Bradley Manning Newslinks 31 May 2013

31 May 2013 —


Supporter of leak suspect Bradley Manning settles with US over laptop seizure

David House, a former MIT researcher, who co-founded an organization to raise money for accused leaker Bradley Manning, accused the Department of Homeland Security of violating his civil rights without a warrant when he passed through airport security …


Bradley Manning: The Hero of a New WikiLeaks Documentary ‘We Steal Secrets’

NewsBusters (blog)

Since Gibney couldn’t root for Assange in his movie, he made Bradley

Manning the hero, and the scapegoat, insisting “The US government is

trying to lay all the blame for these leaks on one poor kid.” Other

liberal journalists have easily found at least …


Pride to hold forum on Bradley Manning

San Francisco Chronicle (blog)

If you have anything to say about Bradley Manning being excluded from the

June 30 Pride parade after he was originally selected as a grand marshal,

Friday night is your chance. The U.S. Army private who pleaded guilty to

leaking classified military …


Fort Meade preparing for hundreds at Bradley Manning demonstration

Baltimore Sun

Fort Meade officials plan to close the main gate of the Army base in Anne

Arundel County on Saturday, and police could limit traffic on surrounding

roads during a mass demonstration for Army Pfc. Bradley Manning. Officials

expect hundreds to march in …,0,6344906.story


Libertarian, anti-war, gay rights groups march for Bradley Manning

Contact Email. Contact Email2. Contact Url. Subscribe to Blog. Remember my

Info. Truth-teller Bradley Manning’s court martial begins on June 3 at Ft.

Meade, Maryland and his supporters will be there on June 1 through June 8

demanding his freedom.


Government Settles With Researcher Put on Watch List For Supporting Bradley …

Slate Magazine (blog)

But the then 23-year-old activist, who helped set up the Bradley Manning

Support Network, was detained by Homeland Security officials who, without a

warrant, confiscated his laptop, video camera, cellphone, and USB drive.

House was interrogated about …


After laptop seizure, Manning supporter wins court victory

The man was a supporter of Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, the central figure in

the military’s WikiLeaks scandal. David House was among those working with

the Bradley Manning Support Network, a group trying to raise money for

Manning’s legal defense.


Programmer, US settle over laptop seizure

Boston Globe

David House, a former MIT researcher who cofounded an organization to raise

money for Bradley Manning, accused the Department of Homeland Security of

violating his civil rights when he passed through a Chicago airport in

November 2010. Homeland …


Feds Settle Lawsuit by Bradley Manning Supporter Over Border Laptop Search

American Civil Liberties Union News and Information (blog)

House was at that time involved in the Bradley Manning Support Network, an

organization dedicated to raising funds for the legal defense of the

soldier who has since admitted providing classified documents to WikiLeaks.

You can read the settlement here.


Veterans For Peace Stands With Bradley Manning!

eNews Park Forest

WASHINGTON–(ENEWSPF)–May 30, 2013. Military veterans are turning out in

force to show support for PFC Bradley Manning this Saturday, June 1, at 1

pm at Fort Meade, Maryland, on the eve of his historic court martial, which

begins on Monday.


US Settles Lawsuit With Bradley Manning Supporter Who Had Laptop Seized at …

eNews Park Forest

House, who was then working with the Bradley Manning Support Network, an

organization created to raise funds for the legal defense of the soldier

who has admitted to leaking material to WikiLeaks, charged in a lawsuit

that the seizure violated his …


Government Agrees to Destroy Information Seized from Bradley Manning …


The government has decided to settle a lawsuit brought by American Civil

Liberties Union on behalf of Bradley Manning Support Network co-founder

David House. The lawsuit involves a suspicionless border search that House

experienced in 2010, where he …


The Truthseeker: Manning Nobel Peace Prize nomination (E16)


Published on May 31, 2013. Why Bradley Manning’s been nominated for the

Nobel Peace Prize; the duty to disobey orders; chilling charge ‘terrorism

by association’; and the first country in the world to make transparency,

not secrecy, the rule. Saturday …


Bradley Manning Ally Drops Suit over Seized Laptop

Reason (blog)

A former WikiLeaks’ supporter and friend of leaker Bradley Manning who had

his laptop seized by the Department of Homeland Security has dropped his

federal lawsuit challenging the seizure. The plaintiff, David Maurice

House, says that the government …


Pentagon Papers’ Ellsberg backs Bradley Manning


Daniel Ellsberg blew the whistle on the Vietnam War by releasing the

“Pentagon Papers”. He has now taken up the case of another whistleblower,

Bradley Manning, who released troves of classified documents to WikiLeaks

and now faces life in prison for it.


Daniel Ellsberg: WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning deserves to be seen as a …

Raw Story

Former Defense Department official Daniel Ellsberg praised WikiLeaks

suspect Bradley Manning in video published Thursday. “I have a

considerable identification with whistle-blowers, but Bradley above all

because it is the first time in 40 years since …


Massive Manning protest expected to disrupt traffic at Fort Meade

Army Pfc. Bradley Manning’s court martial at Fort George G. Meade is

scheduled to start Monday. Posted: Thursday, May 30, 2013 10:30 am |

Updated: 9:31 pm, Thu May 30, 2013. Massive Manning protest expected to

disrupt traffic at Fort Meade By …


Julian Assange Is on TV

Motherboard (blog)

Al Jazeera promoted the show heavily, asking site visitors “What would you

ask Julian Assange?” While pieces like Alex Gibney’s new film We Steal

Secrets cast less-than-heroic perspectives of Assange, Jeremy Hammond’s

case and Bradley Manning’s trial …


Creating a public transcript of the Bradley Manning trial

Bradley Manning is facing a court martial and a civil trial for passing

hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables and army reports to Wikileaks.

Despite the importance of this trial, a transcript will not be released.

Freedom of the Press Foundation …


‘Classified Enemy’ in Manning Case Confounds Scholars

Courthouse News Service

(CN) – The “classified enemy” designation attached to one of the three

entities that WikiLeaker Bradley Manning is accused of aiding has perplexed

and divided professors of military law. Manning, a 25-year-old former

intelligence specialist, has been …


Manning Supporters to Demonstrate at Fort Meade Saturday

Fort Meade officials have announced some changes to traffic patterns near

the installation this Saturday, in anticipation of a demonstration related

to the court martial of Pfc. Bradley Manning. Hundreds of supporters of the

accused Wikileaks sources …


Rally supports whistleblower Manning

Mail Tribune

A rally in support of Pfc. Bradley Manning, a U.S. Army intelligence

officer who released classified documents on military operations in the

Middle East to the website WikiLeaks, will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday,

June 1, at Veterans Park next to the …


Bias Alleged in WikiLeaks Documentary ‘We Steal Secrets’


Academy Award-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney’s new documentary on Julian

Assange and Bradley Manning focuses “on character assassination rather

than conscience” and portrays “whistleblowing as something that is

deviant,” writes Jesselyn Radack of …


The WikiLeaks story exposed, but not resolved

Julian Assange: Silver-haired freedom fighter or creepy cyber-guru? Bradley

Manning: Courageous whistle-blower or tormented info-traitor? Alex Gibney’s

overlong but fascinating “We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks”

manages to convince you that …


Gov’t agrees to destroy data seized in political interrogation at airport

Ars Technica

The US government “has agreed to destroy all data” Homeland Security agents

obtained in a border search of a Bradley Manning supporter, the American

Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) announced yesterday. The settlement (PDF)

arises from a November 2010 …


Assange slams Carr as a ‘well-known liar’

Manning River Times

He had been asked to respond to Senator Carr’s assertion on the ABC that it

was a “fantasy” to think that the US was seeking to extradite him once in

Sweden to face conspiracy charges over information provided to Wikileaks by

Bradley Manning, the US …


Brian Ferguson: Dark underbelly to 2013 Fringe


FROM death, disaster, gang rape and domestic abuse to Anders Breivik, Jimmy

Savile and Bradley Manning – there is a dark underbelly underpinning much

of this year’s Fringe, which also promises to be one of the most

politically-charged of recent years.


US, Wikileaks suspect’s advocate settle data case

Hindustan Times

House is a founding member of The Bradley Manning Support Network, which

raised money for Manning’s legal defense. “The seizure of David House’s

computer is a chilling example of the government’s overbroad ability to

conduct a search at the border that …

See all stories on this topic:


Feds, Soldier’s Supporter in Wikileaks Case Settle

ABC News

The ACLU said the government also agreed to hand over numerous documents

related to the use of the seized data and questioning of House, a founding

member of The Bradley Manning Support Network. “The seizure of David

House’s computer is a chilling …


Blow Your Whistle! Truth and Freedom Win Over Lies and Slavery

Huffington Post

While The Washington Post broke Watergate and The New York Times published

the Pentagon Papers, neither bothered to return Bradley Manning’s call, so

he turned to Wikileaks. The military-industrial complex is so vast that it

even has San Francisco LGBT …


‘We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks’ is fair and balanced

Chicago Sun-Times

“We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks” follows Julian Assange, the

Australian-born founder of the activist site WikiLeaks, and Bradley

Manning, the U.S. Army intelligence specialist stationed in Iraq who turned

over military and diplomatic files …


World Lit to Wikileaks

The Chicago Maroon

I am starting to think that Bradley Manning is a hero and that he is

innocent of the charge of ‘aiding the enemy’ despite having violated

several Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) regulations. The choices he

made that led to the violation of …


We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks

Paste Magazine

But unassuming Private First Class Bradley Manning, who launched the

organization into the big time when he allegedly leaked hundreds of

thousands of documents from classified U.S. military and diplomatic

servers, gets equal time in a film that …


The doco Julian Assange detests

Sydney Morning Herald

”The portrayal of Manning’s alleged relationship to WikiLeaks and to

Assange is grossly irresponsible and suggests – erroneously and when

evidence is to the contrary – that Assange may be guilty of conspiring with

Bradley Manning to commit espionage …


‘Secrets’ a revealing look at WikiLeaks

Boston Herald

The film is composed of archival news footage, footage of the

oft-interviewed Assange, and interviews with, among others, hacker Adrian

Lamo, who first encountered online Bradley Manning, the U.S. Army soldier

who downloaded hundreds of thousands of …

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‘We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks’ movie review

Washington Post

That’s Bradley Manning, the geeky U.S. Army private who is being

court-martialed for leaking the helicopter video (dubbed “Collateral

Murder”) and the State Department cables to Assange’s site. Gibney’s film

also closely examines Manning’s motivations.


International Day of Action: Support Bradley Manning | Iraq Veterans …

Saturday, June 1st, 2013, 1-4PM International Day of Action: Support

Bradley Manning Reece Road and US 175, Fort Meade, Maryland Buy your bus

ticket …


Secrecy shrouds Bradley Manning trial | Wall Street fleecing students

Gerry Condon of the Bradley Manning Support Network talks about efforts to

shut out the public from Manning’s politically charged trial. PSL member

Jac …


Should SFPride take pride in Bradley Manning? | Opinion Shop | an …

After abruptly canceling the decision to name Army Pfc. Bradley Manning as

grand marshal of the June 30 San Francisco Pride Parade, the organizers now

are …


JUSTICE: Green Shadow Cabinet stands with Bradley Manning …

Bradley Manning is a whistleblower who has exposed the policies and

practices of the U.S. governmnet’s domination and hegemony. From Tunisia to

Yemen, …


Please Support the International Day of Action for Bradley Manning …

To highlight what the Bradley Manning Support Network describes as a trial

that “ will determine whether a conscience-driven 25-year-old WikiLeaks


Afghan peace volunteers gather to thank Bradley Manning – Public …

Many in Afghanistan wish more people would find the courage to stand up for

freedom, security and peace, and act as whistle-blowers to shine a light on

secret …


OpEdNews – Article: Please Stand for Bradley Manning this …

Article: Please Stand for Bradley Manning this Saturday at Fort Meade. –

Please stand for Bradley Manning on Saturday, June 1, 2013 at Fort Meade,

MD, He …

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