Ukraine News Links 17-18 May 2014

18 May 2014 12:00:31 —

Anger rising in Ukrainian army over Kiev policies (Voice of Russia)

US Intensifies Information Warfare Efforts to Bolster Kiev and Divide Ukraine (SCF)

German FM calls for ‘cooperation instead confrontation’ with Russia (RT)

Ukraine ‘near point of no return’ (BBC)

Ukraine approaches point of no return – UN chief’s aide for human rights (Voice of Russia)

Ukrainian National Guard radicals shoot dead 10 soldiers who wished to side with federalists (Voice of Russia)

Not voting in Ukraine’s election is Donetsk, Lugansk republics’ own choice, not Russia’s – Russian lawmaker (Voice of Russia)

CIA denies its agents were killed in eastern Ukraine (Voice of Russia)

Ukraine in Turmoil: War May Come at Any Time as It Came Twice during the Last Century (4th Media)

Fighting intensifies near Slavyansk, Kramatorsk in Ukraine’s Donetsk region (Voice of Russia)

Aleksandr Buzgalin discusses eastern Ukraine: ‘This is a revolution in some aspects’ (Links)

Is the West DIRECTLY Responsible for the Massacres In Ukraine? (Washington’sBlog)

Loud blasts, heavy gunfire heard in Slavyansk – RT stringer (RT)

Kiev’s Jumping Jackboots… It’s a Gas, Gas, Gas! (SCF)

Washington Spies on NATO; Other Allies (SCF)

The Popular Uprising in East Ukraine. Rebellion against the First Neo-Fascist Regime in Post-War Europe (SCF)

 Ukrainian officials hold unity talks as tension remains high
Washington Post
KIEV, Ukraine — Government officials, dignitaries and representatives from restive eastern Ukraine held a second round of talks on national unity …

Ukrainian foreign minister calls on West to impose tougher sanctions on Russia

BERLIN (Reuters) – The West should impose tougher sanctions on Russia, which is waging a “hidden war” in eastern Ukraine, Ukraine’s acting …
Ukraine’s Ethnic Hungarians Need Autonomy, Official Says

BUDAPEST — Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has renewed a plea for ethnic Hungarians in neighboring Ukraine to be granted autonomy …
At Ukraine Peace Talks, Eastern Leaders Assail Central Government

Lawmakers and officials from eastern Ukraine on Saturday strongly criticized the fledging central government, accusing it of ignoring legitimate …
Ukraine Rebels Free Leader as Government Convenes Unity Talks

Ukrainian insurgents stormed a post on the border with Russia to free a rebel leader detained by frontier guards as the central government convened …
Talks on Ukraine Crisis Move to Separatist Region

KIEV, Ukraine — Senior Ukrainian officials on Saturday held a second session of national “round-table” talks aimed at ending the country’s political …
Expert: Ukraine leaders walk tightrope as violence flares

Eastern Ukrainian officials are criticizing the country’s central government for holding back as pro-Russian insurgents continue to stir up violence, but …

Ukraine Crisis is Elephant in the Room at Moscow Powwow

The effect the Ukraine crisis and Russia’s deteriorating relationship with the West will have on oil and gas markets would seem to be an obvious topic …
Ukraine is all for dialogue, but not under the barrel of a Russian gun

Last week Russia’s President Putin said he believed referendums should not take place in the eastern regions of Ukraine on 11 May. Remarkably, the …
Ukraine forces free separatist leader after gun battle

Ukrainian forces released a separatist leader on Saturday after armed rebels attacked an eastern border post where he was being held, triggering a …

SteveLendmanBlog: Ukraine’s Fascist Roots
SteveLendmanBlog ? Steve Lendman
According to Rudling, “(u)nlike many other former Soviet republics, the Ukrainian government did not need to develop new national myths from scratch …

A UKRAINIAN THESAURUS (IN RUSSIAN) | Current Politics in Ukraine
Current Politics in Ukraine ? ukraineanalysis
Tanya Zaharchenko Much has been written about Ukraine lately, with commentators continuing to offer competing interpretations of the recent …

M of A – Ukraine: Recommended Reading
Moon of Alabama ? b
Therefore just a few reading recommendations about Ukraine. The empire is pissed that its puppets in Ukraine fail to fight: One month on, Ukraine …

Prison » Ukraine’s Richest Man Mobilizes Private ‘Army’ After Assets Threatened
Prison ? admin
Rinat Akhmetov – Ukraine’s richest man with an estimated worth of $11.4 billion – has, as Reuters reports, acquired almost feudal status in the …

Ukrainian Oligarch Says No to Secession – The American Interest
The Feed
One of Ukraine’s richest men has mobilized 300000 of his steelworkers to wrest power from the pro-Russian agitators. Have we just seen the limits of …

Friday roundup: Internal displacement, energy in India, Ukraine and the EU, funding green and …
Let’s Talk Development – A blog hosted by the World Bank’s Chief Economist ? LTD Editors
Global Overview 2014: People internally displaced by conflict and violence. How big data will clean up India’s energy act.

Russia to Ukraine: We’ll Talk Gas Discount If You Pay Off Debt — News from
News From ? Jason Ditz
Ukraine’s interim government may have lost the long-standing natural gas discount they were getting from Russia in the past, but negotiations for a …

Eastern regions of Ukraine ask to join Russia as insurgents storm border post to free rebel leader …
ArabianMoney ? Peter Cooper
The Ostrov newswire reported that Alexander Boroday, leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, said it will ask to split from Ukraine …

Meanwhile, Putin continues to rattle swords over Ukraine. So how does the Obama Administration keep the players straight as the most volatile region …

BBC News – Ukraine ‘edging towards chaos’, UN’s Simonovic says
Ukraine is edging towards “the point of no return”, a senior UN official says, amid rising tensions between security forces and pro-Russia separatists.

Separatists recapture their leader on the eve of peace talks in Ukraine – Yahoo News
From Yahoo News: Pro-Russian separatist leader Valery Bolotov was detained by Ukrainian border guards on Saturday then freed by armed …

Latest from the Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine – based on information received until 18:00 …
The overall situation in the country remained unchanged. Tensions continued in the Donbas region whereas other parts of Ukraine remained calm.

Separatists Abandon Government Buildings In Eastern Ukraine | CPR
Patrols carried out by miners and steelworkers have forced pro-Russian separatist to abandon government buildings in parts of eastern Ukraine after …

Ukraine Rebels Free Leader as Government Convenes Unity Talks – NewsmaxWorld
KIEV, Ukraine — Ukrainian insurgents stormed a post on the border with Russia to free a rebel leader detained by frontier guards as the central …

17 May 2014

‘No to the Nazi coup d’etat in Ukraine!’ Rome protesters rally against fascism (RT)

Hundreds of Italians protested against media’s distorted coverage of Ukraine crisis (ITAR-TASS)

A food crisis brewing in Ukraine (Voice of Russia)

Russian, Slovak foreign ministers will discuss Ukraine on May 18-19 (ITAR-TASS)

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