Video: The Strelkov Briefing and the Mozgovoi Manifesto

11 September 2014 —

The Strelkov Briefing, September 11, 2014 English Subtitles Courtesy of the Kazzura Channel

The Mozgovoi Manifesto, September 8, 2014 English Subtitles Prepared by Daniil Mihailovic

One thought on “Video: The Strelkov Briefing and the Mozgovoi Manifesto

  1. Harry says:

    Very well said. Though it is no easy task to weigh these words without proper comprehension of events preceding and causing the resignation of Mr Strelkov.

    The Oligarchal “problems” are omnipresent and urgent, as is the Oligarch factory itself: The IMF. To this end I have some reservations regarding this Global “good cop, Bad Cop” routine given Presidents Putins own dealings with the IMF. In the final analysis; what are we all to believe?

    As the Bretton woods scenario and the slavery systems inherent come to be properly comprehended, it is to be expected that a Global “plan b” would need to be unveiled, incrementally, secretly, within a framework of distraction and fear coupled to insane governance.

    So is it all a game? Or is it all real?

    That people are dying in large numbers is real enough. But then these oligarchal subhumans worry not a jot about that.

    I suppose we must hope this confrontation is as it is presented to be: But I wouldn’t bet on it.


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