Mercenaries surrender to Syrian military in Qsseir By Luis Brizuela Bringuez

25 May 2013 — Prensa Latina

Imagen activaDamascus, May 25 (Prensa Latina) The Syrian Arab Army continued its advance today the offensive in Qsseir, central province of Homs, after mercenaries group members surrendered to the authorities in the northern and central districts of the city.

The military evacuated irregular and broke down several shelters west of Homs-Balabak road, which runs through the center of the strategic town near the border with Lebanon and point between Damascus and the coastal zone.

Similarly, were destroyed tunnels and trenches, and mines and planted IEDs on roads and houses by the so-called rebels were cleared, state television detailed.

In rural Husseinia and Hamra troops left out of combat an unknown number of opponents and seized large quantities of military equipment, armored vehicles, motorcycles, counterfeits and gas masks during several raids.

The Syrian military commander Saturday extended its rule to both sides of the Baalbek-Homs road, which leads to Qsseir, and heavy machine guns canceled and 23 mm anti-aircraft gun during an assault on mercenaries concentration points in the villages surrounding the -Dabaa and al-Hamadiye.

The TV station also said that Army units took full control of the northern and western part of Tal Assafine near al-Hamadiye.

A source close to the military commander, who requested anonymity, told Prensa Latina that taking Qsseir entire region is imminent, and the armed forces will gain a strategic victory to assure their dominance in the central region of the country near a quarter of the national land area.

The Army is also gaining ground in other Levantine provinces of this nation, despite the armed opposition groups have the unconditional logistic and financial support from regional and Western governments.

As part of operations in Duma, Harasta, al-Kassimieh, al-Zamanieh, Zamalka, Arbin, al-Ziyabieh, Khobar and Barzeh, in the province of Damascus Countryside, the armed clashes left lying annihilated countless opponents and their shelters, said SANA news agency.

The armed forces managed to restore security and stability in the villages of al-Shamatieh and al-Hamadieh.

In the neighborhoods of al-Sinaa, al-Huyaka, al-Yibaileh, in the eastern city of Deir Ezzor, the syrian forces destroyed a truck loaded with weapons and ammunition along with their occupants, while 14 mercenaries were killed in the town of al- Mraiyia, said the source.

It also reported that security organs captured three members of the Frente al-Nusra, a subsidiary of the terrorist network Al Qaeda, in the town of al-Masrab, and seized a vehicle gunship, one RPG rocket launchers and machine guns.

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