Iraq News Links 3-4 July 2014

4 July 2014 18:28:10 —

Iraq’s PM vows fight for third term (BBC)

Iraq crisis ‘made in Israel’ (Veterans Today)

The Evil That Was Phoenix (Dissident Voice)

Britain’s Islamic leaders urge young Muslims not to fight in Iraq and Syria (RT)

Chechen leader urges Islamists fighting in Middle East to stop bloodshed (ITAR-TASS)

Iraq forces launch airstrike against Islamic militants (Voice of Russia)

The Strange Case of Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki against the Backdrop of the “War” against the Islamic State (IS)

‘We’ll take back Spain’: Fighters claim ISIS to seize ‘occupied lands’

Iraq army retakes Saddam Hussein’s home village from Islamist rebels (SCF)

ISIL militants launch new attack in Iraq’s Diyala Province (SCF)

‘We’ll take back Spain’: ISIS fighters vow to seize ‘occupied lands’ (RT)

The Right Way to Divide Iraq (Real Clear World)

‘Without international joint action ISIS would have cells worldwide’ (RT)

Independence Day: Another Depleted Uranium Nightmare in Iraq? (PPJ Gazette)

US drone warfare in Middle East to usher in new era of global chaos – expert (Voice of Russia)

Top Iraq Cleric Says Lack of New Government ‘Regrettable Failure’ (VOA)

Expanded Iraq Role for US Military Left Open by Dempsey (Business Week)

Behind Iraq’s crisis: New US war is no answer (Links)

‘They fled like rats’: ISIS snatches key Syrian oilfield from rival militants (RT)

On July 4, Be a Patriot: Stop Another US Military Intervention in Iraq (Firedoglake)
Iraq’s Kurdish leader calls for independence vote (Al-Akhbar)

Behind Iraq’s crisis: New US war is no answer (Links)

Iraq’s Kurds push for independence referendum (SCF)

Washington Murders Countries, the US Constitution, and the Presstitute Media Makes Americans Complicit  (Dissident Voice)
30000 Saudi troops to Iraq border as Islamic State takes key Syrian oil field (Arabian Money)

Iraq’s new jets likely from Iran: experts (Defence Talk)

US general suggests re-invasion of Iraq if “national interests drive us there” (WSWS)

Imams urge against Syria travel (BBC)

Six US Presidents Have Destroyed Iraq (Original Anti-war)

A World War in Iraq? Iran, Russia, Syria, US Scramble against (Juan Cole)

Hagel: US Combat Troops, But No Combat Missions in Iraq (

Iraq live: Abducted nurses now in Mosul, unharmed by abductors (First Post)

Why the US stuck with Maliki — and lost Iraq (War in Context)

Iraq’s Sunni insurgency waged by convenient bedfellows (LA Times)

Turning point in the fight against radical Islam in Iraq (NEO)

Maliki Struggles to Hang On While Iraq Seethes (Jim Lobe)

Iraq’s Kurds Push for Independence Vote; US Objects (VOA)

3 July 2014

Pentagon Says US Troops Could Fight in Iraq (Complex Foreign Policy)

Isis rebels ‘hunting down opponents’ (BBC)

The new aggressive strategies of the US in Iraq (NEO)

Iraq Situation Report: July 3, 2014 (ISW Iraq)

US Forces: Stay Out of Iraq (FPIF)

ISIS, Maliki, and the Politics of the War in Iraq (Stop Imperialism)

The Islamic State, the “Caliphate Project” and the “Global War on Terrorism” By Prof Michel Chossudovsky (Global Research)

Kurdistan (Craig Murray)

VIDEO: Stories from Isis-controlled Iraq (BBC)

As Iraq Burns, US Plans $500 Million to Terrorists in Syria (Global Research)

Iraq Insurgents Having Trouble Advancing: Pentagon (NBC News)

Middle East chaos: US mission to redraw regional map gone totally awry? (Voice of Russia)

Iraq Chases Baghdad Sleeper Cells as Battle for the City Looms (Newsweek)

Iraq denies Saudi border withdrawal (BBC)

Real ‘Battle of Iraq’ is only beginning (RT)

Iraq’s oil potential goes untapped (WAshington Examiner)

46 Indian nurses ‘abducted’ by ISIS in Saddam’s hometown (RT)

Krugman Speaks Truth in NYT on Iraq (Economic Policy Journal)

Quinnipiac Poll: Most Americans Disapprove of Obama’s Iraq Actions Alex Jones’ (Infowars)

In Iraq’s Sacred City Of Najaf, Clerics Call On Shiites To Fight (North Country Public Radio)

The Islamic State, the “Caliphate Project” & “Global War on Terrorism” Continues (4th Media)

Iran Sending Iraq Jets, Too (The American Interest)

Turkey fears Iraq crisis spreading: NATO chief (CNBC)

Bill Kristol and the Project of the New American Century (PNAC): Still Paid to Talk About Politics Despite Poor Record (Global Research)

Iraq chases Baghdad sleeper cells as ‘Zero Hour’ looms over capital (Chicago Tribune)

Obama Foreign Policy Falls Apart with Iraq and Ukraine (The American Journal)

Iraq Update: Saudi Arabia Deploys 30000 Troops On Iraq Border (Zero Hedge)

ISIS Is Taking Over Iraq Using Captured American Weapons (Infowars)

Dennis Kucinich on the Iraq Crisis & What the U.S. Can Learn from Sweden’s Political Diversity (Democracy Now!)

Baghdad bodyguard: US troops in Iraq to receive Apache helicopters, drones (RT)

As Iraq Burns, US Plans $500 Million to Terrorists in Syria (Infowars)

‘West seeks to knock out strategic enemies, divide & destroy Middle East’ (InI)

Crude Sinks as Iraq Fields Remain Open (WSJ)

America Just Might Team Up With Assad (The Daily Beast)

Iraqi Ambassador Lukman Faily: Iraq will turn to Syria, Iran, and Russia if the US delays Helping (Global Research)

GE Boss Sees “Huge Potential” in Iraq (Iraq Business News)

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