NHS Hospitals in Crisis!

22 November 2016 — 38 Degrees

Exposed: hospital beds across England are dangerously full. And now Jeremy Hunt’s plans for our NHS mean thousands more hospital beds could be cut. [1] Asthma attacks, bad falls, or car accidents could put any of us in need of a hospital bed – and the idea of turning up to an overcrowded hospital in an emergency doesn’t bear thinking about.

You’re the reason that this story has made headlines today, William. Thousands of us chipped in to fund the 38 Degrees research that fuelled this news. And hundreds of thousands of us have signed the petition that’s being reported in the papers today. [2] Thanks to you, today millions of people will hear about the strain our NHS is under.

Here’s a short video of today’s people-powered media coverage. Please take two minutes to watch it: 


Today’s headlines will mean that millions more people will see our NHS needs more money to keep going. Having to answer to the public will be a headache for Jeremy Hunt – who’d probably find it much easier to push his plans for our NHS through on the sly. 
MPs and their advisors will have seen this media coverage too. Last night it made the News at Ten and today it’s in the Daily Telegraph – a paper that usually supports the government. The last time our people-powered research made the news, MPs sat up and took notice. Now we can make sure they do the same again. [3] 
There’s more to do to make sure our NHS survives to care for us, our children and our grandchildren. Most of the emails you get from 38 Degrees ask you to do something – sign a petition, make a donation, or write to your MP. But sometimes, it’s good to pause and remind ourselves that we’re making progress. 

Will you watch the video to see our people-powered headlines on the NHS? 

Watch the video now


Thanks for being involved. 
Charlotte, Amy, Luke, Laura and the 38 Degrees team 
[1] ITV News: Hospital bed occupancy rates worryingly high across NHS 
The Telegraph: NHS accused of making ‘pie in the sky’ assumptions about finance savings 
These plans are called “Sustainability and Transformation Plans”. NHS England has split England into 44 areas, and forced each area to create emergency plans to cut costs. It’s Jeremy Hunt and the government who are ultimately responsible for these cuts – they’re not giving the NHS the money it needs. Instead, they’re squeezing the budget so hard there is no option but cuts. 
NHS England: Sustainability and Transformation Plans: 
NHS England: Sustainability and Transformation Plan footprints: 
[2] 38 Degrees petition: Give the NHS more funding:  
38 Degrees Blog: Investigating secret plans for NHS cuts: 
[3] A record of a debate in Parliament about Sustainability and Transformation Plans, 14th September 2016. 38 Degrees’ research is mentioned at the start of the debate as being crucial in exposing the plans: 

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