COLDTYPE Issue 142 Mid-June 2017 – is now on line

16 June 2017 — Coldtype

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HOW THE MEDIA LOST THE ELECTION – We’ve got three pieces on the UK’s spellbinding general election in which Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn proved how wrong Prime Minister Theresa May and the mainstream media were when they dismissed him as an aging no-hoper. Our coverage includes photos by Ron Fassbender, accompanied by essays by David Cromwell, on the failings of the corporate media, and Finian Cunningham, who looks at Theresa May’s new best friends. In other main features, photographer Mimi Mollica returns home to Sicily to picture the legacy of the Cosa Nostra; Tony Sutton looks at Craig Oldham’s wonderful graphic account of Britain’s 1984-85 miners’ strike and its relevance today; John W. Whitehead warns of the dangers posed by a new state of intolerance in the US; and Heather Ann Thompson looks behind the walls of the US prison system.  We’ve also got lively and informative contributions from Chellis Glendinning, CJ Hopkins and .

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