Bradley Manning / Wikileaks Newslinks 24 May 2013

24 May 2013 —

WikiLeaks, Bradley Manning and the Damage Done—to Bradley Manning


Army Pfc. Bradley Manning is one of the human faces in Alex Gibney’s latest film, ‘We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks.’ (Photo: Courtesy of Focus World). Failed negotiations for an interview with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange were incredibly …


Honor gay hero Bradley Manning

Freedom Socialist Party

In April, former grand marshals for San Francisco Gay Pride made

nominations for marshals for this year’s parade and voted, as usual. A

winner was Bradley Manning, the gay soldier who leaked classified documents

that proved war crimes by the U.S. …


Constitutional Rights Attorneys, Media Challenge Secrecy of Manning Court …

eNews Park Forest

WASHINGTON–(ENEWSPF)–May 23 – Yesterday, the Center for Constitutional

Rights (CCR) filed a complaint and motion for preliminary injunction asking

a federal district court in Baltimore to order the military judge in the

court-martial of Bradley …


Army Sued Over Lack of Access to Bradley Manning Trial

Reason (blog)

A long-anticipated fight over public access to the court-martial of

WikiLeaker Pfc. Bradley Manning has come to Federal Court, a week and a

half before his trial is set to begin. The Center for Constitutional Rights

sued the judge presiding over …


The Manning Public Access Litigation Moves to District Court

Lawfare (blog)

Before it gets lost in the coverage of this afternoon’s speech by the

President, I wanted to flag a very important development in the ongoing

saga that is the Bradley Manning court-martial. Folks may recall my post

from about a month ago on the sharply …


Alex Gibney on WikiLeaks, Assange and Manning

CBS News

Academy Award-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney talks to about his

latest documentary, “We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks,” which

recounts the rise and fall of Julian Assange, and the saga of Army SPC.

Bradley Manning, who is facing …


Vid: WikiLeaks, Assange & the End of Secrecy: Alex Gibney on “We Steal Secrets”

Reason (blog)

Watch the video above to find out why Academy Award-winning documentary

filmmaker Alex Gibney considers Bradley Manning a tragic hero, Julian

Assange an egomaniac who “believes his own fiction,” and Wikileaks a force

for liberation in an age of …


WikiLeaks documents ‘errors’ in US film

The Age

US Army Private First Class Bradley Manning arrives at the courthouse for a

motion hearing at Fort Meade in Maryland. Manning, 25, is accused of

providing diplomatic cables and other secret documents to the WikiLeaks

website. Photo: JOSE LUIS MAGANA …


Film Review: We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks

Film Journal

As Gibney explains, the Baghdad video was leaked by Bradley Manning, an

Army Specialist who had access to millions of secret and classified

military and State Department documents. Starting in 2009, Manning

allegedly started downloading material and …


Julian Assange Files Second Lawsuit Against Dept. of Defense

Ring of Fire

In vigorous support of Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, a group including

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange filed a suit against the Department of

Defense, demanding transparency in Manning’s trial, The Huffington Post

reports. This lawsuit marks the second …


Everything you need to know about Obama’s war on leakers in one FAQ

Washington Post (blog)

The judge called the prosecution “ill-considered.” Bradley Manning was

an American soldier who was arrested in 2010 for passing thousands of

classified documents to WikiLeaks. Manning hoped to spark a national debate

about the morality of U.S. conduct …


Review: ‘We Steal Secrets’ a thriller about WikiLeaks

Los Angeles Times

But viewers may be less familiar with Bradley Manning, the low-level Army

intelligence analyst who provided Assange with his most daring cache of

documents and is soon to begin a court-martial stemming from those

activities. Gibney (with editor Andy …,0,1791731.story


Assange Unmasked; ‘Midnight’ Thrills; ‘Hangover’: Movies


Neither Assange nor his most famous leaker, conscience-stricken Pfc.

Bradley Manning, cooperated with the film. Assange wanted $1 million.

Manning is in prison. Yet “Secrets” teases out unforgettable portraits

of the two very different men. Gibney …


‘We Steal Secrets’: A Sidelong Look At WikiLeaks


Neither did prominent WikiLeaker Bradley Manning, who’s been behind bars

since early 2012. But Gibney’s reliance on archival footage of these two

doesn’t hobble the movie, and the writer-director did locate some seriously

conflicted people who were …


Review: ‘We Steal Secrets’ juicy look at WikiLeaks

San Francisco Chronicle

In addition to WikiLeaks founder Assange, Gibney devotes almost equal time

to the fascinating figure of U.S. Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, allegedly the

source of the largest volume of classified military documents leaked by

Assange. It’s an awkward irony …


We Steal Secrets: Filmmaker Alex Gibney Talks about Wikileaks

The Nation. (blog)

Bradley Manning’s trial starts June 4—he’s charged with espionage and

aiding the enemy. His crime: releasing to Wikileaks, and to the New York

Times and The Guardian (and The Nation), hundreds of thousands of

classified files documenting widespread …


Alex Gibney on His Controversial New WikiLeaks Film

The Nation. (blog)

“The people who don’t necessarily have an axe to grind are liking it,”

he asserted. And he again declared strong support for Bradley Manning. (I

should note that I wrote the first book about WikiLeaks and later the first

book about Bradley Manning …


‘We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks’: movie review

New York Daily News

His greatest coup came through Bradley Manning, a desperately troubled

young soldier who facilitated the biggest leak of classified military and

diplomatic secrets in U.S. history. The vastly divergent paths of Assange

and Manning make up the most …


WikiLeaks leaks ‘We Steal Secrets’ doc transcript

New Straits Times

The statement accuses the film of inaccurately portraying the relationship

between WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange and Bradley Manning, the U.S.

soldier who provided hundreds of thousands of classified documents to the

site. The statement asserts that …


‘WikiLeaks’ Holds Water

Wall Street Journal

… Story of WikiLeaks,” contains not a single first-hand interview with

Julian Assange, engineer of the biggest security breach in U.S.

intelligence history, the “crazy white-haired Aussie” as described by the

U.S. Army’s very incarcerated Pfc …


Former NYT Lawyer Hammers Obama On Press Freedom

Huffington Post

PRONESE May 23, 2013 14:24 No Cover for manning here from James Goodale..

Interesting… DeveyElise May 23, 2013 14:23 [Toni_Holloway], We faltered

under Bush….Obama finished us off. Kathy_Sandru May 23, 2013 14:23

[Lumin], A 3rd party would …


WikiLeaks, Assange & the End of Secrecy … – Reason Online

By Zach Weissmueller

“It’s terribly important that we see the horrors of war, because then we

know what’s happening in our names,” says Academy Award-winning documentary



1st June Free Bradley Manning Rally also in Heidelberg, Germany …

Free Bradley Manning Justice for Julian Assange Support Wikileaks.


Bradley Manning Judge Rules 24 Witnesses Will Testify In Secret

FORT MEADE, Md. — The military judge overseeing the trial of Bradley

Manning ruled Tuesday that “there are no alternatives to closure” of the

court during the …


Alex Gibney on ReasonTV Talks Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks …

In this ReasonTV interview, Gibney talks about Bradley Manning, Julian

Assange , WikiLeaks, transparency and the horrors of the U.S. national

security state.


Save Bradley Manning | Facebook

Save Bradley Manning. 74080 likes · 17443 talking about this.


Security Trumps Justice in Upcoming Manning Trial | Common …

Tuesday marked the final day in pretrial hearings in the court martial of

Pfc. Bradley Manning. (Credit: Reuters)Prosecutors will proceed with the

charge that Pfc.


What’s happening at the Bradley Manning Trial? | KYAQ | Lincoln …

Independent journalist Alexa O’Brien has been covering the court

proceedings of PFC Bradley Manning at length (at her own cost). She was

interviewed on the …


Noam Chomsky on why Bradley Manning isn’t the worst case « The …

Noam Chomsky on why Bradley Manning isn’t the worst case. By TheDailyBlog

Reposts / May 18, 2013 / No Comments. VN:F [1.9.22_1171]. please wait.


WikiLeaks documentary spotlights complexity of Julian Assange


LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange may claim to be a

champion of transparency, but when an Oscar-winning filmmaker wanted to

shine a light on his rise to fame after publishing secret U.S. diplomatic

cables on his website, …


WikiLeaks leaks transcript of ‘We Steal Secrets’ documentary, accuses director …

Washington Post

No author is cited for the statement that accuses the film of inaccurately

portraying the relationship between WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange and

Bradley Manning, the U.S. soldier who provided hundreds of thousands of

classified American documents to …


WikiLeaks Donations Down to a Trickle

Wired (blog)

The report does not disclose any salaries paid to Assange or WikiLeaks

spokesman Kristinn Hrafnnson. It states only that “The coordination of

the content related tasks is performed by Julian Assange on base of a

project-contract. He is also responsible …


WikiLeaks Leaks ‘We Steal Secrets: The Story Of WikiLeaks’ Transcript, Slams …

Huffington Post

The leak comes in lieu of final pretrial hearings for Manning, the Army

private who gave more than 700,000 secret U.S. documents to WikiLeaks. It

also comes months after late-February speculation that Assange was the

subject of a sealed indictment by …


WikiLeaks leaks ‘We Steal Secrets’ doc transcript


LOS ANGELES (AP) — WikiLeaks characterizes the new documentary, “We

Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks,” as biased and accuses its

director, Alex Gibney of “errors and sleight of hand.” The publishing

site released a statement Thursday announcing …


WikiLeaks Documentary Reveals the Daring Hypocrisy of Julian Assange


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange seemed like an intriguing topic for

prolific documentarian Alex Gibney, but little did he know the rabbit hole

of secrets, lies and hypocrisy he would find as he dug into his subject.

Gibney’s latest work, “We Steal …


I am impressed with The Hindu reports on WikiLeaks, says Advani

The Hindu

Senior BJP leader L.K. Advani has said he was greatly impressed by the

revelations contained in the secret documents accessed by WikiLeaks that

were serialised in The Hindu. He expressed concern at the continued

confinement of Julian Assange, …


Meet the smart lawyer for WikiLeaks


Australian celebrity human rights lawyer and key member of Julian Assange’s

legal team, Jennifer Robinson, is a regular visitor to South Africa.

Noseweek interviewed her when she attended the 18th Commonwealth Law

Conference held recently in Cape …


Wikileaks: Brennan behind ‘witch hunt’ of journalists

(Breitbart) An obscure November 2012 Wikileaks email dump points to former

White House counterterrorism adviser and now-CIA chief John Brennan as the

person behind the “witch hunt” of journalists who reported unflattering

Obama administration leaks.


‘We Steal Secrets’ Documentary Focuses on Personalities of Assange, Manning …


Academy Award-winning director Alex Gibney held a special screening for his

new documentary, We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks, in Washington,

DC, on May 21. Gibney also participated in a question and answer session

after the film that was …


Specialty BO Preview: ‘Before Midnight’, …

Sony Classics’ Before Midnight and FocusWorld’s We Steal Secrets: The Story

Of WikiLeaks will anchor the Specialty alternative to the official

onslaught of blockbusters season. Richard Linklater’s Midnight is the third

installment which debuted in the …


Truth and Justice: The American Way?

Huffington Post

A few years ago I wrote a column defending WikiLeaks and what it was trying

to do with governments around the world by releasing secrets and attempting

to open up a closed process so that all citizens could see what was going

on and maybe get a few …


Don’t forget about my rights, says Julian Assange ‘sex victim’

The Independent

A lawyer for one of the women who have accused Julian Assange of sex crimes

has called for more pressure to be placed on Ecuador to allow the WikiLeaks

founder to face Swedish justice. While Mr Assange remains in the Ecuadorean

embassy in London …


This could be Geely’s great leap forward

Times LIVE

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange may claim to be a champion of

transparency, but when an Oscar-winning filmmaker wanted to shine a light

on his rise to fame after publishing secret US diplomatic cables on his

website, Assange was none too pleased.


Condon & Cumberbatch’s FIFTH ESTATE Relase Date Moved Up

Broadway World

The official synopsis of THE FIFTH ESTATE is as follows: “Through the eyes

of Daniel Domscheit-Berg (Daniel Brühl), an early supporter and eventual

colleague of Julian Assange (Benedict Cumberbatch), the film follows the

heady, early days of Wikileaks …


Associated Press Scandal: Does the Media Only Care About Free Speech When …


There is an obvious example in recent memory of a private person

publicizing some very classified information: Julian Assange, founder of

WikiLeaks and hacker- extraordinaire, published confidential government

cables en masse in late 2010, prompting an …

See all stories on this topic:


Spike Lee’s Oldboy Gets Pushed Back

Cinema Blend

Formerly, Oldboy was set to face off against the Tom Hanks-fronted biopic

Captain Phillips, the horror pic Haunts and the recently moved Wikileaks

docudrama The Fifth Estate. But the 25th is presently far less crowded,

with the only other film slated …


WikiLeaks releases transcript of critical US film –

By Agence France-Presse

Wikileaks says a movie’s portrayal of its founder Julian Assange was

‘grossly irresponsible’


DP/30 @ Sundance ’13: We Steal Secrets: The Story Of Wikileaks …

By David Poland

One Response to “DP/30 @ Sundance ’13: We Steal Secrets: The Story Of

Wikileaks, documentarian Alex Gibney”. berg says: May 23, 2013 at 12:08

pm. great stuff. Leave a Reply. Click here to cancel reply. Name

(required). Mail (will not be …


WikiLeaks Slams Film ‘Filled With Factual Errors And Speculation …

By bcronos

Over recent months, WikiLeaks has continued to make its presence felt. In

April, the organization announced a release dubbed “The Kissinger

Cables” — a trove of more than 1.7 million documents tied to the launch

of PlusD, the WikiLeaks …


‘We Steal Secrets,’ a Documentary on WikiLeaks –

Alex Gibney’s new documentary, “We Steal Secrets: The Story of

WikiLeaks,” traces the intertwined actions of Julian Assange and Pfc.

Bradley Manning.


“We Steal Secrets”: Alex Gibney and the war on WikiLeaks – CBS …

Filmmaker discusses his new documentary on Julian Assange, Bradley Manning,

and the government’s crackdown on whistleblowers.


LOS ANGELES: WikiLeaks leaks `We Steal Secrets’ doc transcript …

WikiLeaks characterizes the new documentary, “We Steal Secrets: The Story

of WikiLeaks,” as biased and accuses its director, Alex Gibney of “errors

and sleight …


WikiLeaks releases transcript of critical US film | Inquirer News

WikiLeaks has released what it says is an annotated transcript of a

documentary that takes a critical look at the anti-secrecy group ahead of

the US film’s Friday …


WikiLeaks leaks `We Steal Secrets’ doc transcript – Wire …

WikiLeaks characterizes the new documentary, %22We Steal Secrets: The Story

of WikiLeaks,%22 as biased and accuses its director, Alex Gibney of

%22errors …


Why Reporters Should DEFEND Julian Assange & Wikileaks …

“It is now well known that the Obama justice department has prosecuted more

government …

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