Bradley Manning / Wikileaks Newslinks 11 May 2013

11 May 2013 —


The good soldier – Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney Morning Herald

In part, The Passion of Bradley Manning can be read as a biography. Manning, a talented but troubled computer geek, enlisted in the army (perhaps because of an unhappy relationship with his father) and, despite struggling as a recruit, somehow ended up …


Pride Meeting Ends Amid Chaos

EDGE Boston

The San Francisco Pride board of directors faced off against an angry crowd

of about 125 Bradley Manning supporters Tuesday evening at a meeting

intended to hear public comments on its reversal of Manning as a Pride

grand marshal. But the meeting …


Bradley Manning Trial Stenographer Crowdfunded By Nonprofit

NEW YORK — Fed up with the military’s limits on access to the court

martial of Bradley Manning, the Army private who has admitted to sending

hundreds of …


San Francisco’s Gay Pride organizers disinvite Bradley Manning …

It was initially announced that Bradley Manning would be one of the

honorary Grand Marshalls at San Francisco’s annual LGBT Pride parade on

June 29-30, …


SF Gay Pride Protested for Nixing Bradley Manning as Grand Marshal

PFC Bradley Manning Manning Nixed by Pride Board. By James Patterson The

board that oversees the San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade is facing a

backlash …


SF Pride’s Bradley Manning Debacle – YouTube

Jeff 4 Justice discusses how San Francisco Pride’s public relations

disaster regarding the false …


WikiLeaks: Mugabe offered Tsvangirai VP post

Nehanda Radio

In November 2010, whistleblowing website WikiLeaks began publishing 251,287

leaked United States embassy cables, the largest set of confidential

documents ever to be released into the public domain. The cables from 1966

up February 2010, contained …


Prisoner of conscience – Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney Morning Herald

The opening from Chase Madar’s book leaves us in no doubt as to the

author’s view on his subject: whistleblower Bradley Manning, the man said

to have supplied to WikiLeaks half a million classified documents. p/p.

For Madar, the line’s more than a …


WikiLeaks: PMO said India will purchase N-reactor from US


WikiLeaks said Prithviraj Chavan told US that India will purchase nuclear

reactor from the US. In fact, Foreign Secretary Shivshankar Menon assured

“letter of intent.” According to the cable, “Foreign Secretary

Shivshankar Menon and Minister of State …


WikiLeaks: PMO confirmed military assistance to Nepal still conditional


WikiLeaks reveals that India linked aid to Nepal with democratisation

process. It says, “PMO Media Advisor Sanjaya Baru confirmed to PolCouns

on April 25 that the press reports were accurate in describing a

democratisation quid pro quo for the …


Valitor to Start Reprocessing Payments to WikiLeaks


Icelandic partner of MasterCard and Visa Europe, Valitor hf., was ordered

by Iceland’s Supreme Court on April 24 to start processing WikiLeaks again

within 15 days or face fines of ISK 800,000 (USD 6,830, EUR 5,250) per day, reports.


WikiLeaks: Prithviraj Chavan informed US embassy on nuclear deal


“Chavan’s comments were more candid than we have heard from others, with

a frank admission that the GOI was wary of moving too fast due to criticism

from its political allies that the UPA Government is growing overly close

to the US.” The Wikicable …


WikiLeaks: Fertiliser Corporation of India contract awarded to snamprogetti


WikiLeaks: Fertiliser Corporation of India contract awarded to

snamprogetti. A 1976 Wikicable reveals that the US was keeping a close eye

on a fertiliser plant contract awarded to Snamprogetti (Quatrocchi fame).

The cable said that Il Fiorino, an …


Secrecy shrouds pretrial hearing in WikiLeaks case – News

A military judge has ordered a closed hearing Wednesday at Fort Meade, Md.,

to decide how much of Bradley Manning’s WikiLeaks trial should be closed to


Unusual News – S.F. Selection of WikiLeaks Leaker as Gay Pride …

Manning’s announced selection to be an honorary grand marshal of the June

29- 30 event was “a mistake and never should have happened,” Pride

Board …


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