On Working White Liberals | Paul Farmer, special envoy for criminal UN mission in Haiti | A Free Haiti – Nov. 18th Vertierres Post | Boycott the DR announcements

9 November 2013 — HLLN

Recommended HLLN Links: Vertierres – The greatest battle ever fought on this planet http://bit.ly/12PGpmg

Legal responsibility of UN for reckless transmission of a contagious disease http://bit.ly/15kOuCZ

UN claims to be above the law, says its legal to kill 8000 Haitians with impunity – http://bit.ly/YjAMKs


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-On Working White Liberals by Maya Angelou Audio – as read by the author at http://bit.ly/1971tpe


Full text at http://bit.ly/HFVe5S


-Some recommended HLLN Links on Paul Farmer, special envoy for the criminal UN mission in Haiti


– Share and circulate widely. Men anpil chay pa lou- HLLN Boycott the Dominican Republic, Audio recordings by Emisyon Lakou New York (Kreyòl and English)


-The Dominican Republic’s discrimination against Haitians By Washington Post| Editorial Board | November 7, 2013 http://wapo.st/16KQ69D




A Free Haiti Movement – Nov. 18th Vertierres Post Vertieres – The Greatest Battle ever fought by Ezili Danto/HLLN http://bit.ly/2vqDXL


“On Working White Liberals by Maya Angelou


I don’t ask the Foreign Legion Or anyone to win my freedom Or to fight my battle better than I can, Though there’s one thing that I cry for I believe enough to die for That is every man’s responsibility to man. I’m afraid they’ll have to prove first That they’ll watch the Black man move first Then follow him with faith to kingdom come. This rocky road is not paved for us So, I’ll believe in Liberal’s aid for us When I see a white man load a Black man’s gun.” (Full text at the Ezili Network archives at http://bit.ly/HFVe5S Audio – —Black Pearls: The Poetry of Maya Angelou: On Working White Liberals http://bit.ly/1971tpe )


“Sèl blan ki bon blan se blan k met fizi sou move blan yo” (Feliks Moriso Lewa, on Jean Jacques Desalin at Blan Mannan – http://bit.ly/fH8XQv )


“Dessalines who is my history teacher tells me the only good white is the white that shoots the bad whites.” (Moriso Lewa, Blan Mannan http://bit.ly/r8dbfs )




-Some recommended HLLN Links on Paul Farmer, special envoy for the criminal UN mission in Haiti


Avatar Haiti -Paul Farmer leads the NGO invasion and humanitarian imperialism pillaging Haiti’s unobtanium.


In this disaster capitalism era, Paul Farmer runa amok behind the “saintly doctor” persona.


In Haiti, Washington insiders say, he’s their “useful idiot.”


In Rwanda and Congo, the people were hoping Haiti would stop him before Bill and Hillary and their ilks used him in those places.


We’ve done our best to unmask the charitable industrial complex these madmen hide behind. The Harvard crew Farmer represents has taken over from the Chicago boys. They’re narcissist/white supremacists of the worst kind- progressive who are the status quo.


Like his twin, Jim Yong Kim, who heads the World Bank and with Santa Claus Clinton, in plain site, these poverty pimps plunder and pillage for the corporate elites. Making them billions upon billions on imported diseases, famine, coup detat/regime change but leaving behind worst pain than ever and development like a Lalaland-celebrated Korean sweatshop as the height of “building Haiti back better.” Kidder writes his PR. The pharmaceutical companies have never had it so good.


Haiti will stop the poverty pimps. “We are the field work who dare dissect the anthropologist and humanitarian invaders’ behavior in Haiti.” After empire’s unfair trade and military incursions finishes eviscerating countries like Haiti, the NGOs vultures are sent in to lap up the spilled blood. As the pioneers in the human rights struggle, the people of Haiti shall END THE NGO tool used by the UN on behalf of empire. Ginen poze.


-Some recommended HLLN Links on Paul Farmer, Envoy for the criminal UN mission in Haiti:


– Paul Farmer is not a God but the face of the UN/USAID/World Bank http://bit.ly/nAKdi1


-Good Growth at the World Bank? Dying for Capitalism http://www.counterpunch.org/2012/08/02/dying-for-capitalism/


– – Paul Farmer and World Bank president Jim Yong Kim exposed http://bit.ly/RQdQTt


–Haiti: Ezili Dantò on Wash Post Cholera editorial http://bit.ly/Kp57D8


–UN Capitalizing on Cholera – Ezili Dantò http://bit.ly/VGXbOQ


– Paul Farmer, a total sell-out: Uses #Haiti to sell Ineffective Cholera Vaccines. http://bit.ly/oYdfbq


– Paul Farmer relieves himself on Haiti’s dying cholera victims http://bit.ly/pXiat9


– A message to Paul Farmer, the Senate, Dobbins & Francois http://bit.ly/dbjfio


******************************************** Forwarded by Ezili’s Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network ********************************************


Share and circulate widely. Men anpil chay pa lou- HLLN Boycott the Dominican Republic, Audio recordings by Emisyon Lakou New York:


– Kreyòl:Bòykòt Dominican Republic for making racism legal -Koralen http://bit.ly/15SyiG5 – English: Boycott the Dominican Republic – Edwidge Dandicat http://bit.ly/1iTmbP7


Sign petition to End apartheid in the Dominican Republic http://bit.ly/16ON5Ft


The Dominican Republic’s discrimination against Haitians By Washington Post| Editorial Board | November 7, 2013 http://wapo.st/16KQ69D


HAITI AND the Dominican Republic, uneasy neighbors on the sun-baked island of Hispaniola, share a tangled and contentious history, by turns violent, cooperative and exploitative. That is the background, though hardly an excuse, for an unconscionable decision by the highest Dominican court that strips at least 200,000 ethnic Haitian migrants of any claim to citizenship, including those born on Dominican soil decades ago.


The court’s decision enshrines the deep-seated racism and discrimination suffered by Haitian migrants and their children, who have worked back-breaking jobs in Dominican sugar-cane fields and construction sites for many years. It leaves the migrants stateless, lacking even the certainty that their children can receive an education.


Compounding this injustice, the court ordered the authorities to comb through birth records, back to 1929, to weed out ethnic Haitians no longer entitled to citizenship. Tens of thousands will be left in legal limbo, including those who have never set foot in Haiti and speak no Creole, Haiti’s main language.


The Dominican economy, much like that of the United States, depends on migrant labor to fill jobs at the bottom of the wage scale. And much like the United States’ political class, Dominican authorities have balked at extending fair treatment and equal status to those migrants.


For many years, the children of Haitian laborers born on Dominican soil were denied official documents on the grounds that their parents were “in transit” — even if they’d been working in the country for decades. A constitutional amendment in 2010 codified that systemic discrimination, and the court decision, handed down last month, set the rule in stone — and applied it retroactively. The court gave officials one year to draw up a list of residents to be excluded from or stripped of citizenship.


The implications of the court’s xenophobic ruling are disastrous. Ethnic Haitians — as well as the Dominican-born children of immigrants from Europe, China and elsewhere — may no longer be entitled to subsidized tuition, public health insurance or other benefits.


As in the United States, mass deportation of immigrants on whom the economy relies is not a viable option for the Dominican Republic. The Dominican president, Danilo Medina, acknowledged that the decision had created “a human problem that we have to solve.”


U.S. officials should press the issue through diplomatic channels with their Dominican counterparts. By ignoring the plight of ethnic Haitians, the international community would only compound an injustice.




Haiti- The Rebel by Michel Sanon http://bit.ly/2rBmhs

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