Grenfell Tower: A Fireman’s Story

18 June 2017 — Save the UK Fire Service

Sent to us at STUKFS

Powerful and emotional story from a firefighter who attended Grenfell Tower….

I’m not sure if this is something that I should vocalise or whether or not it should be shared with the world but as I sit at home thinking about the other night the Grenfell Tower I feel like people might want to know how the incident went from the point of view of a firefighter who was sent inside, while the tower burned all around us and how after years of cuts to the service I work for, how I feel about what we do and how the past few years have been for us.

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Speak up for your Privacy Now!

20 June 2017 — OpenMedia

The votes are in, and a Conservative minority government is now hanging on to power by a narrow thread.

Unfortunately, the election’s outcome has deeply worrying implications for our digital rights. A few weeks before the election, the Home Office’s covert plans to invade our privacy were publicly revealed thanks to a shocking leak by our friends at Open Rights Group.1

These secret plans — an insult in and of themselves to transparent democratic process — will have enormous consequences for Internet users right across the country.

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