Ukraine News Links 22-23 May 2014

23 May 2014 13:56:57 —

Putin ‘to respect’ Ukraine vote (BBC)

West reluctant to help Russia release LifeNews journalists — human rights ombudsman (ITAR-TASS)

Russia will respect choice made by Ukrainians on May 25 – Putin (Voice of Russia)

Trade that counts: On Russia-UK trade and economic ties (RT)

Ukraine’s Right Sector gunmen kill wounded servicemen at hospital (ITAR-TASS)

Coup in Ukraine supported by US and European partners of Russia — Putin (ITAR -TASS)

If not for Russia, Crimea would have seen a worse tragedy than in Odessa— Putin (ITAR-TASS)

American Journalist’s Astounding Ignorance about Russia (Dissident Voice)

Unknown people open fire at station building in Lugansk region of Ukraine (Voice of Russia)

EU-Ukraine association talks: nothing except slogans – Putin (Voice of Russia)

Only 0,5% Crimeans register to vote in Ukraine’s presidential elections (ITAR-TASS)

Kiev coup has led to chaos, full-scale civil war in Ukraine – Putin (Voice of Russia)

Putin: All-out civil war in Ukraine, Odessa-style tragedy averted in Crimea (RT)

Psycho Politics in the Age of Imperial Decline (Dissident Voice)

RT reporters barred from entering Ukraine (ITAR-TASS)

No observers sent from State Duma to Ukraine’s elections (ITAR-TASS)

Russia to consider all factors in assessing Ukraine’s presidential elections legitimacy (SCF)

Russia not getting West’s help with recent ordeal of journalist detained in Ukraine- Russian diplomat (Voice of Russia)

We’ll do everything to keep our reputation as reliable supplier to Europe – Miller (RT)

Russia does not oppose Ukraine observation flight over Russia — defence ministry (ITAR-TASS)

Sanctions against Russia mean failure of US policy in Ukraine – Russian MP (Voice of Russia)

Legitimacy of Ukraine presidential election raises major questions — Duma speaker (ITAR-TASS)

Pro-Nazi House of Windsor Joins Putin-Bashing (SCF)

Ukraine Descends Into Chaos Ahead of Sham Elections (Land Destroyer)

Foreign mercenaries acting on side of Kiev authorities in Ukraine — Russian General Staff (ITAR-TASS)

Pro-Kiev forces with heavy weapons, foreign mercenaries operating in southeast Ukraine – Russian General Staff (Voice of Russia)

Russia puts forth idea to hold Russia-NATO Council in Brussels — defence ministry (ITAR-TASS)

West’s expansion to the east ruins historic chance at unification – Lavrov (RT)

New York Times’ vision of Ukrainian “democracy” (WSWS)

On eve of election, Ukraine slides toward civil war (WSWS)

Russia disappointed with OSCE discussion of journalists’ detention in Ukraine (Voice of Russia)

The outcomes of Vladimir Putin’s visit to China (NEO)

Ukraine’s Doomed Elections (NEO)

Kiev troops reportedly shoot at deserting conscripts as eastern military op escalates (RT)

Ukraine’s Right Sector militants reportedly shoot 30 soldiers for laying down arms (ITAR-TASS)

Round 1: Ukraine, the next big phase of Washington’s plan to conquer the world (4th Media)

Ukraine Forces Suffer Worst Losses of Crisis Amid Unrest
Fighting flared anew in Ukraine three days before a presidential vote, with … Putin has made promises before to remove troops from along Ukraine’s …

Ukraine protest film in Cannes has “cast of thousands”Chicago Tribune
That is exactly what the Ukrainian director Sergei Loznitsa had in mind for his documentary film “Maidan”, screened this week at the Cannes …

Ukraine Crisis Drives a Quiet Lobbying Boomlet in U.S.Bloomberg
Turmoil in Ukraine has sparked a boomlet of lobbying in Washington, with an almost five-fold increase in the number of companies and organizations …

Ukrainian Voters Hope Ballots Will End CrisisVoice of America
Just two days before Ukraine’s presidential elections on May 25, violence continues in the country’s east, where separatists propose to follow the …

Ukraine May Already Be LostHuffington Post
This weekend, Ukrainians will go to the polls to elect a new president. They and theUkrainian Parliament have ousted former President Viktor …

Russian Says Military Moving Away From UkraineABC News
Several trains carrying weapons and planeloads of troops have left regions near Ukraine as part of a massive military pullout, the Russian Defense …

Ukraine, EU Elections, US GDP, Pfizer: Week Ahead May 24-31Businessweek
Ukraine holds its presidential election on May 25 after the ouster of Viktor Yanukovych in February, with polls showing Chocolate billionaire Petro …

Ukraine: 16 killed in attack on troopsWFMZ Allentown
Sixteen people were killed an attack overnight on soldiers in Ukraine’s eastern Donetsk region, local health officials said, in the latest spike in violence …
Belarus leader says Ukraine must be united stateReuters
MOSCOW, May 22 (Reuters) – Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko has criticised separatist referendums in Ukraine and warned Russia not …

Ukraine’s Neo-con Champions Champion Mainly ThemselvesHuffington Post
And all of a sudden, pondering the Russian aggression in Crimea, and the Russian campaign of destabilization in Ukraine, I realized that I had …

M of A – Ukraine: Army Soldiers Killed In Friendly Fire Incident?Moon of Alabama ? b
Something weird happened in east Ukraine today. Allegedly some insurgents from the “Gorlovka” group attacked a Ukrainian military checkpoint near …

The Vineyard of the Saker: Ukraine SITREP May 22th, 19:32 UTC/Zulu: Ukie death squad murders …The Vineyard of the Saker ? VINEYARDSAKER:
Something really weird has just happened in the Ukraine. Everybody agrees that an attack took place on a checkpoint of the Ukrainian national guard …

Questions Rise over Upcoming Ukraine Elections – Capitol Resource Institute Capitol Resource Institute ? CBN
The legitimacy of a presidential vote in Ukraine is in question just three days before the election. Ukrainians also have new concerns about their safety …

Artists go to war in Ukraine – WNDWND ? Marisa Martin
As Ukraine cools toward a simmering point, its artists are still stirring the … risked it all to stand for a unitedUkraine while juggling their own doubts.

In Ukraine, the Message is “To Think Positively” – eJewish PhilanthropyeJewish Philanthropy: Your Jewish Philanthropy Resource ? eJP
by Karyn Grossman Gershon. “I have always said prayers of peace for Israel. It is strange to be saying Jewish prayers of peace for Ukraine.”.

US Army Postpones Summer Exercise in Ukraine — News from Antiwar.comNews From ? Jason Ditz
European Command has announced the planned joint military exercise in western Ukraine has been indefinitely postponed because Ukraine’s …

Ukrainian Navy is Slowly Rebuilding | USNI News
USNI News ? Sam LaGrone
Ukraine has recovered 28 ships from the Russian government following the Russian occupation of Crimea in March, according to information from the …

Prince Charles’s idiotic verdict on Russian leader’s non-invasion of Ukraine: ‘Putin is behaving just …Signs of the Times
Prince Charles has sensationally likened Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler. In a withering verdict on the actions of the Russian president in Ukraine, he told …

Overdrafting at Walmart & Gerald Celente talks Ukraine, US Econ, and InvestingRepublic Broadcasting Network ? RBN
He talks about the possible outcomes of the conflict in Ukraine, the possibility of a new cold war, secular and economic stagnation, and Fed policy.

Ukraine Slipping into Paramilitary Arms Race – Sean’s Russia BlogSean’s Russia Blog ? Sean
Max Weber defined a state by its power to uphold its “claim on the monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force.” The fledgling Ukrainian state’s …

Ukraine Stumbles Toward The Polls, Ctd « The
There is a regional divide in favorability for Ukraine’s presidential front-runner, Poroshenko

11 Ukrainian troops dead, 30 wounded by rebels – Yahoo News
BLAHODATNE, Ukraine (AP) — Three days before Ukraine holds a presidential vote, pro-Russia insurgents attacked a military checkpoint Thursday in …

Daily Ukraine Crisis Updates – May 21, 2014 | EastWest
(RIA Novosti) An officer of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said that the active phase of special operations inUkraine’s eastern regions is continuing …

Ukraine Crisis Has Effects
Ukraine is set to hold presidential elections this Sunday. Some observers say the vote is the most important in Ukraine since it became independent …

13 Ukraine troops dead, over 30 wounded in attack – Netscape
BLAHODATNE, Ukraine (AP) — Three days before Ukraine holds a key presidential vote, pro-Russia insurgents attacked a military checkpoint …

Foreign Secretary condemns attack on Ukraine checkpoint – Press releases –
Foreign Secretary William Hague has condemned today’s deadly attack on a checkpoint in Eastern Ukraine.

Cicilline Hosts Community Meeting on Visit to Ukraine | Congressman David
Last month, Cicilline joined a bipartisan congressional delegation and met with Vice President Biden, other U.S. officials and senior Ukrainian officials, …

Increased Efficiency, Improved Livelihoods: Transforming District Heating inUkraine – World`
Ukraine is one of the 10 most energy-intensive economies in the world. A new District Heating Energy Efficiency project funded by the World Bank …

Chocolate king tipped as Ukraine’s next president – Netscape
UMAN, Ukraine (AP) — In Ukraine’s superheated political scene, presidential front-runner Petro Poroshenko cuts a notably cool figure.

OSCE Representative for National Dialogue Roundtables and OSCE Chief Monitor to Ukraine to …
KYIV, 21 May 2014 – Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger, the Representative of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office for National Dialogue Roundtables and …

22 May 2014

Ukraine: Lugansk Declares Martial Law, Asks Russia For Troops (Stop NATO)

Announcement: Flashpoint in Ukraine available (Stop NATO)

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