells worshipers in Gaza. 

Pakistanis remember bin Laden as ‘Islamic hero’
Jerusalem Post 3 May 2013 – Al-Qaida supporters gather in Pakistan, chanting, carrying photos of 9/11 mastermind bin Laden on 2nd anniversary of his death. 

The Guardian

Israeli jets hit missile shipment from Syria to Hezbollah
The Guardian 4 May 2013 – Israel’s planes pass through Lebanese airspace to strike delivery of ‘game-changing’ weapons Israeli jets have struck an alleged shipment of advanced missiles in Syria that they say was being sent to the Lebanese organisation Hezbollah, in…

Israeli warplanes bomb Syrian weapons convoy to Lebanon, say officials
The Guardian 4 May 2013 – Sources say attack targeted shipment of ground-to-ground missiles not chemical weapons facility as first reported Israeli warplanes have bombed a convoy carrying missiles from Syria to Hezbollah militia in Lebanon, Israeli officials said. The air strike,…

Palestine now recognised by greater power than US or Israel – Google
The Guardian 3 May 2013 – Internet giant follows UN in recognising statehood, changing home page tagline from ‘Palestinian territories’ to ‘Palestine’ When the UN recognized Palestine as an observer state last November, Israel retaliated by announcing new settlements . Now an organization…

‘Oslo is dead: time for a fresh start’
The Guardian 3 May 2013 – Ian Black : European statesmen express ‘strong concern about the dying chances of a settlement based on two separate, sovereign and peaceful states of Israel and Palestine.’ Diplomatic initiatives to advance the cause of Israeli-Palestinian peace have…

Inter Press Service

Hamas ‘Talibanising’ Gaza
IPS The Islamist resistance group Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, is being accused by its Palestinian Authority (PA) rivals in the West Bank of Talibanising Gaza and turning the coastal territory into a new Muslim Brotherhood neighbourhood. Earlier in the year Hamas launched a “virtue campaign” aimed at spreading Islamic…

Azerbaijan’s Israel Diplomatic Trip Tweaks Tehran
IPS Azerbaijan in late April crossed a self-imposed “red line” in its relations with southern neighbour Iran by dispatching Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov on a visit to Israel, Tehran’s arch-foe. Reasons for the timing of the move are not clear, but, so far, Tehran appears to be biding its time with…


What you need to know about Bradley Manning

Editorials Call for the Closure of Guantánamo in the New York Times, Washington Post and Guardian

Settlers torch olive trees near Ramallah

A Hundred Hungry Men at Guantánamo

Officials: Taliban Capture 33 Police in Northern Afghanistan Police ‘Disappear’ En Masse After Recent Fighting

The Guantánamo Memoirs of Mohamedou Ould Slahi How the United States kept him silent for 12 years.

Military Resistance: 11E1 War

What the CIA’s cash has bought for Afghanistan

Syria News – May 1, 2013 (Warning: Graphic Videos)

Daily Star

Israeli jet shot down over Damascus: Hezbollah TV
Daily Star 4 May 2013 An Israeli warplane was shot down by Syrian air-defense units during a raid near Damascus, Hezbollah’s Manar television station reported.

Syria says Israeli strike hits military center
Daily Star 4 May 2013 Massive explosions shook Damascus and Syrian state media said Israeli missiles had hit a military research center on the outskirts of the capital.

Yemen separatist quits national dialogue over ‘plot’
Daily Star 4 May 2013 A leader of Yemen’s Southern Movement says he is withdrawing from talks to draft a new constitution in protest at a “plot against the southern cause.”

AUB goes Rio for annual festival
Daily Star 4 May 2013 With bright green and yellow balloons, booths and beachwear in honor of Rio de Janeiro, the American University of Beirut (AUB) campus gave the real place some competition this weekend in showing the city spirit.

Ghosn urges more efforts for bishops’ release
Daily Star 4 May 2013 Caretaker Defense Minister Fayez Ghosn calls for more efforts to secure the release of two Orthodox bishops kidnapped and held in Syria last month.

Bomb kills five NATO personnel in south Afghanistan
Daily Star 4 May 2013 A roadside bomb kills five members of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force in southern Afghanistan on Saturday, ISAF says.

Rights group: Iraqi panel needs help probing raid
Daily Star 4 May 2013 Human Rights Watch urges Iraqi authorities to give more financial and political backing to a government panel probing a deadly raid by security forces at a protest camp last week to find out who is responsible…

Pakistan court extends Musharraf’s remand by 14 days
Daily Star 4 May 2013 A Pakistani anti-terrorism court orders former military ruler Pervez Musharraf to remain in custody for a further two weeks ahead of his trial for unlawfully sacking judges during his rule, officials say.

Sleiman: Respect for ‘Baabda Declaration’ required
Daily Star 4 May 2013 President Michel Sleiman reiterates the need for upholding the Baabda Declaration and preventing arms and fighters being sent to neighboring Syria.

Hundreds in Hungary anti-Zionist protest ahead of Jewish meeting
Daily Star 4 May 2013 Hundreds of Hungarians gather in downtown Budapest for an anti-Zionist protest organised by the openly anti-Semitic Jobbik party, just a day before a World Jewish Congress (WJC) meeting kicks off here.

Hezbollah says won’t let U.S., Israel gain control of Syria
Daily Star 4 May 2013 Hezbollah stands ready to defend Syria against U.S. and Israeli designs to control the Arab state and views its involvement in the crisis in Lebanon’s neighbor as political and strategic, a Hezbollah official says.

YNet News

Sde Dov Airport closes due to fog
YNet News, 4 May 2013 – ….

Syria: Israel bombed research center near Damascus, other targets
YNet News, 4 May 2013 – Two days after attack on Hezbollah-bound arms convoy, powerful blasts hit outskirts of Syrian capital; US official tells NBC News Israeli fighter jets bombed military research facility north of Damascus early Sunday; Syrian rights group says ammunition depot, missile brigades also hit ….

Syria: Israel bombed research center near Damascus, other sites 
YNet News, 4 May 2013 – ….

Military: Suicide bomber in Mali kills 5
YNet News, 4 May 2013 – ….

NRA lobby chief: We will never surrender our guns
YNet News, 4 May 2013 – ….

Palestinians: 8 injured in clashes with settlers near Ramallah
YNet News, 4 May 2013 – ….

Jerusalem residents fight for right to Saturday movies
YNet News, 4 May 2013 – Jerusalem residents, activists rally against municipality agreement which states currently-in-construction Cinema City compound will be closed on Shabbat. ‘Logic says that we should win,’ one protester says. Deputy mayor says that’s unlikely ….

Obama on airstrikes: Israel has to guard against Hezbollah 
YNet News, 4 May 2013 – US president refuses to comment on whether airstrikes had taken place but stresses they would be justified ….

Next Iran president likely to have gentler touch 
YNet News, 4 May 2013 – Coming up on end of Ahmadinejad’s two-term presidency, Iran gets ready for elections; Unlike fiery predecessor, new candidates march to tune of different drummer ….

Report: Israeli airstrike directed at missiles from Iran
YNet News, 4 May 2013 – New York Times sheds light on IAF strike in Syria, says target was shipment of surface-to-surface Fateh-110 missiles from Iran stored at Damascus airport ….

At least 62 bodies found in Syria’s Banias
YNet News, 4 May 2013 – Assad’s forces raid Sunni city, kill dozens of civilians including 14 children in second massacre in area this week; dozens still missing ….

Syrian president visits Damascus university
YNet News, 4 May 2013 – In second rare public appearance this week, amid reports of Israeli attack, Bashar Assad inaugurates Damascus University statue in honor of ‘martyrs’ killed in civil war ….

Arab initiative – so what?
YNet News, 4 May 2013 – Op-ed: All Mideast peace plans begin with triumphant speeches on US lawns and end with pools of blood deep inside Israel ….

Britain’s happiest man is a teacher from Scotland, study claims
YNet News, 3 May 2013 – Steve, 60-year-old married teacher, came on top in happiness survey; study finds men happier than women, confirms blondes have more fun ….

Syria: Rebels rocket Damascus airport
YNet News, 3 May 2013 – Syrian official news agency reports rockets hit plane, fuel dump, start massive fire; US allocates $60 million to support rebels; military aid also considered ….

Disabled Gaza baby lives in Israel hospital
YNet News, 3 May 2013 – Abandoned by parents, 3-year-old amputee Mohammed won the hearts of his doctors, who fundraise his medical bills ….

Hundreds in Pakistan pay tribute to Osama bin Laden
YNet News, 3 May 2013 – Some 450 chant for US-eliminated al-Qaeda leader at rally organised by pro-Taliban faction ….

Boston bombing suspects had planned July 4 attack, official says
YNet News, 3 May 2013 – Dzhokhar Tsarnaev reportedly tells investigators he and his brother discussed detonating their explosives at city’s famed celebration on Charles River Esplanade; Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s remains claimed on behalf of his family ….

Palestine Information Center

16 Palestinians killed, 1,227 arrested since start of 2013
PIC – Israeli occupation forces (IOF) killed 16 Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip since the start of 2013, the Ahrar center for prisoners’ studies and human rights said on Saturday.

Israel closed Karm Abu Salem 17 days in April
PIC – The popular committee against the siege has said that Israel had closed Gaza’s sole commercial crossing Karm Abu Salem for 17 days during the past month of April.

Resheq: Demolition of women’s prayer room in Al-Fateh Mosque racist crime
PIC – Ezzat Resheq, a member of Hamas’s political bureau, condemned an Israeli court decision to demolish the women’s prayer room in Mohamed Al-Fateh mosque in Ras al-Amud, in occupied Jerusalem.

Zahhar: The Palestinian people’s rights cannot be bargained
PIC – Senior Hamas official Mahmoud Al-Zahhar said that the Palestinian people’s national constants and their right to their land and holy sites are inalienable and cannot be compromised. 

Health condition of prisoner Sami Aridi deteriorates
PIC – Palestinian Prisoners Center for Studies confirmed that the health condition of prisoner Sami Aridi, aged 33 from Arraba village south of Jenin, has recently deteriorated.

Analyst: Arab initiative does not meet minimum rights of Palestinian people
PIC – Political analyst Dr. Naji Batta said that Hamas movement had unequivocally rejected the Arab initiative, and said that “it does not meet the minimum rights of the Palestinian people.”

Israeli jailers bar Jordanian hunger strikers from having fluids
PIC – The Israeli prison authority prevented the Jordanian hunger strikers from drinking any fluids except water in order to force them into ending their strike.

Turkish Sports Minister to visit Gaza
PIC – Turkey’s Sports Minister Suat Kilic promised to support youth and sports sectors in Palestine and to open new horizons of cooperation, and expressed his desire to visit the Gaza Strip.

Haneyya: The Arabs should support the resistance rather than waiving our rights
PIC – Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya called for developing an Arab strategy protecting the resistance and the Palestinian people’s rights instead of making concessions to the Israeli occupation. 

Israeli court sentences Gazan to 32 years in jail for resisting occupation
PIC – An Israeli court sentenced a Palestinian man from Gaza Strip to 32 years in jail for “resisting occupationâ€.


Fayyad Denies Statements in New York Times Article
WAFA – 4 May 2013

Three Prisoners on Hunger Strike, Says Prisoners Ministry
WAFA – 4 May 2013

Christians Commence Easter Celebrations in Palestine
WAFA – 4 May 2013

Denmark, Finland to Upgrade Relations with Palestinians
WAFA – 4 May 2013

Newspaper Review: Israel to Fund Settlement Activity in Jerusalem Focus of Daily
WAFA – 4 May 2013

Weather Forecast: Sunny, Hot Weather through Wednesday
WAFA – 4 May 2013


Iraqi inquiries find excessive force in Sunni protest camp raid
LA Times 2 May 2013 – Security forces shot unarmed civilians in the Hawija attack last week that killed 45, according to government investigations and foreign diplomats. BAGHDAD — Iraqi security used disproportionate force, including shooting unarmed civilians, during a raid on an encampment of Sunni Arab protesters last week that…

Obama’s Vow on Chemical Weapons Puts Him in Tough Spot
New York Times 4 May 2013 – President Obama surprised aides last year when he declared that the use of chemical weapons in Syria would cross a “red line.” 

Saudis Allow Sports for Some Schoolgirls
New York Times 4 May 2013 – Saudi Arabia’s official news agency says private girls’ schools are now allowed to hold sports activities in the kingdom, “according to the rules of Shariah.” 

Israel Targeted Iranian Missiles in Syrian Attack
New York Times 4 May 2013 – Experts said that Israel was taking a calculated risk that limited strikes would provoke only a limited response. 

2 Bodies Found at Crash of Military Tanker in Kyrgyzstan
New York Times 4 May 2013 – The bodies were found, a government spokesman said, after firefighters put out a fire at the crash site in Kyrgyzstan. 

The Lede: Investigation Suggests American Journalist Missing in Syria Is ‘Likely’ Held by Government
New York Times 4 May 2013 – James Foley, an American journalist who has been missing in Syria, “was most likely abducted by a pro-regime militia group and subsequently turned over to Syrian government forces,” according to GlobalPost, the news site for which he was a freelance correspondent. 

Israel Bombs Syria as U.S. Considers Military Options
New York Times 3 May 2013 – Israel aircraft bombed a target in Syria on Thursday, an Obama administration official said, as United States officials said they were weighing options that included their own airstrikes. 

Israeli Attack Escalates Concern on Syria Intervention
Tikun Olam – Israel’s attack today on a Syrian weapons convoy, just confirmed by Israeli sources , reportedly carrying advanced missiles from the country on Hezbollah’s behalf (so Israel claims), comes at an incredibly delicate time.  Rumors are flying about Syrian use of chemical weapons in its civil war.  Israel…

Israeli Lawyer Accused of Serial Rape, Victims Are Under Gag Order
Tikun Olam – Uri Daniel, lawyer and accused rapist Introductory Note : In this story, I am reporting the claims of four Israeli women that they were raped by the same man.  Obviously, as I’m not a private investigator nor physically present to investigate this case, I am reporting my…

The National Interest: Israel’s Fraying Image
Jewish Voice for Peace – A number of incidents suggest a cultural shift is emerging that could presage a reexamination of the nature of America’s political ties to Israel. Israel’s Fraying Image , Jacob Heilbrunn, The National Interest , May 1, 2013. When the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) holds its annual…

It’s World Press Freedom Day, and cartoonist Mohammad Saba’aneh is locked away
Mondoweiss –  Free Rein by Mohammad Saba’aneh July 13 2010  (Cartoon Movement/World Press Freedom Day Collection ) The strangest thing happened to me last…

Israeli court orders demolition of part of a mosque in Jerusalem
Mondoweiss – Land, property theft & destruction / Ethnic cleansing / Restriction of movement Israeli court orders demolition of part of mosque in Jerusalem RAMALLAH (Ma‘an) 2 May — An Israeli court has rejected an appeal to stop the demolition of part of a mosque in Ras al-Amoud in East…

Another awakening: US travel sites feature West Bank as tourist destination
Mondoweiss – For American awakenings, one of the most prominent was when travel guru Rick Steves watched “Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land” and realized he’d been “bamboozled” by mainstream coverage of this conflict. Since then he’s been learning more about the conflict, and if all goes well,…

Exile and the prophetic: Google Palestine
Mondoweiss – Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE This post is part of Marc H. Ellis’s “Exile and the Prophetic” feature for Mondoweiss. To read the entire series visit the archive page . Google has recognized Palestine .  The virtual state is now on Google’s virtual map. …

Lapid makes pilgrimage to Tel Aviv home of Sheldon Adelson
Mondoweiss – Israeli Finance Minister Yair Lapid     Photo: AP Yair Lapid, the Israeli Finance Minister and the brightest political star in the Jewish state’s sky, secretly met American gambling tycoon and dual loyalty political megadonor, Sheldon Adelson last Saturday. What was discussed at the meeting has…

Israel’s Heartbreaking Policy to African Asylum-Seekers 
The Forward Leonard Fein 4 May 2013 – Ad: How To Survive The Coming Food Crisis – 70% Commissions & 50% On Rebills. Promote A Free 30-page Ebook That Educates Prospects About The Coming Food Shortages. The Follow-up Series Sells A Monthly Interview Series About Food Preparedness And Urban Survivalism.

Hungarian Far Right ‘Jewish List’ Rails Against ‘Zionist’ Plot 
The Foward Breaking News 4 May 2013 – Leaders of a far-right Hungarian party accused Israelis of plotting to buy up the country as several hundred nationalists protested on Saturday on the eve of a meeting of the World Jewish Congress in Budapest. Click here for the rest of the article…

Israel Pounds Hezbollah-Bound Weapons Convoy 
The Foward Breaking News 4 May 2013 – Israel has carried out an air strike targeting a shipment of missiles in Syria bound for Hezbollah guerrillas in neighbouring Lebanon, an Israeli official said on Saturday. Click here for the rest of the article…

Syria’s Assad Still Controls Chemical Weapons: Israel 
The Foward Breaking News 4 May 2013 – A senior Israeli official said on Saturday that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad retains control of Syria’s reputed chemical weapons and they are not sought by his Hezbollah guerrilla allies in neighbouring Lebanon. Click here for the rest of the article…

U.S. Officials Believe Israel Conducted Airstrike Into Syria 
The Foward Breaking News 3 May 2013 – The United States believes Israel has conducted an airstrike into Syria, CNN reported on Friday, citing two unnamed U.S. officials. Click here for the rest of the article…

Syria army site hit ‘by Israel fire’ 
BBC 4 May 2013 – Syrian state TV says Israeli rockets have hit an army research centre near Damascus, as huge explosions shake the outskirts of the capital.

Australia halts Egypt cattle exports 
BBC 4 May 2013 – Australia’s cattle industry suspends exports of animals to Egypt after videos emerge showing “horrific” cruelty in approved abattoirs.

Israel planes strike inside Syria 
BBC 4 May 2013 – Israel launches an air strike against Syria, targeting weapons heading for Lebanon’s Hezbollah, as the US reiterates it is unlikely to send troops.

Google edition adopts ‘Palestine’ 
BBC 3 May 2013 – Internet search engine Google changes the tagline on the front page of its Palestinian edition from “Palestinian Territories” to “Palestine”.

US Tour for Sahar Francis of Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association 
US Campaign to End the Occupation 3 May 2013 – Since 2006 Sahar Francis has been the General Director of Ramallah-based Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association , a Palestinian NGO providing legal and advocacy support to Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli and Palestinian prisons. An attorney by training, she joined the association in 1998, first…

Syria Refugees “Roaming” in Search of Cell Coverage 
Al-Akhbar News 4 May 2013 – Some peddlers even seek to make a living here, selling anything from coffee to Syrian mobile phone prepaid cards. (Photo: Haitham Moussawi) Some peddlers even seek to make a living here, selling anything from coffee to Syrian mobile phone prepaid cards. (Photo: Haitham Moussawi) Each day,…

Ain al-Hilweh Islamists: We Are Not al-Nusra Front 
Al-Akhbar News 4 May 2013 – The decisions were made by individuals and do not reflect the position of the camp as a whole, especially since the Islamist forces did not call for jihad. (Photo: Haitham Moussawi) The decisions were made by individuals and do not reflect the position of the camp…

Saudi jails 2,145 since 2008 for “supporting terrorism” 
Al-Akhbar News 4 May 2013 – The Saudi Justice Ministry says a special security court has issued 2,145 jail sentences for “supporting terrorism” since it was formed four and a half years ago. The Specialized Criminal Court often tries suspects accused of affiliation with al-Qaida’s local branch, which operates both in the…

Israeli airstrike hits “Hezbollah weapons” in Syria: official 
Al-Akhbar News 4 May 2013 – The newly built border across the Israeli occupied Golan Heights near Quneitra on 24 April 2013. (Photo: AFP – Menahem Kahana) Updated 2:21 pm: Israel has carried out an air strike into Syria, supposedly targeting a shipment of missiles bound for Hezbollah in neighboring Lebanon, an…

Libyan forces in standoff with militiamen in Tripoli 
Al-Akhbar News 3 May 2013 – Libyan National Army’s soldiers patrol on the Martyrs square on 3 May 2013 in Tripoli, Libya. (Photo: AFP) Updated 10:03 pm: The Libyan army was deployed to Tripoli’s main square on Friday to guard a pro-government rally and became involved in an uneasy standoff with anti-government…

Israel dismayed over Google’s recognition of Palestine 
Al-Akhbar News 3 May 2013 – Updated 8:08 pm: Israel on Friday challenged Internet giant Google’s decision to replace the term “Palestinian Territories” with “Palestine” on the Palestinian www.google.ps page, after last year’s UN decision to award Palestine observer status. “This change raises questions about the reasons behind this surprising involvement of…

Hussein al-Hujairi: The Jihadi Who Danced and Drank Alcohol 
Al-Akhbar Politics 3 May 2013 – After a two-year pursuit, Hussein al-Hujairi, also known as Hussein al-Hallaq, has finally been captured. (Photo: Haitham Moussawi) After a two-year pursuit, Hussein al-Hujairi, also known as Hussein al-Hallaq, has finally been captured. (Photo: Haitham Moussawi) At long last, Hussein al-Hujairi has been apprehended. The alleged…

Syria army site hit ‘by Israel fire’ 
BBC 4 May 2013 – Syrian state TV says Israeli rockets have hit an army research centre near Damascus, as huge explosions shake the outskirts of the capital.

Iraqi PM coalition in election lead 
BBC 4 May 2013 – A coalition led by Iraqi PM Nouri Maliki wins the most seats in seven of 12 provinces, in the first elections since US troops withdrew in 2011.

Australia halts Egypt cattle exports 
BBC 4 May 2013 – Australia’s cattle industry suspends exports of animals to Egypt after videos emerge showing “horrific” cruelty in approved abattoirs.

Israel planes strike inside Syria 
BBC 4 May 2013 – Israel launches an air strike against Syria, targeting weapons heading for Lebanon’s Hezbollah, as the US reiterates it is unlikely to send troops.

Google edition adopts ‘Palestine’ 
BBC 3 May 2013 – Internet search engine Google changes the tagline on the front page of its Palestinian edition from “Palestinian Territories” to “Palestine”.

AUDIO: Who do Iraqis blame for violence? 
BBC 4 May 2013 – Ten years on from the war in Iraq, the country sees an eruption of violence unseen for almost five years.


Journal: Revisiting Ni’lin after four years 
Team Nablus, International Solidarity Movement 5/2/2013
      It’s been four years since I had visited and lived in Ni’lin and the decision to visit on Friday filled me simultaneously with excitement and longing but also dread. Four years ago I had supported the non violent resistance in Ni’lin as an ISM activist and had experienced the horror and oppression of the occupiers against such actions. Ni’lin’s demonstrations against the Apartheid Wall represented the Ni’lin population’s resilience. They would not let more land, that was the life blood of the community, be stolen.The wall at Ni`ilin
     I arrived in the village not knowing what to expect. Four years is a long time and although parts looked familiar everything was also completely different. The town seemed busier and I was surprised to see cash machines in the Baladia (town centre). I felt disorientated as I gazed at the walls that were adorned with advertisements instead of martyr posters. Ni’lin has suffered heavily under the occupation, not just from the loss of land but also the persecution of its non violent resistance. Five shaheeds (martyrs) were killed by the Israeli occupation forces for opposing the Wall. I arrived early and wandered around Ni`lin with a fellow activist to hopefully reconnect with old friends. I had imagined that it would be okay just to turn up for the demonstration but needed time to acknowledge and deal with things that happened during my stay. I walked to the shop to prepare by buying ‘Top Drink’ a hydration must when sampling Ni’lin produce. From there we walked up the hill to the hospital, as I knew that two of the martyrs were buried near there. Four years ago Ni’lin did not just demonstrate against the wall but jumped into action to demonstrate against the slaughter that was taking place in Gaza as part of ‘Operation Cast Lead.’ Ni’lin demonstrated with other Palestinians on everyday of the operation from mid day until sunset. On the 28th of Decenber 2008 20 year old Mohammed Khawaje and 22 year old Arafat Khawaje were shot with live ammunition whilst demonstrating in solidarity with Gaza alongside international and Israeli activists.more.. e-mail

Exhibition on loan: How Israel’s cultural institutions contribute to occupation 
Yonatan Mizrachi, +972 Magazine 5/4/2013
      Even if bringing the Herodium exhibit to the Israel Museum is not identical to wielding physical violence against Palestinians, it seems that in everything that pertains to the West Bank, those in charge exploit resources for their own needs, be it for exhibition or settlement expansion. 
     The exhibition “Herod the Great – The King’s Final Journey” is the largest archaeological exhibit ever showcased at the Israel Museum. In order to stage the exhibit, 30 tons of archaeological findings were transferred from the sites at Herodium and Jericho. The tremendous investment led to a successful portrayal of the glory of Roman culture, identified with the days of King Herod. Museum director James Snyder was careful to explain that exporting the findings into Israel from Herodium and Jericho, located in the West Bank, was carried out legally, and in accordance with the Oslo Accords.
     In another location, ostensibly without any connection to the above-mentioned case, the Tel Aviv University Institute of Archaeology decided to conduct excavations in the East Jerusalem village of Silwan, at a site known as “City of David.” Even before excavations began, the archaeologists and their spokespersons declared that work would be conducted in accordance with scientific guidelines and would not contribute to strengthening the settlements in East Jerusalem.
     According to today’s international standards, heritage sites are not a national possession, but rather part of a place’s history, and as such, must be accessible to residents and remain under their jurisdiction. However, the prohibition on the removing findings from occupied territories enshrined in international law, and the Oslo Accords, under which archaeological sites in Area C are to be transferred to the Palestinian Authority, have long become meaningless in the Israeli discourse. more.. e-mail

Lia Tarachansky: Seven Deadly Myths 
Israeli Occupation Archive 5/3/2013
      Seven Deadly Myths – OFFICIAL TRAILER from Naretiv Productions.
     When the government tries to silence a history, a light is shed on the nation’s biggest taboo. This is the story of those who fought to erase Palestine and created an Israeli landscape of denial. For more info: www.sevendeadlymyths.com
     Having grown up in Ariel, Lia Tarachansky speaks about segregation. While situated deep in the West Bank, the settlement is completely isolated from its surroundings and the nearby Palestinian villages. “It was like living on an island suspended from the sky by strings”, she says in an upcoming ground-breaking documentary that looks at Israeli collective identity through the prism of its biggest taboo – what happened in 1948. It was this very history the government attempted to silence when in 2009 a new law proposal suggested a three-year jail term for anyone who looks at the events of that year critically.
     It was then, three years after the holocaust that the nascent Jewish state was created in a bloody war that led to two-thirds of the Palestinian people becoming refugees. Those who fled or were expelled to this day remain in camps throughout the Arab world, the West Bank and Gaza. In her film, Tarachansky follows Israeli veterans of that war as they struggle to untangle their memory and years of denial in an erased landscape of segregation. Drawing a clear line between the events of that year and the continuation of that displacement today, the film revolutionizes the way we see the conflict.
     While the law proposal passed parliament, it failed to silence criticism over what happened 1948, instead sparking a nation-wide debate and a movement of historians and journalists to explore what that history means for Israel’s national narrative…. — See also:www.sevendeadlymyths.com more.. e-mail

Israel gives up white phosphorus, because ’it doesn’t photograph well’ 
Idan Landau, +972 Magazine 4/28/2013
      A certain air of nostalgia dominated Maariv’s headline last Thursday: “Due to criticism in the world, IDF parts ways with white phosphorus”: just like the old Galil assault rifle and the old two-way radios that generations of soldiers grew familiar with. A couple of years ago we learned the IDF was giving up its cans of preserved meat (the kosher version of SPAM). Now, it’s white phosphorus that we say goodbye to.
     So the IDF is looking for a replacement for the white phosphorus bombs. A senior officer in the ground forces explained: “As we learned during Cast Lead, it [white phosphorus] doesn’t photograph well, so we are reducing the supply and we will not purchase beyond what we already have.”
     “It doesn’t photograph well.” In all honesty, the man is right.
     This item caught me by surprise. The IDF is giving up white phosphorus? Wait a minute; the IDF never used white phosphorus during Cast Lead. So how exactly do you give up something you we never had? Chemical weapons are something the Syrians use, no?
     Okay, after a while the army did remember that it had been confused, and it did use white phosphorus, but only in open territories and not against people.
     Okay, then the IDF remembered that it got it wrong again and that it did use white phosphorus in urban areas. Two hundred bombs, actually. But this was only in order to create a “smoke screen,” and there is nothing wrong with that. And if there was something wrong, it’s insignificant and unintentional, and it would be thoroughly investigated, so that no stone is left unturned.more.. e-mail

Video: Expanding the Debate on Israel and Palestine
Palestine Chronicle: 4 May 2013 – Full video, including Q&A session, of the Middle East Policy Council’s 72nd Capitol Hill Conference, “The Future of Israel and Palestine: Expanding the Debate” This event was held April 25, 2013, in the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington, DC. Full video, a podcast and an unedited transcript can be found at www.mepc.org. Featuring: Stephen Walt (Professor of International Relations, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University); Philip Weiss (Founder and Co-Editor, Mondoweiss.net); Henry Siegman (President, U.S./Middle East Project; Former Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations)more

Diaspora Jews Must Speak Out
Palestine Chronicle: 4 May 2013 – By Sam Bahour You are born in a country, say the United States. As such, you become a citizen of that country. You are issued a passport from your country of citizenship which allows you to travel to other countries, as a tourist, a foreigner. Of course, you can apply for residency or citizenship in a foreign country based on their immigration laws and, if accepted, you can be issued a second citizenship. Immigration laws are complicated, non-uniform, and, for democratic countries, go out of their way to be non-discriminatory, that is, unless you are Jewish. If you are Jewish, a very discriminatory law in a foreign country applies to you, without taking your consent and without any formal ties between you and that country. It matters not that you are a citizen of America, Argentina, or Australia; as long as you are Jewish, you have a foreign country that…more

No, We Can’t: The Arab Peace Initiative
Palestine Chronicle: 4 May 2013 – By Uri Avnery An ambassador is an honest man sent abroad to lie for the good of his country, a British statesman famously wrote some 400 years ago. That is true, of course, for all diplomats. The question is whether the diplomat lies only to others, or also to himself. I am asking this these days when I follow the arduous efforts of John Kerry, the new American foreign secretary, to jump-start the Israeli-Arab “peace process”. Kerry seems to be an honest man. A serious man. A patient man. But does he really believe that his endeavors will lead anywhere? True, this week Kerry did achieve a remarkable success. A delegation of Arab foreign ministers, including the Palestinian, met with him in Washington. They were led by the Qatari prime minister – a relative of the Emir, of course – whose country is assuming a more and more prominent role…more

Looking through Israel’s Smokescreens
Palestine Chronicle: 4 May 2013 – By Rima Najjar Merriman After all the hasbara and whitewashing Israel has been vigorously conducting, the conversation about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is finally changing – at least among activists and academics.  Here is a distillation of Israel’s problem and a proposed solution. Bottom Line about Israel Israel is already Greater Israel from the Mediterranean to the Jordan Valley. It is an apartheid, racist state no doubt about it (see Ben White if you need documentation about the more than 50 Israeli laws that discriminate against 48-Palestinians). Its rationale for existence is to be a Jewish state. To that end it has invented an ethnicity for Jews (as separate from the religious identity). So now it is looking for ways to be an ethnically-pure Jewish state and also claim to be a modern democracy (as, thankfully, it doesn’t want to be a theocracy). Contortions to that effect are beginning to take…more

More material available from Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel – www.vtjp.org
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