Media Use Attack on Mosque to Smear Mosque

19 June 2017 — FAIR

Daily Mail: "Hate Cleric" headline

The Daily Mail‘s original headline on the attack on the Finsbury Park Mosque described it as “hate cleric Abu Hamza’s former mosque”–despite its having an entirely different leadership in place for the past 12 years.

CNN, the New York Times, Daily Mail and all decided to use last night’s horrific attack on London’s Finsbury Park Mosque welfare center as a chance to litigate the mosque’s past behavior.

A 48-year-old white man rammed his van into a crowd of people outside an Islamic welfare center associated with the Finsbury Park Mosque, killing one and injuring up to ten. Immediately, the “context” trolls at major corporate media decided to jump in and began digging up dirt on the victims’ place of worship.

The most egregious example stateside, CNN (6/19/17) dedicated almost 30 percent of its article on the attack to dumping on the Finsbury Mosque, bringing in their resident “terror expert” Peter Bergen to paint a portrait of an Al Qaeda breeding ground: Continue reading

Selected Articles: US International Relations. Washington Is in High Gear

19 June 2017 — Global Research

Do not underestimate the capacity of the US to maintain its “superpower” status. It is committed to exhaust whatever means to achieve its ends. From its unsolicited military intervention in Syria to economic sanctions imposed in Russia and Cuba, Global Research brings to your attention the following articles on US international relations.

The global media — to their credit – are focusing on the brutality of the US-backed Raqqa campaign, though they’re avoiding any serious reporting about how and why the Kurds are ethnically cleansing Arabs from Raqqa. (Andrew Korybko)

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Education for Tomorrow Summer 2017

19 June 2017 — Education for Tomorrow

Summer 2017 – Issue 130

EDUCATION for TOMORROW is produced by people involved with education of like mind most of the time and certainly on all vital matters of education and politics.

It does not claim to represent the views of any one political party of the working class. Nonetheless its aim is at all times to speak in the interests of all working people. 

In this issue (PDF): 

  • Teacher conferences
  • Teacher shortage crisis
  • Why a socialist should support Brexit

Academy watch

  • The global battle for the soul of education

EfT 130.pdf

Support the Ban on Bee-Killing Pesticides

17 June 2017 — SumOfUs

A historic ban on bee-killing neonics is being proposed in Europe — but the pesticide lobby and its political friends are desperately trying to stop it. 

The new ban on bee-killing pesticides would go far beyond current protections, banning three deadly neonics from fields all across Europe. But a small group of politicians is trying to block it before EU member states even get to vote on the new regulations.

Meanwhile, a scathing new UN report called the idea that we need neonics to feed ourselves a “myth” perpetuated by “unethical” corporations like Bayer and Syngenta that have millions in profits riding on continued reliance on bee-killing pesticides. It’s high time for a global ban on these deadly pesticides. 

I’ve taken action. Can you click here and add your voice to the call for a global ban on bee-killing pesticides too?

Thank you