Video: Dispossession: The Great Social Housing Swindle

24 June 2017 —

For some people, a housing crisis means not getting planning permission for a loft conversion. For others it means, quite simply, losing their home. Dispossession: The Great Social Housing Swindle is a feature documentary directed by Paul Sng (Sleaford Mods – Invisible Britain) and narrated by Maxine Peake, exploring the catastrophic failures that have led to a chronic shortage of social housing in the UK.

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Media: When You Reject Class-Based Politics, ‘Thoughtful’ Appeals to Racism Are All You’ve Got Left

23 June 2017 — FAIR

NYT: The End of the Left and the Right as We Knew ThemThomas Edsall (New York Times, 6/22/17) declares “the end of left and right as we knew them.” But how well did he know them?

In “The End of the Left and the Right as We Knew Them,” New York Times columnist Thomas Edsall (6/22/17) is back on his hobby horse—which is fine; what would a columnist do without a hobby horse or two? What’s troubling about it is how dishonest he is about it.

The axe Edsall is grinding is that politics no longer has to do with rich or poor, but is now a question of “globalism versus nationalism.” It’s a variation on his class-no-longer-matters argument, or class-matters-backwards-from-the-way-you’d-think-it-does, as in “How Did the Democrats Become Favorites of the Rich?” (New York Times, 10/7/15)—a piece I examined at the time (10/15/17).

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