Iraq News Links 4-5 July 2014

5 July 2014 15:33:23 —

US supplying militants in Iraq with software – Iranian TV (Voice of Russia)

Netanyahu says will cooperate with Saudi despite its support of ISIS – expert (Voice of Russia)

Video: Is Reconciliation in Iraq Possible? (Iraq Business News)

Iraq crisis: ISIL asks opponents to accept caliphate or face music (India Today)

King Crude: How Iraq’s ISIS Crisis Restores Saudi Influence (Hellenic Shipping News)

After a Week of Fighting, Iraq Still Struggling to Retake Tikrit (

Iraq’s Maliki: I will never give up my candidacy for a third term (Islamic Invitation Turkey)

Indian nurses return home from Iraq (BBC)

Despite Pressure, Iraq’s Maliki Rejects To Step Down (Ariana News)

How are Iran’s Special Forces intervening in Iraq? Juan Cole)

Air evacuation from Iraq costs govt Rs. 1.2 crore (The Hindu)

Australia: Workers and youth oppose war in Iraq (WSWS)

GRTV Documentary – ISIL and its So-Called Caliphate: Israeli-US Tools to Divide Iraq (Global Research)

The ISIS’ ‘Management of Savagery’ in Iraq (Conflicts Forum)

Iraq says town retaken from ISIS (Live Five News)

US Continues Iraq Buildup with Combat Troops, Helicopters (

Iraq’s fracture adds to pain of soldier’s survivors (Chicago Tribune)

Chaos in Iraq keeping gas prices high over holiday weekend (Fox News)

ISIS Celebrates 4th of July By Blowing Up Shia Shrines In Iraq (The Navigator Online)

The global implications of the Iraq crisis (NEO)

The State vs. the People – Iraq and Kurds (Kurdistan Tribune)

Iraq’s Maliki rejects to withdraw candidacy for third term (Xinhua News)

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Personifies New World Disorder (SCF)

BBC unveils UK plan to attack Syria (Voltaire Network)

Iraq Conflict Cuts Trade Routes Into Turkey (WSJ)

4 July 2014

At Some Point, Progressives Need to Break Up With the Democratic Party (The Greanville Post)

Independence Day: Another Depleted Uranium Nightmare in Iraq? (Before it’s News)

Strategic Snapshots: Crisis in Iraq (IISS)

Iraq’s al-Maliki signals his intent to stay in job (AP)

Iraq’s Maliki Defies Opponents With Vow to Fight for Third Term (Business Week)

Iran Pursues Subtle Strategy on Iraq (WSJ)

Ahmed Chalabi: Right man, wrong time for Iraq’s once-exiled opposition leader? (The Independent)

ISIL militants export oil from field in north of Iraq (Voice of Russia)

VIDEO: UK imams speak out against jihad (BBC)

F-35 Burns on Runway During Testing (Dissident Voice)

Revealed: Britain’s secret plan for 100,000 Syria invasion force (RT)

Great Satan US revealing its flunkies in Iraq (Islamic Invitation Turkey)

Pentagon: Baghdad govt ‘probably’ needs outside help to resist ISIS onslaught (RT)

Reporting on Blackwater Operations in Iraq: Journalist James Risen Must Be Shielded from Department Of Justice Prosecution (Global Research)

Suicide bomber in Iraq kills 15 (Voice of Russia)

Iraq’s PM vows fight for third term (BBC)

ISIS and the Taliban: Writing on the Wall for Afghanistan (4th Media)

ISIS striving to be Qaeda’s spiritual successor – expert (Voice of Russia)

NY Times Lambasts Obama in Iraq (The American Journal)

ISIS: Spoils of “Great Loot” in M. East (4th Media)

Iraq News Links 3-4 July 2014 (InI)

4th July Iraq SITREP by Mindfriedo (Vineyard of the Saker)

Video: Kurds push for Independence Referendum Iraq Business News)

Another Liberation of Iraq! (Palestinian Pundit)

Iraq Crisis Made in Israel (Veterans Today)

VICE VIDEO: The ISIS Uprising The Battle For Iraq (Musings on Iraq)

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