Iraq News Links 21-22 June 2014

22 June 2014 11:02:37 —

Seven killed in air strike in militant-held Iraqi Tikrit (Voice of Russia)

Iraqi Hydrocarbon Prize of U.S. Invasion in Danger (4th Media)

Lebanonisation of Iraq: An Enterprise Paid for by American Money and Hundreds of Thousands of Lives (4th Media)

Bretton Woods II and George Soros (4th Media)

‘Jihadist threat to the UK’ – the papers (BBC)

Putin Offers Maliki ‘Complete Support’ (4th Media)

Obama could be impeached if US army sent to Iraq – author, War Powers Act (Voice of Russia)

Iraq ‘struggling’ against militants (BBC)

As Iraq’s sectarian divide deepens Kerry heads to Middle East (Voice of Russia)

Had enough ‘Big Lie’ crimes from US leaders to demand arrests, or do you need even more death, debt, lies? (WashingtonsBlog)

Iraq militants take Syria border post in drive for caliphate (SCF)

21 June 2014

America Pursuing Regime Change in Iraq Again (Global Research)

What Megyn Kelly Should Have Asked Dick Cheney (Dissident Voice)

US in Iraq: Geopolitical Arsonists Seek to Burn Region (Land Destroyer)

Iraq and Syria in the Crosshairs of US-NATO Sponsored Terrorism (Global Research)

Putin reiterates Russia’s support to Iraq gov’t in clearing republic of terrorists (Voice of Russia)

Iran and America Joins Hands in Waging “The Global War on Terrorism”? (Global Research)

Will ISIS Create al-Sham Caliphate and Liberate Palestine? (Veterans Today)

VIDEO: Iraq crisis: Shia show of strength (BBC)

Iraq crisis indicates failure of US foreign policy in region – expert (Voice of Russia)

How inequality drives Iraq’s Sunni rebellion (BBC)

BLOWBACK IN IRAQ: The Rise of ISIS  (The Greanville Post)

Shiite militia parade in Baghdad in show of govt’s might as ISIS overruns border town (RT)

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