Militiamen said on preparation of Kyiv provocations

7 July 2014 — Yandex

[Ed’s Note: This is an automatic, machine translation directly off the Yandex site and frankly, it’s pretty bad but what it says, is vitally important! And especially frightening in light of the alleged Rand Corporation document and here, where it says,

The first stage implies total isolation of the region considering that all local citizens are terrorists or sympathizers.

Region should be encircled with troops and sealed off entirely from any flow of goods and persons. Broadcasting services, Internet connection, telephone and mobile communications in the region shall be shut down.

The second stage is named Mop-up. Ground assaults shall be preceded by air strikes against the strategic facilities. The use of non-conventional arms is allowed.

The document also provides for internment camps outside the cleared settlements. People featuring traces of combat engagement shall be tried in court for terrorism.

In any case, the gist of the Yandex piece is that the Kiev regime is initiating a false flag operation where atrocities against civilians would be blamed on the ‘rebels’ of the Eastern Ukraine.]

Militiamen said on preparation of Kyiv provocations


In Slavyansk shovel out the graves of the Ukrainian military, and Ukrainian media are preparing a report about “atrocities” militias that are going to give killing of civilians under the control of the Kiev troops, said the militia.

“Verified information from the source. In the area of the outskirts of Slavyansk, previously the position of the troops of the junta appeared construction equipment. Being excavated, the territory is guarded around the perimeter placed posts of nazhalov, patrols; apparently, reveal their own burial grounds, where they were previously bury conscripts, who refused to fire on civilians and their punitive”, – is reported on the page “Summary from strelkov Igor Ivanovich” social network “Vkontakte”.

“Especially this correlates with other information received from Kyiv – there is evidence that ukrasni going to mount a report in which to talk about the “atrocities” of the militia, they say, they say, were shot peaceful citizens,” the statement said.

“Given that there are already the first dead among the civilian population after the entrance of ukrepov in Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, the provocation may place literally today or tomorrow. A source from Kiev reported that the report is scheduled for tomorrow,” said the militia.

Please provide distribute the situation in social networks, to prevent this vile provocation.

On Saturday squad Strelkova, breaking out of the encirclement, left Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. There entered the Ukrainian military. According to Strelkova, he managed to 90% of personnel and weapons.
While the city remained a part of the militias and the Ukrainian security forces continued shelling of residential areas from howitzers. In addition, the Chairman of the Parliament of the Union of the people’s Republic of LNR and DND Oleg Tsarev reported that in Slavyansk conducted mass arrests.

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