Ukraine News Links 4-5 July 2014

5 July 2014 15:24:18 —

Ukraine rebels abandon stronghold (BBC)

NATO Commences Naval Drills In Black Sea (Stop NATO)

Will Putin Save the Ukraine? (Conservative Times)

Moscow shares UN concern over high civilian death toll from Kiev’s military strikes in east Ukraine (Voice of Russia)

Poroshenko’s dependence on far-right radicals makes peace talks in Ukraine problematic – expert (Voice of Russia)

Russia opens criminal probe into shelling of Russian checkpoint from Ukraine (Voice of Russia)

Reconciliation in Ukraine will take years – Russian FM’s ombudsman (Voice of Russia)

New round of talks with Kiev possible only via mediators – Donetsk People’s Republic (Voice of Russia)

Ukrainian troops mistake radar mast for Topol-M missile (Voice of Russia)

Moscow suspends handover of weapons, hardware from Crimea to Ukraine armed forces over civilians’ deaths (Voice of Russia)

Ukraine claims victory as rebel fighters reportedly flee Slavyansk (Prison Planet)

Ukraine Claims Victory in Rebel Stronghold (ABC News)


Itching for a Genocide (SCF)

Special mission of Ukraine’s military claims one life, 13 wounded (ITAR-TASS)

Rebels deny fleeing Ukraine base (BBC)

Self-defense forces leave Slavyansk, move to Kramatorsk – media (Voice of Russia)

Metropolitan Bishop of Kiev and All Ukraine passes away (Voice of Russia)

Russia’s import from Ukraine lowers Jan-May 2014 – customs service (ITAR-TASS)

DPR’s HQ in Artyomovsk destroyed by Ukrainian troops – Interior Minister (Voice of Russia)

Anders Fogh Rasmussen to visit US next week, to discuss Ukrainian crisis with Obama (Voice of Russia)

Ukraine: Kiev’s Ticking Time Bomb (Land Destroyer)

EAST UKRAINE : What Preceded The Civil War? (Cyrano’s Journal Today)

‘Guidelines for genocide is US prime export product’ (RT)

New Cold War Sets Sights on Green Groups (The Greanville Post)

US Installed Puppet Government Bombing The Hell Out Of Civilians In Ukraine! (Investment Watch Blog)

How Long Can Putin Wait? (The Greanville Post)

Ukraine Reports 13 Troops Killed in Eastern Fighting (

Ukraine: Kiev’s Ticking Time Bomb (NEO)

Ukraine’s PM blames deputies of pleasing voters rather than calling for funds from West (Voice of Russia)

Your Tax Dollars at Work, in a Far-Away Land (WashingtonsBlog)

Ukraine president Petro Poroshenko seeks ceasefire talks, separatists kill 13 Ukrainian troops (ABC Australia)

Number of casualties in Ukraine increases after consultations with Western politicians – Moscow (Voice of Russia)

Russia Urges Kiev to Stop Attacking Civilian Targets, Using Violent Methods (SCF)

Russia’s Parity Policy in the South Caucasus and Azerbaijan’s Eurasian Prospects (SCF)

EAST UKRAINE : What Preceded The Civil War? (The Greanville Post)

4 July 2014

Poroshenko rules out possibility of ending military operation in eastern Ukraine (Voice of Russia)

Plan for suppression of eastern Ukraine prepared by US Agency RAND for Poroshenko (Voice of Russia)

Ukraine Military Faces New Challenge in East: Governing (WSJ)

Ten Russian law enforcers come under shelling from Ukrainian territory (Voice of Russia)

Russia to provide aircraft for evacuation of injured Ukrainians (ITAR-TASS)

People in East-Ukrainian town say Kiev’s military firing as them as they try to leave (ITAR-TASS)

Border department: ten Russian law enforcers come under artillery fire coming from Ukraine (ITAR-TASS)

Ukraine agrees to crisis talks with dissidents (Oman Observer)

Channel 5 TV crew comes under shelling in Rostov region, not in Ukraine (Voice of Russia)

Lavrov, Steinmeier call for convening Contact Group on Ukraine as soon as possible (Voice of Russia)

Ukraine Govt Launches Full-Scale Assault on East (Shoah)

OSCE did not understand Poroshenko’s decision to end the truce unilaterally – Pushkov (ITAR-TASS)

Mayor of Russian border town says nearby area shelled by Ukraine (ITAR-TASS)

Consultations between Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Sergiy Kyslytsya and Chief … (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ukraine)

Relations crisis between Russia and EU can be overcome by joint efforts – Bulgarian FM (Voice of Russia)

EMERCOM refugee camp for people fleeing Ukraine in Simferopol, Crimea (Voice of Russia)

EU is burden to average citizen but huge profit for banks – VR listener (Voice of Russia)

‘Sent to Die’: Kiev’s forces in E.Ukraine raise alarm over poor ammo, rotten food (Investment Watch Blog)

Ukraine – Social Safety Nets Modernization Project (World Bank)

President Poroshenko Uses RAND Corporation “Action Plan” for Eastern Ukraine including Ground Assaults and Air Strikes (Global Research)

Ukraine Considers 8 Alternatives to Russian Gas (Moscow Times)

Ukraine set for talks as fighting continues (USA Today)

Ukrainian Air Force Bombing Villages, Killing Civilians (Global Research)

International humanitarian organizations reluctant to aid civilians fleeing Ukrainian warzone – aid worker (Voice of Russia)

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