Is the US Instigating War with Russia? Selected Articles

14 June 2017 — Global Research

Amid all the news circulating in the western media on Russian accusations, i.e. being a threat to the American power grid, alleged interference in the 2016 US elections, a well-informed human being can effortlessly describe President Putin’s reaction to all these: a victorious smirk.

Does the US have substantive evidence or is Washington relying on “plausible liars”?

Will these accusations  galvanize President Putin into formulating a serious response?

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Media Lens: The Breaking Of The Corporate Media Monopoly

15 June 2017 — Media Lens 

Last week, Jeremy Corbyn humbled the entire political and corporate media commentariat. With a little help from Britain’s student population. And with a little help from thousands of media activists.

Without doubt this was one of the most astonishing results in UK political history. Dismissed by all corporate political pundits, including the clutch of withered fig leaves at the Guardian, reviled by scores of his own Blairite MPs (see here), Corbyn ‘increased Labour’s share of the vote by more than any other of the party’s election leaders since 1945′ with ‘the biggest swing since… shortly after the Second World War’. He won a larger share of the vote than Tony Blair in 2005.

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Statewatch News Online, 14 June 2017 (07/17)

14 June 2017 —

Also available as a pdf file:


 1.   Counter-terrorism and the inflation of EU databases
2.   Who drives EU counter-terrorism?
3.   Germany: Almost suspicious: the unbearable lightness of legislation
4.   Viewpoint: Egypt: Europe’s other north African border
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