After US Bombs Syrian Government for Third Time in 8 Months, Media Ask Few Questions

2 June 2017 — FAIR

The United States has bombed Syrian government–allied forces three times in just eight months. Major media outlets have overwhelmingly failed to ask critical questions about these incidents, preferring instead to echo the Pentagon.

Fox News: US Airstrikes Pound Pro-Assad Forces in SyriaFox News (5/18/17) celebrates a US attack on pro-Syrian forces for the offense of being in Syria.

For years, media have consistently downplayed the extent of US military intervention in Syria, and repeatedly propagated the long-debunked myth that Washington never pursued regime change there in the first place. The distorted reporting on these US attacks reflects this longer trend.

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Toxic Relations: Stop Colluding with Monsanto and the Agrochemical Industry! By Rosemary Mason and Colin Todhunter

2 June 2017 — Global Research

Environmental campaigner Dr Rosemary Mason has just written to the UK’s Policy Advisor Nigel Chadwick at the Chemicals Regulation Directorate of Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

She also sent Chadwick a 19-page document (Monsanto_has_committed_slow_poisoning_of_the_people_of_Wales) in which she asserts that Monsanto has engaged in the slow poisoning of the people of Wales with PCBs and Roundup. This, she says, is with the help of the British government, the Expert Committee on Pesticides, the Health and Safety Executive, Defra, the Royal Society, European Food Safety Authority, European Chemicals Agency, the German Rapporteur Member State, the BBC, the BMA and Rupert Murdoch.

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Left Forum Bans “Deep State” Panels: Speakers Refuse to be Silenced, Come to the “Left Out Forum”!

2 June 2017 — Global Research

The Left Forum, the USA’s largest leftist conference, has banned four of five panels on the Deep State track from this year’s line-up due to baseless antisemitic charges. The Left Forum, wearing thought police hats, have arbitrarily determined some ideas are too dangerous for their constituency to hear.  

Please publicize this pernicious threat to free speech and academic debate, and support an alternative speaking venue the organizers and speakers have proactively put together called the “Left Out Forum.”  

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China Ascends to World Leadership By Roy Morrison

2 June 2017 — 

President Trump’s decision to leave Paris Climate Treaty on the same day that the EU and Chinese Premier Li reached agreement on steps to move rapidly globally on climate  also marks the day that China ascended to world leadership replacing the United States symbolically and in actuality.

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