Wikileaks / Bradley Manning Newslinks 21 June 2013

21 June 2013 —

WikiLeaks plane ‘ready’ to bring Snowden to Iceland

Times of India

REYKJAVIK: A chartered private jet is ready to bring US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden to Iceland from Hong Kong, a businessman connected to whistleblowing website WikiLeaks said on late Thursday. “Everything is ready on our side and the plane …


WikiLeaks: Journalist Michael Hastings Under FBI Investigation Before Death

U.S. News & World Report

The document-leaking organization WikiLeaks says journalist Michael

Hastings called the organization’s attorney hours before his death Tuesday

in a fiery one-car crash in Los Angeles. In a tweet, WikiLeaks announced:

“Michael Hastings contacted …


WikiLeaks, Assange negotiating asylum in Iceland for Snowden

Washington Post

WikiLeaks, Assange negotiating asylum in Iceland for Snowden. WikiLeaks,

Assange negotiating asylum in Iceland for Snowden. Jun. 20, 2013. WikiLeaks

and its founder Julian Assange are pursuing asylum for Edward Snowden in

Iceland. CBS News.


WikiLeaks plane ‘ready’ to take Edward Snowden to Iceland

“Everything is ready on our side and the plane could take off tomorrow,”

Icelandic businessman Olafur Sigurvinsson, head of WikiLeaks partner firm

DataCell, told Channel 2 television. “We have really done all we can do. We

have a plane and all the …


WikiLeaks may publish more revelations promised by Snowden – Assange


WikiLeaks may publish further revelations promised by NSA leaker Edward

Snowden, Julian Assange hinted during a conference call with journalists.

He reiterated that his legal team is helping Snowden in his quest for

asylum in Iceland. “I feel a great …


WikiLeaks’ Assange helping NSA Leaker Snowden gain asylum


Assange is wanted for questioning in Sweden, but refuses to leave the

embassy, believing he may be sent to the US, where there is an

investigation into WikiLeaks’ part in releasing hordes of secret US

government data provided by Bradley Manning.


A Wikileaks Ally Is Ready to Fly Snowden to Iceland Tomorrow

New York Magazine

Man, Wikileaks really does want in on this Edward Snowden story: Whenever

Snowden’s ready, meaning whenever he gets a promise of political asylum,

there’s a plane all ready for him to fly to Iceland, courtesy of an

Icelandic businessman who runs a …


WikiLeaks’ Assange: “I Won’t Leave Ecuadorean Embassy in London”

Havana Times

HAVANA TIMES — Wikileaks founder Julian Assange announced Wednesday that

he will remain in the Ecuadorian embassy in London even if the sexual

offense charges that were brought against him in Sweden are dropped, as the

United States has …


Assange: WikiLeaks helping Snowden seek Iceland asylum

LONDON, June 20 (UPI) — WikiLeaks is helping Edward Snowden, the

self-declared U.S. spy-program leaks source, broker asylum in Iceland,

anti-secrecy group founder Julian Assange said. “I feel a great deal of

personal sympathy with Mr. Snowden,” …


Julian Assange hints WikiLeaks might publish next Edward Snowden


London – National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden is getting help

from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. On a conference call with reporters

Wednesday, Mr. Assange confirmed reports that WikiLeaks is helping Mr.

Snowden’s effort to gain asylum …,f47aed9e-183e-4a8b-939d-b829a07cffd6.html


FBI denies Wikileaks’ conspiracy theories around Michael Hastings’ death


The online rumors were stoked by a Twitter posting from the anti-secrecy

website WikiLeaks on Wednesday saying Hastings had contacted a WikiLeaks

attorney “just a few hours before he died, saying that the FBI was

investigating him.” The FBI issued a …


WikiLeaks helping Snowden seek asylum

Global Times

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said Wednesday his organization is

assisting whistle-blower Edward Snowden’s asylum bid in Iceland, warning

that they may also help publish more details on the secret surveillance

program conducted by the US National …

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WikiLeaks Helping NSA Leaker Snowden Seek Asylum in Iceland

In The Capital

WikiLeaks and Snowden sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G.. Well not really,

but according to the New York Times, the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks is

working with Edward Snowden’s legal team to help him seek asylum in

Iceland. Snowden is thought to be …


WikiLeaks Seeks Asylum for Edward Snowden in Iceland

Democracy Now

The whistleblower group WikiLeaks says it has made contact with Edward

Snowden’s legal team to help him win asylum in Iceland. WikiLeaks founder

Julian Assange disclosed the news in a phone call with reporters. Assange

also urged President Obama to …


WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange says he’s helping NSA leaker Edward Snowden …

Washington Times

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says he’s trying to forge an asylum

agreement for NSA intelligence leaker Edward Snowden to hide in Iceland.

“I feel a great deal of personal sympathy with Mr. Snowden,” Mr.

Assange said in a conference call from …


WikiLeaks implies popular US journalist was taken out, not ‘traffic accident’


WikiLeaks just added some gasoline onto the fire about the death of a

famous US journalists M. Hastings who was killed in a ‘car accident’. On

Wednesday night, they Tweeted: “Michael Hastings contacted WikiLeaks

lawyer Jennifer Robinson just a few …


Wikileaks Negotiating Asylum for Snowden

Town Hall

Townhall is packed with breaking news headlines, political news, and

conservative opinion with Townhall columnists including Ann Coulter,

Michelle Malkin, Michael Barone, Star Parker, Dennis Prager, Thomas Sowell,

and many more of your favorite …


‘Paranoid’ Michael Hastings told WikiLeaks lawyer he was being investigated by …

Daily Mail

A tweet sent from WikiLeaks yesterday claimed: ‘Michael Hastings contacted

WikiLeaks lawyer Jennifer Robinson just a few hours before he died, saying

that the FBI was investigating him.’ The Rollingstone and Buzzfeed

reporter, who famously brought down …


Assange Hints WikiLeaks Could Publish Future Snowden Disclosures

The Inquisitr

Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder is helping a fellow whistleblower,

Edward Snowden with his problems. During a conference call on Wednesday

Assange confirmed that his organization is helping Snowden obtain asylum in

Iceland. He stated that they …


Claim asylum like me! WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange aims to help …

The Independent

The WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is trying to help intelligence agency

whistleblower Edward Snowden follow in his footsteps and claim asylum amid

fears the latter will be extradited to America over his leaking of

sensitive data. Speaking from the …


WikiLeaks: Late Journalist Michael Hastings Said He Was Under FBI Investigation

Democracy Now

In another disclosure from WikiLeaks, the group is claiming the late

journalist Michael Hastings said he was under FBI investigation just before

he died. Hastings was killed in an early morning car wreck Tuesday in Los

Angeles. In a Twitter message on …


The Young Turks On Wikileaks’ Michael Hastings ‘Scoop’: Reporter Was Already …


(UPDATED AT BOTTOM) Wikileaks’ revelation, that Michael Hastings contacted

them hours before his death to tell them that he was being investigated by

the FBI, came as no surprise to The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur. On Wednesday

night’s edition of Current …


Edward Snowden Update: WikiLeaks Activists Working to Grant Former NSA …

Headlines & Global News

WikiLeaks advocates in Iceland are working to grant former National

Security Agency technical contractor Edward Snowden asylum in the Nordic

country. “We are in touch with Mr. Snowden’s legal team and are in the

process of brokering his asylum in …


Michael Hastings, the FBI, and WikiLeaks: Death of Journalist Sparks …

New York Magazine

Bringing those suspicions to the forefront last night was WikiLeaks, never

reticent to insert itself into a story, which teased, “Michael Hastings

death has a very serious non-public complication. We will have more details

later.” And after three hours …


WikiLeaks Says Michael Hastings Believed the FBI Was Investigating Him

PJ Media

WikiLeaks tweeted a message to their millions of followers Wednesday

stating that the 33-year-old author and war correspondent had contacted the

organization’s lawyer to say he was being watched by the FBI. The body in

the car was burned so badly that …


WikiLeaks to Iceland: Grant Snowden Asylum

1230 WBZT

(NEWSER) – After a year in Ecuador’s embassy, Julian Assange is now

seeking asylum for someone else. WikiLeaks is in talks with Iceland’s

government to secure asylum for Edward Snowden, Assange said; an Iceland

spokeswoman said Snowden …


WikiLeaks/Michael Hastings Conspiracy Theory Open Thread

PJ Media

So what is WikiLeaks trying to say with this Tweet? Is it simply priming us

for a revelation about why Hastings was being investigated? Or is it trying

to imply that there’s some link between Hastings contacting Jennifer

Robinson and the journalist’s …


Video: Supporters unite for Julian Assange outside Ecuadorian Embassy, London

Belfast Telegraph

Supporters of Julian Assange gathered outside of the Ecuadorian Embassy in

Knightsbridge, London, on Monday, June 17, marking one year since Ecuador

granted political asylum to the WikiLeaks founder. Assange was due to make

an appearance to the …


Edward Snowden Asylum: Olafur Vignir Sigurvinsson Readies Private Plane To …

Huffington Post

REYKJAVIK, June 20 (Reuters) – An Icelandic businessman linked to WikiLeaks

said he has readied a private plane to take Edward Snowden, the former

National Security Agency contractor who exposed secret U.S. surveillance

programmes, to Iceland if the …


Exiled Assange hits out at both sides of politics

Brisbane Times

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says he has been in contact with

representatives of Edward Snowden to discuss his possible bid for asylum in

Iceland following his disclosure of US surveillance programs. AUDIO ONLY.

Autoplay OnOff; Video feedback …


Justin Bieber’s Uncle Wonders If FBI Connected To Michael Hastings’ Death


Hastings died in a car accident in Los Angeles on Tuesday, and Wikileaks’

tease, combined with their context-free revelation, made the unmistakable

suggestion that perhaps the two were related, a suggestion that was not

lost on Rob Bieber, who tweeted …


‘Do we need more leaks in order to be outraged?’


As Wikileaks hints at the possibility of publishing more classified

documents leaked by Edward Snowden, the US intelligence community is

getting apprehensive about the whistleblower’s intentions, Charlie McGrath

head of Wide Awake News has told RT.


Edward Snowden could fly to Iceland tomorrow

News of Iceland

A jet owned by a Chinese company was rented by individuals related to

Wikileaks to fly the informant Edward Snowden to Iceland. This was reported

in Iceland earlier today by the local media. The group is waiting for

reactions from the minister of the …


FBI: ‘At No Time Was Michael Hastings Ever Under Investigation’

Hollywood Reporter

WikiLeaks published a tweet on Wednesday to its 1.9 million followers which

claimed that Hastings had “contacted WikiLeaks lawyer Jennifer Robinson

just a few hours before he died, saying that the FBI was investigating

him.” The allegation was teased …


Justice Party attempts to raise support for Manning with Kutztown event

The Mercury

Manning was arrested in Iraq in May 2010 for suspicion of releasing

classified documents to the website WikiLeaks. He is in his third week of

trial and is facing a life sentence. He is charged under federal espionage

and computer fraud laws, but the …


Julian Assange: Still Hiding in Ecuadorian Embassy After One Year


Assange, the whistle-blower and owner of the controversial WikiLeaks web

site, was granted political asylum from Ecuador and has been running the

site for the last year from the embassy. Here’s a quick recap of his story:

Assange was first arrested in …

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Trust is the real loser in Flegg case

The Australian

In the US and here, governments were (and are) more outraged by the

villainy of Assange than by the substance of the material he actually

dumped on WikiLeaks. His actions were greeted with much huffing and puffing

about “illegality” and “betrayal” but …


Michael Hastings Death: LAPD Does Not Suspect Foul Play


In the wake of a Wikileaks tweet that claimed Hastings contacted Wikileaks

lawyer Jennifer Robinson hours before his death, believing he was being

investigated by the FBI, conspiracy theories have abounded that Hastings

was murdered. Also read: …


Ex Oz PM says Assange ‘no criminal’, but ‘attention seeker of worst kind’

Newstrack India

Melbourne, June 21 (ANI): Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard has

reportedly called WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange ‘an attention seeker of

the worst kind’. However, Howard is not sure whether Assange is guilty of a

crime but insists that he …


LAPD says no foul play in death of swashbuckling journalist

Fox News

“Michael Hastings contacted WikiLeaks lawyer Jennifer Robinson just a few

hours before he died, saying that the FBI was investigating him,” the

second message read. Ben Smith, editor of BuzzFeed — where Hastings worked

in addition to Rolling Stone …


Judge rejects journalists’ demand for more openness in Manning trial

Baltimore City Paper (blog)

As City Paper reported this week, the case in which the New York-based

Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), joined by media organizations,

including Wikileaks, The Nation, and Democracy Now!, asked for a court

order to end pervasive secrecy …


Assange brokering Snowden’s asylum in Iceland


London, England, United Kingdom (4E) – WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

is brokering the asylum of National Security Agency (NSA) leaker Edward

Snowden in Iceland. Assange revealed Wednesday in a conference call with

reporters from London’s …


WikiLeaks plane ‘ready’ to bring Snowden to Iceland –

By Agence France-Presse

A businessman connected to WikiLeaks says a plane is ready to take

whistleblower Edward Snowden to Iceland.


Althouse: “WikiLeaks says Michael Hastings contacted it just before …

By Ann Althouse

Michael Hastings was a much admired freelance journalist who covered the

wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and helped to bring down General Stanley

McChrystal. He was tragically killed this week in a car crash in Los

Angeles, after his car hit a …


I Am Bradley Manning: Video Release

The Indypendent

Ft Meade: A full length video PSA (4:39) in support of Bradley Manning was

released on June 18, featuring celebrities and journalists calling for the

government to drop the dangerous “aiding the enemy” charge. The video

follows a short teaser video …


Sign Petition: SF Pride Board Reinstate Bradley Manning Grand Marshal

Bay Area Indymedia

The ‘Grand Marshal, Not Court Martial Coalition’ has been pressing the SF

Pride Board to reinstate Bradley Manning as the Grand Marshal of this

year’s Pride march after they unilaterally removed him and abused their own

election process. Please Sign …


Manning WikiLeaks case in recess

The Australian

US soldier Bradley Manning’s trial for giving massive amounts of classified

material to WikiLeaks has gone into recess until next week. The prosecution

and defence will spend the next week negotiating written statements from 17

witnesses, in lieu of …


Leakers of classified information are traitors, should be executed

Canton Repository

I recently saw portions of a video in which various celebrities

individually faced the camera and stated, “I am Bradley Manning.” Some

of them held signs or posters supporting their “hero.” As an average

middle-class American who doesn’t live in the …


US National Security up against ‘Whistleblower Revolution’

Mizo News

There are nearly 5 million people in the United States with security

clearance, and any one of them could be the next Edward Snowden or Bradley

Manning. So what — if anything – are intelligence agencies doing to

better keep their secrets. And, might …


Insider Threat: Obama Administration to Crack Down Further on Leakers

The Obama Administration has gone leaker-phobic, following both the Bradley

Manning leaks and the more recent revelations about NSA surveillance, and

is now imposing draconian new penalties on anyone leak-adjacent. No longer

contented to merely …


Down the Rabbit Hole: What’s Really at Stake With Domestic Surveillance?

Huffington Post

These revelations and the ongoing effort to either verify or debunk the

claims of people like Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden have created tense

conversations among people who are usually allies in the political realm.

For those of us who care …


Laurie Anderson Gets Political at River to River Shows

New York Times (blog)

Onstage Ms. Anderson ruminated on how the Internet had become “the new

dragnet” and urged the audience to telephone the comment line of the

White House — she provided the number — with opinions on the trial of

Pfc. Bradley Manning over supplying …


Australian Senator Ludlam on whistleblowers, democracy, Bradley …

By editor

Australian Senator Ludlam on whistleblowers, democracy, Bradley Manning and

Edward Snowden. June 21, 2013 editor No comments. Source. Tweet · flattr

this! Politics Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, Politics, video …


Bradley Manning’s chats and emails; authorized access: trial report …

Several more government witnesses testified today about Bradley Manning’s

online activity, access to various programs, and what the Apache video



Bradley Manning | Flobots

We’re releasing a new track about army whistleblower Bradley Manning, whose

trial is currently underway. Free download here. There’s also a video to go

along …


Daily Kos: New video: I am Bradley Manning

Or are we just overly enamored with our latest shiny object and the Manning

story just …. People are afraid of the Bradley Manning reality so far as

I can see.

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