Kiev Launches Genocide Campaign against Donbass By Olga Shedrova

28 May 2014 — Strategic Culture Foundation

On May 26 the Kiev junta abruptly intensified the combat actions as the punitive operation against Donbass proceeded. It was the first time when front-line aviation and artillery delivered strikes to destroy houses in the populated areas of the Donetsk region. The fighting was raging during the whole day near the city’s airport.

Donetsk has population of some 1 million people. Attack helicopters and SU-25 fighters fired at the Donetsk People’s Republic self-defense formations deployed inside the city… Repeating the events in Kramatorsk, the Ukrainian army used the UN-marked Mi-24 rotary wing aircraft.

According to international law, only the UN international forces have a right to use the organization’s insignia. At that the United Nations Organization appears to turn a blind eye and deaf ear on the military crimes and egregious violations of international norms regularly committed by the junta.

Asked about UN-marked helicopters seen in Ukraine on May 23, Stephane Dujarric, spokesman for Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, said the United Nations had made its concerns known to the Government of Ukraine about its obligations concerning the use of equipment provided to United Nations peacekeeping operations.

He said the information on using UN markings by Ukrainian rotary wing aircraft was not confirmed at the time. A host of video clips to serve as evidence and available to everyone who has access to Internet were not convincing enough for UN officials who dance to the tune played by the White House.

International human rights organizations and Western governments never expressed indignation on account of military crimes the junta committed. For instance, a grenade launcher was used against a truck transporting those who were injured in combat. As a witness reports, «First snipers killed the driver, then the truck was directly hit by a grenade launcher.

They used rifles to make sure no one was left alive». Another example – Neo-Nazi used vehicles with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders international medical humanitarian organization) markings for combat actions aimed at quelling the people’s resistance.

The combat area goes much farther beyond the airport area. The Putilov Bridge was exploded, the TochMash Factory in Donetsk suffered great damage. The junta forces attacked the Donetsk railway station. They opened fire as the train approached making people run along the rails for their lives.

The combat area is situated near living quarters; any shooting there is doomed to damage the people’s homes. The houses situated on Pyatnitskaya, Gradostroitel and Artiom streets and a dormitory were damaged, a bread-baking plant caught fire.

Slavyansk came under artillery shelling. Igor Strelkov, the self-defense forces leader, says, «The enemy is zeroing in. As the evening approached they shot point-blank. According to preliminary estimates, four civilians were dead, some crippled.

They shot at the dormitory suburb of Arteom. There are no military targets there. The suburban town is clearly seen from Mount Karachun, where they had howitzers and mortars deployed to fire directly at the area».

A woman died when a mine exploded near the Orthodox temple she was walking from, the temple was damaged with five windows broken, the fence and the façade destroyed. Another mine damaged a block of flats at the distance of 200 m from the temple, a man and a woman died inside.

Three civilians were dead and a few wounded as the strikes were delivered at the houses located on Batiuk and Bogomolets streets. An artillery shell hit the ground floor of a nine-storey living house where the children’s polyclinic is situated. Another shell exploded near the teacher’s training college killing a woman born in 1954. The Arteom suburban town of Slavyansk is the most densely populated area in the city with the population of 40 thousand.

Ukrainian chasteners make civilians suffer most. A few women and a parking lot worker were shot near the Donetsk railway station, an eight years old boy was killed near the airport. It’s not artillery shells only. Neo-Nazi never stop, they use small arms to shoot at people like they did in Novoaydar when a few cars were fired upon as they were riding packed with people.

Donbass is facing a humanitarian disaster. Hospitals are overcrowded, they are running short on blood supplies and the necessary medical equipment. A.Chalenko, a well-known Donetsk-born journalist, writes in his blog, «There are 35 corpses in the city’s Kalinin morgue. Three men have unexploded devices in the bodies.

Totally there are 51 corpses in the city morgues. There is no official information about the wounded». The authorities of self-proclaimed republic have to mobilize medical staff and ask the city dwellers to donate blood.

The use of combat aviation, artillery and armor against self-defense formations that have only small weapons at their disposal is absolutely ineffective. Those who command the punitive operation know it well.

But it is effective if the mission is to destroy the Donbass infrastructure and make civilians suffer great casualties. These methods were used by NATO against Yugoslavia.

Back then the aviation destroyed bridges, factories and living quarters. The very same thing is happening in Donetsk, foreign mercenaries have been seen near the city’s airport armed with up-to-date Western weapon systems.

They changed tactics from surgery strikes to mass destruction of populated areas the very day the illegitimate presidential election took place in Ukraine.

The election results raise great doubts. The day Petro Poroshenko was declared the winner a large-scale offensive against the Donetsk and Lugansk regions started. The decision to launch a real war against Donbass was extremely hasty.

The fact raises concern. The action has dashed all the hopes for peaceful settlement and putting an end to the punitive operation. It’s worth to note, the presidential race winner never took part in the round tables of «national unity» organized by Kiev rulers in May.

No such things as unity and conciliation exist for him. Just remember the promise he gave right after the election saying the mission of military operation in the east should accomplished in «a few hours».

Poroshenko needs war. As the President-elect applies efforts to strengthen his power, the people of the south-east bury those who are near and dear to them.

The war affects all. In the Volyn and Rovno regions people mourn the military who have lost their lives. Mothers and wives of Ukrainian reservists called for service by junta blocked the Warsaw highway as a sign of protest against the unjust war making Ukrainians kill their countrymen.

The resistance movement against the military adventure launched by junta will spread across the whole Ukraine. No doubt the people’s wrath will do away with the junta murderers and they’ll be made responsible for the military crimes and genocide against their own people.





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