Bradley Manning Newslinks 4 June 2013

4 June 2013 —


Bradley Manning, US soldier accused of leaking US secrets, generates more …

Washington Post

LONDON — It’s rare for an American to generate more sympathy abroad than he or she does at home, but Bradley Manning and his trial are unique in a host of ways. With Manning’s trial heating up in the United States, where he is accused of aiding the …


Bradley Manning built close ties to Julian Assange, prosecutors claim

The Guardian

The US government used the first day of the Bradley Manning trial to allege

that the soldier had a much closer relationship with Julian Assange, the

founder of WikiLeaks, than has previously been claimed. Prosecution lawyers

peppered the government’s …


Bradley Manning : Patriotic whistle – blower or American traitor ? ( + video )

Christian Science Monitor

It was during his tour in Iraq in 2010 as he was serving as an intelligence

analyst that Pfc. Bradley Manning watched a video stored in the US

military’s database that showed two pilots accidentally shooting civilians,

among them children and two …


Bradley Manning goes on trial over leaking secret US files and cables to WikiLeaks

ABC Online

“I’m here to have solidarity with my devoted brother Bradley Manning,” he

said outside the courtroom. “I’m going to be here as often as I can. My

spirit will be here. He is a courageous young brother.” Also at Fort Meade,

WikiLeaks stationed a truck in …


Bradley Manning: héroe o traidor


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Published on Jun 3, 2013. El lunes comenzó en Fort Meade el juicio contra

el soldado estadounidense Bradley Manning, quien reconoció haber filtrado

informes militares secretos al sitio …


Bradley Manning trial ‘dangerous’ for civil liberties – experts

The Guardian

The trial of Bradley Manning, the US soldier who leaked a trove of state

secrets to WikiLeaks, could set an ominous precedent that will chill

freedom of speech and turn the internet into a danger zone, legal experts

have warned. Of the 21 counts faced …


Bradley Manning trial begins with clash of interpretations over soldier’s actions

The Guardian

The highest-profile trial of an official leaker in a generation got under

way on Monday when the US government accused Bradley Manning of betraying

his nation to satisfy a craving for notoriety, while the defence presented

him as a young, naive …


Bradley Manning Trial Begins; Prosecutor Says Leaker Gave Vital Info to Enemies

ABC News (blog)

As the court martial of Army Private First Class Bradley Manning got

underway Monday, prosecutors argued that the former Army intelligence

analyst “knowingly gave intelligence to the enemy” when he leaked

700,000 U.S. government documents to …


Bradley Manning decided in 2009 to leak US secrets, his lawyer says

Los Angeles Times

FT. MEADE, Md. — Army Pfc. Bradley Manning’s decision to release

classified U.S. government secrets came in late December 2009, when he was

new to Iraq and learned to his horror that a family of five was grievously

injured by a roadside bomb.,0,3824091.story


Bradley Manning and us: a soldier for truth on trial

The Guardian

In early 2010, when a soldier named Bradley Manning handed hundreds of

thousands of diplomatic cables and Army reports over to WikiLeaks, he also

risked everything to protect our freedom. But the American government is

trying him for treason. And the …


Bradley Manning court-martial opens

Washington Post

A military prosecutor charged Monday that Army Pfc. Bradley E. Manning

“harvested” a massive trove of classified information from secure

networks and made it available to America’s enemies knowing he would cause

harm. “This is a case about a soldier …


Bradley Manning dumped info into enemy hands, prosecutor says

CBS News

Updated: 10:45 p.m. ET. FORT MEADE, Md. Pfc. Bradley Manning put U.S.

military secrets into the hands of Osama bin Laden himself, prosecutors

said Monday as the Army intelligence analyst went on trial over the biggest

leak of classified material in …


Bradley Manning accused of dumping sensitive US documents into ‘hands of …

San Jose Mercury News

FORT MEADE, Md. — Army Pfc. Bradley Manning dumped hundreds of thousands

of sensitive documents on to the Internet and into enemy hands, a

prosecutor said Monday at the beginning of a trial for the biggest leak of

classified information in U.S. history.


Bradley Manning WikiLeaks trial begins, three years after arrest

Christian Science Monitor

More than three years ago, Army Pfc. Bradley Manning was arrested in Iraq

and charged in the biggest leak of classified information in US history.

Skip to next paragraph. Related stories. WikiLeaks 101: Five questions

about who did what and when …


Bradley Manning court-martial begins


FORT MEADE, Md. — Prosecutors opened the Army’s court-martial of Pfc.

Bradley Manning on Monday by charging that the former intelligence analyst

knew full well the 700,000 classified documents he has admitted giving to

WikiLeaks could fall into the …


Bradley Manning trial begins three years after arrest

The Guardian

The US government has accused Bradley Manning of dumping a massive and

indiscriminate trove of state secrets “into the lap of the enemy” by

transmitting classified documents to the open information website

WikiLeaks. In an hour-long opening statement …


Bradley Manning trial over WikiLeaks documents begins

Irish Times

Private First Class Bradley Manning, 25, is an intelligence analyst who

faces a possible life sentence without parole if convicted for the 2010

leak that outraged the United States government. Manning wore a dress black

uniform and sat at the defense …


Bradley Manning leaked data to WikiLeaks ‘to gain notoriety that he craved’

The Independent

By transmitting quantities of sensitive and secret material to WikiLeaks in

2010, an “arrogant” Bradley Manning was also dumping it into the

“hands of the enemy”, a military prosecutor contended at the start of

the US Army private’s court martial at …


Bradley Manning Prosecutors Claim Evidence of Bin Laden Link

U.S. News & World Report

FORT MEADE, Md. – The court martial for the young U.S. Army soldier accused

of the greatest intelligence leak in U.S. history started Monday, featuring

strong words from the prosecution, who says they can prove Bradley Manning

gave classified …


Bradley Manning Court-Martial Begins In WikiLeaks Case

NPR (blog)

Starkly different views of Army Pfc. Bradley Manning were presented Monday,

the first day of his court-martial on charges that he aided the enemy when

he gave a large batch of classified data to WikiLeaks that was then posted

online. In February …


Bradley Manning court-martial starts: key points in the WikiLeaks case

Christian Science Monitor

The court-martial of US Army Pfc. Bradley Manning for the largest leak of

classified documents in US history will hinge on whether he aided the enemy

and violated the 1917 Espionage Act – charges that some legal analysts

say the Obama administration …


Bradley Manning gave US military secrets to Osama bin Laden: Prosecutors

Times of India

FORT MEADE (Maryland): Prosecutors said Monday that Pfc. Bradley Manning

put US military secrets into the hands of Osama bin Laden himself, as the

Army intelligence analyst went on trial over leaking hundreds of thousands

of classified documents.


Bradley Manning’s trial begins three years after arrest

Herald Sun

THE long-awaited trial stemming from the biggest leak of classified

information in US history has begun, with Private Bradley Manning accused

of feeding troves of secret files to WikiLeaks. In his first statements at

the court martial, Manning …


Bradley Manning faces court martial for aiding enemy over WikiLeaks

The Australian

After spending more than 1000 days in custody, Private First Class Bradley

E Manning was brought into the courtroom at the centre of a sprawling

military base 30 miles outside Washington DC to face charges that he

betrayed his country and aided the …


Bradley Manning trial opens with competing portraits of WikiLeaks whistleblower

Toronto Star

A courtroom sketch depicts Private First Class Bradley Manning, left, and

his attorney David Coombs during the first day of Manning’s trial at Fort

Meade, Md., on Monday. Manning is accused of providing more than 700,000

secret documents to the …


Bradley Manning is My Hero

Daily Beast

“I think what Bradley Manning did was pretty heroic and selfless and I

want to do everything I can to support someone who is willing to sacrifice

everything so we can all know the truth about U.S. foreign policy and what

this government is doing …


Bradley Manning on trial


The court martial for Pfc. Bradley Manning, 25, the former Army

intelligence analyst on trial for the most extensive leak of information in

U.S. history, began in Maryland Monday. Lawyers for the prosecution opened

with an hour-long statement …


Bradley Manning’s gave information to enemies

Zee News

As the trial commenced, prosecutors claimed that Manning had aided the

enemy. “This is a case of about what happens when arrogance meets access to

sensitive information,” Capt. Joe Morrow said in his opening statement, as

per a news agency report.


Bradley Manning trial ‘dangerous’ for civil liberties: experts | The …

By Ed Pilkington, The Guardian

The trial of Bradley Manning, the US soldier who leaked a trove of state

secrets to WikiLeaks, could set an ominous precedent that will chill

freedom of speech and turn the internet into a danger zone, legal experts

have warned. Of the 21 …


Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks Source Extraordinaire, Begins Military …

Bradley Manning, the Lady Gaga–loving soldier who admitted

to—illegally—leaking classified documents to unfriendly ghost Julian

Assange begins his military trial today. “Manning has admitted to sending

troves of material to the anti-secrecy …


Video: Bradley Manning Rally in Fort Meade – Hit & Run :

By Matthew Feeney

“Bradley Manning Rally in Fort Meade” is the latest offering from Reason

TV. Watch above or click on the link below for video, full text, supporting



Pfc. Bradley Manning’s trial begins Monday | The Daily Caller

By McHenry Lee

After spending more than three years in prison, Army Pfc. Bradley Manning’s

trial will begin on Monday on charges relating to the release of over

700,000 classified intelligence documents to the WikiLeaks website. Manning

faces over 20 …


Day One in Trial of Accused Wikileaker Bradley Manning – Le·gal In …

By Mandy Nagy

Day one of the trial of Pfc. Bradley Manning, who stands accused of leaking

more than 700,000 military and diplomatic documents to Wikileaks, began

today. Starkly different portraits of Manning were portrayed by prosecutor

Army Capt.


Government: Bradley Manning ‘Dumped Information on the Internet …

By Kevin Gosztola

The government gave its opening statement in the trial of Pfc. Bradley

Manning, the soldier who has confessed to disclosing information to

WikiLeaks. Cpt.


Bradley Manning “Hero” Mural Returns in Greenpoint, Trial Starts …

By Hrag Vartanian

Greenpoint’s “HERO BRADLEY MANNING” mural returned to Nassau Avenue

after a brief hiatus.


Bradley Manning Trial Begins With Charges He Put U.S. Soldiers At …

By Doug Mataconis

Starting today, the fate of Pfc. Bradley Manning is on trial in a courtroom

at Fort Meade, Maryland.


USA must allow Bradley Manning to use ‘public interest’ defence …

By Amnesty International

The trial against US soldier Bradley Manning, who faces multiple charges in

relation to obtaining and distributing thousands of classified documents to

unauthorized parties, begins today.


Jesse Ventura Rants On Bradley Manning, IRS, And Suing Navy …

By Josh Feldman

Former Minnesota governor and professional wrestler Jesse Ventura joined

Piers Morgan tonight for a lively discussion ranging from the big scandals

in Washington to the trial of Bradley Manning to whether Ventura would

finally dip his toes …


Trial Begins for Wikileaks Soldier Bradley Manning: VIDEO| Gay …

By Andy Towle

Wikileaks soldier Bradley Manning’s trial began today, three years after

his arrest in May 2010. Mashable, in an.

Towleroad News #gay


Bradley Manning Court-Martial: Secrecy and Injustice on Trial

By Steve Lendman

America honors its worst. It persecutes its best. Manning is heroic. He

risked great personal harm. He did so to reveal vital truths. People have a

right to know. Washington has no right to conceal them. Secrecy,

lawlessness, and contempt for …



Trial Begins For Military Whistleblower Bradley Manning | The Daily …

By Activist Post

Bradley Manning’s case and treatment is at the heart of a new U.S.

government mission that equates the revealing of truth as aiding and

abetting the enemy. It is a tactic which might end up backfiring.


Bradley Manning court-martial begins – Stephanie Gaskell … – Politico

FORT MEADE, Md. — Prosecutors opened the Army’s court-martial of Pfc.

Bradley Manning on Monday by charging that the former intelligence analyst

knew full …


Trial Of Alleged Wikileaks Leaker Bradley Manning Begins | WAMU …

The long-awaited trial of Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, who’s accused of

leaking classified material, began today at Fort Meade in Maryland. In his

hour-long …


Bradley Manning Trial FAQ – WikiLeaks

Twenty-five-year-old Bradley Manning is alleged to be the source of a trove

of written and audiovisual material detailing, inter alia, war crimes,

corruption, torture …


Bradley Manning Trial Begins at Fort Meade | Occupy America

Video: Private Bradley Manning, 25, faces his first day on trial Monday —

accused of the largest leak of classified information in U.S. history —

with prosecutors …


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