Ukraine News Links 13-14 May 2014

14 May 2014 6:58:13 PM —

Unidentified persons attack PrivatBank offices in Odessa (ITAR-TASS)

Freedom Rider: America Brings Hell to Ukraine By Margaret Kimberley (InI)

Black Agenda Report 14 May 2014: Nigerian Girls become US Tools, Molefi Asante: Rat, Call the FCC: US Brings Hell to Ukraine (InI)

“Right” and “Wrong” Referenda as West sees them (Voice of Russia)

Turchynov: Ukraine has suffered $100 billion losses after Crimea’s secession (ITAR-TASS)

NATO May Back Invasion Of Abkhazia As “Revenge” Against Russia (Stop NATO)

New oil era in US? Washington mulls lifting 41-yr export ban (RT)

Referenda Expose Illegal Western Regime Change in Ukraine (4th Media)

The Blood-soaked US Has No Business Opposing Sovereignty Plebiscites (4th Media)

Crimea ready to offer humanitarian aid to southeastern Ukraine (ITAR-TASS)

Kiev should immediately launch political dialogue with protesting regions — Russian deputy FM (ITAR-TASS)

Western Powers Perfect “Color Revolution” Formula: Tajik Official (Stop NATO)

NATO to Train Ukraine Regime Troops for Southeast Operation (Stop NATO)

NATO’s Southern Front: Mr. Alasania’s Week In Washington (Stop NATO)

Russia has serious suspicions US mercenaries operate in South-East of Ukraine (ITAR-TASS)

‘Ukraine may become the new Greece’ (RT)

Russia has no plans to send troops to Ukraine — Lavrov (ITAR-TASS)

Any attempt to grant NATO membership to Ukraine would hurt European security – Lavrov (Voice of Russia)

Rally against rise of fascism in Ukraine due in Rome on Saturday (ITAR-TASS)

Vimpelcom telecom counts subscriber losses in Ukraine (ITAR-TASS)

Almost all policemen in Ukraine’s Donetsk come down to side of pro-federation activists (ITAR-TASS)

Situation in east Ukraine after referendums

How five American companies control what you think (RT)

Unspoken alliance between US govt & fascists (RT)

Ukraine bans national air carriers from flights to Russia’s North Caucasus (ITAR-TASS)

Presidential candidate blames government for conflict in Ukraine’s east (ITAR-TASS)

Russian rights activists urge moratorium on Ukrainian information wars (RT)

Russia strongly opposes Ukraine’s accession into NATO — Lavrov (ITAR-TASS)

UN to verify information about helicopters with their logo in east Ukraine (SCF)

JOHN PILGER Break the silence: World war is beckoning (John Pilger)

Nazism: Immunity to Change (SCF)

Ukrainian crisis goes too far, dialogue may help stabilization – Russia’s State Duma Chairman (Voice of Russia)

Huge US firms afraid of blowback from sanctions on Russia over Ukraine crisis (Voice of Russia)

White House’s Nazis: From the Hitler’s Germany in 1930?s to Kiev: The US’ Disturbing Partnerships with Nazis (4th Media)

White House: No ethical issues with Veep’s son joining Ukraine gas giant (RT)

Hryvnia in free fall (Voice of Russia)

How the Western Media Deciphers the Neo-Nazi Code (4th Media)

Russia MOVES TO PROHIBIT the U.S. from Using the International Space Station (ISS) after 2020 (4th Media)

Russia Holds “De-Dollarization Meeting”: China, Iran Willing To Drop USD From Their Trilateral Trades (4th Media)

Self-defense units in Slavyansk, Kramatorsk claim to have killed 8 Ukrainian gov’t troops, destroyed several armored vehicles (Voice of Russia)

Ukraine and America’s “Global War on Terrorism”: Is US-NATO Applying the “Syria Model” in Ukraine? (4th Media)

Ukraine: The Waiting Game For The NATO Neo-liberal/Neo-fascist Junta To Go Broke (4th Media)

Ukraine’s Slavyansk considers armed militia its mainstay – media (Voice of Russia)

The U.S. and NATO Have Been Trying to Encircle Russia Militarily Since 1991 (4th Media)

May 13-14: We are fed up with lies, Metropolitan denied entry to Ukraine, moral values trampled into dust (Voice of Russia)

Presidential elections are important both for Ukraine and Europe – Hollande (Voice of Russia)

Freedom Rider: America Brings Hell to Ukraine (Black Agenda Report)

Kiev continues military operation in eastern Ukraine: Slavyansk is under fire again (Voice of Russia)

NATO uses the situation in Ukraine to revive itself – Russia’s Ambassador to NATO (Voice of Russia)

“National Unity Roundtable” to be held in Verkhovna rada (Voice of Russia)

Kiev regime spurns German foreign minister’s call for “round table” talks with pro-Russian separatists (WSWS)

Russia, Algeria have identical positions on Ukrainian situation – Russia’s Fed Council head (Voice of Russia)

Blood-soaked US Has No Business Opposing Sovereignty Plebiscites (This Can’t Be Happening)

Obama Comes Clean as a Republican, in Both Foreign and Domestic Policies (Greanville Post)

Russia and China Announce Joint Naval Drills as NATO Declares Russia an Enemy (Greanville Post)

Hungarian PM Orbán demands autonomy for Hungarians in Ukraine (SCF)

Audio: U.S., NATO War Moves Trigger Another Cold War (Stop NATO)

13 May 2013

Kiev’s troops to wear German uniforms, sleep in American tents (RT)

Ukraine’s Yatsenyuk evades saying if he supports OSCE roadmap of crisis settlement (SCF)

Ukraine Can Use EU Aid to Pay Off Russian Gas Debt – European Commission (SCF)

Kiev military unit shoots at Russian journalists after fight near Kramatorsk (RT)

RF ambassador: NATO seeking to make maximum use of Ukrainian crisis to prove its worth (ITAR-TASS)

Ukraine communist leader: Kiev labeled 7 mn people ‘terrorists,’ slaughtered civilians (RT)

Ukaine May 25 elections to make situation worse – political analyst (Voice of Russia)

The purest form of democracy in action is not good enough for the Western establishment (Greanville Post)

‘…terrible thing that innocent normal citizens are shot by Ukrainian army’- VoR audience (Voice of Russia)

Kiev authorities dismiss heads of Donetsk regional administrations (Voice of Russia)

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