ColdType Issue 83 Now on line

27 February 2014 —

Inside This 84-page issue

COVER STORY –INSIDE IRELAND’S HOUSE OF EVIL: Our main story consists of two remarkable first person accounts of abuse at one of Ireland’s most notorious children’s homes, by Alan Rodgers. Other notable reads include Chris Hedges’ insights into the dangerous thoughts of the leading military minds in the United States, and Trevor Grundy’s recounting of Nobel Laureate Doris Lessing’s foray into communism. Brian Terrell tells how Iowa is being turned into a war zone; Jonathan Cook describes Israel’s huge bubble of denial; while other features include an 11-page excerpt from The Book Of Death, byJames Whyle; Danny Schechter writes about the snubbing of Nelson Mandela; Michael Parenti talks about the upside of life in slums. Plus much more great reading.

PLUS – FREEDOM’S CHILDREN: A photo essay from South Africa 
This issue’s second offering is a brilliant photo essay from South Africa before the downfall of Apartheid, by acclaimed British photographer Duncan Mangham


THANKS FOR YOUR INPUT – Many thanks for the tremendous response to our mid-month survey on how we should deliver ColdType in future. We’ve decided – due to the almost 50:50 split in your preferences – to continue offering pdf downloads, adding on-screen reading through for those who prefer the on-screen reading experience. Read all about it in this issue.

We’ve also uploaded all 83 back issues of ColdType and The Reader magazine to our page-flip Issuu site to complement our backlist of pdf downloads.
Best wishes, 

Tony Sutton, Editor

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